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Dinan Family Roots in Ireland

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Surnames: dinan, dinnning, denning, dennen, dinnin, dennan
i am doing the clan in massachusetts
this is the largest group in ireland i've found these are basicly the same clan.i found them in longford next to leitrim
Killoe Marriages


1833 9 Denning, Patrick Quin, Mary
1836 2 Denning, Thomas Lawlor, Mary
1834 3 Denning, William Coffey, J.
Parish of Killoe - Baptisms
Source FHC #1279270

Date Surname Name Father Mother
1874/? Dennin Mary Jane Joseph A.Kilane
1876/9 Dennan Janet Francis Joseph A.Kilane
1879/7 Dennin Margt.Marian Joseph A.Kilane
1881/6 Dennen William Joseph A.Kilane
1888/7 Dennen John Joseph Joseph A.Kilane
1835/1 Denning Thomas William J.Coffee
1836/12 Denning William William J.Coffee
1983 9/11 Denning James William J.Coffee
1841/2 Denning John William J.Coffee
1842/3 Denning Ann William J.Coffee
1846/7 Denning Joseph William J.Coffee
1839/10 Denning Bridget Patrick M.Quinn
1842/7 Denning Mary Patrick M.Quinn
Killoe Parish Deaths

Year Surname
1871/4 Dennin, William....Crieve

Parish of Killoe - Baptisms
Source FHC #1279270

1826/1 McCann,Mary James E. Denning
1827/10 McKenna,Jas. John E. Denning
1832/4 McKenna,Eliz John E. Denning
1838/3 McKenna,Pat John E. Denning
1842/? McKenna,Cath. John E. Denning
1836/2 McKenna,T'rence John E. Denniston

Clonbroney Parish Baptisms

Year Surname Father Mother

1852/7 Denniston,A. John B. Keirnan
1854/5 Denniston,M John B. Keirnan
1855/8 Denniston,B John B. Keirnan
1858/1 Denniston,C. John B. Keirnan
1860/? Denniston,M John B. Keirnan
1862/? Denniston,T. John B. Keirnan

Parish of Clonbroney deaths
1850/10 Deniston, Andrew....n/g
1853/6 Deniston, Sam.....Drumnacross
1892/5 Denniston, John....Drumnacross


Year Husband Wife
1856/5 Dennan, John............McCormick, Ann
1832/9 Dennin, Eugene..........Brady, Marian
1818/2 Dennin, Eugene..........Molloy, Bridget
1809/5 Dennin, Michael.........Maguire, Ann
1832/4 Dennin, Michael.........Rogers, Ellenor
1832/7 Denning, Phillappe......Flood, Rose Ann
1819/11 Dennon, Mick............Jeragen, Marian
1795/1 Dinin, Eugene...........McNerreny, Ann
1808/7 Dinin, John.............Briody, Mary
1809/7 Dinin, John.............Molloy, Margaret
1801/11 Dinin, John.............Shaughnesy, Marcella
1798/5 Dinin, Michael..........Brady, Catherine
1807/2 Dinin, Patrick..........Petit, Ann
1805/5 Dinin, Patrick..........Rowane, Catherine
1801/7 Dinin, Patrick..........West, Elizabeth
1815/2 Dinin, Thomas...........Feely, Bridget
1829/3 Dinnan, James...........O'Brien, Marian could be my james & mary
1822/2 Dinnin, Thomas..........Macken, Bridget
1824/1 Higgins, Edward.........Dinnin, Catherine
1796/3 Maguire, Brid Patrick B. Dinin
1798/6 Maguire, Peter Patrick B. Dinin
1821/9 Mahon, MaryAnn James J. Dennan


Year Surname Father Mother

1819/6 Meehan, Ann James J. Denning
1823/12 Meehan, James James J. Denning
1829/1 Meehan, John James J. Denning
1784/3 McCormick, Pat Terence S. Denen
1784/4 McGuire,Brid. Bernard H. Deneny*
1786/5 McGuire, Hugh Bernard H. Deneny*
1788/6 Mcguire,* Ann Bernard H. Dinhiny*
1792/3 Maguire,*Pat Bernard H. Dinhiny*
1791/10 Maguire,*Mary Bernard H. Dinhiny
1794/3 McGuire, Argy Bernard H. Dinnin*
1797/4 Maguire,*Bern Bernard H. Dinnin*
1822/7 McCormick, Michael......Doonon, Elisa
1846/2 McGee, Francis..........Dennan, Ann
1829/5 McGinnis, Patrick.......Dennon, Rose Ann
1808/8 Magrath, Edmond.........Dinin, Ellen
1786/4 Molloy, James...........Dinihiny, Mary


Year Surname Townland
1801/3 Denin, John....Killasonna
1846/3 Dennigan, Elizabeth....Granard
1828/12 Dennin, Patrick....Killeen
1836/12 Dennon, Maria....Muckerstaff
1792/3 Dinhin, Winifred....Aughabrack
1801/6 Dinin, Bridget....Galnamony
1802/5 Dinin, Catherine....Ballymorris
1802/3 Dinin, Edmond....Killeen
1816/5 Dinin, Margaret....Toneywarden
1816/2 Dinin, Mary....Granard
1816/5 Dinin, Mary....Killeen
1845/3 Dinistin, John....Castlenugent
1846/1 Dinnan, Anna....Killeen
1831/10 Dinnan, John....Tubber
1834/2 Dinnin, Michel....Wilsbrook
1823/9 Dinin, Patrick....Tubber


Year Husband Wife
1793/7 Denning, Patrick James M. Farrell*************

jim denning

Dinan Family Roots in Ireland

Connie L. Bloom (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dinan
I am searching for information about my great-grandfather Hugh Dinan, born somewhere in Ireland in 1830. He emigrated to Canada. The Port Hope, Ontario census of 1851 lists him as single, 21, occupation -servant. He married a Bridget Meehan, of Irish extraction b. 1830 or 31 in Canada a year or so later. They lived near Port Hope for awhile, then in Moore Township, Ont. near Sarnia until around 1886, when they purchased a farm in Linwood, MI, USA. Their children were Mary, Ellen, Thomas, Matthew, Hugh, Elizabeth, Rosa, John, Bridget, Nanc/Anna, Jane, Catherine. I'm trying to determine Hugh Dinan's birthplace in Ireland in 1830-31, and the name of his parents, or his port of entry to Canada or the ship he came over on. Matthew, b. 1858-60 in Linwood, MI, USA is my grandfather. The name is also spelled Dining.

centers of the clan

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Surnames: dinning, dinan, denning
england forget town
chelsea ma
wv-s car
ny related to chelsea

Dinan Family

Connie Bloom (View posts)
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Surnames: Dinan
Jim - thank you for sharing your research with me. I am most appreciative. I am still searching for Hugh - who I am quite sure was born in 1830 or 1831, and I'm also pretty certain that he used the spelling Dinan, although my family in MI uses Dinnan, Dinan or Dining. In your research have you found the largest concentration in Clare? I was also told to check out Cork, as well. Have you had most of your success on the Internet, or through libraries and microfilm? I'm new at this, so would appreciate any advice.

Dinan clan centers

Connie Bloom (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Thanks for all the info. Connie

Re: Dinan Family

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Hello Connie, Season's Greetings! By any chance have you come across a MORRIS (or Maurice) DINEN (aka Dinan, Dinnen, Dining, Dynan). He is my great-great grandfather. Married CATHERINE KERNADY (probably Kennedy or Carmody), came to Canada most likely around 1855 or 1856. He died in 1858 at age 52 so that means he was born around 1806, in either CLARE or CORK. His daughter, my great -grandmother, CATHERINE DYNNAN (or Dinan,etc) was born in February 1844 in County CLARE. Where are your Dinans from? What place names in Ireland have you found to be associated with concentrations od this family. I am hoping to go to Ireland this spring. Do you have any suggestions or contacts for me? Very grateful for any help you could give. Mary in Mississauga, Ontario

Re: Dinan Family Roots in Ireland

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Hello again Connie!
Just bringing you up to date on my DINAN (could be Dinen, Dinnen, Dynan, Dynnan or Dining, SO FAR!) Family!
On the 1901 Canadian (Ontario) Census, CATHERINE DYNNAN* BARKER gives her year of emigration as 1847, a full ten years earlier than I had previously thought! This led me to the 1851 Canadian (Ontario) census where the family was listed as "DINING" and there were two more children than I had known about before, a "MICK " (Michael) who was about 5 years older than Catherine, and appears to be the firstborn of Morris and Catherine Sr. Mick was born around 1839. Then came Catherine born February 16, 1844 or 1845, then JOHN born around 1846. Michael was 9, Catherine 3 and John 1 when they emigrated in 1847. Born in Canada were MARY about 1847-1848, and MARGARET born about 1850. These seven were on the 1851 census. JAMES, TIMOTHY, ELIZABETH and WILLIAM were born after the 1851 census in Toronto Township, PEEL COUNTY, ONTARIO. I haven't found anything more about Michael, Mary or Margaret, except that Margaret was godmother to two of Catherine's 14 children in 1872, had a daughter ELIZABETH DINAN in about 1876, and then disappears! John, James, Timothy and Elizabeth, and also Morris all died between 1857 and 1859. I have their dates and all were buried at Elmbank Irish Pioneer Catholic Cemetery and were reinterred in 2001 at Assumption Cemetery in Mississauga, due to the expansion of Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Catherine the mother died in 1877 and was also buried there. William married a BRIDGET HERBERT, bought 50 acres of land in 1877 and farmed there, had a son PATRICK MAURICE who died at 11 months of age in 1881. William died in 1884 at age 28. As far as I know he had no other children. I have his death and burial records, but not cause of death. I have commissioned a search at Clare Heritage, hopefully this will give more definitive information. I'll keep you posted. If anyone can shed information on this family or other COUNTY CLARE DINANS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! I would be eternally grateful! Mary Barker Wilkinson

Re: Dinan Family

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Maurice DINAN (aka DINEN, DINNEN, DYNAN) married Catherine HARTNEADY in Killaloe, County Clare in April 1838. Catherine was the daughter of Timothy HARTNEADY and Bridget MACK who farmed at Ballycuggarin, 2 miles north of Killaloe on the River Shannon. Maurice & Catherine lived there from 1838 until 1847 when they emigrated to Ontario Canada. Their first five children were born there and baptized at O'Gonnelloe Parish 5 miles further north: Michael (b. 1839), Bridget, Mary, Catherine (b. 1844) and John (about 1846). They settled in Toronto Township, Peel County, Ontario where several more children were born between 1848 and 1859: Mary Ann, Margaret, Timothy, James, William, Elizabeth. Maurice died in 1859, and most of the children preceded him. Living to adulthood were Michael (m. Sarah, lived in N.Y.C. and Rochester, N.Y.), Catherine (my great-grandmother, married Thomas BARKER, Erindale); Mary Ann (married John McConnell of Norval, Ontario), Margaret Louise (married James GRAHAM, lived in Toronto Twp, Peel County). William married Bridget HERBERT, farmed at Erindale, Ontario & died at age 28.If anyone has connections or information about my DINANS, I would be most delighted to hear from you.
Mary Wilkinson, Ontario,Canada

Re: Dinan clan centers

James Denning (View posts)
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you had most of your success on the Internet, or through libraries and microfilm? I'm new at this, so would appreciate any advice.

actually all of them but the best has the biggest chance of uniting the different spellings. how can you find records this way
there is a way to get past the name spelling email me at

Re: Dinan Family

Jim Denning (View posts)
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there is a way to connect you and me and all the others .
to find out if people you are possitive are related to you are.
email me at
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