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Crash because large file?

Crash because large file?

Posted: 1364595760000
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I bought the Family Tree Maker for Mac around 6 months ago because I am in charge of managing my father's database, it has around 180,000 people in it, with a lot of dates, places and information, and I need to be able to import and export the database in .ged format because the tree is published in

I installed the software and I opened the file, the file has 390 MB in .ftmm format, it is a little slow to find people and make changes, but it becomes unusable when I try to sync it with or if I try to export the file, so I have to force quit the program beacuse it frezes the computer. When I open again the program it asks me to make a compact to reapair any damage caused by the force quit and the frezing happens again......

Conclusion, I think I lost the money I paid for the software, it does not work with large files! I have called support and no one had any idea of what the problem was. My macbook pro has a 2.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, with 4 GB and has Mac OS X Version 10.7.5.

Has anyone any suggestion? Please help. There are very few genealogy programs that work with mac, and Family Tree Maker sounds like the best, but it looks like it does not work with large databases.


Re: Crash because large file?

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"to reapair any damage caused by the force quit and the frezing happens again."

First things first; Mac 101, a program should not be crashing or crashing your machine.

Macs are really simple, but sometimes the intro of some software or migrated files can make for wonky, you need to resolve the crashing before any further steps.

Do you know how to verify and perform a repair permissions on your Mac? A visit to > Support > keyword search "Disk Utility" will walk you thought this, important to know, Mac function.

In brief, restart your machine, after you hear the chime, hold down command and R until it the Apple appears, then select Disk Utility.

Before performing a permissions repair, sign off of FTMM2 and quit it

You could also have a corrupt file, the size is not the issue. What program created this file you migrated/imported to FTMM2?

Re: Crash because large file?

Posted: 1364842565000
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I like FTM, but syncing 180,000 people with Ancestry is going to be very unstable. Even as a stand-alone program, without syncing, I wouldn't be surprised if it's pretty sluggish on a C2D processor with 4GB RAM.

You're past the return period so you might as well work with it without syncing and see if the performance is adequate. The other major Mac solution is Reunion, which is even more expensive and may not really work any better with that much data on that little hardware.
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