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All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

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Surnames: Gallant, Hache, Cormier, Doucet, Pitre, Bernard, Arsenault, Savidant, Spain
I have had the opportunity to communicate with several Gallant cousins since I started my family research and I am still hoping to meet more Gallant relative to share information, photo's, memories or just e-mails. I am posting my Gallant information below:

I have documented that I am descended from Michel Hache Gallant and Ann Cormier. My lineage continues with their son Francois Hache Gallant who was born at Beaubassin in 1707. Francois married Ann LaJoie on July 20, 1735 and they had a son Jean-Francois Gallant on April 7, 1742. My line continues when Jean-Francois Gallant married Agnes Doucet in 1763, they then settled in Rustico, PEI making them some of the first settlers to arrive in Rustico.Their son was Andre Gallant (nicknamed dit Blac) and he first married Marguerite Pitre of Rustico. I found a second marriage for Andre to Gertrude Bernard of Egmont Bay. They moved to Egmont Bay and had a son, Jean Gallant.
Jean Gallant married Rugune Arsenault in 1830 at Egmont Bay. They had a son, Dosithee Gallant that was born in 1835. Dosithee married Helen Pitre on January 29 1862. Their son, John D. Gallant is my great grandfather. He married my great grandmother,Mary Gertrude, on November 3, 1885. Mary Gertrude was the daughter of Jaque Savidant. Their union produced 15 children. The children were:
Leo Francis
Margaret Elizabeth
John Alfred
James Dennis
Francis Rodolphe
*Mary Emily
Henry Vincent
Agatha May
Elsie Lillian
Joseph Leo
Angus Clarence
Lawrence Augustine

My grandmother is one of these 15 children, Mary Emily Gallant. She left PEI at the age of 14 and moved to Concord, NH with her older brother, John Alfred Gallant. My grandmother married Martin H. Spain and had 6 children, including my father James W. Spain.

I know this is quite a bit of information to post but I did want to make it availble to you and any others that are researching the Gallant family. I spent my summers as a child in Rustico and had the opportunity to meet many of my great aunts and uncles.

I will look forward to seeing how all of you have descended from Michel Hache Gallant and Ann Cormier.


Jim Spain
Concord, New Hampshire, USA

Correction to your Gallant family tree

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Surnames: Gallant, Lajoie, Boudrot

Your second generation ancestor did NOT marry Anne LAJOIE, but rather Anne BOUDROT at Port-Lajoie (PEI)! Please check and change your tree to reflect this. Dennis Boudreau

Gallant - Maine and PEI

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Surnames: Gallant
My name is William Joseph Gallant, son of Arnold Murray Gallant of Twin Forks Maine near Bangor, Son of John A. Gallant of PEI. I am a novice on geneological research but am getting better. I saw the name John Alfred Gallant and wonder about who he married and the if the union produced children? This is the extent of my knowledge. I hope to reach someone in Maine and PEI who may be helpful in my research. The family story is my father Arnold's parents were killed in an auto accident and he was sent to Calais Canada to live, until he joined the US Air Force. please reply to me at thank you.

looking for parents of Joseph Gallant m. Columbia Golthier

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Surnames: Gallant, Golthier
I am looking for information on Joseph Gallant's Parents. He was married to Columbia Golthier. Joseph Gallant's mother was american indian and there are no records of her. I am doing research for Robert Gallant. Can you help?

Re: All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

melissa (View posts)
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Surnames: pittsley
im the granddaughter of doris e gallant pittsley her mom and were marie johnson and leonard gallant

Re: All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

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Hello Cousin,
What an extraordinary story about your great grandparents. There is a remarkable parallel with my great grand parents Clement Gallant (1873-1944) and Marie Azalia Daigle (1877-1954) who came to Oxford, MA in 1894. They also had 15 children! What's more, Clem was the oldest of 15 children! Clearly we are closely related. Clement was born in Grande Digue, NB to Rupert Gallant and Clothilde Babineau. Marie Azalia was born in Saint Charles, NB to Sylvain Daigle(1849-1886) and Henriette Mailett(1851-1888). Her parents died by the time Marie was 11. Story is that Clem rescued her from an unpleasant living arrangement (she was made to work as a servant). Can't wait to tell you more and hear more about John and Mary Gertrude, etc.
Brian Jacques

Re: All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

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Surnames: Gallant
My name is Melissa Pittsley. G-G grandfather name was Jean Clarence Gallant no info. on him all I know is he married Marie Elizabeth Thibodeau.

Re: All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

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Surnames: Gallant Cormier Hache Chiasson Desveaux
Hello Jim - although our family tree appears to have branched long ago, we share ancestors in Michel Larche Hache dit Gallant/Anne Cormier. I you descended through Francois (b.1707), and my line follows through his brother Jacques (b.1712).

I have an very comprehensive geneaology from Michel through about 1850. I would be happy to share it. I didn't compile it, but found it online at a very active message board. Please let me know if you are interested.

I would like to correspond with you (or anyone else!) about how the family became so far flung. Although my father's roots are deep in Nova Scotia, I grew up in Alberta in the west and am becoming very interested in this history. I am quite a beginner in terms of geneaology, but am learning through doing.

Like you, I will include a skeleton lineage:
Michel Larche Hache dit Gallant (1662) / Anne Cormier (1674)

--> Jacqeus dit Gallant Hache (b.1712) /Marie Josephe Boudrot (1717) - 11 children: Francois, Jacques-Phillipe, Jeanne Marie-anne, Pierre, Joseph, Marie, Cyprien, Charles***, Anne, Genevieve, Madeliene.

--> Charles Hache Gallant (1749) & Felicite Goutrot (1749) - 13 to 15 children??? Simone (1767), Francois/Francoise, Marthe, Felix, Mathurin***, Jacques, Marguerite, Simon, Charles, Euphrosine, Marie (1798), Pierre, Marie (1809)

--> Mathurin (1784) & Euphrosine LeBlanc (1790); 4 children - Marcellin*** Felix, Boniface, Albine

--> Marcellin (1813) & Helene Ryan (1814); 10 children - Euphrosine, Mederic, Mederic, Elisabeth, Helene Rose, Patrick***, Julie Ursule, Mathurin Antione, Marine Philomen, Antione

--> Patrick (1849) & Olive Desveaux (1850); 11 children - David, Marie Helene I, Daniel, Charlie Felix, Marcellin, Thomas***, Simeon, Marie Helene II (1886), Elisabeth, and Marguerite (of "Les trois Pignon" museum collection)

--> Thomas (1882) & Catherine Chiasson (1872); 4 children - Napoleon Roach(from Catherine's late husband), Lucy Anne, Charles Joseph***, Mary Olive

--> Charles Joseph & Helene Desveaux (1907) - 11 children including my father Tom... which leads to me.

Cheers to all, and I anticipate your responses to this thread!

Michael Gallant
Calgary, Alberta

Re: Gallant - Maine and PEI

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Surnames: Gallant Russell
Arnold's mother, Ida Mae Russell died of an illness in Maine. His father, Joseph Alfred Gallant moved to Tombstone, Arizona because the weather was better for his asthma.

The part of Arnold being shipped off was partly true. He was causing trouble as a teenager, so he was sent to a lumber camp to work (and stay out of trouble). He stayed there for about 2 years then he joined the Air Force.

Re: All of my GALLANT family ~ hope to have contact with any relatives

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Surnames: Hachey, Kallal
Hi there. I personally don't know much, but I am related through my mother's side. Not sure if the name Carol-Ann Hachey rings any bells, but she is the family member my mom had mentioned to me who had put together a binder detailing the various generations descended from the Hache-Gallant family tree.

The binder I have goes to the 8th generation, Alexander Hachey and Marie-Louise Arcan, and details the descendants of these two. My grandmother, Jaqueline Hachey was one of the youngest in this family (11th of 13), and she later married Anthony Kallal. I hope this information helps you out in some way!
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