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Enger, Gjestvang, Simonstad

Enger, Gjestvang, Simonstad

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Surnames: Enger, Gjestvang, Simonstad
Looking for information regarding Olav Enger,born approx. 1880; Isaac Jacob Simonstad born December, 1849, Berthe Gjestvang, born approx 1830.


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I don't know how common the surname is,and it is not
in my family,as far as I know. My relatives lived near
and one worked for a Dr. George GJESTVANG on Bond St.
in Little Rock,Arkansas in 1930s.


Bjoern Harald Gjestvang (View posts)
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In addition to my previous information I would add that the Gjestvang name is found both in Hedmark and Oppland counties, which are divided by Lake Mjøsa. In fact the name probably originates from Oppland, probably around the town of Gjøvik.
There was an Olympic speed skater of the name Alv Gjestvang, who participated I believe in the 1960 and 1964 Winter Olympics.


Bjoern Harald Gjestvang (View posts)
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The surname Gjestvang could be translated to guest-house, since 'gjest' means guest and 'vang' is a house or shelter. The proper pronounciation would be "yes-tvaang" pronounced in one word.
Most Gjestvang families originate in Hedmark county in Norway, and are found on either side of Lake Mjøsa. My own family originated in Rælingen north-east of Oslo. Their name was originally Gjestang. When my great-great grandfather moved to Oslo, then known as Christiania, around the 1880s, the name was mis-spelled by the name registry. For the last 5 generations we have therefore had the name Gjestvang. I don't know of any relatives who emigrated to America. It is therefore most likely that any American Gjestvangs have forefathers who came from Hedmark.


Connie Kevorkian (View posts)
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My grandmother, Olynga Olesa Gjestvang was born to Nils and Kaia Gjestvang in Minnesota in the late 1800's. I have some family history I would like to try to connect with Norweigian family history.


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Surnames: Gjestvang
Hi I am also trying to connect My Gjestvangs. I have A Wilhelm,Hans, Olvana, Oline, Eline and Lise Gjestvang. I do know that the first Four came to the us from Norway and The last two stayed in Norway. I am axious to find anyone with any information. Wilhelm had kids and the first three boys used williamson as in Wilhelm's Sons so would be happy to hear from anyone. my email is


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YOu have good names, but no dates to give researchers an idea of which databases to check.

Online census years are 1865, 1900, and some limited 1875 for Norway.

Online census for Norwegians in the USA are 1880.

Plus lots of other online databases.

Any dates at all???


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Wilhelm Gjestvang was born sept 22, 1954 in norway and Died Aug 29 1924 He is Buried IN pleasantville cemetery in Pleasantville wisconsin. he married Elizabeth (Lizbeth) Mitskog wft est 1871-1901 I do not have any of this siblings birthdays or anything as that is what i am looking for. Wilhelm and Elizabeth had 7 children Syvert (Syver)went by williamson, Lewis went by williamson, Leonard went by williamson i believe, and Alexander Gjestvang, Laura M. Gjestvang, Benhard (Bennie) Gjestvang, and Agnes Gjestvang. Lewis I have a death place of Lake williams ND. Leonard birthdate was may 21 1890 and died 1973. Alexander Gjestvang was born 1888 and died 1977, Laura M. Gjestvang birthyear was 1892 and died 1981, Bernhard Gjestvang born oct 3, 1886 and died July 30, 1970 and Agnes Gjestvang was born aug 23, 1898 and died april 1980 and died in Osseo wisconsin. let me know if there is anything else i can help with but i don't have much more


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The only Gjestvang farms I find on the 1886 farm index area Gjestvang Indre, and Gjestvang Ovre, both in Nes parish in Hedmark Norway, which is in eastern Norway, north of Oslo just a bit.

ON the emigration lists from Oslo is where they would probably be found.

I did find an Eline Gjestvang, emigrating.

192250 Oslo 1907 02.05.1907 03.05.1907 Eline Alma Gjestvang k ug hj. 30.05.82 Nes, Hedem. New York Lie Hellig Olav

Registering to leave on May 2, 1907, and leaving Oslo on May 3, 1907, Eline Alma Gjestvang, female, unmarried, housekeeper, born May 30, 1882 in Nes, Hedemarken, Hedmark, Norway. Going to New York, on the ship Hellig Olav (St. Olaf.)
But the Ellis Island records say she is going to her sister Mrs. Inga Gjestvang, in New York. Not a good match I guess.

Searching the 1865 census online, I found a Vilhelm, born in Nes/Næs in Hedmark (the origin of the Gjestvang farm) and the siblings match most of the names you have.

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Næs
Municipality number: 0411
Name of domicile: Linrud
Number of persons in this domicile: 9


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Lars Olsen Husfader g Skrædder 1816 Næs (a tailor)
Oline Marie Larsdatter hans Kone g 1821 Næs (his wife)
Oline Larsdatter deres Datter ug 1850 Næs
Olava Larsdatter deres Datter ug 1857 Næs
Hans Larsen deres Søn ug 1853 Næs
Vilhelm Larsen deres Søn ug 1855 Næs
Martinius Larsen deres Søn ug 1861 Næs
Ludvig Larsen deres Søn ug 1864 Næs

Morten Levordsen f Lægdslem 1825 (a renter)

The kids Oline, Olava, Hans, and Vilhelm match those that you said came to America. Martinius and Ludvig could have died young, it is possible to find that out from parish records.

The parish matches.

You will have lots of verification to do, in Næs/Nes records, but these two men leaving Norway look to me like they are possibly Wilhelm and Hans - the brothers from the census of 1865 - leaving Norway from Oslo.
They are not using the farm name Gjestvang. But the ages are correct, they match the 1865 census boys in age.

30275 1881 366 4 2023a 1 27.04.1881 29.04.1881 Wilhelm Lars. Kise g Arb m 26 Næs Hedem New York F. E. Blichfeldt Rollo 228 20 T. Mostue

(registering to leave Oslo on April 27, 1881, leaving on April 29, 1881, Wilhelm Larsen Kise, married, worker, male, age 26, from Næs in Hedemarken (Hedmark) Going to New York. The F.E. Blichfeldt shipping line, the ship Rollo.)

30276 1881 366 5 2023b 27.04.1881 29.04.1881 Hans Lars. Kise Arb m 28 Næs Hedem New York F. E. Blichfeldt Rollo T. Mostue.

(same as his brother, only it shows that Hans Lars. Kise is 28 years old. This is the right age difference for the brothers on the 1865 census.)

Now I have a theory about the sister Eline - it would be Larsdatter if she is sister to the family on the 1865 census at Linrud farm. I think she is older - born in 1847 or thereabouts. There is a hired girl living on another farm in Næs that is Eline Larsdatter, b. 1847 on the 1865 census. Then there is an Eline Larsdatter, b. 1847, on the 1900 census, living at Linrud farm with her husband. Same Eline? Very possibly. Same farm as the family was on in 1865? Possibly.

Eline Larsdatter b. 1847 in the 1865 census:

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Næs
Municipality number: 0411
Name of domicile: Aske mellem
Number of persons in this domicile: 8


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Magnus Frantsen Husfader g Gaardbruger og Selveier 1795 Næs Prgj.
Maria Eriksdatter hans Kone g 1805 Næs Prgj.
Frants M. O. Andreasen Dattersøn ug 1855 Næs Prgj.
Kristian Frantsen Brugerens Broder ug 1806 Næs Prgj.
Matthias Jensen ug Tjenestekarl 1847 Næs Prgj.
Eline Larsdatter ug Tjenestepige 1847 Næs Prgj.
Ragnhild Mortensdatter ug Legdslem 1806 Næs Prgj.
Beret Thoresdatter ug Kvægerøgter 1843

Eline Larsdatter born 1847 on the 1900 census AND her mother is living with them, the 1865 census has mom's name as Oline Marie Larsdatter, b. 1821, but the 1900 census shows the mother of Eline to be
Anne Marie Larsdatter, b. 1821.

Census year: 1900
Municipality: Nes
Municipality number: 0411
Name of domicile: Linrud
Number of persons in this domicile: 9


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Husband and wife:
Matias Johannesen hf g Jordbrugsarb. Skinfelmager 1850 Ringsaker Hed
Eline Larsdatter hm g Husstel 1847 Nes Hed

Their kids:
Matias Matiassen s ug Gaardsarbeider 1882 Nes Hed
Einar Matiassen s ug 1888 Nes Hed
Olava Matiassen d ug 1894 Nes Hed

Two foster sons:
Matinus Berntsen Pleiesøn ug offentlig Forsørg 1896 Nes Hed
Einar Ottosen Pleiesøn ug off. Forsorg 1899.08.05 Nes Hed

Grandma: (mother-in-law to Mathias)
Anne Marie Larsdatter Svigermoder e Husstel 1821 Nes Hed

Some worker, machinist, lumberjack guy:
Johan Eriksen el s Maskinist ved Damptærskev. Tømmermand 1868 Nes Hed

On the 1900 census there is only on Lise Larsdatter that would fit into this family birth and age-wise. She is at a farm called Intno.

Census year: 1900
Municipality: Nes
Municipality number: 0411
Name of domicile: Intno
Number of persons in this domicile: 3


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Lise Larsdatter el ug Hus-, Gaardsarbeide 1845 Nes Hed
Syverine Andersdatter el ug Kvægrøgt 1851 Veldre Hed
Gønner Nilsdatter d ug Skolebarn 1887 Nes Hed

I did a search at for Vilhelm Larsen, b. 1855 in Norway, and found a listing for this one from Næs. He was born in late 1855, but baptised the 06 JAN 1856 Nes, Hedmark, Norway

His parents are shown as Lars Olsen and Anna Maria Larsdatter. That verifies another piece for me, that Anne Maria is the mother's correct name, (census was wrong online somehow in 1865) and that her kids were named Eline, Hans, Vilhelm, Olava, Oline

I did find a Lise Larsen for this same couple, Lars Olsen and Anna Maria Larsdatter, Lise born in 1845.

I also found at, a marriage for Vilhelm Larsen, with the father Lars Olsen, from Nes, Hedmark, to Lisabet Syversdatter on the 20 JAN 1877 Nes, Hedmark, Norway

It says that Lisabet's dad is Syver Johnson, and Lisabet born in 1854.


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Based on your update with dates I'm convinced we have a match. Her is Lisabet Syversdatter on the 1865 census in Næs, Hedmark on the Midtskog farm with her family.

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Næs
Municipality number: 0411
Name of domicile: Midtskog
Number of persons in this domicile: 4


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity

the parents:
Syver Johansen Husfader g Husmand med Jord 1820 Næs Prgj.
Beathe Larsdatter hans Kone g 1818 Næs Prgj.

The kids:
Johannes Syversen deres Søn ug 1852 Næs Prgj.
Lisabet Syversdatter deres Datter ug 1855 Næs Prgj.

Here is the whole family emigrating WITH Lisabet and the boys from Oslo. It's Grandpa Syver, Grandma Beathe, a married daughter-in-law, probably married to Johannes, and her two kids. Johannes must have gone earlier to prepare the way for them too., As did Wilhelm. Maybe the guys went together.

51036 1882 481 8 4776a 1 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Syver Johns. g Arb m 70 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51037 1882 481 9 4776b 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Beathe Johns. g k 60 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51038 1882 481 10 4776c 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Eli Johns. g Datter k 24 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51039 1882 481 11 4776d 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Emma Johns. Barn k 3 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51040 1882 481 12 4776e 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Scharlotte Johns. Barn k 0,75 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51041 1882 481 13 4777a 1 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Lisabet Syverts. g k 24 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51042 1882 481 14 4777b 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Lauritz Syverts. Barn m 4 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

51043 1882 481 15 4777c 04.05.1882 05.05.1882 Syvert Syverts. Barn m 0,75 Næs Hedemarken Whitehall Blichfeldt Rollo Betalt

It shows that they all registered at the ship on May 4, left on May 5, 1882, then their name, family position, gender, age, from Næs, Hedemarken, going to Whitehall which I think is in Wisconsin?

Here is an obit from a website I found, about Scandinavian obituaries in western Wisconsin. The brother Ludvig Larsen, who was on the 1865 census with the family, also emigrated to Wisconsin, taking the name Gjestvang.
From I find:
Ludvig Larsen,
Christened 16 MAY 1864 Nes, Hedmark, Norway
His parents are Lars Olsen and Anne Marie Larsdtr.

Here is his obituary, which verifies it.

Ludvig L. Gjestvang was born in Ness, Hedemarken, Norway, January 18, 1864, of the parents, Lars and Anne Marie Lindrud. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 years and landed in the port of Philadelphia. He spent most of his life in LaCrosse county working at logging on the river, prior to the last 12 years, when he lived with his nephew, Leonard Gjestvang, of the town of Hale. After a very short illness, he passed away quietly Thursday, October 13, at 5:00 o’clock. Mr.Gjestvang never married, but is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Oline Johnson of Osseo and Miss Olive Gjestvang of Boston, Mass., and several nieces and nephews. Two sisters and four brothers preceded her in death. Mr. Gjestvang was of a quiet, good-natured disposition and will be greatly missed. Funeral services were held Monday, October 17, at 1:00 o’clock from the home of Leonard Gjestvang and at the Pleasantville N.L. church. Rev. Hjemboe officiating. Burial was made in the N.L. cemetery. Pallbearers were nephews of the departed, namely, Leonard, Alex and Bonnie Gjestvang, Sever Williamson, Ludvig and Obert Johnson. Flower bearers were great-nephews; namely, Selmer Williamson and Armand Gjestvang. Rhode & Rhode, undertakers were in charge. THE WHITEHALL TIMES, OCTOBER 27, 1932

Here is the emigration of Ludvig, going to Whitehall Wisconsin.

58900 1882 208 7 9107 1 17.08.1882 18.08.1882 Ludvig Lars. Arb m 18 Næs Hedem Whitehall 20 Blichfeldt Angelo Ppd R

registering in Oslo, Aug. 17, 1882, leaving Aug. 18, 1882, Ludvig Larsen, worker, male, age 18, from Næs, Hedemarken Hedmark, going to Whitehall, with 20 in cash, on the ship Angelo.

Here is another Wisconsin obit naming your relatives, but the obit is for the sister-in-law who came over with Lisabet.

Here's just the part where your family is mentioned.

In 1876 she was joined in marriage to Andrew Hilstad at the same church and by the same pastor who confirmed her. She and her husband resided on a farm. In 1881 he came to America and the next year she followed, accompanied by two daughters, ages four and 1 ½ years old, her parents-in-law, Sever and Bratha Johnson, and the latter’s daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Gjestvang and sons, Lewis and Sever. They arrived in Whitehall on June 2, 1882 and were met here by Ed and Gilbert Hulberg and Bernt Enger, now deceased. Mrs. Hilstad and daughters were taken into the Hulberg home in Hale Township, the present John Mork place, where they resided until fall. They then moved in with Mrs. Wilhem Gjestvang, where the two women kept house together while their husbands went to the pineries.

There is a Hedemarken Lag, a "club" of sorts of people with roots in Hedemarken, which Næs is. Hedemarken is a smaller area within the present day Norwegian county of Hedmark.

The Hedemarken Lag has genealogy help, research materials and farm and family history books available. It's cheap to join, and you can use their resources. They will be having an annual opportunity for this

Wednesday, August 1 - Saturday, August 4, 2007
LaCrosse, Wisconsin area
Stoney Creek Inn in Onalaska, WI

With that one sister and grandma still in Norway at 1900, did they stay? And do they have descendants? Do you have relatives? Those are all questions that might be answered.


2. GJESTVANG, AGNES S. 1898 – 1980 (US flag & AM AUX Legion marker)
4. GJESTVANG, WILHELM 1854 – 1924
5. GJESTVANG, BERNHARD W. 03 OCT 1886 – 30 JUL 1970

GJESTVANG, Agnes S, 1898, 1980, (US flag & American Legion Auxillary marker)
GJESTVANG, Bernhard W, 03 Oct 1886, 30 Jul 1970, Pvt, US Army, WWI
GJESTVANG, Bertha, 1892, 1983, Mother
[GJESTVANG], Elizabeth, 1856, 1944
GJESTVANG, Hilma J, [private]
GJESTVANG, Leonard, 1890, 1873, Father
GJESTVANG, Lester B, [private]
GJESTVANG, Ludwig, 1864, 1932, Uncle - OSSW Leonard & Bertha
[GJESTVANG], Wilhelm, 1854, 1924
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