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Axel Emil Danielson

Axel Emil Danielson

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Surnames: Danielson, Freeberg
I am looking for further information regarding my great great grandfather Axel Emil Danielson. I know he was born about 1871 in Sweden and that he lived in Martin County, Minnesota. I also know that he was married to an Ida Freeberg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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Do you have any more information about Axel Emil such as
Year of immigration?
Full date of birth?
Names of sibling and/or parents?
Was he married to Ida when he/they immigrated?
Did they have any children in Sweden?

The same questions goes for Ida Matilda Freeberg (I saw your other post about her)

Any clues will help narrow down the search. Let me know and I'll have another look for you


Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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Axel Danielson
Year of immigration? 1897 (according to 1900/1910 census)
Full date of birth? Not sure. All I have is March of 1871
Names of sibling and/or parents? This I have no idea
Was he married to Ida when he/they immigrated? He was not married to Ida when he immigrated
Did they have any children in Sweden? They did not have any children in Sweden

Ida Freeberg
Year of immigration? 1880
Full date of birth? January 26, 1877
Names of siblings and/or parents? Father was Charles Freeberg. Siblings are Anson(?), Jennie, Frank, Harry, John, August, and Huldah. Huldah and Anson are the only siblings who were born in Sweden.

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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I had a look at the Swedish emigration DVD, EMIBAS and the only direct hit that I got on Ida Mathilda was the following which I checked at the online church books archives

The family may have changed their last name after arrival. I know that you said that her fathers name was Charles (which more than likely would have been Karl/Carl in Sweden) but does anything else from the below match up with what you have?

Gränna AI:39 (1876-1880) Bild 138 / sid 638 (AID: v23600.b138.s638, NAD: SE/VALA/00106)

1876-1880, Uppgränna Frälsegård, Gränna landsförsamling, Jönköpings län, Småland

Sven Gustaf Andersson, b. 22 JAN 1847 in Adelöv, Jönköpings län, Småland
Married 13 FEB 1869 to
Mathilda Magnusdotter, b. 15 MAR 1851 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland

Their children
Hulda Josefina, b. 31 OCT 1870 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland
Anna Lovisa, b. 26 SEP 1872 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland
Carl Rickard, b. 7 FEB 1876 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland. Died 21 FEB 1876.
Ida Mathilda, b. 26 JAN 1877 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland
Oscar Fredrik, b. 30 DEC 1878 in Gränna, Jönköpings län, Småland

The husband leaves Sweden without permission 10 NOV 1879 and emigrates to North America

Mathilda and all their children (except Carl Rickard) emigrates 26 OCT 1880 to North America
What do you think? If its not a match, do you have dates of birth for her father and siblings? That might help finding them.

Let me know and I'll have another look

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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Thank you very much for looking. I don't have too much information other than the information I gave before, but I do know Carl/Charles's middle name was Gustav so that seems to match up. I also have looked at the 1895 Minnesota State Census I have that has the family and found the ages to match up with the birthdates of these individuals. I do remember looking at the census now and determining that it was Oscar and not Anson as it was indexed, so that also matches. I have not seen Anna in any records I have found, but she would have been old enough to be out of the house at the time of my earliest records of the family in America.

I'm not sure that this is enough to definitively say that this is the family but it certainly does seem to line up on multiple levels?

So I take it you didn't have much luck with finding Axel Danielson?

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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Edited: 1325117304000

Well, the one thing that is not matching up is that the father is named Sven/Swan and not Karl/Carl/Charles which is quite a big one. Don't settle for this family until you have more proof.

What you can do is ask living relatives if they have any information like old photos with scribbles on them like names, places etc. The people who emigrated usually kept in contact with the people "back home" so someone might have kept letters. Or you can try to find their death certificates, which hopefully holds information of their dob, or even their neutralisation papers

I did search for Axel Emil Danielsson and all sorts of combinations without any direct matches. The problem is that Axel and Emil are both quite common names so it just returned too many results. I also searched for born 187X and emigrated 189X but that again gave too many results, non of which showed the last name Danielsson.

To find these people and where they came from is not impossible at all, you just need to find a bit more information in the US first.

Let me know if you find any more information and I'll take another look for you.


Re: Axel Emil Danielson

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True. I haven't exactly gotten everything together for that portion of the family, so I don't know what all I have informationwise. I'll probably have to take you up on that offer if I do find anything else that could be helpful. Unfortunately Carl's wife is dead in the earliest records I have for the family so I only have his second wife that he married once he was in America.

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

Posted: 1325118492000
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Don't give up just yet. All it takes is one bit of information and everything falls into place. There could be more information on the childrens marriage certificates too.
Do contact me if you find anything else. I don't mind helping out at all.

Best of luck!

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

Posted: 1325130366000
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I took a look and found some more about Oscar born in Sweden. I found an Oscar Frederick Freeberg with the same birth date whose father was Carl G Freeberg, so now two of the children match up on birth date as well as their full names.

Re: Axel Emil Danielson

Posted: 1325194610000
Classification: Query
I looked in the Swedish church records for the birth records of the father today and on his birth records he shows up as just Gustaf. However on the birth records of his children he is indeed Sven Gustaf. I just can't seem to figure this one out. Attached are the birth records of Sven Gustaf and Ida Mathilda. I'm not so great at reading Swedish, but maybe you could make more sense out of them?
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