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Charles Poyser Henstock

Charles Poyser Henstock

Posted: 1327528445000
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I'm looking for the descendents of Charles Poyser Henstock who emigrated to Canada from the UK via Argentina. My grandfather was his younger brother Philip and I am trying to put together a family tree. Any information would be welcome.

Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

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Classification: Query
Hi Fiona,
Could you provide a date for when Charles came to Canada.A rough guess would be great.
Do you know the names of Charles' parents?
Provide as much info as you can and maybe we on these boards can help you.
I happen to live in Canada.

Re: Charles Poyser HENSTOCK

Posted: 1327560162000
Classification: Query
Surnames: HENSTOCK
Hi Fiona, From the Provincial Archive of BC Vital Events Index Online
Marriage 1859-1936 Birth 1872-1903 Death 1872-1990

Charles Poyser Henstock Age:83 Event:Death b,aprox 1877
Place Nanaimo Date:1960 10 28 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1960-09-012929 Copy Available
Microfilm #:B13249 (GSU # 2033347)

Emily Frances Henstock B apeox. 1886
Place Nanaimo Date:1965 1 5 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1965-09-001100
Age:79 Event:Death
Microfilm #:B13270 (GSU # 2033723)

Family Connection ? b.aprox 1909
Francis Woodiwis Felton Henstock Age:78 Event:Death
Place Victoria Date:1987 9 10 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1987-09-014572
Microfilm #:B17104 (GSU # 1669937)

Cora Velma Henstock Age:53 Event:Death b.prox 1906
Place Port Alberni Date:1959 2 3 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1959-09-002092
Microfilm #:B13240 (GSU # 2033181)

Charles John Henstock Age:66 Event:Death b.aprox 1913
Place North Cowichan Date:1979 10 21 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1979-09-019677
Microfilm #:B13600 (GSU # 2051384)

Registrations can be viewed at NO COST at the Provincial Archive in Victoria - Some Public & University Libraries in the Province. Latter Day Saints Family History Centres

Information can be transcribed. Photo copies .50 cents or less - depending on copy machine.

Obituaries for the above -may show names and locations of other family members -

Groom:Charles J Henstock
Bride Florence Marie Johnson
Place Kamloops
Date:1933 10 17 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event:Marriage
Reg. Number:1933-09-412894
Microfilm #:B13766 (GSU # 2135985)
Cheers, Stella

Re: Charles Poyser HENSTOCK

Posted: 1327560978000
Classification: Query
Hi From Family Search Org Online
Name: Charles Poyser Henstock
Gender: Male
Baptism/Christening Date: 1876
Baptism/Christening Place: TARVIN, CHESTER, ENGLAND
Father's Name: John Henstock
Mother's Name: Lucy
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C75124-3
System Origin: England-VR
Source Film Number: 1850125
Reference Number: p-21

Family Search Org Transcript of Registration of Death
this is just a basic transcript - Full registration will show other information - occupation, residence - cause of death - burial or cremation Name of Funeral Home, Cemetery

Death Date: 28 Oct 1960
Death Place: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Name: Charles Poyser Henstock
Gender: Male Age: 84y Birth Date: 09 Jul 1876
Birthplace: Black Friars, Cheshire England
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Emily Frances Felton
Father: John Henstock
Mother: Lucy Parnell
Film Number: 2033347
Digital Folder Number: 4437681
Image Number: 445
British Columbia Archives Film Number: B13249
Registration Number: 60-09-012929

Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

Posted: 1327592361000
Classification: Query
Hi Eglanglois, and thank you for your prompt reply. Charles's parents were John Henstock and Lucy nee Parnell, and he was born in Liverpool, England, in 1877. I know he had two sons, Francis Woodiwis Felton Henstock b 1909 and Charles John Woodiwis Felton Henstock b 1913. I was really wondering about their descendants. I think some of them lived on Vancouver Island.
Regards, Fiona

Re: Charles Poyser HENSTOCK

Posted: 1327594359000
Classification: Query
Hi Stella, thank you for taking so much trouble. Interesting that one of the sons got married in Kamloops. I was there, briefly, not so long ago and it never occurred to me to hunt for cousins then. I am in England, so rather a long way away.

Regards, Fiona

Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Henstock
Hi Fiona,
With our privacy laws,it's hard to find more recent info.
However,you could search family trees and perhaps connect with one of their descendents.If you put in Charles and his wife Emily and their important dates,you may find some related folks.

Do you have or want the many passenger lists that are available here on Ancestry of their many travels?

The latest date I saw was in 1928 when Charles returned from Argentina via New York.He stated he was going home to Saanichton on Vancouver Island.He also said that he first was in Canada in 1892.I don't see that record but maybe he came with his parents or another relative.

There are passenger lists for a William Henstock and others.Do you think they are related?

One pasesenger list for Charles and family stated they were passing through Canada on their way to New Zealand.
It looks like his wife was born in the Falkland Islands.
Talk soon,

Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

Posted: 1327599752000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Henstock
Hi Elaine, many thanks and I do appreciate about the privacy laws making finding more recent descendants difficult. I'll try searching among the family trees. I've looked at the passenger lists on Ancestry and found some of their movements but it was the younger members of the family that I was really looking for because that will then more or less complete my family tree. So far as I know there isn't a William Henstock in my family.

Thank you for helping me

All the best,


Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

Posted: 1327621061000
Classification: Query
Hi Fiona,
I thought I'd give you afew websites and another message board site.

So,adding on to what Stella said about Cora Henstock.I found her in a public tree and her maiden name was Quigley.

Cora Velma Quigley married Francis Woodiwis Felton Henstock
on 20 June 1933 in Savona,B.C.

I will give you the website for it but if you search by his name,they misspelled it..they have him as Francis W F Houstock.So,I just used her name and found the marriage record.
website is

Another search site that Stella mentioned is the family search one. Website is

Besides the message boards on Ancestry,there is another one that I use and have had alot of help from folks seeing my various posts.
It is
When you click on countries,come to Canada and then you'll see the words regions of the country.Click on there,and you will see all our provinces listed.

You may want to post to the British Columbia message board too on Ancestry.
I'll run along for now.
I'll post again to you if I think of anything else.Sometimes I Google the surname and info comes up.I'll try that over the next few days.
Keep in touch,

Re: Charles Poyser Henstock

Posted: 1327669709000
Classification: Query
Hi Elaine, and thank you once again for everything and for giving me the two websites. I should have thought of Genforum, it was very helpful when I was looking up another branch of my family.

Cheers, Fiona
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