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Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

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Surnames: Ray
Have a puzzle with Reuben & wive (wives?) & children.

The 1850 Rapides Parish census shows the following:
Enumerated 1 Nov 1850
Household 645/645:
Reuben Ray 37 M Farmer LA [1813]
Olivia 35 F LA [1815]
Washington Ray 19 M LA [1831]
Polly Ray 17 F LA [1833]
Adams Ray 15 M LA [1835]
Joseph Ray 13 M LA [1837]
Anna Ray 12 F LA [1838]
Olivia Ray 11 F LA [1839]
Sally Ray 9 F LA [1841]
Lucinda Ray 8 F LA [1842; 1 Apr 1841 - 25 Mar 1925]
Rebecca Ray 5 F LA [1845]
Reuben Ray 4 M LA [1846]
Robert Ray 1 M LA [1849]

The 1860 Rapides Parish Census shows the following:
Enumerated 19 Jun 1860
Adam Ray 26 M Farmer --/$700 LA [1834; son of Reuben in next house]
Martha 25 F LA [1835; nee Willis per Occupy 1 burial]
Nelda? 6 F LA [1854]
Samuel 4 M LA [1856]
Infant 2 F LA [1858]

Reuben Ray 50 M Farmer $1000/1950 LA [1810]
Lucinda 38 F LA [1822]
Rebecca 14 F LA [1846, daughter of Reuben on 1850 Rapides Parish Census]
Lewis V 12 M LA [1848, child of Reuben & Olivia not listed on the 1850 census??]
Reuben 13 M LA [1847; son of Reuben on 1850 Rapides Parish Census]
Robert 12 M LA [1848; son of Reuben on 1850 Rapides Parish Census]
Seaborn V 10 M LA [1850]
California 7 F LA [1853]
Arcilla 5 F LA [1855]
Matilda 3 F LA [1857]
Infant 2 F LA [1858]

Is the Lucinda listed on the 1860 census a second wife?
Exactly who were Seaborn V, California, Arcilla, Matilda, and the infant girl?

Am trying to determine exact relationships for these people.


Re: Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

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Surnames: RAY, HOOD
Funny you should post this question...I was looking very closely at this family at first trying to find my Ruben Ray that was supposed to be in LA in 1900 since his first born daughter Alcine was born there in Jan 1900 as was her mother Margaret J Hood in 1845. I think there is something funny there too. If you notice he has a daughter named Lucinda age 8 in 1850 and then 10 years later there is another Lucinda age 38...? Census error? Or one strange life style with an effort to cover up ; ) ? I will go back and look into what stuff I have if I still have it. Just cleaned up some old paper the other day that were no relation to me.

Re: Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

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The name Lucinda crops up pretty often - I've probably got 5 or 6 of them. At the moment I'm thinking that the Lucinda on the 1860 census was his second wife and that Seaborn, California, Arcilla & Matilda were children of that marriage. Could be wrong.

Will have to check on later census records to see what I find. At the moment I'm working the 1850 and 1860 census.

I post/source people related to my family lines in my Family Tree Maker. And taking my time to do this before jumping ahead cuts down on mistakes.

Thanks for your response. If you discover something, let me know.

Re: Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

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I have Reuben Ray b. 1785 in La. married 1803 to Anne Perkins b. 1790. they had 4 children, (1) Sally Ray b. 1810 married Frederick William Gunter August 01, 1826 in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, La.(2) Lavania Ray b. 1812 her twin (3) Lovenia Ray b. 1812 married to Glick and (4) Reuben Ray Jr. b. 1813 d. 1885 and had two wives 1st married to Olivia Willis b.1815 Reuben & Olivia had 12 children and I think Olivia died and he married Lucinda b. 1822 d. 1865. Reuben and Lucinda had 6 children. My Ray family line all are from Rapides Parish, La.

Reuben RAY, b. 1840 GA

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This is very curious. I know for a fact that my Reuben Ray (b:1840) was born in GA. He lived in Ark but the family moved to TX after his father Reuben Langston Ray(b:1814GA) died. The second Reuben was in the civil war enlisted under Ark but was then captured and relisted in LA. He married Margaret Jane Hood (b:1845 LA) She had 3 brothers William (b:1837), Henry (b:1839), James (b:1843). They were living with a family by the name Dickson. They lived in Natchitoches Parish. That is all I know about the Dickson family. Reuben and Margaret were married in Natchitoches LA 10/20/1863. Reuben applied for pension with the following information...
Affidavit of Witnesses, R. D. Sibley, age 63, & Jonathan Rodgers, age 73, both of Marthaville, Lousiana, enclosed. Both stated they had served with him in the 2nd La Cav. and that he was Honorable Discharged at the close of the war and they have not seen Reuben Ray since 1865. Singed: JE Selby, Notary, Natchitoches Par, LA.
Reuben and Margaret lived in TX and all their children were born in TX. One on their children Reuben Warner Ray had several children and the second born was Jacqueline Alcine Ray who was born in LA. I am thinking they were visiting family there when she was born. But what family they were visiting is what I am trying to discover. They both had family there I believe. So this is my puzzle. I am thinking that your Reuben Ray might not be related (but not impossible) because your first Reuben Ray was born in LA in 1785 and my first Reuben was born in 1794 GA. But it is curious to have two Reuben Ray's with the same spelling so close to gether. I think if we can get another generation back on both our families we could very well find something surprising. One never knows.

Re: Reuben RAY, b. 1840 GA

Keith Ray (View posts)
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Regarding the Reuben Ray saga, Rueben Langston Ray born in GA is, I'm sure, are related to William Ray and his wife, Elizabeth Langston. Elizabeth's grandfather was Reuben Young, and she named one son Rueben Young Ray, and gave other sons Langston as a middle name.

I'm sorry to report that I originally did not bother to track people not in my direct line, so I can't give your more details about this.

William Ray is the son George Ray, died 1804 in Columbia County, GA. I have never been able to trace George before he purchased land in GA in 1775.

I'm happy to share my info on the Ray family as I know it in GA. Please contact me directly via email, and I will forward you the name of another descendant of Rueben Ray and Margaret Hood.

Keith Ray

Samuel RAY, b. c1868 m. Kitty WINDOM

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Surnames: RAY, WINDOM
I am looking for relatives of my greatgrand father Samuel Ray,(he married Kitty A Windom) Tallapossa Ga, he was born around 1868, I believe his father was Ruben and his mother was Sarah, they was born around 1849.
I believe that there were sibblings a John T, and a James.
I am so excited to find out more of my family history.
Feel free to e-mail me @
this is a small world when you get to talking to folks, and hey we might just be kin folks.

Re: Samuel RAY, b. c1868 m. Kitty WINDOM

Janet J. Griffen (View posts)
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Hi Jane,
I looked back into my RAY line and cannot find any refference to a Samual RAY married to Kitty A. Windom. Reuben RAY b. 1813 married Olivia Willis b.1815 and they had 12 children, Mary Elizabeth b.1831, George Washington b.1831 (twins), Polly b. 1833, Adam b.12/16/1833, Anne b 9/23/1834, Joseph 12/1836, Olivia b.1839, Sally b.1841, Lucinda b.1842, Rebecca b.1845, Reuben Jr. b. 1846 & Robert b.1848. Samual could have been Reuben Jr's child, but I don't have any info on Reuben Jr. so I don't know. If you find a connection to my RAY line please let me know.

Re: Samuel RAY, b. c1868 m. Kitty WINDOM

Jane (View posts)
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Thank's Janet, for searching for me,I have hit another brick wall on him, but I will not give up.
Thank's again

Re: Reuben Ray - 1850 & 1860 Rapides Parish, LA Census

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Surnames: RAY, WILLIS
you can find reuben ray jr , family history reubenjr was born 1810 in opelousas st landry parish louisiana. married 4 times -1 was olivia willis they had 12 children -2 was lucinda? they had 5, -3 was narcissia they had 2 -4 was margaret unknown. if you have ant thing on the father and mother of reuben ray born 1785 married to anna perkins in 1803 in louisiana. if i can help any more post me. i have losts of news on the ray's. he was my great, great, great, grandfather. my father was odis ray his fathes was milton ray milton father was joseph ray his father was ruben ray jr then his father was ruben ray sr. thanks. billie ray lambright.
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