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Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lemmon-Lemon-Lemons
Looking for information on the John Lemmon 4th, son of John 3rd, was born in Monmouth County, NJ in 1745, served in the Revolutionary War.
John Lemmon took his family and floated down the Ohio River on a raft and settled at what is now known as Lemmons Bend on Green River, was then Green County, is now Taylor County, KY. Accompanying him on the trip were his children, Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, John 5th, James, Rudian and 2 daughters.
Anyone having knowledge of the Lemmons Bend Cemetery in Green-Taylor County, Kentucky. I would like to visit with you.

Kenneth Haddock

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

Kelle Metz (View posts)
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The John Lemon/Lemmon you mention is my 5th great-grandfather, but he wasn't a soldier in the Revolution. He is believed to be the son of Rudolph Lehman and Frena unknown of York Co PA. John Lemon/Lemmon was in Rockingham Co VA c1780 and received a land patten there 1 Sep 1780. John Lemon/Lemmon then moved to Washington Co TN cSep 1783 where he purchased land. John Lemon/Lemmon then moved to Green Co KY c1795 and purchased land on a bend of the Green River, to this day known as Lemmon's Bend. John Lemon d after16 Sep 1818 in Green Co KY. A DNA test has been done on a John Lemon/Lemmon descendant, and is an exact match to a descendant of David Lamon d 13 Dec 1829 Washington Co TN. Rudolph Lehman of York Co PA mentions sons, John and David in his will probated 1770 York Co PA. David Lamon lived in Shenandoah Co VA c13 May 1783, and then moved to Washinton Co TN buying land there in 1787.

John Lemon/Lemmon b c1740 m Elizabeth unknown and had the following known children: John Jr.; Abraham; Rudien; Daniel; Jacob; and Isaac.

:-) Kelle Metz

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

Jeannine Dorothy (View posts)
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Hi there! You're in the same Lemmon line as me!! So we're cousins - somehow... I descend from Jacob - who moved to Polk Co, MO. I'd love to exchange information with you. I have learned a lot about that line, although I don't know hardly anything about John Lemmon, the father!


Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lemon, Lemmon

I know this is an old post and I can send an email off site to you; as you already know we are 3rd cousins in our shared Lemmon heritage. I am currently reviewing my entries for our/my 4th great grandfather, Captain John LEMON LEMMON of Lemmon's Bend. I would have to go back to my database to see how many great(s) he is for you, since my grandfather, John Hickmon Lemmon was the eldest child of his 13 siblings.

I thought I had our lineage beyond Captain John Lemmon of Lemmon's Bend figured out; however, now in my review, I believe my findings are incorrect. The only way I can figure this one out is to begin again after Captain John Lemmon.

Has anyone else working on this lineage come to another conclusion other than: Patriot John LEMON SR (1750 – 1809) & Elizabeth TITMAN LEMON (1756 – 1829)

I no longer believe them to be the parents of our John Lemmon of Lemmon's Bend...

Leah Chitty Walton

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lemmon, Smith
Hello, Kelle! I am also a descendant of "Lemmon's Bend" John and Mary Smith Lemmon (I descend from the Polk Co., Missouri branch of that family). I've found over time that the prevailing opinion regarding the ancestry of this John Lemmon is that he was the son of John Lemmon, Sr. of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, and Elizabeth Mickey. I've seen, however, that you have countered this popular claim and instead named Rudolph and Frena Lehman as his probable parents. Though your evidence supporting this seems more reliable than that supporting John's Scots-Irish parentage, how sure are you that John was indeed of this line, and not of the commonly believed Scots-Irish line? I'm arranging the family genealogy for my grandfather, and your claim of his Swiss Mennonite heritage caught my attention. So exactly how sure are you that John was not, as commonly believed, the son of John Lemmon and Elizabeth Mickey? Can you give me details regarding this? Thanks alot!:) Your genealogy resume is quite impressive, and you seem like a great source of info.

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lemmon Thomas
I saw your post in genforum, can you help me with this family? This should be the line I'm looking for (from your post):

John Lemmon Sr. that lived on Lemmon's Bend, Green Co. KY. died in Green Co. KY. c1818/20 and is believed to be buried in a family cemetery located at Lemmon's Bend. John Lemmon Sr. of Lemmon's Bend had the following known children: John Lemmon Jr.; Abraham Lemmon; Rudien Lemmon; Daniel Lemmon; Isaac Lemmon; and Jacob Lemmon.

Please post if you see this. It's a tough line, but your posts have saved me the cost of ordering from the book, "John Lemmon and wife Elizabeth Mickey: Pioneer Settlers of Colonial PA...".

I'd love a nudge finding records - Tennessee Archives are difficult to sort through, and I didn't find much of anything at the KY archives. Familysearch doesn't have much on these counties.

What I know with certainty is that Hannah Jane Lemmon married Andrew Thomas, and many have her father listed as Daniel in this line.

Any direction is appreciated!

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lemmon
Hi Lardog & LeahWalton,

I'm still searching this line and I'm uploading a document I found on Fold3.

I wish that Kelle (the expert) would see this. I feel like I have pieces to a puzzle and can't figure out how it all fits together. Every year has brought new documents that are more readily available.

This line sounds pretty definite, so I'm going with research hoping the pieces fit together as it has been presented.

This document sounds like it might apply to the John Lemmon she wrote about and we're all working on. Please see attached from Fold3.


Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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This will be long--but here's some of what I have. All the researchers of his line, of which I am one, call this John Lemmon, Lemmon's Bend John, to distinguish him from all the other John Lemon/Lemmon/Lamons. We call him Lemmon's Bend John because he settled on a bend of the Green River in Green Co KY (later Taylor Co KY)--if you look on a map of Taylor Co KY you will see the bend in the Green River (part of the boundary between Green Co KY and Taylor Co KY) that is still known today as Lemmon's Bend. Lemmon's Bend John first owned 225 acres of land on west side of Brocks Creek in Rockingham Co VA (per Rockingham Co VA, Abstract of Surveys, pg. 269) --"John Lemon, 225 acres. Brock Creek. Adjoining John Thomas, Samuel Conner, Michael Fords. May 2, 1774." On page 68 of Rockingham Co. VA. Land Records for 1806, page 68, I found the following, "Between John Daugerty and wife of the county of Rockingham and State of Virginia ---- one part and Leonard Painter of the same place of the other part. Witnesseth that the said John and Elizabeth Daugherty for the consideration of the sum of thirty five pounds current money in hand doth bargain and sell unto the said Leonard Painter and his heirs one certain part or parcel of land containing twenty acres being part of a larger tract containing two hundred and twenty acres first granted to John Lemon by patent dated September 1st 1780 and was by said Lemon conveyed to Solomon Matthews by deed of _____and was by said Matthews conveyed to said John Daugherty by deed of Bargain and sale dated____lying in the said County of Rockingham on the West side of Brocks Beginning at his black oaks S29 W61 1/2 poles to the pattened line and with the same S37 E49 1/2 poles to the Beginning." A Power of Attorney dated 1782 in Rockingham Co VA from John Lemon to John Thomas to sell 225 acres on Brock's Creek to Solomon Mathews. This Power of Attorney is signed by John Lemon (with a cursive "L" mark-- looks almost like a figure 8--he used this mark on later legal documents), WIT: John Hunter, George Spears Jr., and Roger Mc___ckn. One researcher of Lemmon's Bend John, Dixie McMillen, found the concrete legal tie between Lemmon's Bend John in Green Co KY and the John Lemon that owned, and sold, 225 acres on Brocks Creek in Rockingham Co VA, by finding in Green Co KY legal records, a Power of Attorney dated 18 July 1815, from John Lemons of Green Co KY to Solomon Mathus of Rockingham Co VA concerning the sale of "225 acres in Rochingham Co VA. Where John Doherty resides."

John Lemon/Lemmon, aka Lemmon's Bend John, then moves to Washington Co TN (then Washington Co NC) where on the first Saturday in September 1783, as stated in the Cherokee Creek Baptist Church records, John and Elizabeth Lemon are shown as charter member of the church. There are numerous land records showing John Lemon/Lamon/Laymon buying and selling land, to and from, various names mentioned in the Cherokee Creek Baptist Church records, from 10 Nov 1784 - 11 Nov 1795. We have from several sources that John Lemmon Jr. (my 4th great-grandfather) and Magdalene Hiestand were married c1791 in Washington Co NC (became Washington Co TN in 1796), their oldest son, John O./Q. Lemmon was born there, 25 Feb 1792.

John Lemon/Lemmon, aka Lemmon's Bend John, then moves to Green Co KY (Alice M. Jackson, of Casper WY did much of the early research on Lemmon's Bend John's history in Green Co KY--Alice passed away several years ago, we owe a debt of gratitude to her for sharing her research). All of Lemmon's Bend John's known children moved with him to Green Co KY, and as they came of age, are shown in the various records of that county. 1796 Green Co KY Tax List: Lemon, John Sr.--Green River - 2m over 21, 1m over 16; Lemon John Jr.--Green River - 1m over 21; Lemon, Abner (Abraham)--1m over 21. 1800 Green Co KY Tax List: Lemmon, Abraham; Lemmon, Daniel; Lemmon John Sr.; Lemmon, Rudin; Lemmon, John Jr. Green Co KY Deed Books: Book 5, page 128 - 5 Nov 1806 - Nathan Montgomery of Adair Co to John Lemon of Green Co in bend of Green River bounded as follows (same as Knox survey of 25 Nov 1797) teste: David Donan; Joshua Atkinson; Ben Brister (or Bruster); John E. King; John Emerson; Wm I. Adair. 1810 Green Co KY Census: Lemon, John; Lemon, Daniel; Lemon, Rudy (Rudien); Lemon Isaac; Lemon, David (this is probably Jacob). 1815 Green Co KY Tax List: Lemmon, John J. (this has to be John O./Q. Lemmon because his father John Lemmon Jr. d 27 Sep 1813, and his son John O./Q. Lemmon was deeded his father's land, by his grandfather John Lemmon Sr.); Lemmon, Jacob; Lemmon, Rudy (Rudien); Lemmon, Daniel; Lemmon, John Sr. Green Co KY Deed Books: Book 5, pg 362 - 20 Aug 1806, John Lemmon to son Jacob - 180 acres; Book 6, pg 468 - 27 Sep 1813, John Lemmon Sr. to heirs of John Jr. dec'd - 240 acres; Book 7, pg 413 - 28 Dec 1816, John Lemmon to Wm. Moore - $525 - 165 acres; Book 7, pg 413 - 28 Dec 1816, John Lemmon Sr. to heirs of son Isaac, John to hold lifetime interest - 100 acres; Book 8 pg 228 - 29 Jun 1817, John Lemmon Sr. to grandchildren Jacob, David and Betsy Lemmon (children of Abraham Lemmon) - 190 acres; Book 8, pg 282-283 - 9 May 1818, John Lemmon Sr. to Rudian - 166 acres; Book 8, pg 435-436 - 16 Sep 1818, John Sr. sells to Robt. Moore, $400 - 100 acres. Since 16 Sep 1818 was the last legal transaction of Lemmon's Bend John made, I base his death date as being after that date.

This getting to be really long--I have much more info on the descendants of Rudolph and Frena Lehman and I'm willing to share all I know with you. A descendant of Lemmon's Bend John, and a descendant of David Lamons b c1744, did DNA tests and they are exact matches. A descendant of Robert Lemmon (said to be the brother of a John Lemmon of Green Co KY) did a DNA test and are NOT a match to Lemmon's Bend John's descendant. This erroneous story about three brothers has been perpetuated over the years, and was the reason for my research on the various Lemmon-by-any-spelling lines, to rule out the ones my Lemmon's Bend John DIDN'T belong to.

Here's what I know about our Lehman/Lemmon/Lemon ancestry that is backed up by documents. My direct line is marked with an *

*Rudolph "Rude" Lehman d before 7 June 1770, York Co PA, wife Frena mentioned in Rudolph's will dated 10 October 1766, and an agreement between Rudolph & Freny and their son Christopher/Christian Lehman, dated 10 October 1766. The agreement laid out the sale of Rudolph & Fena's farm to their son Christopher/Christian, and how and what Christopher/Christian was to provide for his mother, Frena, until her death. Rudolph's farm in York Co PA stayed in his heirs hands until 1858, when Rudolph's great-grandson, Jacob Lehman, died and the farm ​was sold​.

The children mentioned in Rudolph Lehman's will (probably in order of birth) were: 1 John, 2 Nancy/Nanny, 3 David, 4 Barbara, and 5 Christopher/Christian. Also laid out was how Christopher/Christian was to pay his siblings for their part of the farm.

Rudolph Lehman m Frena unknown - were Mennonites

1 *John Lehman/Lemon m Elizabeth unknown-lived in Rockingham Co VA 1774-1783, Washington Co TN 1783-1795, and Green Co KY 1795-death.
1 *John Lemmon Jr. b c1773 VA m Magdalena Hiestand - she was of Mennonite ancestry
2 Abraham Lemmon m Barbara unknown (Barbara later married Archibald Skaggs)
3 Rudien Lemmon b c1779 m Elizabeth Hiestand - she was sister of Magdalena Hiestand
4 Daniel Lemmon b c1779 d bfr 1830 Jackson Co TN m1 Susanna Gimlin m2 Agness "Nancy" Black - Daniel was prosecuted by Barbara Hiestand McFarrin for bastardy Green Co KY 9 Jul 1805 - Barbara was sister of Magdalena and Elizabeth Hiestand (child was a male)
5 Jacob Lemmon b c1780 VA m Mary Smith
6 Isaac Lemmon b 1781 m Elizabeth Moore

2 Nancy/Nanny Lehman - nothing known about this child

3 David Lehman/Lamon b c1744 m Catherine Sliger/Schleiffer-lived in Shenandoah Co Va, Washington Co TN
1 David Lamon Jr.
2 Christian (Charley) Lamon b c1770/79 m Eve Tossen
3 Fanny Lamon b c1778 m Peter Click
4 John Lamon b c1780 m Rachel Broyles
5 Elizabeth Lamon b c1780/90 m Jacob Varner
6 Abraham Lamon/Lemon b c1780/89
7 Joseph Lamon/Laymons b c1784 VA m Elizabeth French
8 Emanuel Lamon b c1789 TN m Mary French
9 Catherine Lamon b c1790 m John Cole
10 Samuel Lamon/Lemmons b c1790/1800 m Lydia Boothe
11 Jacob Lamon b 6 Sep 1791 m Catherine Sliger

4 Barbara Lehman b 27 May 1747 m Daniel Strickler-lived in Shenandoah Co VA
1 Sarah Strickler
2 Elizabeth Strickler
3 Daniel Strickler
4 Anna Barbara Stickler
5 Christian/Christopher Strickler
6 John Strickler
7 Heinrich Strickler
8 Joseph Strickler
9 Jacob Strickler

5 Christian Lehman m Catherine Newcomer-lived in Helam Twp, York Co PA
1 Abraham Lehman m Catherine unknown
1 Susan Lehman b c1805 m Christian Snyder
2 Jacob Lehman b c1778 m Magdalena unknown
3 Susanna Lehman 15 Oct 1781 m Peter Freed/Fried
4 John Lehman b c1782 m Elizabeth unknown
1 Eliza Lehman
5 Christian Lehman m Barbara Mellinger-lived in Helam Twp, York Co PA
1 Jacob Lehman b c1803 m Mary Lognecker Brandt-lived in Helam Twp, York Co PA​ (this Jacob Lehman inherited Rudolph Lehman's land--the land was sold in 1858 when Jacob Lehman died--this was done to payoff debts)​
2 Catherine Lehman c c1806 m George Ermold/Arnold
3 Elizabeth Lehman b 10 May 1807 m Jacob Wolf Jr.
4 Barbara Lehman b c1809 m Peter Ermold/Arnold
5 Christian Lehman
6 Susanna Lehman
6 Henry Lehman m Susanna Arnold/Ermold
1 John Lehman
2 Polly Lehman
3 Henry Lehman
4 Samuel Lehman
5 Peggy Lehman
6 Elizabeth Lehman
7 Daniel Lehman
8 Susanna Lehman

Now to *John Lemmon Jr. m Magdalena Hiestand (she m2 Jacob Fry in Spencer Co IN 14 November ?) and their children:
1. John O/Q Lemmon b 25 Feb 1792 TN d 24 Mar 1854 Taylor Co KY m Mary Yarborough 17 Mar 1822 Barren Co KY
2. Elizabeth Lemmon b 15 Jan 1795 d by 1876 m John Biggerstaff
3. Unknown Female b c 1784-1794
4. Mary B. Lemmon b 25 May 1797 d ? still alive in 1855 unm
5. Abraham Lemmon b 15 Jun 1799 d 5 Jan 1874 m Patsy Raach 18 Feb 1820 Green Co KY
6. Jacob Lemmon b 1 Jun 1802 (we have nothing more on this child)
7. *Daniel Lemmon b 18 Jun 1804 Green Co KY d 23 Mar 1863 Vermillion Co IN m Martha "Patsy" Rice 5 Jun 1825 Warrick
7.1 *Nancy Ann Lemmon b c 1826 IN d 29 Feb 1884 (her first three children were illigitimate)
7.1.2 *William Perry Lemmon b 31 Aug 1849 Vermillion Co IN m Elizabeth Ellen Phillips *Ray William Lemmon b 3 Dec 1895 White Rock, OK Territory m Ruble Bryant *Jacque Elizabeth Lemmon b 1921 m Vernon Metz Kelle Ann Metz (me)
8. Anna H. Lemmon b 16 Oct 1806 d 14 Aug 1888 Douglas Co IL m Henry Fry/Frye 20 December 1827 Spencer Co IN
9. Henry C. Lemmon b 2 Apr 1807 KY d ? still alive 1876 m1 Phoebe ? m2 Mary Holaday 9 Apr 1833 Vermillion Co IN
10. Rudien M. Lemmon b 13 Feb 1813 KY d 6 Mar 1889 Saline Co MO m Matilda ?
(All the above birth info for children of John Lemmon Sr and Magdalena Hiestand, from the Fry Family Bible in possession of Effie Fry Riley, Tuscola IL)

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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John Lemmon Sr. that was the original settler on Lemmon's Bend in Green Co KY c1795 was not a brother to Robert and James Lemmon of Revolutionary War fame. A DNA test has been done on descendants for Lemmon's Bend John and the Robert Lemmon m Eleanor Davis, and they are no where near a match. If you'd like more info on Lemmon's Bend John and his Mennonite ancestor, contact me or see the post on this thread that I did today.

:-) Kelle Metz

Re: Lemmons Bend, Kentucky

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Sorry my answers here have taken so long, but I've been working on other lines. The book, "John Lemmon and Wife Elizbeth Mickey, Pioneer Settlers of Colonial Pennsylvania--Ancestors and Descendants, With a Short History of Their Scotich-Irish Background," by Lawrence Clifton Lemmon, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1983--lists the children of John Lemmon and Elizabeth Mickey, along with a copy of John Lemmon/Lamond's will. John Lemmon and Elizabeth Mickey had the following children listed in his will: Jane/Jeanne; Nancy; Fanny; Peggy; James; and Sarah. There are also in the book, pictures of John Lemmon and Elizabeth Mickey's headstones, in the Middle Presbyterian Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County PA.;

For years I've fought the idea, posted on line, that this John Lemmon m Elizabeth Mickey WAS Lemmon's Bend John--but they are two different people. I don't know if a descendant of John Lemmon m Elizabeth Mickey has done a DNA test or not--but descendants of Lemmon's Bend John have done DNA tests and they match David Lamon m Catherine Sliger, and another descendant of Rudolph Lehman m Frena unknown. David Lamon lived in Washington Co TN during the same time Lemmon's Bend John lived there. Lemmon's Bend John then moved on to Green Co KY c1795 and lived there until his death c1818--David Lamon stayed in Washington Co TN until he died in 1829.

Rudolph Lehman m Frena, of York Co PA lists his children in his will as: John, Nancy/Nanny, David, Barbara, and Christian. A transcription of Rudolph's will can be found here:

Your ancestor is I believe Jacob Lemmon m Mary Smith--Jacob was the brother of my 4th great-grandfather, John Lemmon Jr.

:-) Kelle
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