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HEDERER (Wenzel) m Elizabeth

HEDERER (Wenzel) m Elizabeth

Alice Hederer (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Am looking for information on Wenzel HEDERER m Elizabeth unknown, who settled in Lincoln township, Wood Co WI about 1867.

Their children were Adam, Anna, Joseph, Frank, Theresa, and Anton.

Anna married Wendelin DAVID in 1988.

Frank married Mary Joesphina ECKES about 1891 they had 12 children. No known information on the other Wenzel HEDERER children.

Any information would be helpful.

HEDERER Family in Marshfield WI

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Classification: Query
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Alice, I checked some of the resources available here in Marshfield for the HEDERER Family Name. Here is what I could find.

Marshfield Area Genealogy Group - Marriage Index for the "Marshfield News" prior to 1908

Frank HEDERER wed Josephine ECKES, of the town of Lincoln, at St. John's Catholic Church Marshfield. Reported Apr 11, 1893, page 1 column 6.

Marshfield Area Genealogy Group - Death Index prior to 1908 - Nothing found

Marshfield Area Genealogy Group - Birth Index prior to 1908 - Marshfield News

HEDERER, Girl, Town of Rock, born to M/M Frank HEDERER last Monday. Reported in Jun 18, 1903, Page 8, column 6.

DAVID, Baby Boy, son of W. DAVID, Baptized Corpus Christi Church, Bakerville. Reported Feb 18, 1904, Page 1, Column 6.

Marshfield Area Genealogy Group - Birth Index prior to 1908 - Marshfield Times

HEDERER, Twin Baby Boys, Twin Boys born to M/M Frank HEDERER, town of Lincoln. Reported on Mar 29, 1901, page 7, column 1.

Marshfield Gate of Heaven Cemetery Index:

HEDERER, Wenzel (Dad) Jul 20, 1897 - Feb 4, 1982
HEDERER, Marie (Mom) Oct 20, 1906 - Mar 13, 1973
HEDERER, Ardella M 1932-1933

HADERER, Anton (fa) 1873-1924
Catherine (mo) 1879-1945
Ollie (son) 1898-1966

HEDERER, Josey F 1867-1941
HEDERER, Gertrude F 1876-1956

HEDERER, Joseph J WWII M Sgt US Army Sep 3, 1910 - Oct 10, 1980
HEDERER, Signe Jan 5, 1910 - Aug 21, 1982

HEDERER, Frank 8 July 1869-12 April 1933
MICHELS, Josephine HEDERER Dec 9, 1873 - Feb 7, 1958

HEDERER, Henry F. 2 August 1895 - 6 November 1972

I hope you will find some of this information helpful. Happy New Year!


Re: SCHAFFER (Herman & Katherine)

Angela Harwood (View posts)
Posted: 1016917401000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Shaffer
Don, I came across your name in a message post, and am researching the SCHAFFER (Herman & Katherine/Kate)family-not sure if they actually resided in Marshfield, but photos I have say "Mason & Kelly" Marshfield on them. What are other towns close to Marshfield that I might look into?? Any info is truly appreciated!!

Re: Schaffer/Leonhard Family

Don Schnitzler (View posts)
Posted: 1016990232000
Classification: Query

The Mason & Kelly photograph studio was located in Marshfield. Walter Mason came to Marshfield in 1889 and established the studio at 112 East Third Street. When Kelly joined the Mason firm I don't know. Mason died in 1909, and his studio was purchased between then and 1911 by the Stierle brothers, John and Joseph, who ran their photography studio from the former Mason site.

I checked the following indexes: I will put the most likely hits first.

Marriage Index , Wood County Marriages in Marriage Book I, 25 July 1867 to 30 October 1888.
Schaffer, Herman to Leonhard, Kate on 16 October 1888, Volume 1, page 69

Birth Index, as reported in the Marshfield News, prior to 1908
Schafer, baby girl, as reported on 14 November 1889, page 1, column 5. Notes: father Herman Shafer (surname spelling as recorded in the index)

Birth Index, as reported in the Marshfield Times, prior to 1908
Schafer, baby girl, as reported on 15 November 1889, page 1, column 8. Notes: to Mr and Mrs. Herman Shafer (again, surname spelling as recorded in the index)
Schaffer, baby girl, as reported on 19 Jun 1903, page 7, column 1. Notes: baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schaffer at Fenwood., no date given.

Necrology Index, as reported in the Marshfield News prior to 1908
Schaffer, Gottfried, reported on 1 September 1898, page 5, column 3. Notes: Millworker, drowned-Little Eau Pleine River.
Schaffer, Theresin, reported on 22 July 1897, page 4, column 2. Notes: Died her home, city, left husband and two children.

Necrology Index, as reported in the Marshfield Times prior to 1908
Schaffer, William, reported 22 Nov 1901, page 7, column 3. Notes: of Merrillan/shot hunting near Boyd by William Kampf of Chippewa.
Schaffer, William, reported 22 November 1901, page 9, column 4. Notes: of Merrillan, funeral Alma Center, shot and killed while hunting.

Marriage Index, as reported in the Marshfield News, prior to 1908
Schaffer, Joseph, reported on 12 January 1899, page 9, column 4. Notes: of city, to wed Mrs. Mary Kelshoser of Sherry.
Schaffer, Joseph, reported on 19 January 1899, page 5, column 4. Notes: wed Mary Kelhoser; Rev Bruderman of Auburndale officiated.

Marriage Index, as reported in the Marshfield Times, prior to 1908
Schaffer, Bertha, reported on 21 March 1902, page 8, column 1. Notes: Both of town of McMillan, wed Henry Hahn.

1921 City Directory
No Herman Schaffer
Schaffer, William C. (Route 7) Route 7 was a south and east route from the city of Marshfield. My great-grandmother, who lived on Washington Avenue, was on Route 7)

Marshfield Cemetery Index
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Section IV, Row 7
Schaffer, Anna 26 May 1849 - 7 Jan 1949
Schaffer, Casper 20 Mar 1855 - 7 July 1945

Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Section III, Row 7
Schaffer, Joseph 1858-1919
Schaffer, Theresia 1851-1897

I can check these indexes again for the Schafer or Schaefer name, but hesitate to just provide all of them here because of the number. Your help narrowing the search would be helpful if you are interested in any of these at all.

Re: SCHAFFER (Herman) m LEONHARD (Katherine)

Angela Harwood (View posts)
Posted: 1017007041000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1228403405000
Surnames: Schaffer, Leonhard
DON, WOW-WOW-WOW!! I can't tell you how excited I am!! I have had the WRONG spelling of my G-G-Grandmother Kate's name-which explains why I have been stuck in this rut for so long. Interestingly, I have another photo with the "Stierle Bros" name on it, it's going to be easier to date it now that I know when the business was bought out. I also have been searching the wrong county-as there is another Marshfield in Fond du Lac, WI. The info you gave me is truly priceless, there are few relatives on this side, and I am the only one who is interested in researching them. I can't thank you enough!!

Re: HEDERER (Joseph) m MOEN (Signe) 1930

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Classification: Query
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I have a Joseph Hederer who married my grandma's sister
Signe MOEN on August 20, 1930 they had 9 children 7 sons and 2 daughters I have all that family lines information if your interested.
Debbi C

Re: HEDERER (Wenzel) m Elizabeth

Posted: 1228189163000
Classification: Query
Surpise to hear from anyone has been a few years since I posted. I have not work on family history for awhile.


Posted: 1228425903000
Classification: Census
Surnames: Hederer, Haderer, Headerer, Heder, Eckes, David, Dix,
Many alternate spellings for HEDERER, but appear to all be the same family - Since they are secondary sources, you will need to check primary sources for verification. Not related, no further info. R/S MAK

WI Births
Katty Hederer 05 Jun 1899 Wood 0317 002043
Werrzel Hederer 20 Jul 1897 Wood 0317 001292
William Hederer 04 Dec 1904 Wood D0005 011848

WI Marriage
Joseph Hederer 02 Oct 1894 Clark 02 0119 m Gertrude F Hortt
Josephine Hederer 15 Dec 1892 Clark 02 0073 m Joseph Mueller or Geo Dudley Andrews

WI Deaths
Anton A Hederer 24 Nov 1979 Price
Anton A Hederer abt 1907 24 Nov 1979 M (Male)
Brian J Hederer abt 1955 27 Jan 1959 M (Male)
Elizabeth R Hederer 19 Jun 1986 Clark
Fr Hederer 8 Jan 1984 Price
Harold Hederer 15 Sep 1993 Marathon
Henry F Hederer abt 1895 6 Nov 1972 M (Male)
Herbert Edward Hederer 3 Nov 1990 Marathon
John Hederer 13 Feb 1989 Wood
Joseph J Hederer 10 Oct 1980 Wood
Lillian C Hederer 10 Sep 1987 Wood
Marie C Hederer abt 1907 13 Mar 1973 F (Female)
Signe Hederer 21 Aug 1982 Wood
Wenzel Hederer 4 Feb 1982 Marathon

Wenzel Hederer 20 Jul 1897 Feb 1982 Colby, Clark Co, WI

Passenger and Immigration List
Wenzel Hederer 1870 WI

WWI Draft Registration
Wenzel Hederer 20 Jul 1897 WI Not Stated, Wood, WI

1870 Census
Brothertown, Calumet, WI - Wenzel Heder abt 1832 Gmb; Boh White Male; Elizabeth Heder abt 1830 Gmb; Boh White Female; Adam Heder abt 1856 Gmb; Boh White Male; Anna Heder abt 1865 Gmb; Boh White Female; Joseph Heder abt 1867 Gmb; Boh White Male; Franz Heder abt 1869 Rhe; WI White Male

1880 Census
Lincoln, Wood, WI - Wentzl Hederer abt 1835 Bohemia Self (Head)Elizabeth Hederer abt 1833 Bohemia Wife; Adam Hederer abt 1857 Bohemia Son; Anne Hederer abt 1864 Bohemia Daughter; Joseph Hederer abt 1866 Bohemia Son; Frank Hederer abt 1868 WI Son; Theresa Hederer abt 1871 WI Daughter; Anton Hederer abt 1874 WI Son

WI State Census 1895
Lincoln, Wood Co, WI - Wenzel Haderer

1900 Census
Lincoln, Wood, WI - Wenzel Hederar Sep 1836 Germany White Head; Elizabeth Hederar Dec 1833 Germany White Wife; Frank Hederar Jul 1869 WI White Son; Josephine Hederar Dec 1873 WI White Daughter-in-law; Anna M Hederar Aug 1893 WI White Granddaughter; Henry Hederar Aug 1896 WI White; Wenzel Hederar Jul 1897 WI White; Katy Hederar Jul 1899 WI White Granddaughter

WI State Census 1905
Lincoln, Wood Co, WI - Wenzel Headerer Head Germany abt 1837 White Male; Lizzie Headerer Wife Germany abt 1833 White Female

1905 - Marshfield, Wood Co, WI - Joseph Hederer Husband Germany abt 1868 White Male; Gertrude Hederer Wife WI WI abt 1876 White Female; Helln Hederer Daughter WI abt 1898 White Female

1910 Census
Marshfield Ward 3, Wood, WI - Joseph Hederer abt 1869 Germany Head; Gertrude Hederer abt 1876 WI Wife; Hellen Hederer abt 1898 WI Daughter

Rock, Wood, WI - Frank Haderer abt 1869 WI Head; Josephine Haderer abt 1873 WI Wife; Anna W Haderer abt 1893 WI Daughter; Henry Haderer abt 1895 WI Son; Wenzel Haderer abt 1897 WI Son; Katie Haderer abt 1898 WI Daughter; John Haderer abt 1901 WI Son; Gertrude Haderer abt 1903 WI Daughter; William Haderer abt 1905 WI Son; Anton Haderer abt 1907 WI Son

1920 Census
Rock, Wood, WI - Wenzel Hederer abt 83 Austria White Father-in-law; Elizabeth Hederer abt 1833 Austria White Mother-in-law with family of Windel David abt 1860 Austria White Head; Anna David abt 1865 Austria White Wife; Lilie David abt 1898 WI White Daughter; Louis David abt 1903 WI White Son; Wendel J David abt 1906 WI White Son; Anton David abt 1908 WI White Son

Lincoln, Wood, WI - John J Hederer abt 1902 WI White Brother-in-law; Gertrude C Hederer abt 1903 WI White Sister-in-law with family of John J Fehrenbach abt 1885 WI White Head
Anna M Fehrenbach abt 1894 WI White Wife; Genevieve A Fehrenbach abt 1914 WI White Daughter; Marcella J Fehrenbach abt 1915 WI White Daughter; Irene M Fehrenbach abt 1919 WI White Daughter; George Fehrenbach abt 1861 Baden White Uncle

Rock, Wood, WI - Frank Hederer abt 1871 WI White Head; Josephine Hederer abt 1874 WI White Wife; Wenzil Hederer abt 1898 WI White Son; Willie Hederer abt 1905 WI White Son; Anton Hederer abt 1908 WI White Son; Joseph Hederer abt 1911 WI White Son; Marian Hederer abt 1914 WI White Daughter; Josephine Hederer abt 1915 WI White Daughter

1930 Census
Marshfield, Wood, WI - Frank Hederer abt 1869 WI Head; Josephine Hederer abt 1872 Wife; Joseph Hederer abt 1911 Son; Marion Hederer abt 1914 Daughter; Josephine Hederer abt 1916 Daughter

Marshfield, Wood, WI - Wenzel Hederer abt 1898 WI Head; Marie Hederer abt 1907 Wife; Donald Hederer abt 1927 Son; Harold Hederer abt 1929 Son

Family Tree
1) Frank Hederer b 08 Jul 1869 Lincoln Township, Marshfield, Wood, WI - d 12 Apr 1933 Marshfield, Wood, WI m Mary Josephina Eckes b 09 Dec 1873 Marshfield, Wood, WI - d 07 Feb 1958 Marshfield, Wood, WI: children:

2) Henry F Hederer b 02 Aug 1895 Wood, WI - d Nov 1972 Colby, Clark, WI m Elizabeth Rucks b 17 Dec 1897 Colby, Clark, WI - d Jun 1986 Colby, Clark, WI children:

3) Elmer R Hederer b 1918 m Lucille Augustine

Family Tree
1) Anna Hederer b 1832-12-12 (12 Dec 1832) - Germany - 1921-10-23 (23 Oct 1921) - Marshfield, Wood, WI m Wendle David b 1836-09-11 - d 1920-03-06 Marshfield,Wood,WI children:

2) Josephine Helen David b abt 1892 WI - d Aug 1980 Marshfield, Wood, WI m Edward J. Dix b abt 1891 WI - d 22 May 1947 Marshfield, Wood, WI children:

3) Aaron Dix WI

Re: SORENSEN SMALL (Christa - Mrs Dewitt) 1913 - 2005

Posted: 1228426513000
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Small, Sorensen, Hederer, Doering, Morfitt, Thomas,
Source: Saturday, Aug 4, 2005 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

Christa Small, 91, of 407 N. Section St., Nekoosa, died Thursday, July 28, 2005, at Edgewater Haven Nursing Home in Port Edwards.

Funeral services will be held Monday at the Nekoosa United Church of Christ. Burial will be in Mound Cemetery in Pittsville.

Christa was born Dec. 28, 1913, in Oak Harbor, WA, to Jens and Christina (Jensen) Sorensen. She married DeWitt Small on Sept. 3, 1933, in Ocheyedan, IA. He died April 23, 2003. She and her husband farmed in Pittsville from 1949 to 1965 before moving to Nekoosa.

She is survived by two children, Alice (James) Hederer of Torrance, CA, and Roger (Nan) Small of Nekoosa; two grandchildren, Cameron and Barry Small; five great-grandchildren, Sara, Alex, and Jessy Doering, Rachel Kelley and Kaitlyn Small; four great-great-grandchildren; six stepgrandchildren; and six stepgreat-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband; parents; son, Jimmy Small; grandson, James Doering; two sisters, Ettla Morfitt and Pearl Thomas; and two brothers, Theodore and Andrew Sorensen.

Feldner/Ritchay Funeral Home in Nekoosa helped the family.

Re: HEDERER (Todd M) 1965 - 2994

Posted: 1228426802000
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Hederer, Mitchell, Bernitt
28 May 2004 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

Todd M. Hederer, age 39, of 10108 West Ives St, Marshfield, and formerly of Torrance, CA, died on Tuesday, May 25, 2004, at the home of his parents in Marshfield, after a two-year courageous battle with cancer.

Todd was born Jan. 26, 1965, in CA, the son of James and Mary Hederer. He was educated in Marshfield schools.

He is survived by Mary and Dale Mitchell of Marshfield and by James and Alice Hederer of CA. He is also survived by sisters and brothers, Darla Hederer of CA, Diane Hederer of Marshfield, Peg (Doug) Bernitt of Auburndale, Jeffrey (Teresa) Hederer of VA and Jim J. Hederer of CA. He is further survived by numerous nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.
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