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Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO)

Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO)

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Surnames: Burr, Grigg, Goodwin, Littledike, Littledyke, Goodwin
I thought my new thread regarding Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO) might be of interest to some Marion County researchers:

"Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO)" (17 Apr 2016 10:03AM GMT)

Mrs. Anna G. BURR was the proprietress of Mrs. Anna G. Burr's Female Seminary, at Palmyra, during the earliest period of Marion County's existence.

* * * * *

Those who have any additional enriching information regarding Mrs. BURR's life or school are expressly invited and requested to share this information as Replies to this thread or the cited thread at the RootsWeb GRIGG Message Board.

I would be particularly appreciative in learning of any deeds which inform an understanding as to the more precise date of Mrs. BURR's arrival and departure from Palmyra, Marion County, MO. Also, I am interested in learning of the identity of Anna G. BURR's first husband, a Mr. LAWRENCE.

Re: Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO)

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Mrs Burr owned a lot in Greenwood Cemetery. No burials indicated.
Mrs Mary Ann L. Grigg, mother of Anna Burr, abt. 68 died Nov. 17 1845. Obit, Palmyra Spectator Nov. 20, 1845 Wife of Elder Jacob Grigg
Death notice Feb. 12, 1875

Death Notice of Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO) in the Palmyra Spectator

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Surnames: Burr, Grigg, Lawrence, Littledyke, Littledike
Thank you very much, Gary!

I found and transcribed this death notice for Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR (b abt 1806 - Warren, OH, d 31 Jan 1875 - Newton, MO) within the February 12, 1875, edition of the Palmyra Spectator, as you suggested:

"We learn by the Journal that Mrs. ANNA G.
BURR, of Neosho, Missouri, departed this life
on the 31st ultimo. Mrs. Burr was a native of
England, but by long association with the people
of this county, became an enthusiastic admirer
of our institutions. Many years ago Mr. and
Mrs. Burr came to reside in this place, and very
soon thereafter her husband was killed by a
man named Dickson, in a hand to hand street
fight. Mrs. Burr, being a lady of high intellectual
culture, opened a school, and for many years
pursued that avocation among us. Many of her
pupils are the heads of families, and remember
Mrs. Burr with geat tenderness of affection.
She was a lady of fine literary attainments, graceful
mein, commanding style, very successful as
a teacher, and enjoyed in a large degree the
respect and appreciation of this community. Mrs.
Burr leaves many sincere friends at this place."

Palmyra spectator (Palmyra, Mo.), Vol. 11, No., Friday, February 12, 1875, Page 3, Column 4.

* * * * *

It bears mention that the statement in the notice "Mrs. Burr was a native of England" is erroneous.

Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR's father, Jacob Grigg was born on June 19, 1769, in the town and parish of St. Stephen, near Launceston, then the principal town in the county of Cornwall, England, to John and Mary Grigg. Rev. Jacob GRIGG is known to have arrived in Norfolk, Virginia on July 20, 1797, after a Baptist mission to Sierra Leone, Africa. Jacob GRIGG married Miss Mary Ann LITTLEDIKE (Chr 08 Mar 1778 - Glatton, Huntingdon, England) on 29 Jan 1798 in Norfolk, VA.

Elder Jacob GRIGG's history from 1797 through about 1819 is fairly well documented. At the date of Anna Goodwin (Grigg) BURR's birth, GRIGG was teaching school in Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio. Anna's Census records show her to be born in Ohio.

* *

Anna BURR's arrival in Merion and the death of her husband, said to be Erasmus BURR, are discussed in the History of Marion County, as explained in my original post. Erasmus BURR seems to have been killed in Autumn 1834 at Goodwin's Tavern in Palmyra. Erasmus BURR and Anna G. (Grigg) BURR are said to have come to Palmyra from St. Louis, MO, though I haven't yet found a record of Anna in St. Louis nor have I found her marriage records.

Anna seems to have been previously married to a Mr. LAWRENCE.

Death Notice of Mary Ann (Littledyke) GRIGG (d 17 Nov 1845)?

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Surnames: Littledyke, Littledike, Grigg, Burr

Your indication that the death notice of Mary Ann (Littledyke) GRIGG (d 17 Nov 1845) appeared within the Palmyra Spectator on 20 Nov 1845 is very helpful!

I have seen the 17 Nov 1845 date of death given in various online posts, but had never before seen any authority for this date.

The Historical Society of Missouri doesn't seem to have digital copies of the 1845 papers online. Are you in Marion County? Does the Palmyra or Marion County Library or a local Historical or Genealogical Society have the microfilm for this edition of the paper?

Is there a published book of Marion County death notices which contains the abstract you mention? If so, what is the title of this book?

Re: Death Notice of Mary Ann (Littledyke) GRIGG (d 17 Nov 1845)?

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I printed out the obituary for Mrs. Mary Ann L. Grigg this morning at the Palmyra Library.
If you will give me your address I will send it to you.


Thank You!

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Surnames: Littledike, Littledyke, Grigg
Thank you very much, Gary! I have communicated my mailing address through messaging. I look forward to receiving the obituary by mail. I really appreciate your extraordinary efforts to help!!
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