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8th Company RASC (Transport Division) - 1943-1947

8th Company RASC (Transport Division) - 1943-1947

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My grandfather (dec) was in this regiment in WWII and I am interested in finding out where he would have gone during his years of service (1943-1947).
Does anyone know anything about the above? I know I can get his historical records but I'm wondering exactly how much info they actually give you? Has anyone done this and have they found it helpful?
We also have no medals for him but I have been told that he should have had some if he served during these times.
I believe he may have been in Africa and also was involved in the clean up at Hiroshima.

Re: 8th Company RASC (Transport Division) - 1943-1947

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I have no information on the content of service records supplied by the MoD, other than what is on the veteran's agency web site, and that's bit ambiguous "request a full copy of record" then "MoD will provide an extract" suggest you ring the help line and ask for clarification. Before applying for records there's a number of things you could do.

1] Ask your parents, and other relatives if anyone has his pay book. All WWII British Army personnel were given it on discharge with their discharge certificate pasted in the back. The certificate gives his army number, rank on discharge, cause of discharge , campaigns & service abroad, sometimes medal entitlement [can be blank] and conduct. If not ask if anyone has his service number anywhere.

2] Write/contact the Royal Logistics Corps Museum [they don't hold personnel records] to see if they have any details on the movements of his company, see the RASC's page of the site at , for museum address [use 2nd link] or see , if they can't help try the National Army Museum or the RASC Association.

3] See if your local library can get hold of any of the books listed under Bibliography on the page above.

4] Write to the MoD Medal Office [will require letter of authority from [direct legal] next of kin] and request details of his medal entitlement [give as much personal information as you know, date & place of birth, service number if known, date of death [copy of certificate may be needed]. If his WWII medals were never claimed then next of kin are entitled to claim them. See , LH menu, click on medals / badges / emblems. See if you can identify the persons who are legal next of kin before you, use "certificate of kinship" from vets agency site.
He should certainly be entitled to the 1939-1945 Star and the War Medal, then depending were else and dates he served one or more campaign stars and the perhaps the Defence Medal, see , scroll down for medal descriptions and qualification.

5] Last resort apply for service record.

Re: 8th Company RASC (Transport Division) - 1943-1947

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Thanks Jeff,
This is a huge help. I do have his Soldier's Service Book and a 'Release Leave Certificate' which I thought was his discharge papers but after what you have said, I am thinking that there may be something else as well? I have attached this form - maybe you could give me an idea of whether it is his discharge papers or not?
I guess that becuase I already have his service book, and it contains nothing about where he went, I am worried that I will request his service history and be provided with little extra than what I already have - which is then a huge waste of money!
I'll try the medal office too - I looked through that link you sent and it does seem that he would have been entitled to at least one medal.
Thanks again

Re: 8th Company RASC (Transport Division) - 1943-1947

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That's his "demob" leave pass issued by his Company CO in Japan 6 Jun 1947 and then subsequently stamped by the Dispersal Unit at Aldershot 28 Jul 1947; it was due to expire on 22 Sep 1947. Notice it says there will be an additional Army Form X 202/B issued later = a "certificate showing transfer to Army Reserve".

If he was conscripted I expect that would be transferring him to reserve "Class Z" - unpaid but liable for recall in case of further emergency. I thought there would also be an Army Form B108 "Certificate of Discharge" somewhere that would give a summary of service and be issued from RASC Headquarters or the MoD, perhaps the form X 202/B had a summary of his service on it and it's been lost.

RN personnel received a "certificate of service" [have WWII one and more recent one] that included discharge date etc on it.

I must admit the only Army discharge certificates I've seen cWWII are for people discharged by reason of "Para 390 [xvi] King's Regulations 1940 = ceasing to fulfil army physical requirements" after being invalided. I actually have the original for someone who was discharged after being critically wounded that was issued from his Regimental HG in Perth, Scotland [still UK so same rules apply]. The certificate states on it that "If this certificate is lost no duplicate can be obtained". It's certainly possible I've wrongly assumed that all army personnel would have a discharge certificate, but I would have thought there would be something like it - try an email the RASC musuem for advice.

Sorry I can't help more
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