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The Wiggs Family

The Wiggs Family

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I don't even know where to start, but maybe I should start with me,My Name is Josie Thompson, I currently resided in Georgia, I was born Oct 30 1984 in Minnesota. My Mother is Diana Marie Wiggs and My father is Jerry Jerald Thompson.

My Grandparents are Edward Everett Wiggs Jr. and Joan Anna Wiggs before she got married to my grandfather is was Lane. I don't know anything about the Lane side of the generation, I met my great grandfather at the age of three years old, I hardly remember him. His name was Floyd Vernard Lane, His wife was Lillian Ida Yant. If anyone has any information in regarding Ms. Yant or Mr. Lane, Please fill free to feel me in on this people.

Edward Everett Wiggs Jr. Went on to have five kids including my mother Diana, Dave, Henry, Jimmy and Dave wiggs, which are my uncles. My Grandfather Parents are Henry J. Wiggs and Calista Agnes Davis.

My Grandfather Parents are Edward Everett Wiggs and Calista Agnes Davis. Now Edward Jr, Father came from a long line of a long line of I believe of brother and sisters based on the information I've found through research. Everett E. Wiggs father and mother are Henry J. Wiggs and Elizabeth J. Mason, I believe that Ms. Mason changed her last name after she got married to Mr. Wiggs on June 11th 1867 to Mrs. Wiggs.

Henry J. Wiggs other children are as follows Clarence Wiggs was born Aug 1885, Addison Wiggs born Apr 1883, Thomas J. Wiggs was born Mar 1881, Mary Wiggs born Aug 1887, Freddie Wiggs Born 1876 and Died in 1957, Louella Wiggs was born Jan 18, 1872 and Died Sept 29 1917 at the age of 22 years old. They also had another child named Minnie Wiggs who died as a baby, I didn't find a cause of death with this child or the other children or information on life kept for Thomas J. Wiggs and my grandfather Edward Everett Wiggs Jr, only because they have served and there father.

Henry J. Wiggs parents are Alexander Jackson Wiggs and Matary Waggoner. I have a document that has been with held in my family for generations, It lists all the children and what Alexander did for a living, It's said that him and his brother Alner were black smith in Tennessee, Alexander and Matary had a lot of children, William Carol Wiggs, Francis Marion Wiggs, George Washington Wiggs, Andrew Jackson Wiggs, Henry Jefferson Wiggs, Joseph Wiggs, Alexander Mcdonald Wiggs, Benijamin Franklin Wiggs, John Henry Wiggs, Elizabeth Ann Wiggs and Martha Jane Wiggs.

I know out of this children Alexander M. Wiggs served in the Civil War as a private between 1861-1865. William C. Wiggs did in 1825-1849 but there is no record of his position. Benijamin F. Wiggs was also a private for long a few months between Aug 29-Oct 12 1862. Henry J. Wiggs was in the Justices of Peace between 1891-1893. I don't know any more information on there history with being the service.

I went so far back with this family. I name there father and mother, how many brother and sisters they had, but I wanna know if I can find more information on my family. Can I find pictures, what they did for a living, something that gives them more of an identity then just little facts and numbers, any piece of history would help me greatly, I just wanna know who these people where. IF there is more family out there, then I wanna know, come talk to me, Thank you.

Josie Thompson

Re: The Wiggs Family

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I am a decendant of George Washington Wiggs.
I am glad to share what I have
Bob Eubanks
Leesburg, FL

Re: The Wiggs Family

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Thank you for reaching out to me, I would love to know more information about George, Please feel free to share anything about him, pictures, stories and what not.

Re: The Wiggs Family

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Surnames: Wiggs

George Washington Wiggs, b 10 Feb 1830, Pike Co, IN
d 1 Apr 1900, Pike Co, IN
married: 27 May 1855, _______________
wife: Hannah Ashby, b 6 Feb 1837, Pike Co, IN , d 18 Feb 1906, Pike Co, IN
buried in New Liberty Cemetery, Pike Co, IN
Civil War Veteran, 42nd IN Inf, Co E, blacksmith , (see footnotes)
Occupation: blacksmith, Indiana Militia, Justice of the peace
Father of George W. is Alexander Jackson Wiggs, born 1799, Wayne County, NC

1. Alice Wiggs b 29 Nov 1856,_____________
d 31 Aug 1887,_______________
married _________
husband: __________, b

2. William Carroll Wiggs, b 13 Aug 1858, _____________
d 27 Aug 1937, ___________________
married 14 Nov 1899, West Point, Tenn
wife: Jennie Calloway, b

3. Joshua Alexander Wiggs, b 27 May 1860, Pike Co, IN
d. 14 Dec 1944, _____________
married 28 Aug 1888, Pike Co, IN
wife: Emma McClure, b 11 Oct 1864, _______, d 24 Dec 1947, ________

4. Mary Etta Wiggs, b 28 Jan 1862, ____________
d 17 Sep 1946, Pittsburg, PA
married 4 May 1886, Fairfield, NE
husband: Daniel Allen Atwell, b 18 Aug 1855, d 14 Jul 1903

5. Joseph Warner Wiggs, b 30 Oct 1864, ______________
d 22 May 1941, _________
married: 10 Mar 1889, Pike County, IN
wife: Eliza Angeline Griffith, b 9 Mar 1870, d 14 Jun 1952

6. Benjamin Franklin Wiggs, b 9 Jul 1866, Pike Co., IN
d 5 Feb 1938, Pike Co, IN
married: 15 Aug 1886, Pike Co, IN
wife: Sarah Jane McGlasson, b 9 Sep 1869, Pike Co, IN, d 11 Jan 1961, Dubois Co, IN

7. Adaline Wiggs, b 17 May 1868, Pike Co, IN
d 5 Nov 1892, Pike Co, IN
married 15 Nov 1885, Pike Co, IN
husband: James Bates, b 29 Jan 1860, d 27 Jun 1897, Pike Co, IN

8. Charlotte W.Wiggs, b 13 Apr 1870, Pike Co, IN
d 14 Apr 1870, Pike Co, IN
died infant

9. John Mark Wiggs, b 27 Apr 1871, Pike Co, IN
d 10 Jan 1959, Gibson Co, IN
married 7Aug 1904, Pike Co, IN
wife: Suzannah English, b Apr 1888, d Aug 1977, Evansville, IN

10. Hannah Effie Wiggs, b 6 Apr 1876,_________
d 14 Dec 1928, ___________
married 21 Jul 1889, Pike Co, IN
husband: Downey Beatty, b 29 Mar 1871, d Mar 1954, Los Angeles, CA

11. Floyd Wayne Wiggs, b 20 Jul 1875, Winslow, IN
d 17 Jun 1939, Polk Co, FL
married 22 Jun 1899, Lawrence Co, TN
wife: Urah Ann Poag, b 7 Aug 1879, Lawrenceburg, TN, d 9 Jul 1969, Polk Co, FL

12. Dwight Lyman Wiggs, b 15 Apr 1878, Pike Co, IN
d 15 Sep 1897, Pike co, IN

The marriage of George Washington Wiggs and Hannah E. Ashby is recorded
in book 3, page 337. They were married at the home of her parents,
Joshua and Susan Ashby, near Coe, Indiana.

George Washington Wiggs was a blacksmith, a farmer, and a Justice of the
Peace. George W. died at his home near Coe. George W. and Hannah Wiggs
are buried in New Liberty Cemetery, Monroe Township, Pike County,

CIVIL WAR SERVICE (from information provided by Marguerite Ward)
George Washington Wiggs served as a Regimental blacksmith and a teamster
(wagon driver) during the Civil War. He was enlisted as a Corporal by N.
B. French, in Princeton, Indiana on October 5, 1861. He signed up for a
three year term, and served in Company E, 42nd Regiment Indiana
Infantry. At the time he was described as; height 5’7", dark complexion,
hazel eyes, and had black hair. He was promoted to 7th Corporal on
August 20, 1862, and to 4th Corporal on March 1, 1863. On June 24, 1863
he left with the wagon train at Murfreesborough, Tennessee by order of
the Regimental QM. He was detailed as a teamster on October 24, 1863 by
order of General Carlin No 148. At one time his clothing account was
shown to be $48 26. George Washington Wiggs was honorably discharged on
October 17, 1864 at Villanow, Georgia.

Floyd Wayne Wiggs was my mother's father

Re: The Wiggs Family

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Surnames: Wiggs
another photo with names written on attached


Floyd Wayne Wiggs b 21 Jul 1875 Winslow, IN died 17Jun 1939 Polk County, FL
married 22 Jun 1899, Lawrenceburg, TN
wife: Urah Ann Poag, b 7 Aug 1879, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence co., TN
died 9 Jul 1969, Plant City, Hillsboro Co., FL

1. Elizabeth (Bess) b 13 Aug 1900, West Point, TN
married 7 Feb 1921, Nashville, TN
husband: Jay Bodle,b__________,

2. Buford Lyman, b 22 Nov 1903, Winslow, IN d 16 Oct 1987, Riverview, FL
married 2 Dec 1927, Philadelphia, PA
wife: Dorothy, b 18 Apr 1904, d Mar 1990, Riverview, FL

3. Mary b 9 Feb 1906, Gibson County, IN , d Jun 1971, Mulberry, FL
husband: Harry C. Motsinger, b 16 Feb 1906, d Nov 1980, Mulberry, FL

4. Marion b 9 Feb 1906, Gibson County, IN , d Mar 1985, Mulberry, FL
wife: Mary Black, b

5. Mildred Lucille b 7 Jun 1908, Augusta, IN d____________
husband:______Theron_(Butch) Stewart, b

6. Katherine Lena Wiggs, b 6 May 1912, Gibson County, IN d 29Nov1979, Bartow, FL
married 26 Jun 1943, Wachula, Hardee County, FL
husband: Charles Robert Eubanks, b 5 May 1914, Highland Co., OH,
d 5Nov1977,Gainesville,FL
Robert Hugh Eubanks b 15 Jan 1945, Plant City, Hillsboro Co., FL
Floyd Dean Eubanks b 25 Feb 1946, Plant City, Hillsboro Co., FL

7. Mabel Margaret, b 13 Sep 1914, Mt. Pleasant, TN d______
husband: __________ Davenport

8. Hugh Wayne, b 21 May 1918, Mt. Pleasant, TN, d Mulberry, FL

9. George Robert b 1 May 1921, Wales, TN
married Nov 1, 1940, Wachula, FL died Sep 6, 2002, Mulberry, FL
wife: Jean Harrison, b Nov 1923, Bushnell, FL
d Oct 31, 2001, Lakeland, FL

10. Virginia b 10 Dec 1923, Wales, TN d Winter Haven, FL
Husband: Joel Bennett, b d

Sold his homestead to Pikney Mining Company, Lawrence County, TN
property purchased by

Father of Floyd is George Washington Wiggs, b 1830, Pike Co, IN


Re: The Wiggs Family

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-Thank You,

I'm very much in gratitude to you for this incredible piece of history that you have given me, that I will forever treasure as I continue to take this journey into the re-self discovery of my family of who they are. I know there is still so much to learn, Thank you for providing me with the pictures, I absolutely adore them.

-Josie Thompson

Re: The Wiggs Family

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Your mother and I were good friends in the early 80's. I was her maid of honor and was there when your sister Veronica was born. We lost track of each other around the time you were born. I would love to get back in touch with her. I am on Facebook (Maureen Miller Steltz) and my email is So happy to have found your note and hope you are well!

Maureen Steltz, Chippewa Falls, WI
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