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Syverso Family

Syverso Family

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I am looking for information on Iver or Iner Syverson married to Toush or Louise Syverson. Does anyone know Louise's maiden name?

Re: Syverso Family

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What information do you already have, and what would you like to know? This appears to be them in the 1900 census, from

Name: Ivera Syverson
Titles & Terms:
Residence: Greenland, Herman, Lincoln & T.138-139, R.61 Townships, Barnes, North Dakota
Birth Date: Aug 1862
Birthplace: Norway
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Spouse: Louise Syverson
Spouse's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Birthplace: Norway
Father's Titles & Terms:
Father's Birthplace: Norway
Mother: Ingelborg Syverson
Mother's Titles & Terms:
Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Race or Color (expanded): White
Head-of-household Name: Ivera Syverson
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 9
Estimated Marriage Year: 1891
Mother How Many Children:
Number Living Children:
Immigration Year: 1886
Enumeration District: 0007
Page: 4
Sheet Letter: B
Family Number: 49
Reference Number: 61
Film Number: 1241226
Image Number: 00213
Household Gender Age
Ivera Syverson M
Spouse Louise Syverson F
Child Simen Syverson M
Child Oliver Syverson M
Child Martin Syverson M
Child Mervin Syverson M
Parent Ingelborg Syverson M

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Just a little more info. She's buried in Marion, ND which is in Lamoure County -

I can find "Inger Syverson" in the Northern Lamoure Co. Surnames - but not Louise (could be an error if they were buried side by side). Under "Information" you will find a contact name who will look up this info up for just a couple bucks. IF you have found the year of her death, the info you want would probably be on her death certificate which could possibly be ordered from here -
Good Luck!

name: Louise SYVERSON
gender: Female
birth: <1882>

burial: Marion, Stutsman, ND
Marriages (1)
spouse: Iver SYVERSON (AFN: R9SZ-5Q )

marriage: 1891
Hide children (6)

child 1: Martin SYVERSON (AFN: 1TSG-Z91 )

gender: Male
birth: 1897
Ft Ransom
death: 1956

child 2: Simon SYVERSON (AFN: 1TSG-Z7L )

gender: Male
birth: 1892
Ft Ransom
death: 1962

child 3: Emma Elizabeth SEVERSON (AFN: R9SZ-73 )

gender: Female
birth: 10 Nov 1904
Marion, , ND
death: 29 Sep 1964
Jamestown, Stutsman, Nd, Trinity Hosp
burial: 2 Oct 1964
Montpelier, Stutsman, Nd, St Huberts Cem

child 4: Inga SYVERSON (AFN: 1TSG-ZCF )

gender: Female
birth: 1902
, Greenland Twp, Stutsman, ND
death: 1973

child 5: Oliver SYVERSON (AFN: 1TSG-Z8S )

gender: Male
birth: 1895
Ft Ransom
death: 1977

child 6: Melvin SYVERSON (AFN: R9SZ-88 )

gender: Male
birth: 1899
Montpelier, Stutsman, ND
death: 1978

Re: Syverso Family

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Looks like the Alfred Dickey Library carries the book "Cemeteries of Northern LaMoure County, North Dakota".
Their webpage is at -

A lot of the time if you email them, they will look up info for you for free (IF they have the time).

Don't know why the original record I found (at said Marion was in Stustman County?

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Surnames: Syverson, Johnsdatter
Source: Story of Montpelier : It's First 100 Years, 1983.

Syverson, Ole, Syver and Iver

Ole, Syver and Iver Syverson were sons of Syver and Imbjar Johnsdatter Syverson of Loftsgaard, Gudbrandsdal, Norway. Ole came to America in 1884; Iver came with his mother and younger brother Syver in 1886.
All three were living in Greenland Township in 1900, having come here from the Ft Ransom area in about 1898. An older brother, Syver, homesteaded near Walcott, ND. Ole, 34, had his niece Inga, 19, keeping house for him. Inga said she came to America in 1895.
Syver was 30. Both he and Ole were single.
By 1910, Ole was gone to Preeceville, Saskatchewan, Canada and Syver was married in 1909 to Eliza, a widow with six children, who had been born in Norway.
Iver Syverson and his wife Louise, were married in 1891 and were homesteadingin 1900 in Greenland Township. His mother, Ingeborg was living with the family. The eldest children, Simon (1892-1962), Oliver (1895-1977), and Martin (1897-1956) were born near Ft Ransom. In Greenland Township, Melvin (1899-1978), Inga (1902-1973), and Emma (1904-1964) were born.
Melvin Syverson, son of Iver and Louise, married Clara Lund and later married Hattie (Schulz) Jorgenson.
Inga Syverson, daughter of Iver and Louise, worked at Stott's Hotel in Montpelier, then married John Sevik.
Emma Syverson, daughter of Iver and Louise Syverson, married Raymond Naze, son of Jules Naze, Sr., and his wife Lucy.
Iver Syverson died in 1934 and is buried in Ypsilanti; Louise is buried in Marion but has no stone.
The oldest son, Simon Syverson and his wife Minnie Mohn lived in the Debra home in the late 50s and early 60s. Minnie was the daughter of Ellof and Oline Mohn of near Ypsilanti. Simon and Minnie ran the Con Cumber Cafe a few years until Simon died in 1962. Simon and Minnie had four children, Louise, Donald Wallace, and Dwayne. Louise, their daughter, married Ted Erdahl and had two children, Lana and Ted Jr., both are married and live in Jamestown. Louise is deceased.
Oliver Syverson and his brother-in-law, Raymond Naze were great friends. Oliver leased Doc Spencer's garage in Montpelier for a carpenter shop, then went to Canada and on his return to Montpelier, he rented Severt Spilde's carpenter shop in the Hilsinger Addition until the Gullickson Brothers bought the shop to replace the meat market which burned down.

Re: Syverso Family

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Surnames: Dahl, Grindahl, Syverson
Grammy Jo,
I have a fair amount of information regarding Louise (Grindahl) Syverson, acquired recently through reseach conducted on behalf of her extended family. I have gleaned only a minimum of information regarding Iver, mostly from the 1910,1920 and 1930 census records. Would be interested in any additional information you might have about Louise or decendants.



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do you khow who her parents were

Re: Syverso Family

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Lovise Olsdatter (Louise Grindahl) was born November 26,1861, at Grindahl Farm, Tyldalen, Hedmark, Norway to Ole Olsen (b. 1822, d. ?) and Mari Larsdotter (b. 1825, d. before 1877)per municipal baptisimal records of Tyldalen.

Louise immigrated to the US on the ship Belgenland which sailed from Antwerp, Belium, on Jun 25, 1890. She is listed in the passenger log with her sister-in-law Marit (Marie) Ronningen Grindahl, the wife of Ole Grindahl, who later settled in Litchville, North Dakota.

I obtained a copy of Louise's death certificate from the state of North Dakota in order to verify her relationship to Iver and parental information.

Louise also had three other siblings: Ole O. Dahl who operated a general store in Litchville, North Dakota, who immigrated the following year; Simen Olsen who stayed in Norway on Grindalen farm and Goro (Olsdatter) Eggen, who married Lars Arnesen Eggen also in Tyldalen.

Let me know if you'd like any further information - also would appreciate any additional information regarding the children of Louise and Iver - have some from census and state records, but am interested in any additional information.

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What kind of information are you looking for? I know mom had 4 brothers Oliver Simon Martin and Melvin and 1 sister Inga. Oliver lived in Seattle Wash. and worked for boeing Simon lived in North Dakota and had 4 children and a daughter one of his sons died in world war 2 Melvin lived in North dakota nad hd i child that I can remember and aunt Inga had 3 daughters and a son and only 1 is stil loving in Calif. My mother Emma married Raymond Naze and in jan 1940 had a house fire and lost 4 children in the fire my brothers Charles (died in 1995) and Ross survived the fire and my oldest sister died as a baby from whopping cough and my sister Arlene and I were born after the fire

Re: Syverso Family

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Can I ask yout realtionship to the Syversons?
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