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Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Surnames: Perrault
What's this I'm reading about a Perrault Family Book from Quebec?

I got a hit on some ancestors of mine who were married in 1901 in Lawrence, MA, and it led me in a direct line of decendency all the way back to France with Mathrine Bigot b. 1600 and Jean Perrot b. 1610. I was shocked. Are they some kind of common ancestors? I just read about them in another thread here.

How can I get my hands on a copy of this "book"? Is it really a book or is it just someone's family tree?

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Surnames: Perreault, Perot, Perro
Hi, I also have family in Lawrence. My grandfather Adolph Perreault emmigrated in 1865 with his father Jean Baptiste Perreault, mother Leocadie Pothier Perreault and siblings. I am having problems finding them. The line goes back to Mathurine Bigot and Jean Perot. I am also interested in finding the book you mentioned.

thank you, Pat Perreault

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Surnames: Perreault
I made five books of the Perreault families, of the
Quebec, there are twelve different groups.

I stopped to sell these books.

For Jacques Perrot dit Vildaigre, married to Michelle Leflot, in 1654, is the Book 2, 300 pages.
Marriages, between 1654 and 1985. Births, between 1654 and
1900, plus deaths of persons born before 1900.

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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I would be interested in purchasing the book for Jacques Perrot dit Vildaigre, married to Michelle Leflot, in 1654, is the Book 2, 300 pages.

Thank you, Mary Perreault

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

Posted: 1211802346000
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Surnames: Perrault
Send me a personal mail, to

I believe that you live in U.S.A.

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Surnames: Perreault, Perrault
Adolphe Perreault and Louise Descoteaux were married on May
13, 1891 at Lewiston ME :

I have only a part of their children :

20330.01 N Imelda 00/00/1892 Haverhill MA
M1 William DESERRES 00/00/1925 Haverhill MA
20330.02 N Laura 00/00/1894
20330.03 N Oscar A. 13/08/1896
D 17/12/1959 Haverhill MA
20330.04 N Lucina Evangéline 30/12/1898 Haverhill MA
M1 Raymond C. DESMARAIS 00/00/1929 Haverhill MA
D 20/04/1987 Plaistow NH Haverhill MA
20330.05 N Joseph 00/00/1900
M1 Catherine .............. 20626.00
20330.08 M1 Albert Mary E. LOWES 20627.00
Jean-Baptiste Perreault and Leocadie Pothier were married
on January 15, 1844 at Kingsey (Saint-Felix)

Their children were :

20146.01 N Marie-Herline 07/05/1845 Warwick S.Norbert.A
20146.02 N Jean-Baptiste 30/06/1846 Warwick S.Norbert.A
M1 John B. Marcelline GENDRON 05/02/1871 Lawrence MA
20146.03 N Narcisse 04/05/1848 Warwick S.Norbert.A
D 00/09/1851 Warwick Arthabaska
20146.04 N Marie-Desanges 00/00 /1850
M1 Flavie Joseph LAROCHE 16/04/1871 Lewiston ME
S 02/02/1926 Lewiston ME
20146.05 N Augustin 21/04/1852 Warwick Arthabaska
D 07/06/1855 Stanstead
20146.06 N Marie-Lucie 08/1854 Stanstead
M1 Lucy Félix BOURDELAIS 06/02/1871 Lawrence MA
M2 John LINTS 00/00/1880
D Lucille Cécilia 00/00/1932 Lewiston ME
20146.07 N Joseph-Alfred 10/1858 Stanstead
20146.08 N Hélène 06/1860 Stanstead
M1 Pierre LAROCHE 21/11/1874 Lewiston ME
20146.09 N Adolphe 09/03/1862 Barford Twp Compton
M1 M.Louise DESCOTEAUX 13/05/1891 Lewiston ME 20330.00
D 08/05/1936 Haverhill MA
20146.10 N Effie 00/00/1864
M1 Louis DEMANGE 01/07/1886 Penacook.NH

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Surnames: Perrault
I do not know much about my "Perrault" side of the family. I do know that my father's name was Louis Felix Perrault and was born in Dracut, Mass to Louis Felix and Emma Perrault. I really would LOVE to have more information on this side of my family! I unfortunately do not know where my grandfather's parents are from? Thnak you! Kathy

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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Hello Kathy

I believe your great grandparents may be Louis Zotique Perrault, born 7 Mar 1881 La Patrie, Quebec, Canada who married a Philomene Larouche on 25 May 1903 in Nashua, New Hampshire. This information is from Les familles Perreault du Quebec, Vol 1, published by Robert Perrault in the year 2000 which is out of print.

The reason I believe these may be your great grandparents is because I found an online marriage record on 24 Apr 1923 in Dracut, MA of a Louis Felix Perrault, whose parents were listed as Louis Perrault and Phoebe Larouche and the parents of Emma Landry as August Landry and Ellen Levy.

I also found Louis F and Emma had two children, Irene born about 1925 and Louis born about 1927. The Louis born 1927 married on 22 Feb 1947 in Nashua to Catherine Mahoney, daughter of Edward Mahoney and Bridget Whalen. The Louis who married Catherine Mahoney had his parents listed as Louis Perrault and Philomina Laroche.

If you believe the great grandparents I have listed here are correct, I can share with you Louis Zotique Perrault's ancestors.

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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hello! the Catherine that you refer to is actually my step grandmother. but you really did give me info on my father! my aunt Irene is what made it for sure. not many people can name them both together... My father Louis F. married my mother Helen Lannan in Nashua, NH. on August 10, 1957. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister: Donna*deceased*, Michael*deceased*, James*deceased as an infant*, Louis F. Jr. and myself. Catherine also had a daughter Muriel that was adopted by my grandfather. But YES I truly would loved to know more about my reletives on the Perrault side. I dont have any pictures and I have a few of my Nana Emma, but I have never seen any pics of my Grandfather's side or even one of my Grandfather. I have been told he was a chief of police in Boca Raton, FL and that there is a pic of him there, but I have yet to go look...
my email is and I can be found on facebook as Kathy Klinger or Kathy Perrault Klinger. My pic icon for my page is a cute little baby. She is my granddaughter Katie.
Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you and getting a chance to share information with you!

Re: Perrault Family book? (From Quebec)

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I sent this information to your email address you have given on Dec 4th and then an email on Dec 5th asking if you got this information and have received no reply from you. So I will post this information here.
Source is Robert Perreault’s book Les familles Perreault du Quebec, Vol 1.Editon 2000, now out of print.
00438.04 Louis Perrault born 7 Apr 1851, St Julienne, baptized Rawdon, Quebec, Canada, married Ellen Kelly, 5 Jan 1871 in St Alphonse, QC , they had seven children which included Louis Zotique
Parents of Louis Perrault born 7 Apr 1851 are:
00154.01 Antoine Perrault, born 17 Sep 1823, Lavaltrie, QC, married Emilie Chaput, 27 May 1844, St Jacques, Moncalm, QC. Antoine died 14 Sep 1902 La Patrie, QC
Parents of Antoine born 17 Sep 1823 are:
00055.06 Antoine, born 15 Oct 1794 Lavaltrie, QC, married Angelique Grenier, 19 Nov 1822, Lavalatrie, QC. Antoine died 2 Jun 1861 St Alphonse, QC
Parents of Antoine born 15 Oct 1794 are:
00019.07 Antoine, born 10 Nov 1762, Lavaltrie, QC married Josephte Jubinville in 1784 (exact date and location unknown but probably in Quebec, Canada). Antoine died 1 Jan 1823 in Lavaltrie, QC
Parents of Antoine born 10 Nov 1762 are:
0008.09 Jean Baptiste Perrault, born 21 Jul 1728, St Sulpice, QC, married to Madeleine Robillard, 20 Jun 1751, Lavaltrie, QC, Jean Baptiste died 7 Mar 1810, Lavaltrie, QC (Jean Baptiste is a younger brother to my 5th paternal great Grandparents)
Parents of Jean Baptiste are:
0002.09 Claude Perrot (Perrault) born 26 Jan 1684 Villiers, QC, baptized Cap de Madeleine, QC, married Marie Goulet, 9 July 1714, Repentigny, QC, Claude died 19 May 1741 in St Sulpice. (Claude and Marie are my 6th paternal great grandparents)
Parents of Claude are
Jean Baptiste Nicolas Perrot, born about 1642/43 possibly in Darcy, France, married Madeleine Raclos 11 Nov 1671, in Quebec, Canada exact location unknown. Ccontract of marriage drawn up by G. Larue, Notary. Nicolas died 13 Aug 1717 in Becancour, QC (my 7th paternal great grandparents)

Parents of Nicolas are:
0000.57 Francois Perrot, born 13 Jan 1616 in Darcey, France, married to Marie Sirot in 1640 in France. Francois died 25 Jan 1707 in Darcey, France
Parents of Francois born in 1616 are:
0000.00 Francois Perrot married to Ettiennet Chamereau (2nd marriage) in 1608 Darcey, France.
0000.00 Francois’ 1st marriage was to Jeanne Bouchot in 1590 in Darcey, France
Hope this helps.
David Perrault.
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