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Choctaw Slave

Choctaw Slave

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I have always known that my greatgrandmother was full Choctaw but I have recently discovered that she was a slave. Her name was Hattie Jane HURST. She was born on an Indian Reservaton in Oklahoma Oct. 1887. Her Indian name was Desert Flower and her brother's was True Feather. She was married in 1903 in Muskogee, OK to a Henry HUBBARD She became pregnant but he died before the child was born. I am told that her brothers sold her to my greatgrandfatherIsaac "Pete" JOHNSON. I have found a date for a marriage between them but can not find true evidense of a marriage. It may be the date that he bought her. They left Oklahoma on a raft and settled in Ledwidge Arkansas where my grandmother and her syblings were born. If Hattie was a slave, was she born one? Was her brothers not slaves too? I do not know the customs of the Choctaw tribe. If she was a slave how could I find any record of her?

Re: Choctaw Slave

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The Choctaws freed all slaves in 1866. She would not have been a slave if she were born in 1887. HTH Tammy

Re: Choctaw Slave

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My people are Choctaw.
We all came from Mississippi.
My Mother's from Philadelphia, Mississippi.
My Father's from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
My Father's people were Choctaw Freedmen (and women, of course ;-). They all originated as Slaves of the family of Benson's/Hendrix's. The Benson and Hendrix were all of full quantum at that time (1830-1870). When the War of Northern Aggression began, Missie Hendrix offered to allow the "slaves" of their family to go north......she actually had found jobs for them in one of the factorys in CT. They refused to go, said they were better off being part of the family and cared about, instead of going up north. So, they stayed, and were granted their munumition (freedom). Now, because they were "kept" (the folks around Ocean Springs, the Choctaws, they never did really "get" the concept of "owning" someone) they just made the people that had stayed with them, well, part of the family.
Anyway, it was different, different times, different ideas. The Benson's owned several sawmills and a large trading post. The Hendrix's, a lot of prime cotton land.
They were "very well off" as my Grandparents were fond of saying, and, in turn, the Freedmen became "well off, also".
Anyway, some moved to the Choctaw Nation, some stayed in Mississippi. Some of my folks (me included) are what is called Mississippi Choctaw, some of my folks (me included) are of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and some of my folks (me...well, you get the picture by now) are Freedmen. And, fer gosh sakes, DO NOT ask me to separate all this out to be understandable. I've got all this genealogy "computerized" and have the "family trees" all printed out here somewhere.....just before the computer blew a fuse ;-)!
Anyway, I've got a "white card" that I haven't looked at in years.......all I need to know is that my folks (me, too) are what we are, and I don't need to try to convince anyone that I'm Choctaw.........heck, I eat fry bread for three meals a day!
BTW, The Wife just got through getting her "white card"...she is 50 y.o. and everyone had always said that her Mother's people were Indian.....I always told her, "yeah, right Blondie". She hasn't quite let up on me about that, yet. Gotta keep takin her to the stomp dances....!

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So I gather from your reply that my greatgrandmother's famliy were slaves of the Hurst family until they were freed? I have traced Hattie's family to 1788 in Virginia. but I want to be sure that I have the right famliy. My grandmother was the one that use to tell me stories of her childhood. She died in 1974 and I wish I had paid more attention to what she told me! I know she said that her mother had a reservation number or I guess this is what you called a white card. She and her husband kept all of their important papers in a bank safty deposit box. The bank closed because of the depression and they never were able to retrieve their papers. I can not find any "Roll" that lists her or her parents. Do you know if the government kept records of briths on the reservation in 1887? I don't have much Choctaw blood in me and I haven't been raised in their ways but I would love to learn more about them!!


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I see your face, Teresa (old Injun greetin, with lots of tradition behind it.)
I will do some checking for you. I have all the rolls available to me on microfilm.

Keep checking back here, or e-mail me.

Normally, I don't take on such important tasks.
Why, 'cause I'm old and lazy.

Hattie HURST ~ HURST Family VA

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If you have traced Hatiie HURST's family back to the well known and well documented HURST family of VA, then there is no way your ancestor was a *full Choctaw* nor was she born on a *reservation*.

The Choctaw have a well documented history, and NEVER resided anywhere near Virginia.
There are no * Indian reservations*, but there was and is the Choctaw NATION.
There was no *Oklahoma* in 1887.

According to Federal Census Records, Hattie HURST/HUBBARD/JOHNSON was a white woman, born in Arkansas.

Choctaw Freedmen are the former slaves (African) of Choctaw citizens.

It might be an idea to review your family history, and obtain some factual information.

Kathy Roberts

Re: Hattie HURST ~ HURST Family VA

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she may not have been a full blooded choctaw but she had a reservation number so she was at least part. My grandmother used to have the paper but it were distroyed when she got TB and almost died. I may have the wrong Hurst family but I know what my grandmother told me was not a lie. She was born in 1887 in what is now known as Braggs Oklahoma at the time of her birth it was Indian Territory that the government set aside for the "five civilized tribes". I am sorry if I made you angry.

Re: Hattie HURST ~ HURST Family VA

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Not being the world's best typist, I do tend to keep my postings somewhat abrupt. Not angry.

But I do sometimes get angry at some of the misleading info that appears on the internet, which may lead a geniune researcher astray.

The *Five Civilised Tribes* were the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek (Muskogee) Chickasaw and Seminole.
They were Sovereign Nations, not "indian reservations", with their own Constitutions, Laws and Government.
It might be an idea to look at the documented history of the above, and especially the Choctaw Nation.

I'm not sure what a "reservation number" is ???

1920 Perry Co AR
Ledgwidge Twp ED 81
Isaac 62 white male b TX Parents b TX
Hattie 34 white female b AR Parents b AR
Elzie 15 white male b OK
Allen 5 b AR
Climmie 11 b AR
Emmie 8 b AR
Jessie 2 b AR
Adah 1 b AR

In 1930 the Isaac and Hattie JOHNSON family are still in Ledgwidge, Perry Co AR.
3 additional children.
Elizabeth 9,
B ? 5 (can't read my own handwriting)
Mary 3

Next door :
Elzie E HUBBARD 25, with wife Hattie + children.

Note : In the late 1800's/early 1900's there several hundred thousand non Indian persons in Indian Territory.

Hope this is helpful.


Re: Choctaw Slave

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Teresa - HI! I'm a distant..very distant relative of yours. I found you on but was unable to contact you through there. So I googled your sn and here I am. :) Please email me at I'd really like to talk.
Talk to you later? - Diana

Re: Hattie HURST ~ HURST Family VA

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Surnames: Hurst

I know this is three years later, and you may have already "moved on" in your genealogy research. However, I wanted to let you know that I come from the Virginia Hursts and there is an oral family history of American Indian history on that side of the family. Like you, there was supposedly a "letter" from a relative living on a resevervation in OK, which has disappeared over the years. So, I am left with conjecture and my grandmother's belief. Being from Virginia, we were told that we came from the Cherokee tribe....

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain and I hope you have had some success in your search.

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