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Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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Surnames: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker
Am looking for information regarding individuals with the surnames of Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, and Baker who lived in the areas of Comanche, Throckmorton and Young County beginning in the late 1800's. My ggrandfather was James Madison Bludworth, & his wife, Lilly Hughes. They had 5 children, one of whom was my grandmother, Laura Daisy Bludworth, b. 1885, who married Cleveland H. Stanley, son of Marion M. Stanley, and Mary Baker. Daisy and Cleve had 7 children, one of whom was my father, Tant Billingsley (Ted) Stanley, b. 1909, in Elbert, Throckmorton, Texas. I was raised away from family, my father seldom spoke of his people and I have not had contact with any relatives. I think my ggrandfather Bludworth was a member or pastor with the Church of Christ, and my father was named after two members of the church. I am also interested in any information on Lilly Hughes, whose father was James A. Hughes, a veteran of the Civil War. I cannot seem to find any information on her, her parents or siblings. I think Lilly was born in 1865 in Bell County. I know nothing of the Stanleys, except that Marion was born in either Georgia or Alabama. Any information provided will be appreciated. I will be glad to share what little I have on any of the above mentioned people. Thank you.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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I am not related. I have found two of your cousins. Jack Wages, son of Ada L Stanley and Rita June Eustace Orwosky daughter of Alvis Stanley.

Jack lives in Petrolia, Wichita county and Rita in Sulphur Springs, Texas; phone numbers below.

13 June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 8, Brown, Texas; Roll: T623 1615; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 12.
J M Bludworth, born 4/1849 in TN, married 20 yrs, father from AL, mother GA, owned his farm free of mortgage, could read/write.
Lillie, wife, 1/1865 in TX, parents TX, 5 children born of the marriage all are living, could read/write.
Daisy, 3/1883, age 17, attended school 4 mos for the year
Ollie, 1/1887, 4 mos school
Del . .nis?, son, 8/1889, 4 mos school
Wm R, 8/1895

Unable to find James A and Frances Hughes and Lillies' brothers after the 1880 record.

1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 5, Coleman, Texas; Roll: T623 1620; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 24.
Marion M Stanley, born 6/1845 in GA, married 26 years, owned his property free of mortgage, father from TN, mother GA, wagon peddler, could read/write.
Mary F, born 11/1856 in TX, 6 children born to the marriage, 3 are living, father AR, mother MO, could read/write.
Cleveland H, 12/1884, attending school
Sarah E, 6/1893

Stanley, Miss Myrtle & Brown, John C. 10/24/1898
Brown, J. R. Justice of the Peace #5, Coleman Co

1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 5, Coleman, Texas; Roll: T623 1620; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 24.
John C Brown, 4/1858 in TX, married 2 yrs, parents TN, owned his farm.
Myrtle L Stanley Brown, 2/1880, no children, TX GA TX

1910; Census Place: Burkett, Coleman, Texas; Series: T624; Roll: 1539; Page: 188A; Enumeration District: 133; Part: 1; Line: 1.
John Brown, 52, married 12 yrs
Myrtle, 30, 6 children born, 4 living
George, 9
Aubry, 8
Doris, 5
Lois, 2
Mary Stanley, mil, 52, widow, 3 living children of 6

Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

1880; Hamilton Co, Texas; Roll: T9_1308; Family History Film: 1255308; Page: 377.4000; Enumeration District: 70
Marion Stanley, 35, farmer, AL TN SC
Mary F, 23, TX TX MO
Myrtle L, born Feb 1880
[Did not check for Mary Baker's in 1870 and 1860 records for a mother from MO]

The Stanley's not found in the 1870 record.

1860; Census Place: Beat 14, Tallapoosa, Alabama; Roll: M653_25; Page: 136; Image: 139
W C Stanly 49, TN, farmer, $2000 real estate, $560 personal wealth
Sarah Stanly 41, SC
Madis. M Stanly 15, AL...other name appears to be Madison.
Mary Stanly 13, AL
William Stanly, 12, AL
Calvin C Stanly, 9, AL

8 Jan 1851; Census Place: Township 24, Tallapoosa, Alabama; Roll: M432_15; Page: 121; Image: 700
William C Stanley, 35, farmer, $800 real estate, born SC
Sarah Stanley, 31, SC
Marion Stanley, 4, AL...listed as Manon; the "I" is not dotted.
Wm W Stanley, 3, AL
Mary A Stanley, 2, AL
[enumerator running behind in taking the 1850 census. No other Stanley's in Township 24 in 1850 record]

1880; Census Place: Precinct 3, Callahan, Texas; Roll: T9_1294; Family History Film: 1255294; Page: 353.4000; Enumeration District: 177; Image: .
James A Hughes, 39, TX, parents SC
Frances C, wife, 41, AL AL GA
John G, 7
Paul B, 4
Pearl J, 4
Dudley A, 2, daughter
Virginia "Jennie" Dudley, 19, widow/daughter
Rebecca Harlen, aunt, 79, widow, SC PA VA
Lilly, dtr, 16
["Elenna" Hughes died before 1880 ?]

1870; Census Place: Beat 3, Bell, Texas; Roll: M593_1575; Page: 41; Image: 82. Belton Post Office
James Hughes, 29, TX
Lucinda, 30, AL...2nd wife ?
Virginia, 10, TX
Lillie, 5, TX
Elenna, 1, TX

1860; Census Place: Not Stated, Bell, Texas; Roll: M653_1288; Page: 307; Image: 138 Belton Post Office
Jas Hughes 20, TX, $2650 real estate, $500 personal
Francis Hughes 20, GA

1850; Census Place: Not Stated, Washington, Texas; Roll: M432_916; Page: 291; Image: 214. Hughes, 45, SC
Rhody, 36, SC
A M, male, 16, SC
N, male, 13, SC
J A, male, 10, TX
C L, male, 7, SC
T I, male, 1, TX
Marcus, 12, SC
Nancy, 9, SC
...Marcus and Nancy possible nephew/niece and not siblings of James A Hughes.

1880; Census Place: Franklin, Heard, Georgia; Roll: T9_152; Family History Film: 1254152; Page: 22.3000; Enumeration District: 63; Image: 0045.
William W Stanley, 30, AL TN AL
Nannie V, 35, GA
Burwell B, 6, GA
Sarah E, 3, GA
Wm H, 1, GA

Stanley, C. H. & Bludworth, Miss Daisy 9/10/1905
Gillis, D. T. Justice of the Peace, Coleman Co

22 Apr 1910; Census Place: 4 J-Pct, Throckmorton, Texas; Series: T624; Roll: 1592; Page: 91A; Enumeration District: 216; Part: 2; Line: 6. Elbert & Chandler Rd
Cleve H Stanley, 25, married 4 yrs
Daisy, 27, 4 children born, 3 living
Ada L, 2
Tant, 2 mos

James M Bludworth, 61, married 29 yrs, had purchased land that was mortgaged.
Lillie, 45, 6 children, 5 living
De B, son, 21
Wm R B, 14
Ollie Hayes, dtr, 23, married
Fern L Stanley, grndson, 2

1920; Census Place: Justice Precinct 5, Coleman, Texas; Roll: T625_1788; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 56; Image: 230.
John C Brown, 60, TX TN TN
Myrtle L, wife, 39
Geo A, 19
Aubry M, 17
Doris D, 14
Lois Bell, 12
Finnis J R, 6
Mary F Stanley, mil, 63, widow to the Brown's
Dee B Bloodworth, 30
Eva L, 28, TX
Wm C, 8
Ruby May, 6
James V, 3 y 8 mos

1930; Census Place: Precinct 5, Coleman, Texas; Roll: 2308; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 11; Image: 933.0. Brownwood Road
John C Brown, 71
Myrtle Lou, 50
Finis, 16
Mary F Stanley, 73

Geo A Brown, 29, married at 22
Annie B, 32
Wayne T, 6
Geo R, 4
Francis K, dtr, ?

Aubrey M Brown, 27, married at 18
Eva L, 25
John W C, 8

Texas began recording births/deaths in 1903. No record found for Marion M Stanley's death.

Mrs Mary Francis Stanley died 27 Mar 1939, Coleman Co # 11719

The records shown here were originally published in the a 3 volume set, Coleman County Cemeteries Inscriptions, and were copied and compiled by Vena Bob Gates, Judia Terry and Ralph Terry, and were published in 1988 by Terry Studio, P. O. Box 958, Coleman, Texas 76834, and was copyrighted 1988 by Ralph Terry. All rights are reserved, including any reproduction for profit. Copies of the published works, Coleman County Cemeteries Inscriptions (published in 1988) can be purchased from Ralph Terry at the above address.

STANLEY, Mary (Baker) - Nov 25, 1856 - Mar 13, 1939
BROWN, Loyd R. - b & d July 3, 1907 - "son of J. C. & M. L. (Stanley) Brown"
BROWN, Mary B. - Feb 4, 1904 - Aug 31, 1904 - "dau of J. C. & Myrtle Brown"
BROWN, John C. - 1858 - 1935
BROWN, Myrtle L. (Stanley) - 1880 - 1969

Washington School
from Mr. W. C. Richard’s Ledger
from A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission
Washington School was known as School No. 1 in District No. 9. (see Burkett Schools). In the school year October 30, 1893 - May 25, 1894, the teacher was W. C. Rickard; trustees were J. T. Audas, W. C. Henderson and J. W. Watson. Students: Myrtle R. Stanley, Clevel Holt Stanley.

Brown, George Robert BORN ON 01/25/1926 Callahan County, Baird
Carpenter, Annie Bell - Brown, George A

Brown, Barbara Ann 12/21/1934 Coleman County, Coleman
Brown, Jerry Paul 04/21/1943, Wichita County
Thate, Lou Eva/Eva Lou - Brown, Aubrey Murphy
[1920 Coleman Co census; Eva L Thate; age 15, daughter of Paul Thate born abt 1879 in Germany, grocery merchant & Mattie L born abt 1885 in TX]

1920; Census Place: Justice Precinct 4, Throckmorton, Texas; Roll: T625_1851; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 113; Image: 602
James M Bloodworth, 70
Lillian, 54
Daisy Stanley, 36, married
Fern L, 12
Ada L, 12
Tant B, 10
Ollie E, 9
Avis M, 7
Idalia, 5
R B, 3 yr 5 mos

1930; Census Place: Precinct 4, Throckmorton, Texas; Roll: 2400; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 557.0.
James M Bloodworth, 81
Lily, 66
Daisy Stanley, 47, widow
Turn Stanley abt 1908 Grandson
Tant Stanley abt 1910 Grandson
Vere H Stanley abt 1911 Grandson
R B Stanley abt 1917 Grandson
Idala Stanley abt 1915 Granddaughter

Cleveland H Stanley was not found in the Texas death index records for 1903 - 1940 records.

J M Bludworth died 9 Dec 1935 Throckmorton Co # 59335
Mrs. Lillian Bludworth died 17 Oct 1936 Throckmorton Co # 52039

Wages, Jack Dowsel 03/09/1932, Gainesvile, Cooke, TX
Stanley, Ada L - Wages, P D

1930, Gainesville, Cooke, TX
Parnell Wages, 30, TX, pumper/oil fields
Ada, wife, 22, married at 15, TX
Rudell, dtr, 5, TX

Guffey, Pamela Ann 01/08/1950 Cooke County
Guffey, Patti Jo 11/01/1952 Nueces County
Wages, Johnnie Ruedell - Guffey, John D

Guffey, Johnnie Rudell died 09-Jan-1970 Single, Dallas Co
[not in the SS Death Index; above from Texas Genweb, born abt 1925]

Guffey, John D BORN IN 1922/1923
Smith, Martha A BORN IN 1929/1930
MARRIED ON 04/17/1971 Dallas County

Pamela A Guffey married Alan Wayne Balser born 16 May 1950 in Dallas
30 June 1972, Dallas Co

Patti J Guffey married James M Jones brn abt 1955
19-Jun-1976, Dallas Co

Wages, Bradley Dawson 10/16/1956 Dallas County
Wages, Staci Eilene 07/16/1960 Wichita County
Farmer, Bettye Irene - Wages, Jack Dossel

Farmer, Bettye Irene 10/19/1931 Childress County, TX
Teague, Eilene - Farmer, H Clay

MARRIED ON 04/13/1955, THEN DIVORCED ON 12/07/1983, AND IN 1983 RESIDED NEAR: Wichita Falls, Wichita County, TX, USA, 76307

Wages, Jack & Louise
Petrolia, TX 76377
[Petrolia is in Wichita county]

Jack D Wages, age 52 married Loma L McNeely age 49
22-Sep-1984, Clay County

Staci E Wages married Ricardo G Hahn born abt 1945
09-Apr-1994 Dallas Co

22 Oct 1907 - 3 Nov 1979
Last Residence 76308 Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX
Last SS Benefit 76308 Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX

F L Stanley [Fern L ?]
22 Oct 1907 - 18 Nov 1987
Winters, Runnels, TX

Stanley, Cleve (INFANT OF) BORN ON 04/22/1912... Alvis May
IN Throckmorton County, TX NEAR: Throckmorton

Throckmorton Cemetery

Stanley, Lois Means 22-Aug-15 - 11-May-83
[last residence in zip 76083]
married ? 09-Mar-46
Stanley, Ollie Everett 23-Sep-10 - 16-Oct-89
[last residence in zip 76083, died Wichita County]

Two Lois Means found in 1930 census; one Lois N Means, born abt 1915 from IL the other Lois M Means brn abt 1914 in San Saba Co, TX.

Eustace, Alvis Dolores 02/20/1932 Young County
Eustace, Rita June 02/18/1934 Knox County
Stanley, Alvis May - Eustace, Weaver Holbert

Orwosky, William Eugene 10/13/1958, Wichita County
Orwosky, Gladys Bea 10/11/1960, Hopkins County
Orwosky, John Frank 01/15/1962, Hopkins County
Orwosky, Jeff 03/07/1963, Hopkins County
Eustace, Rita June - Orwosky, Eugene Franklin

1930; Census Place: Newcastle, Young, Texas; Roll: 2413; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 11; Image: 379.0.
Weaver Eustace, 23?, born TX
Alvis, wife, 17, married at age 15

22 Apr 1912 - 14 Oct 1998
Last SS benefit ?76301 Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX
Died in Hopkins County

28 Dec 1906 - 27 Jul 1968
Jones County, TX, Single at the time of his death

Orwosky, Jeff
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Orwosky, R J...Rita June ?
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Orwosky, Eugene F BORN IN 1931/1932
Orwosky, Rita J
WERE MARRIED ON 09/03/1954, THEN DIVORCED ON 11/24/2003, AND IN 2003 RESIDED NEAR: Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, TX
423 Davis St
Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, TX, USA, 75482
Ph 903-885-5565
Lived here 16-20 years

married 01-Dec-1984; divorced 08-Apr-1996 Hopkins County, 1 child

Orwosky, Price BORN ON 06/22/1989, Hopkins Co

20 Feb 1932 - 20 Jan 1998
76308 Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX

Unable to find any other records on the Brown's from Coleman county.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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Surnames: Stanley, Eustace, Orwosky, Romo, Austin
The previous posting shows the following information about my father's first family. He was Weaver Holbert Eustace, and was divorced from Alvis Stanley, mother of Rita June Orwosky, and married at the time of his death to Mary Luz Romo. He and Mary were married June 10, 1954 in Seymour, TX.

28 Dec 1906 - 27 Jul 1968
Jones County, TX, Single at the time of his death

I am his oldest daughter, Evellyne Evangeline Eustace Austin, from his second marriage. BTW, Weaver's grave is actually in Stonewall County, Texas.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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I am not related, but found this information in the Throckmorton County history book. It sounds like you may already have it.

Pg. 138:

"J.M. and Lillie (Hughes) Bludworth bought a farm near Elbert and moved from Brown County in 1905."

"The Bludworths...were members of the Church of Christ. They met for worship in the Prairie View schoolhouse."

Pgs. 174-175:

"James Madison and Lillie Hughes Bludworth came to Elbert in 1908."

"Grandad Bludworth [James Madison] was a gospel preacher. He baptized, performed wedding ceremonies, and preached funeral for many."

James Madison Bludworth and Lillie Hughes Bludworth had five children: Ollie Jennings, Mabel McDaniel, Daisy Stanley, Dee Bludworth and William Rufus Bludworth.

According to family histories submitted to the book, W.R. and Linnie Lilly Bludworth had three children.

One lives near Woodson in Throckmorton County; one lives in Midland with her son but was a long time resident of Woodson; the third was living nearby in Breckenridge a few years ago. If you give me an email address, I can provide you with the means to contact two of them.

Throckmorton County History book p. 198:

"My Grandfather, James Madison Bludworth, was born in Union City, Tennessee, 1849, came to Texas, settled in Brown County. He married Lilly Hughes, born in Bell County, 1865. Their children were Daisy, Mabel, Dee, William Rufus, and my mother, Nancy Ollie, born January 25, 1887. They moved to Throckmorton County around 1904 and bought 320 acres land. Grandfather was a lay Church of Christ preacer, and performed several marriage ceremonies. Grandmother was a practical nurse, helping nurse the sick in the community, sometimes assisting Doctor Berry with home deliveries. Grandfather died, 1935, Grandmother died 1936."

The last entry was submitted by Joel E. Jennings. He lived in Throckmorton and Young counties. He was born in 1917 and I do not know if he is still living. At the time the book was published in 1985, his children were living in Denton, Vernon and Wichita Falls. Their names are contained in the history book.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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Surnames: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley Baker relative in Texas
thank you for the family information. I am most appreciative of your efforts. I was able to get in touch with some folks in Throckmorton and am accumulating more information on the Bludworths and Stanleys. Please feel free to continue sending me anything you think might be pertinent. Anything will be welcomed.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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Would like to correspond with you regarding Stanley/Eustace genealogy. Will be glad to share any information I have with you.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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My ggrandfather was J.E. Hughes and his wife was E.L. Gregg
they married in Dec. 1894 and they had 6 kids. All of which are gone. If you want to know more please email me and I will tell you what I know.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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thank you for responding to my message. These Hughes/Dobbins/Cullins lines are driving me crazy. They are so interconnected and I am never quite sure if the info I have is correct. My Hughes line is as follows: Lillian Frances Hughes b. 1865 married James M. Bludworth in the area of Cross Plains, Texas in 1880. Her father was James Andrew Hughes, b. abt 1841 in Texas (married Fances Fowler Dobbins). He was the son of Taliaferro Swancy Hughes and Rhoda Dobbins. Taliaferro died about 1847 and Rhoda married his brother Urial Hughes. Does this info correspond with the J.E. Hughes line? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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I am not real sure my uncle Gilmer Hughes researched the Hughes family and he passed serveral years ago. His widow is still alive in Baird Texas and her name is Letrice Hughes. I will forward this information to my brother and see if he knows the only other person who might of known was my father Hollis Harlow and he passed a month ago. my email address is if I can help you anymore.

Re: Bludworth, Hughes, Stanley, Baker relatives in Texas

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just sent you a long e-mail, but had it returned as error in address. please send me an e-mail at thank you
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