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Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me on the Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky. When my parent's moved to this community a few years ago they discovered a cemetary in their back yard that contains at least 10 headstones featuring the Harned Family name.

My father and I gave the grave yard a pretty thorough Spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago and I documented all the names on the headstones. We naturally find the presence of this cemetary to be fascinating and very interesting.

Any help you can give me would be great.


Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Surnames: Harned
My husband is related to these Harneds. Did your family happen to buy a house from a Cothern family on the right of the road across from Edwards lane? I can give you much information if as you want. Even if this is not the exact cemetery, I can tell you the connection of the Harneds on the tombstones that you found. Ancestors of Harneds in the area donated the land that the old Boston Elementary School was built (not the new one toward Bardstown).

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Thank you so much for responding! I'm not exactly sure which family my parent's purchased their home from but I think it's the one that you're describing. Thank you for any information you could send my way.

Here's a summary of what I found:

12 headstones intact and in good general condition

The stones include the names:

Ellen Harned 1800-1872, A.L. Harned b.?-d.?, K.T. Harned 1845-1873, Miriam Harned 1769-1847, William Harned 1831-1846 (although this birth date may be incorrect), Rebecca Harned 1835-1838, Eliza Harned 1837-1854, Sallie Harned 1839-1860, John Harned 1842-1846.

I also found a tombstone with the name, Ben Johnson 1855-1872.

Several of the tombstones simply contain initials such as: K.T.H., H.H.H., R.H., W.H.

Some of the headstones were broken and I found additional fragments in the graveyard.

Any information you can give me on the history of your husband's family name in the Boston, KY. area would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Jeff, if you go to
1.scroll down left column and click on FAMILY DATA
2.scroll down and click on Persons on range to include Eleanor Lee on her name Eleanor Lee, it will show her married to Benjamin Styron 215 Harned and it will list their children:
Ellen = Eleanor Lee (the Mother)
Miriam = Eleanor's mother-in-law
William 1831-1846 = Eleanor's son
Rebecca 1835-1854 = Eleanor's daughter
Eliza 1837-1854 = Eleanor's daughter
Sallie 1839-1860 = Eleanor's daughter
John 1842-1846 = Eleanor's son
A.L. Harned probably = Atkinson Lee Harned 1840-1915
K.T. Harned probably = Katherine Troutman Harned 1845-1873
Ben Johnson probably = son of Miriam Harned & Mosby Johnson
H.H.H. probably = Henry Hart Harned 1869-1873
Sincerely, Thomas Harned The Harneds Of North America

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Mr. Harned,

Thank you so much for all of that outstanding information on your anscestors. I hope you don't mind that my Father and I gave the cemetery in their backyard a pretty good Spring cleaning a few weeks ago. The weeds had gotten pretty high, the leaf litter was really deep and a lot of branches from over-hanging Chestnut trees were all over the place. During the clean up we flushed out a huge snake and I even found a really cute salamander. Rest assured the final resting place of your people will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect by myself and my parents.

Sincerely, Jeff Mattingly

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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I checked with my folks and sure enough you're absolutely correct. They did in fact purchase their house from a member of the Cothern family. A member of the Harned clan replied with some good information but any additional data that you might have would still be much welcomed.


Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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I'd written a good explaination of all the persons last night then lost my wireless connection and the whole response. So I'll try again. My husband's name is Danny Wathen - son of Linda Troutman whose mother was Emily Harned.

Eleanor "Ellen" Lee married to Benjamin Styron Harned - they are Danny's 3rd great-grandparents. Eleanor Lee Harned was born 6/15/1800 in Bullitt Co and died 1/7/1872 in Boston. Eleanor is also Danny's 1st cousin 4 times removed.

Miriam Comstock Harned is Eleanor's mother-in-law. She was married to William Harned. She was born 9/18/1769 and died 1/28/1847. William was born 1/12/1762 and died 2/21/1846. They are Danny's 5th great-grandparents. William was also Danny's 3rd great-uncle.

Danny is 2nd great-newphew and 3nd cousin 3 times removed of all of Ben and Eleanor (Lee) Harned's children.

William 1831-1846 = Benjamin and Eleanor's son (not married by records).

Rebecca 2/14/1835-6/20/1854 = Ben and Eleanor's daughter (not married by records).

Eliza 2/4/1831-1854 = Ben and Eleanor's daughter (not married by my records.

"Sallie" Sarah Ann b. 3/9/1839 Nelson Co d. 11/20/1860 Missouri = Ben and Eleanor's daughter. She married Franklin Strother Goodin 2/19/1857 in Boston, KY.

John 3/18/1842 - 5/15/1846 = Ben & Eleanor's son

A.L. Harned probably = Atkinson Lee Harned 12/16/1840 - 8/15/1915 is Ben and Eleanor's son. He married Katherine W Troutman 6/21/1866 in Nelson Co. Katherine was born 12/12/1845 - died 7/16/1873. Katherine was also Atkinson's sister-in-law and 6th cousin once removed. Katherine was Danny's great aunt, 1st cousin 4 times removed, 7th cousin twice removed and 7th cousin 3 times removed. Atkinson was Danny's 2nd great-uncle and 2nd cousin 3 times removed.

I have pictures of a group of 110 of the Harned relatives who were together for the birthday of
Ben Johnson probably = son of Miriam Harned & Mosby Johnson = by source "Gay Mathis" was born 1855 in Missouri.

H.H.H. probably = Henry Hart Harned 1/17/1869-8/3/1873 was the son of Atkinson Lee Harned and Katherine W Troutman.

Hope this is the kind of information that you wanted. There is a Boston Cemetery Association which tries to clean up old cemeteries as much as possible. The only problem is all the members are over 60. I know that they would greatly appreciate the cleaning that you have done. I had recently learned that the was even a cemetery there and have been meaning to come to take pictures for my family files. I have a picture from about 1916 of 110 persons who got together for Shirley Troutman's birthday (Danny's great-grandfather) whose wife Charlotte Johnson Harned was a 1st cousin once removed of Benjamin Styron Harned (married to Eleanor Lee).

I've attached a picture of my family: me (Rhonda), Danny, Luke and Amy. Let me know if I've saturated your interest enough :-)

Rhonda in Bardstown, KY - husband Danny born/raised in Boston until 1972 with many family members still there

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Thank you so much for all of that information! Not only have you *not* saturated my interest, you have actually just increased it a great deal so just realize you've been properly warned (heehee). It seems to surprise a lot of people that a 40 year old guy like myself is interested in local history but I really do find it fascinating. If you do happen to see any individuals who have anscestors buried in my parent's backyard please let them know that I will do my very best to keep their cemetery looking nice.

You may be interested to know that I obtained a great deal of information from the headstones by using a common household item...........shaving cream. By simply smearing shaving cream on tombstones, what was once unreadable information suddenly turns into a history lesson. The words on the headstones literally come alive and the shaving cream does not harm the marble in any way. I think it would be great if you and your family came by my parent's house sometime. They love to have company and I get down their as often as I can. My parents are really nice people and get this, they'll be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this September!

This may sound corny but I would actually like to compile all of this information on the Harneds and Boston, KY. in general and possibly present it to the local senior citizens group that meets on Wednesdays right down the street from my folk's home.

I am discovering a few discrepencies; however as I dig deeper into the site. I'll let you know how it all goes. Until then, keep on sending me what you've got.

Jeff, your new penpal

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Wow! what great pictures! Thanks for attaching those. :)

Re: Harned Family in Boston, Kentucky

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Jeff, on behalf of The Harned Family Of North America, we thank you and your father for the labor of love in the Spring Cleaning of The Harned Cemetery. If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to write. Thanks, Tom Harned The Harneds Of North America
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