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Cherokee in Family

Cherokee in Family

Pat (View posts)
Posted: 1100033829000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Huffstutler, Sherbet, Hill, Scott, Low
Looking for Cherokee in my family line.
Huffstutler, Sherbet, Hill, Scott, Low
I'm new at this, so I can use all the help I can get.

Re: Cherokee in Family

vance (View posts)
Posted: 1100630001000
Classification: Query
can you provide where your ancestors lived, and the time frame they were there? thanks


Re: Cherokee in Family

Posted: 1100656500000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sherbet, Hill, Scott, Low
The easiest way to find is to check Family Trees:
Gabe Sherbet b 1877 married Willie Elizabeth Hill b 1879
Sherbet's go to early 1800's NC-GA-AL
Hill's related to Scott's and Low's in TN-NC-AL
One of my cousin's thinks the Sherbet line may have been related to Creeks, and Hill line to Cherokee
I'm new at this so I even smart enought to know what questions to ask
Thanks for the help

Re: Cherokee in Family

Posted: 1100698917000
Classification: Query
There is no great mystery to doing Indian genealogy research, other than there are some particular resources available which apply only to the Indian part of the ultimate tree.

While checking Family Trees may be the apparently easiest route, it very frequently ends up being the most difficult, because there is so much mis-information on-line about Indian family histories the searcher may end up spending a great deal of time on false trails.

Briefly, here's my suggestion:
Start with yourself, and document what you know about yourself:
name, date of birth, marriage(s), with date(s) & place(s), name of spouse, DOB, POB, spouse's parents.

Add your children to the record.

Then add your parents - names, place of birth, marriage, death, if applicable, their siblings, with the same basic information.

Then your grandparents, same routine.

And so on.

DOCUMENT it all. And if you use sources other than your own personal knowledge, DOCUMENT what those sources are.
(Birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, cemetery markers, etc.)

Continue this process until you get to at least 1900, preferably as far back as you can go. Try to limit your research to public records: the Federal census available online and in many public libraries, and from the National archives or state archives for 1930, 1920, 1910, 1900, 1890 (only on a very limited basis - most of it burned), 1880,etc back through 1790.

Starting with the information you are positive of- yourself, and your personal data - and methodically working back, generation by generation. It may seem daunting at first, but over time you will be much happier than spending days, weeks or months working on someone three or four generations removed, only to finally discover the reality - they aren't related to you at all.

Remember, just because someone has the same name doesn't make them related to you.

When you have your family well documented back to say the early 1800's, THEN you MAY be ready to discover whether you have an Indian connection. If you family lived in the Southeast U.S. there MAY be records to determine whether they were related to the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Creek, Euchi, Seminole, Koasati, etc. When you know where they lived and when, and their actual names, it MAY be possible to find them in Indian records - censuses, payment rolls, missionary records, etc.

The least routinely helpful source is online... because there is such a huge amount of mis-inforamtion there. Try your library first, and learn a bit about the tribe you are interested in there.

And avoid the temptation to rely on the postings of others which you cannot verify using public records.

Be proud of what you find of your ancestors and where they originated, regardless of what you find. Be glad of your heritage wherever your roots lie. Honor your ancestors rather than being disappointed that they were European rather than Native American, or vice versa.

Good luck in your search..

Re: Cherokee in Family

Jeannette Adejobi (View posts)
Posted: 1119739421000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hill, White, Kennedy, Leonard
Im looking for Cherokee in Family also.

Re: Cherokee in Family

Posted: 1120061883000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sherbet, Hill
I wish you luck. I have taken a break for a while. May find new
info when I restart search.
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