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Fronton, Texas

Fronton, Texas

Rosa Elia Barrera (View posts)
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I was born in Fronton, Texas. Have alot of relatives there. My father name was Ruben Barrera. He had three brothers Raul, Rodolfo and Roberto, also a sister name Rosita. My mother name was Celia Guerra and related to all the Guerra there. I live in Corpus Christi, so does my brother Noe Faron,. What is it that you would like to know about Fronton? May be I can help.

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Juan L. Gomez Jr (View posts)
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I just found a direct link to you and your family. My family is from the Roma / Fronton Area. My Mother is dauther to Eva Montoya & Oscar Cantu. I am the son of Marilou Cantu & Juan Lorenzo Gomez. Here is what I have to help make the connection. I would really like to share or trade information.

Descendants of Cecilio Barrera

Generation No. 1

1. Cecilio1 Barrera was born June 14, 1883, and died January 09, 1972. He married Juanita Ramirez. She was born March 24, 1884, and died May 10, 1928.

More About Cecilio Barrera:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

More About Juanita Ramirez:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

Children of Cecilio Barrera and Juanita Ramirez are:
+ 2 i. Rodolfo2 Barrera, born April 05, 1921 in Santa Elena, Texas Starr County; died February 06, 1997 in Corpus Christi, Texas Nueces County.
3 ii. Raul Barrera. He married Maria Garcia in Fronton, Texas Starr County.

More About Raul Barrera:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

More About Maria Garcia:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

4 iii. Ruben Barrera.
5 iv. Roberto Barrera.
6 v. Rosita Barrera.

Generation No. 2

2. Rodolfo2 Barrera (Cecilio1) was born April 05, 1921 in Santa Elena, Texas Starr County, and died February 06, 1997 in Corpus Christi, Texas Nueces County. He married Adelmira Cantu July 1945, daughter of Juan Cantu and Beatriz Guerra. She was born September 13, 1925 in Lacha, Texas Starr County, and died November 25, 1976 in Corpus Christi, Texas Nueces County.

More About Rodolfo Barrera:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

More About Adelmira Cantu:
Burial: Fronton, Texas Starr County

Children of Rodolfo Barrera and Adelmira Cantu are:
+ 7 i. Maria Alvesa3 Barrera, born May 27, 1946.
+ 8 ii. Juanita Barrera, born March 14, 1949.
+ 9 iii. Joel Barrera, born March 21, 1950.
+ 10 iv. Viola Barrera, born December 07, 1952 in Starr County.
+ 11 v. Rodolfo Barrera Jr., born August 06, 1957.
+ 12 vi. Alice Annette Barrera, born February 17, 1963.

Generation No. 3

7. Maria Alvesa3 Barrera (Rodolfo2, Cecilio1) was born May 27, 1946. She married Felipe Ramirez August 05, 1967. He was born March 13, 1944.

Children of Maria Barrera and Felipe Ramirez are:
13 i. Debbie Ann4 Ramirez, born March 11, 1968.
14 ii. Diana Ramirez, born August 30, 1969.
15 iii. John Philip Ramirez, born May 03, 1980.

8. Juanita3 Barrera (Rodolfo2, Cecilio1) was born March 14, 1949. She married Richard Avalos August 13, 1968. He was born September 20.

Notes for Juanita Barrera:
This is the date I had before March 14, 1949 - I changed it to reflect the information I got from Belinda's Book.

Children of Juanita Barrera and Richard Avalos are:
16 i. Cynthia Ann4 Avalos.
17 ii. Jose Avalos.
18 iii. Adel Marie Avalos.

9. Joel3 Barrera (Rodolfo2, Cecilio1) was born March 21, 1950. He married Lydia Lastname July 14, 1972. She was born February 27, 1954.

Children of Joel Barrera and Lydia Lastname are:
19 i. Patricia4 Barrera, born June 18.
20 ii. Christina Barrera.
21 iii. Aimee Luisa Barrera.
22 iv. Joel Barrera Jr..

10. Viola3 Barrera (Rodolfo2, Cecilio1) was born December 07, 1952 in Starr County. She married Gertrudis Munoz February 16, 1974 in Corpus Christi, Texas Nueces County. He was born July 21, 1952.

Children of Viola Barrera and Gertrudis Munoz are:
23 i. Jennifer4 Munoz, born September 16, 1975.
24 ii. Michael Munoz, born March 1980.

11. Rodolfo Barrera3 Jr. (Rodolfo2 Barrera, Cecilio1) was born August 06, 1957.

Notes for Rodolfo Barrera Jr.:
Belinda's Books show that he married 3 times. I don't know which wife he had the kids with, so I will list the wives names in the order as they appear in the book.

1. Ruth Amador
2. Laure
3. Elma Nieto

Children of Rodolfo Barrera Jr. are:
25 i. Rodolfo4 Barrera III, born January 1975.
26 ii. Jacob Ryan Barrera, born April 06, 1980.
27 iii. Racquel Marie Barrera, born August 20, 1993.

12. Alice Annette3 Barrera (Rodolfo2, Cecilio1) was born February 17, 1963. She married Leonardo Rodriguez Jr., son of Leonardo Rodriguez. He was born January 24, 1960.

Notes for Alice Annette Barrera:
Had this date February 07, 1961 - Changed it to reflect the information in Belinda's Book.

Children of Alice Barrera and Leonardo Jr. are:
28 i. Juan Carlos4 Rodriguez, born February 23, 1983.
29 ii. Andres Leonardo Rodriguez, born October 13, 1993.

If you Email me I have a web site containing all of the information about the family. I could use your help in filling in some of the blanks... and would love to do the same for you.

Thank you,
Juan L. Gomez Jr. "Tito"

Re: Fronton, Texas

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Surnames: Barrera
Hello My name is Steven Barrera
our familys are linked together by my Grandfather
Aniceto Barrera and your Father Ruben were 1st cousins.
I sent this letter out on the Barrera surname message
board a couple of weeks ago.
Someone sent me your e-mail on Fronton
and I have some Information maybe that might help
and maybe you have some that can help me.
Feel free to reply anytime so we can exchange information

Hello my name is Steven Barrera
I just found out my Great Great Grandfather
was from Mier.
His name was Aniceto Barrera
I have his parents name listed as Cecilio Barrera
and Gertrudis Gonzales not sure if accurate.
Aniceto and his family immigrated to US in 1890 to
Starr County Fronton,Texas
His wife was Dionicia Reyna they had 5 children
4 sons Inocentio,Felipe,Cecilo,Rosindo and one daughter
Matiana. Felipe was my Great Grandfather.
Im not sure if Aniceto is the same person that has been discussed in the forum. Im am interested in finding out
how to get records from Mier and also from
Agualeguas. Any information would be a great help.
Im not sure how to access records from Mexico.
So im hoping someone out there will know more
how to go about obtaining documents.

Thank You
Steven Barrera

Re: Fronton, Texas

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My name is Frank R(i)ojas and my great-great grandparents were Aniceto Barrera and Dionicia Reyna. I think they are the same as yours. I only show two daughters born to them:
Rosa, 1878, Agualeguas, and Maria de los Santos, probably Agualeguas, too. They probably had other children but I haven't found them yet. It may be the ones you mentioned.
Maria de los Santos married Erasmo Riojas in Fronton (Roma) and their son, Danierl R(i)ojas, was my grandfather.
If you would care to correspond, please reply to Perhaps we can help each other out.
Both of my father's parents were Barreras.


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Jose Guerra (View posts)
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Hi, my father Jose Guerra Jr. my mother Natalia Cantu were from Fronton. My Great Great Grandfather was Francisco Guerra. Trying to fine information on my mother side. Got plenty on dad. I live in Houston.

Re: Fronton, Texas

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My aunt,my mother's sister was Maria Garcia. She was married to Raul Barrera.

Re: Fronton, Texas

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Surnames: Cantu, Garcia
Hi, Natalia Cantu may be my great aunt on my grandfather's side. My grandfather's name was Marcelino Cantu. His parents, I believe, were Ramon and Getrudis.
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