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Abbott's on Point Pelee 1825-1918

Abbott's on Point Pelee 1825-1918

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Surnames: abbott, DeLaurier, peabody, bradbeer
Catherine Knight,
Just checking to see if any information has turned up on a William Abbott (Abbot) and his family who lived on Pointe Pelee in the mid 1800's. His daugher Esther married an Oliver DeLaurier and lived and died there in 1918. I am trying to track who William's parents were and his wife...(maybe an Abigail)...
Leave msg. back on the board if you have any information please.
Robert Abbott

Cathy Knight please read this string for help...thanks

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Would you read the Abbott's on Pt. Pelee and provide any information update if you have any?

Re: Cathy Knight please read this string for help...thanks

Cathy Knight (View posts)
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This was gatherered from various sources, but needs primary document verification:

Modified Register for William ABBOTT

First Generation

1. William ABBOTT was born about 1795 in New Hampsahire, USA.

Name:_Ardith Hale <>_Date:_2001-11-17_Earliest Known Ancestor_William Abbott
_They were from _Point Pelee, Essex, Ontario, CAN _Born about _1790 _Comments: _Researching the
family of William Abbott & his wife Abigail _(Sprague/Gresham?). William was born in New Hampshire,
Abigail in Vermont or_Connecticutt. They were living at Point Pelee from 1829 thru 1850. Their
children_were: _Charles (m. Sophia Delaurier), Esther (m. Oliver Delaurier), Elizabeth (m. Ellis_Hillman),
Isaac (m. Elizabeth Tofflemire), David (m. Martha Rieves/Reeves),_Joseph (m. Isabel Jane Cartwright),
Aaron (m. Elizabeth Clago/Claygo) and_George (m. ?). _Joseph, David, Charles and Aaron & their
families settled in the areas of_Brownstown and Monguagon/Trenton. Circa 1860 David and Aaron
moved to_Muskegon County. In 1888, David and his family moved to Louisiana. Seeking_any relevant
information on the Michigan/Canada connections, esp._birth/death/cemetary/obits. Willing to share, many
cousin contacts with various_branchs except George.
! < Windsor
Star, July 31, 1982)
According to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, the average visitor to Southwestern Ontario in the 1890's
was in search of seclusion, relaxation, education and exposure to the natural environment.
Notwithstanding McCormick's view in the 1820's, Pelee's first tourists came to its shores, not for the
reason of its quiet, but for the good fishing. In 1876 the first cottage was built on Pelee Island. In the
same decade, an unsuccessful attempt to provide accommodation for fishermen was made. Thaddeus
Smith remembered the event in his history of 1899:
"In 18- [F. B.] McCormick and his brother Charles succeeded in getting a friend of the latter, a Mr. Abbott,
of Wheeling, West Virginia, interested in putting up a large building for a summer hotel. The building was
finished sufficiently to be occupied and was named "Breeze Place Hotel." But it was never completed.
Charles McCormick and William Abbott, becoming discouraged, withdrew from the concern and left the
island. "Breeze Place" has never been a success as a summer resort, though many parties of [fishermen]
have been, and some are still, entertained there."
~ <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I0115
Name: William ABBOTT
Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire
Death: BEF. 1880 Reference Number: 115
William Abbott: _from the Hiram Walker Museum:_Assessment for the twp. of Mersea_William Abbott
listed for years 1829 through 1844_Note: 1839, William left Militia_Copy of page from: Duncan Grant
Account Book, Ft Malden N.H.P. Archives_Amherstburg, 30 April 1839_Received from Captain Duncan
Grant the amount of pay due to me, arrears of pay bounty money, clothing oc oc up to this date, being in
full of all demands._Signed: William Abbott_Witness: Samuel Johnstone NOTE: oc is the same as ditto or
etc._Canadian National Archives: _Reference: NAC RG 10 Volume 134---Microfilm Reel C-11486_Letters
from George Ironside, Superintendent, Indian Dept., Amherstburg to Col. SP Jarvis, Chief
Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Kingston_Dated: 1842, April 8_1844, Mar 2_Letter from SP Jarvis, Chief
Superintendent, Indian Affairs to JM Higginson, Civil Secretary_Dated: 1844, Mar 18_Letter from P Girty,
Gosfield to George Ironside, Superintendent Indian Affairs_Dated: 1844, Apr 15_Reference: Point Pelee
National Park Collection: _Letter from George Ironside, Superintendent, Indian Dept, Amherstburg to JM

Higginson, Civil Secretary, Indian Dept., Montreal_Dated 1845, Jan 6_Reference: Public Archive; Indian
Affairs (RG 10, Vol 149, no. 701-800)_Letter_Dated: 1845, 2 July #86488_Dated: unknown, #86489_Letter
from Alexander Wilkinson, Deputy Surveyor to All Whom these may Concern_Dated: 1845, July 12_Letter
from Commisioner Elliott to Indian Affairs, Amherstburg _Dated: 1845, July 15 #86486-86487_Reference:
NAC RG 10 Vol 150 ---Microfilm Reel C-11494_Letter from WW Holloway, Commissioner, Office of
Ordnances, Montreal to JM Higginson, Civil Secretary_Dated: 1845, July 25_Map: Point Pelee Dated 26
October 1850_Sketch of military reserve; CJ Pilkington, draftsman_combining A). arable and woodland
and land partially cleared_B). marsh, marshy land, water, etc_being in all about 4000 acres._The sites of
some of the log huts built by squatters and designated by the names of the occupants_addition some
huts built by the Indians scattered west towards the point. _The number of Trespassers appears to be as
follows: _6 whites and their families-----30_10 Chippewa Indians oc--------40_Total===================
70 persons_Names noted on the map: Abbott & Amos Abbott, DesJardins, DeLaurier, John Loop (Loup...
sp?), Michael Mooney, Caldwell (Indian chief)_============================================
=========================================_Ontario, Essex county, Index to Deeds_LDS film
#0160151_page 9:_Grantor: Samuel Rose & wife to Grantee: William Abbott_#337 date of instrument---
Nov 25, 1842 date of registry---April 7, 1842_Grantor: William Abbott to Grantee: David Abbott_#848 date
of instrument---June 19, 1849 date of registry---July 31, 1854_page 12: _Grantor: David Abbott to Grantee:
Jesse Fox_#349 date of instrument---Oct 26, 1853 date of registry---July 31, 1854_=================
Marriage 1 Abigail SPRAGUE b: in Connecticut
Marriage 2 Spouse Unknown
David C ABBOTT b: 12 AUG 1824 in Ontario, Canada
Marriage 3 Abigail GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont
Married: ABT. 1812
Charles ABBOTT b: 1808 in Canada
Elizabeth ABBOTT b: 2 FEB 1821 in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Issac ABBOTT b: 1823 in Canada
David C ABBOTT b: 12 AUG 1824 in Ontario, Canada
Esther ABBOTT b: ABT. 1826 in London, Angleterre
Joseph ABBOTT b: 1 FEB 1826 in Canada
Aaron ABBOTT b: 20 APR 1829 in Ontario, Canada
Amos ABBOTT b: 12 MAR 1831 in Point Pelee, Essex, Ontario, Canada
! <
Database: dechaine-hale_Individual: I0115
Ardith Hale 2000-08-01 18:44:17
Patience Burbank is NOT PROVEN. Abigail GRIESHAM is only listed for Aaron. Links past William
Ardith Hale 2002-10-19 11:57:38
Aaron Abbott's death certificate lists Abigail Griesham as his mother. Joseph Abbott's death certificate
lists Abigail Sprague as his mother. Both certificates list William Abbbott as the father. Given the first
name, and the fact that death certificates are filled out by family members (Aaron's son and Joseph's
daughter), and also, the fact that whoever was William's wife predeceased Aaron & Joseph by many
years; it is possible that: 1. These are two different women married to the same man 2. These are the
same woman and a mistake was made as to her actual maiden name. 3. These are the same woman
who survived her husband's death and remarried (taking a new name). 4. There are two separate

families of William Abbotts, each married to an Abigail and having sons named Aaron and Joseph.
Other known children, specifically David (who has no death certificate) and Amos

William married Abigail SPRAGUE OR GRIESHAM before 1820 in USA. Abigail was born in Vermont or Connecticut, USA.

They had the following children:

2 F i. Elizabeth ABBOTT was born on 2 Feb 1821 in Middlesex Co., Ontario. She died on 22 Dec 1892. She was buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Leamington, Essex Co., Ontario. <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I1236
Name: Elizabeth ABBOTT
Sex: F
Birth: 2 FEB 1821 in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Death: 28 DEC 1892 in Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Burial: Lakeview Cemetary
Reference Number: 1236
HILLMAN, SR_This respected lady passed into her eternal rest at her home here on
Wednesday, Dec. 28th, 1892. _Deceased was born in Middlesex county, Ont., in 1821,
her father, whose name was Abbott, being a U.E. Loyalist. Mrs. Hillman has one
surviving sister, Mrs. Esther DeLaurier, of this place, and several brothers in the U.S.
She leaves to mourn the loss of a devoted mother, nine sons and three daughters, all
living in Essex county, one son and one daughter having preceded her. Her partner in
life, Ellis Hillman, Sr., still survives her. "
Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire _Mother: Abigail
GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Marriage 1 Ellis HILLMAN b: 4 FEB 1817 in
Winston Parish, Sussex, England
Married: 16 NOV 1841 in Gosfield South Township, Ontario, Canada
Presiding: Rev Richard Herrington, Regular Baptist Church, Gosfield_Witnesses: Peter
Wilkinson, Andrew Stewart_"On November 16, 1841 Ellis Hillman was joined in
marriage with Miss Elizabeth Abbott, daughter of William Abbott, who proved a
devoted helpmate and faithful companion, in all his work. In November 1891
surrounded by their loved ones, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, and
a year later, Dec 28, 1892, the good wife was called to her long home. Her remains
were buried in the Lakeview Cemetery. "
Thomas HILLMAN b: 18 OCT 1842 in Mersea Township, Essex County, Ontario,
Jonas HILLMAN b: 27 MAR 1845 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,

Peter HILLMAN b: 23 MAR 1848 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,
William HILLMAN b: 19 DEC 1850 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,
Abigail HILLMAN b: 15 DEC 1852 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,
Oliver HILLMAN b: 5 NOV 1854 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,
Ellis HILLMAN , Jr b: 10 OCT 1858 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario,
Ezra HILLMAN b: 3 OCT 1860 in Gosfield Township, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Robert HILLMAN b: 22 OCT 1862 in Mersea Township, Essex County, Ontario,
! another source gives her birthdate as 22 Feb 1822, and birthplace as Gosfield Twp.,
Essex Co., Ontario : <;
Entries: 12430 Updated: 2004-07-11 19:46:56 UTC (Sun) Contact: Heather Duff
ID: I565597929
Name: Elizabeth ABBOTT
Given Name: Elizabeth
Surname: Abbott
Sex: F
Birth: 2 Feb 1822 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Death: 28 Dec 1892 Residence: 1881 Leamington, Essex, Ontario, Canada 1
Burial: Lakeview Cemetery_Father: William ABBOTT b: Abt 1800 in New Hampshire,
USA _Mother: Abigail Griesham or SPRAGUE b: Abt 1807 in Vermont, USA_Marriage
1 Ellis HILLMAN b: 4 Feb 1817 in Wiston Parish, Sussex, England
Married: 16 Nov 1841 in Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Thomas HILLMAN b: 18 Oct 1842 in Mersea Twp., Ontario, Canada
Esther HILLMAN b: 24 Feb 1844 in Mersea Twp, Ontario, Canada
Jonas HILLMAN b: 28 Mar 1845 in Gosfield, Essex, Ontario, Canada
David HILLMAN b: 6 Oct 1846 in Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Peter HILLMAN b: 23 Mar 1848 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Mary HILLMAN b: 26 May 1849 in Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada
William HILLMAN b: 19 Dec 1850 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Abigal HILLMAN b: 15 Dec 1852 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Oliver Ellis HILLMAN b: 5 Nov 1854 in Gosfield Twp., Essex, Ontario, Canada
Lucinda HILLMAN b: 7 Oct 1856 in Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Ellis HILLMAN b: 10 Oct 1858 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Ezra HILLMAN b: 6 Aug 1860 in Gosfield Twp., Ontario, Canada
Robert Lambert HILLMAN b: 22 Oct 1862 in Ontario, Canada
George Amos HILLMAN b: 30 Sep 1864 in Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Title: 1881 Canadian Census

Elizabeth married Esther HILLMAN .

3 F ii. Isabelle Jane ABBOTT was born about 1822.

4 M iii. Isaac or Oliver ABBOTT was born about 1823 in Ontario. He died in 1857. <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I1015
Name: Issac ABBOTT
Sex: M
Birth: 1823 in Canada
Death: 1857 in Canada
Reference Number: 1015_Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire
_Mother: Abigail GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Marriage 1 Elizabeth Ann
TOFFLEMIRE b: 17 JAN 1828 in Mersea, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Married: 28 MAY 1848 in Gosfield South Township, Ontario, Canada
Isaac Abbott married Elizabeth Ann Tofflemire of Mersea Township May 28
1848_Presiding: Rev. Charles Stewart, Regular Baptist Church, Gosfield
Township_Witnesses: John Loop, John Fenby
Children :
Issac Oliver ABBOTT b: 5 SEP 1853 in Point Pelee, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Eli ABBOTT b: 1855
John ABBOTT b: 1857
Samantha ABBOTT
! "... drowned at Point Pelee"

Isaac married Elizabeth TOFFLEMIRE on 28 May 1848.

5 M iv. David ABBOTT was born on 12 Aug 1824. <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I0113
Name: David C ABBOTT
Sex: M
Birth: 12 AUG 1824 in Ontario, Canada
Birth: 12 AUG 1825 in Canada 1
Death: 4 NOV 1910 in Crowley, Acadia Parish, Louisiana 2
Burial: 12 NOV 1910 Crowley Cemetary, Acadia Parish, La
Census: 1850 Monguagon twp, Wayne Co., MI
Census: 1860 Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Census: 1870 Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Census: 1880 Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Census: 1900 Acadia Parish, Louisiana Reference Number: 113 Note:
LOUISIANA: 1888-1910 (David) _Note on file, unsigned:_The originators of the upland
system of rice irrigation in this area were:_David Abbott and his sons:_Martin D.
Abbott_Myron A. Abbott and_Celathiel N. Abbott_First pump successfully built in 1888;
first canal completed Aug. 2, 1894._These pioneering developments made possible the
expansion of the rice _industry in Southwest Louisiana. _-----------------------------------------
------------_Suggested reading (pages referring to the Abbott Brothers, David Abbott or
the canal system developed by the Abbotts and the Dusons):_Acadia Parish, Louisiana,
A History to 1900, by Mary Alice Fontenot and Paul B. Freeland_Claitors Publishing
Division, Baton Rouge, 1976 _Acadia Parish, Louisiana, A History of 1920, by Mary

Alice Fontenot_Acadiana Press, Lafayette, 1979_For some pictures of rice farming, rice
mills, etc: _A Pictorial History of Crowley, Louisiana, The Crowley Post Signal; Heritage
House Publishing, Undated. All available at the Acadia Parish Public Library, Crowley,
Louisiana. _Sources of information: The Crowley Signal (various dates)_Acadia Parish
Court records (probate; real estate, marriage, etc)_Freeland Archives, Dupre Library,
University of Southwestern Louisiana_at Lafayette, Louisiana_The History of Crowley,
Louisiana, by Velma Lea Hair (reprinted from The _Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Vol.
27, No. 4; October 1944_Louisiana, Acadia Parish, Marriage Index 1887-1936 LDS film
#0866304_Acadia Parish, LA Probate Records, Index v1-2, 1887-1960 LDS film
_Land holdings from a survey map (survey completed 1881: landowners names
appended between 1886 and 1900); Segment of Township 9 South Range 1 West,
between Crowley and Egan._Miron Abbott--161.90 acres NW corner; section 14
X_Celathiel Abbott-161.90 acres SW corner; section 14 XX_Martin D Abbott- 161.90
acres se corner; section 14 X_David Abbott-162.15 acres Ne corner section 23 (abuts
Martin D Abbotts on the north side)_David's homestead listed in BLM General Land
Office Records; certificate #5858, application #10599; _Issue date: 05/21/1896;
Accession/Serial #: LA0430__.436_---------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------_Crowley Daily Signal; Oct 4, 1937, page 8_"The community of
Egan, centered around the village of Egan, was settled some years before Crowley
was. It was in turn called "Canal Switch" for the Southern Pacific ran a branch line
through there, "Switch" and "Abbott" in honor of the family of that name who had one of
the first canals there. _Some nine miles northwest of Crowley lies the Egan community.
This community is centered around the small village of Egan. This community was
settled to some extent even before the city of Crowley was started. Much of the land
nearby was in the hands of the Duson and Abbott brothers and they encouraged its
settlement. However, several families had settled in this community before this time.
_At one time the Southern Pacific surveyed and obtained rights of way for its main line
from Rayne westward right through the present graveled road through Egan running to
the bayous west. Remains of a dump built in the swamp can be seen now. However, it
was decided to be cheaper and better to cross the Mermanteau River at the location of
the present bridge and the right of way secured through the Egan section was
abandoned. _The early settlers came to this prairie country to raise cattle and then to
raise rice. Of course these early crops were "Providence Rice" . There were no fences,
no roads and drainage was poor. However, with the advent of irrigation the community
became more thickly settled. The Southern Pacific built its branch line from New Iberia.
Abbeville to Mamou through Egan about 1895. _The small village was first called "
Canal Switch," because a relift was built on the Abbott irrigation canal. Many old timers
visit at the "Switch." Then it was called Abbott in honor of the Abbott brothers, who
owned the canal. Then it received its final name, being called "Egan" in honor of the
Egan families who were once residents of the community. _Among the first houses in
the community was the one where the Lebert family now lives and the one owned by
the late Mrs. A. Acres---blown away during the cyclone in 1915---the D. Truax house
and the old Regan house. _Among the early settlers of this community, some of whom
homesteaded land from the government, were: The Louis Leger family, the Abbotts,
the Egans, the Bossleys, the Regans, the Wilsons, the Truaxes, the Richeys, the
Trumps, the Potts, the Dommerts, the Sensats, the Carts, the Lees, the Laughlins, the
Poussons, the Lejeunes, the Hessions and others. Their nationalities were English,
French, Irish, German and Scotch. A blending of these nationalities and names is still
present in the community. "_(The rest of the article is about the schools in Egan)._--------
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------_Obituary, The Crowley

Signal, November 12, 1910_"Aged Pioneer Passes Away_Death of David Abbott, one
of the Founders of the Rice Industry_Dies at the age of 86_Born in Canada and Spent
Early part of his life in Pine Woods of Michigan---Came to Crowley in the Year
1888_DIED--At his late residence near Crowley, at 12:30am Friday, Nov 4th 1910,
David Abbott, aged 86 years, 2 months and 19 days. Funeral services at the residence
of his son, Lathe Abbott at 2 PM, Saturday, November 5th. Interment in the Crowley
cemetery. _David Abbott was one of the rice pioneers of Southwest Lousia na. He
came here in 1889 from Muskegon, Michigan, where he had lived from childhood. He
and his sons were the developers of the upland system of irrigation in the coast rice
belt. His early life had been spent in the pine woods of Michigan, where he developed
a strong constitution and the sturdy virtues that made him always respected among
men. _David Abbott was married more that sixty two years, and his aged widow is
herself very ill. Besides his widow the following children and many grandchildren
survive him. Miron Abbott, of L'Argent, La; Martin Abbott, of L'Argent, La; Lathe Abbott,
of Prairie Hayes, La; Mrs. William Wellman, Pittman, La. _The funeral will take place at
the residence of Lathe Abbott in Prairie Hayes Saturday at 2 o'clock PM. The interment
will be in the Crowley Cemetery. "_========================================
=============================================_Le Bon Vieux Temps by
Mary Alice Fontenot, in The Crowley Post Signal, date unknown: _"It is not possible to
review the history of Acadia Parish and the rice industry in southwest Louisiana and
leave out the name Abbott. _David Abbott and his sons came to Acadia Parish from
Muskegon, Mich., in the late 1880s, with $1000. They bought land in Prairie Hayes.
_By this time the German farmers of the parish had learned to grow rice successfully
on high land, by throwing up levees to retain the rain water. This worked well during
normal weather; during times of drought the water evaporated and the crop was lost.
_The Abbotts went a step farther---they devised a crude method of artificial irrigation by
constructing a conveyance system of buckets on a continuous chain, powered by a
small engine, to bring water from Bayou Plaquemine Brulee to a 12 acre rice field. The
system worked. _Thus was originated the vast network of irrigating canals in use today
in Acadia Parish. _Within 15 years the Abbotts became the largest rice planters in the
United States. They owned 5000 acres, had additional land under lease, invested in
rice mills and canals, and in 1904 were said to be worth about a million dollars. _A
United States post office, established in 1900, was named Abbott. The name of the
post office was changed to Egan in 1903. _David Abbott died in November, 1910 at his
home near Crowley at age 86. His wife, 84, died two weeks later. The Signal listed
their six children as Miron, Martin D. and C. Abbott; Mrs. EA Wellman of DuQuesne,
Ark., Mrs WR Wellman of Pitkin, La, and Mrs TA Potts of Vinton. _Miron and Martin
Abbott were the two sons most prominently identified with the rice industry of Acadia
Parish. Miron's name usually appears in the records as M. Abbott and Martin's name
as M.D. Abbott. The published charters of virtually every enterprise connected with rice
during the early years contains the name of one or both of the Abbott brothers.
_Therefore the rice industry researcher might be somewhat confused by information
contained in the obituary notices of the parents of the three sons, only C. Abbott was
listed as a Crowley resident. Miron's residence was given as L'Argent, La and Martin's
as Ferriday, La. _About a year later, in 1912, the Signal provided an answer of sorts:
Miron and Martin were disposing of their Acadia Parish holdings---two farms, totalling 4,
500 acres, and the Abbott Canal. The purchasers were Green-Shoemaker and the
Crowley Rice Mill. There was no mention of other Abbott enterprises in Acadia. The
brothers, the paper reported, had relocated at Ferriday in Concordia Parish, on river
rice lands. _Thus north Lousiana gained two early giants of the south Lousiana rice
industry. Most of the other Yankee farmers, who made good in Acadia Parish---like the

Freeland brothers---stayed on to reap even greater rewards from the region's golden
grain. _I have no information on how the Abbott brothers fared in Concordia Parish."
(continues 1/2 paragraph--no further mention of the Abbotts). _---------------------------------
-------------_Probate record of David Abbott, deceased and of his wife Martha Rieves,
deceased #809 P.D._18th Judicial District Court, Parish of Acadia, State of
Louisiana_Recorded January 12, 1911_Summary: Inheritance split equally between six
surviving children (including homestead property mentioned above): Miron Abbott,
Martin D. Abbott, Celathiel Abbott, Lorenda Abbott wife of E.A. Wellman,_Sophia
Abbott wife of W.M.R. Wellman, and Allie Abbott wife of T.A. Potts. _==============
=====_MICHIGAN: 1851-1888 (1851-1858, Wayne County / 1858-1888, Muskegon
County) _INQUIRY: Possible Civil War Service: The 1863 Muskegon County Draft List
shows David Abbott, age 37, farmer, born Canada, as assigned to Co D, 1st Michigan
with note: Oct '64 Surg. Cert. Disability_Inquiries to the National Archives for either a
Veterans Record or a Pension have returned as unable to locate(17 Oct 2000);
suggested search area===the Surgeon General's records for that time period._(not
available on the internet, must be searched by hand). _Possible immigration record:
April 1851, Detroit, Michigan; First papers; Book 3, page 24 & 25_Charles Abbott and
David Abbott_1850 US Census: Michigan, Wayne County, Roll #366, page 455 _18th
July 1850_Monguagon township_household #144_David Abbott, 24, male, farmer, born
Canada_Martha Abbott, 22, female, born Canada_Joseph Abbott, 25, male, born
Canada_Isabel Jane Abbott, 18, female, born Canada_****_See notes on Charles
Abbott, Tax assessment roll for Brownstown, Wayne county, Michigan_dated 9 May
1857, page 1 LDS film #2107781 _========================================
=============================================_CANADA: 1825-
1851_Born: Canada West _Married: Canada West (Ontario) See notation "More" on
marriage record source.
Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire _Mother: Abigail
GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New
Hampshire_Marriage 1 Martha REEVES b: FEB 1829 in Canada
Married: 23 FEB 1848 in Methodist Episcopal Church, Mersea Twnshp, Chatham,
Essex County,Ontario, Canada
Married: 23 FEB 1848
The Ontario Register, Vol 3 1970, edited and published by Thomas B. Wilson,
reprinted 1980, Lambertville, NJ _Presiding: Rev. Nathan Parke, Methodist Episcopal
Church, 1845-1848_Witnesses: Jackson Reeves, Catherine Orton
Myron A ABBOTT b: 2 SEP 1851 in Wayne County, Michigan
Celathiel N ABBOTT b: 16 OCT 1854 in Monguagon (Trenton), Wayne County,
Lorinda ABBOTT b: 14 MAR 1857 in Trenton (Monguagon), Wayne County, Michigan
Sophia M ABBOTT b: NOV 1859 in Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Martin D. ABBOTT b: SEP 1865 in Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Alma ABBOTT b: JUL 1868 in Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan
Title: 1863 Muskegon County Draft List_Page: 049-05 and 082-07_Text: Casnovia,
Ravenna and Moorland, Michigan 93rd subdistrict
Title: Crowley Signal_Page: Nov 12, 1910

David married Martha REEVES OR RIEVES on 23 Feb 1848.

6 M v. Joseph ABBOTT was born on 1 Feb 1826 in Ontario. <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I0335
Name: Joseph ABBOTT
Sex: M
Birth: 1 FEB 1826 in Canada
Death: 29 DEC 1917 in Trenton, Wayne County, Michigan of aortic stenosis
Census: 1850 Monguagon twp, Wayne Co., MI
Census: 28 JUN 1860 Brownstown, Huron twp, Wayne Co., MI
Census: 1870 New Boston PO, Huron, Wayne Co., MI Burial: 31 DEC 1917 Ganong
Cemetery, Westland, Wayne County, Michigan Reference Number: 335 Medical
Information: contributory: arteriosclerosis, duration 5 years Note:
1880 Huron, Wayne county, Michigan census page 201A_Joseph Abbott, farmer, age
55, born Canada, father and mother born New York_Isabell Abbott, wife, age 51, born
Canada, father born England, mother born Vermont_Charles Abbott, son age 23, born
Michigan_Emma Abbott, daughter, age 15, born Michigan_======================
_Michigan State Death Certificate #2482, dated 7 Jan 1918_Dr. D U. Saunders signed
12/30/1917_Place of death: Nankin, Wayne County, Michigan_age: 91 years, 10
months, 29 days_Joseph Abbott, widower, white_born Canada_father: William Abbott,
born New Hampshire_mother: Abbigail Sprague, born Connecticut_attested by: Emma
Butler (sp?), residence, Wayne County, MI_Buried: James (sp??) Cemetery, Dec. 31,
1917_Undertaker: illegible (off copy edge)_++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=_The problem of
age. In the 1850 census Joseph gives his age as 26, his brother David as 24, making
Joseph older by two years (1824) and David (1826) younger. On the 1860 census,
Joseph gives his age as 34 (1826) and David gives his age as 32 (1828). In 1870
David gives his age as 43 (1827) and in 1880, he gives his age as 56 (1824). On
Joseph's death certificate his age is listed as _91 years, 10 months and 29 days, giving
a birth date of Feb 1st, 1826 and his tombstone lists his span as 1826-1917.
Unfortunately, David does not have a death certificate on record, but his tombstone
lists his span as 1825-1910. Until given a disparity by the birth records of adjacent
children, I am leaving their birth years as recorded at the time of their deaths.
Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire _Mother: Abigail
GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Marriage 1 Isabel Jane CARTWRIGHT b: 20
APR 1832 in Canada
Married: 9 JUN 1850 in Trenton, Wayne County, Michigan
Source: Wayne Co., MI Marriage Records 1837-1870, v. 1-5; A- Juste, LDS Microfilm
#0927488_Abbott, Joseph, 24, Trenton, and Isabel Cartwright, 18, Trenton, June 9,
1850 at Trenton by Jesse Jaquith, JP ; Charles Abbott, Trenton and David Abbott,
Trenton, witnesses, File 1850
William ABBOTT b: 25 OCT 1852 in Brownstown Township, Wayne County, Michigan
Charles L ABBOTT b: 1856
Joseph ABBOTT , Jr b: 1858 in Michigan
Emma J ABBOTT b: 1865
! <

Database: dechaine-hale_Individual: I0335
Jack Vanders 2003-11-30 23:56:48
The tombstones only say Father and Mother - Dates match except mother shows 1830
instead of 1832?

Joseph married Isabelle Jane CARTWRIGHT .

7 M vi. Aaron ABBOTT was born on 20 Apr 1829 in Ontario. He died on 12 Nov 1919 in Casnovia Twp., Muskegon Co., Michigan, USA . He was buried in Ravenna Cem., Ravenna, Muskegon Co., Michigan, USA . <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I0336
Name: Aaron ABBOTT
Sex: M
Birth: 20 APR 1829 in Ontario, Canada
Death: 12 NOV 1919 in Muskegon County, Michigan 1 of malignancy
Census: 1850 Ecorce, Wayne County, MI
Census: 1870 Moorland Twp, Muskegon County, MI
Census: 1880 Moorland Twp, Muskegon County, MI Burial: 13 NOV 1919 Ravenna,
Michigan Reference Number: 336 Note:
1880 census, Moorland, Muskegon county, Michigan page 146D_Aaron Abbott,
widowed, age 51, laborer, born Canada, father born New Hampshire, mother born
==========================_Obituary: Aaron Abbott dated Nov. 13, 1919 Paper
not noted (try Ravenna newspapers)_"HERE FORTY YEARS DIES AT AGE OF
90_Aaron Abbott, was in Dairy Business Till Retirement 10 Years Ago_Aaron Abbott,
for 40 years a resident of Muskegon and one of the citys oldest citizens, died this
morning at his home, 117 Summer Street, after a long illness at the age of 90 years.
Although he had been ailing for a number of years it was not until three weeks ago that
he was taken violently ill. Death came today as a result of his extreme age and his
weakened condition. _Mr. Abbott came to Muskegon about 40 years ago from Canada,
his birth place. He was engaged for several years in the dairy business. He retired
from active work about 10 years ago. _Mr. Abbott was married twice during his life. His
first marriage took place when he was 30 years of age. His first wife died in 1878. He
was married again in 1887 to Mrs. Maria Forsburg. She survives her husband. _There
are five sons and daughters who also survive. They are Stephen W Abbott, Mrs
Lucinda Conklin and Mrs Marion Wood of Ravenna, Mrs Isabel J Fowler of Cravens,
La and Mrs. Florence E Doane of South Jacksonville, Florida. He also leaves 19
grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Service will be held at the residence
tomorrow at 11:30 o'clock. The body will be taken to Ravenna at 12 o'clock for burial. "
====================_Muskegon County Death Record: Liber #4 pg # 114 #2657,
Place of death, Muskegon_"Aaron Abbott, deceased 12 Nov 1919, age 90 years, 6
months, 22 days, married, birthplace: Canada_Occupation: farmer Father: Wm Abbott
Mother: Abigal Griesham_Cause of death: Malignancy Burial: Ravenna, 13 Nov 1919"

_Map of Muskgon and Ottawa Counties from the History of Muskegon and Ottawa Co.,
1882_showing in Moorland Twp, Range XIV W; across the top of blocks 21,22 and 23, "
Abbott Saw Mill" _This is north and west of Slocums Grove PO.
Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire _Mother: Abigail
GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Marriage 1 Elisabeth CLAGO b: 1832 in New
Married: 25 JUL 1852 in Trenton, Wayne County, Michigan
Source: Wayne Co., MI. Marriage Records 1837-1870, v. 1-5, A--Juste, LDS Microfilm
#0927488_Aaron Abbott, 23, Brownstown and Elisabeth Clago, 20, Monguagon, July
25, 1852, Detroit by Elijah_H. Pilcher, Minister of the Gospel. Bezalid Clego and
Debora Van Camp, Brownstown, witnesses, _File 1852
George B ABBOTT b: 1853 in Brownstown, Wayne County, Michigan
Stephen W ABBOTT b: 1856 in Brownstown, Wayne County, Michigan
Lucinda ABBOTT b: 9 DEC 1857 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Marian ABBOTT b: 18 AUG 1860 in Michigan
Edwin ABBOTT b: 3 JUN 1862 in Michigan
Isabel J ABBOTT b: 1865
Florence E ABBOTT b: 1871
Marriage 2 Maria FORSBERG
Married: 1887
Title: Death Records, Muskegon County, Michigan

Aaron married Jane CLAGO OR CLAYGO .

+ 8 F vii. Esther ABBOTT was born on 20 Dec 1830. She died in 1918.

9 M viii. Amos ABBOTT was born on 12 Mar 1831 in Point Pelee, Mersea Twp., Essex Co., Ontario. <;
Entries: 1696 Updated: Tue Sep 3 20:01:02 2002 Contact: Ardith Hale
ID: I1240
Name: Amos ABBOTT
Sex: M
Birth: 12 MAR 1831 in Point Pelee, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Death: 10 JAN 1918 in Trenton, Wayne County, Michigan of Cardiac hypertrophy and
failing compensation
Burial: 14 JAN 1918 New Boston Cemetary, Wyandotte, MI
Reference Number: 1240 Medical Information: duration, 5 years
1880 Huron, Wayne county, Michigan page 187B_Amos Abbott, age 49, farmer, born
Canada, father born Virginia, mother born Canada_Elizabeth Abbott, age 44, wife, born
Michigan; father and mother born England_Orson Abbott, age 13, son, born Michigan_=
==================_Michigan State Death Certificate #1522, dated February 6,
1918_Doctors name unreadable_male, white, widower_aged 86 years, 9 months, 28
days_retired 5 years_born, Point Pelee, Ontario_father: William Abbott_mother:
unknown_attested by: Edwin Abbott, Royur City (sp?) , MI _Undertaker: C C Neuendorf,

Wyandotte, Michigan_+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++_The Wyandotte Blade, January 18,
1918_"An Old Citizen Gone_Amos A Abbott, one of our oldest and best respected old
sons died at his home on ST. Joseph Avenue on Friday last at the age of 78 years. He
had been ailing for several months past and death was a natural one owing to his
advanced years. His funeral was held from his late residence on Monday and owing to
the severe storm his body was placed in the vault at Woodmere to be removed to the
family burial plot at New Boston later. Rev. Jaquish of the Trenton M.E. church
conducted the funeral ceremony, and Neuendorf, of Wyandotte was the undertaker in
charge of the funeral. _He is survived by one son, Edwin W. Abbott of Boyne, a brother
who lives in the West, and a sister who lives in Ontario. _When the call to arms was
sounded by Abraham Lincoln in the early sixties Amos Abbott was one of the first to
respond. He enlisted in Company D. 24th Michigan Regiment Volunteers, and was
mustered in at Detroit under Captain J. Speed. This regiment was raised almost
exclusively in the County of Wayne, with its rendezvous in Detroit. It was mustered into
U.S. service on August 15th, 1862, just thirty days after the order giving it authority for
organization. Many men from this vicinity were on its muster roll, and now but one
remains with us, ---Judge S.T. Hendricks. On August 24th the regiment left Detroit in
command of Col. Morrow, who had been authorized by the Governor of Michigan to
recruit the regiment, and took the route to Washington, arriving there September 2nd
and marched to Camp Morrow, near Fort Lyon, Va. Shortly after this date it took up
marching orders again and on Oct 6th, arrived at Frederick City, Md. They immediately
left for Sharpsburg arriving there on the 8th and was assigned to General Gibbons, 1st
Brigade, 1st Div. 1st Corps. They continued to march through Maryland and on
October 30th they crossed the Potomac river on pontoon bridges into Virginia at Berlin;
continuing the march through Virginia they reached Warrenton on November 6th and
on the 22nd after a long march went into Camp near Richmond, Fredericksburg, and
Aqui Creek Railroad, when it was placed on duty guarding that railroad. On December
6th it was relieved from duty and on the 9th, 10th and 11th was again on the move. At
daylight on the 12th it mar [line obliterated]... and remained laying on its arms; during
the day it crossed the Rappahonock river on the lower pontoon bridges. Soon after
reaching the Fredericksburg side the enemy opened on them with artillery from the
heights. It was under heavy fire on the 12th and on the 13th, and supported battery "B"
4th U.S. artillery, sustaining a loss of 8 killed, 16 wounded and 8 missing. Among the
killed was Lieutenant David Burrell of Detroit. This regiment was in continual action
and achieved some brilliant successes. It was a part of the Iron Brigade and took a
prominent {line obliterated}.... Under that additional designation its record has passed
into history, and well may this community, or any other that has a man who was in that
historic regiment, feel proud of her living and dead. It took part in encounters with the
enemy at Fredericksburg, Va; Port Royal, Va; Fitzhugh Crossing, Chancellorville,
Westmoreland, Gettysburg, Pa; Mine Run, Raccoon Ford, Wilderness, Spotsylvania,
North Anna, Tolopotomy, Cold Harbor, Bethesda Church, Petersburg, Weldon railroad,
Hicksford, Hatchers Run, Daubney's Mills and the siege of Petersburg, Va, which
lasted [line obliterated]. _Amos Abbott participated in all these, and was mustered out
without a wound. His record as a soldier and a citizen in one of honor; and it is not
without sorrow that we pay our last respects to his memory, together with all the
citizens who knew him well. "_===========================================
Father: William ABBOTT b: ABT. 1800 in New Hampshire _Mother: Abigail
GRIESHAM b: ABT. 1800 in Vermont_Marriage 1 Elizabeth Ann BATCHAM b: JUL
1834 in Michigan

Married: 1 NOV 1853 in Detroit, Michigan
Edwin W ABBOTT b: 4 OCT 1854 in Nankin, Wayne County, Michigan
Albert W ABBOTT b: 15 JUL 1857
James B ABBOTT b: 5 JUN 1860
Amos ABBOTT , Jr b: 30 OCT 1862
Orson W ABBOTT b: 6 MAR 1867

10 M ix. George ABBOTT .

Second Generation

8. Esther ABBOTT (William) was born on 20 Dec 1830. She died in 1918 in Point Pelee, Mersea Twp., Essex Co., Ontario.

one record says she was born abt 1826, London England <

Esther married Oliver DELAURIER on 5 May 1848.

They had the following children:

11 F i. Mary DELAURIER .
Mary married Colin WHITE .

12 F ii. Clorinda DELAURIER .
Clorinda married David WILKINSON .

13 M iii. William DELAURIER .

14 M iv. Oliver J. DELAURIER .

15 F v. Emily DELAURIER .
Emily married James MOONEY .

16 F vi. Malinda DELAURIER .
Malinda married Frank DONNELLY .

17 F vii. Victoria DELAURIER .
Victoria married John LUTZ .

18 F viii. Harriett DELAURIER .
Harriett married Joseph HAMELIN .

19 M ix. Clark DELAURIER was born on 8 Feb 1873 in Essex Co., Ontario.

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Thanks Cathy for all the Abbott research....we are trying to pinpoint the parents (William Abbott, Abigail Greisham) with more specific birthplace, birthdates, parents have given so much here but was wondering if you have any sources to check on William and Abigail for more detailed info (or point me in that direction)?
Thanks again for all your efforts.

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The New England stuff is outside my realm of expertise, I'm afraid. I think I got all the easy stuff - the online part. The background on the origins of William and Abigail would be area-specific, I think.

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Thanks Cathy....I will try New England....
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