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a.k.a. Mickey Rooney-Joe Yule Jr.

a.k.a. Mickey Rooney-Joe Yule Jr.

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Looking for Family History on the actor, Mickey Rooney (Yule) Family?
Thank You, Steve

re Mickey Rooney - Yule

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I have some info on Joe and Ninian. Not my research but it seems solid -
"Mickey Yule was from Glasgow. He was in a play there in Feb. 1996 and someone found out that his father was born at 47 Polmadie Palce in Glasgow. I have the newspaper copy of him standing outside the building pointing up to the flat. Joe Yule( Joseph Ninian Yule born 1892) was the son of Ninian Yule and that family goes back to Douglas/Carluke/Hamilton area of Lanarkshire.
In his autobiography Mickey said his family was from Edinburgh - never there. In a short biography he said they were form Canada - wrong again."

Mickey Rooney's Family

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I don't know where you got your information
but it is completely wrong. I know this first-
hand; my Father, Cline Fisk Ewell is Second
Cousin to Joseph Jr. Ewell, a.k.a., Mickey
Rooney. Mickey's Father was Joseph Scott Ewell;
Mickey's mother was Nobie Rae Whitaker. If you
wish to know more about Joseph Jr., or any other
members of our family, feel free to e-mail me.
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Interesting. I was quoting from a fellow researcher that forwarded the information. I have been trying to track down a ARTHUR YULE, my G Grandfather. Family legend says that years ago a visitor told my Mother that Arthur Yule was related to the Yules of Mickey Rooney fame. The story has some weight since Arthur was also in vaudeville.
I have Mickey's mother's name as Nell Carter Brown, Married Joesph Ninian Yule in 1919 in Rochester NY.
Joseph Ninian Yule ( aka Red Yule) was born 30 April 1892 Polmadie Street, Glasgow son of Ninian Yule and Elizabeth McKell
He came to the USA at age 6
He died 13 March 1950 in CA and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
It seems easy to have conflicting information. I have 2 dates of birth for Joe Yule. 1895 is listed in a bio by Arthur Marx.

Joseph Jr's., Parents

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Joseph Jr., was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on
September 23, 1920. His Father, Joseph Sr.,
was born in 1894, and was junior to my
Grandfather who was born in 1888. Joseph
Sr's., first wife, Nell Carter, Joseph Jr's.,
birth mother, was also born in 1894, and
lived until her death in 1965. Nell Carter
and Joseph Sr., divorced in 1926, when Joseph
Jr., was only five years old. On May 8, 1940,
Joseph Sr., married Nobie Rae Whitaker. Nobie
Rae was born December 24, 1906, and died May
20, 1983. Joseph Sr., died on May 17, 1972.
Please do not get confused about the variation
in spelling from "Ewell" to "Yule", these
variations occur frequently and, sometimes,
spontaneously, as it did in Joseph Jr's.,
case. After the nasty divorce between Joseph
Sr., and Nell Carter, Nell Carter kept her
her son close to her, and it was she who
really launched Joseph Jr's., acting career.
I hope this information is of some help; if
you have any more questions about my family,
please feel free to e-mail me.

Joseph Jr., (a.k.a., "Mickey Rooney") Parents

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It has come to my attention that I should have
mentioned Nell Carter-Brown as the birth mother
Joseph Jr., rather than just Nell Carter. I did
not even suspect that any one would make an
association of this Nell Carter with the Actress,
for this reason, I appologize for not being more
specific in mentioning names. In any case,
Joseph Jr's., parents were Joseph Sr., and Nell
Carter-Brown, and his grandparents were Joseph
Emerson Ewell and Carrie Farnsworth.

re:Joseph Jr., (a.k.a., "Mickey Rooney") Parents

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You know first you said "Mickey's Father was Joseph Scott Ewell;
Mickey's mother was Nobie Rae Whitaker" and now you say "Joseph
Emerson Ewell and Carrie Farnsworth." were Mickey's Grandparents. I would like to see some sources for your information since it doesn't match my research.
What I have from several sources including 2 bios on Mickey Rooney, is the following-
Joseph Ninian Yule was born 30 April 1892 Polmadie Street, Glasgow
son of Ninian Yule and Elizabeth McKell
He came to USA aat age 6 years
and died 13 March 1950 CA and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, LA
He married Nell Carter Brown ca 1919
Joseph Yule (Mickey Rooney) was born 23 September 1920 Brooklyn NY

Ninian Yule was born 3 June 1866 Lanark, Lanarkshire
son of John Yule and Margaret Gilchrist
He married Elizabeth McKell 30 December 1887 16 Argyll Place, Maryhill, Lanark
James G. Yule was witness.
Ninian was a boiler maker. Elzabeth was born 1863 and worked in a cotton mill.

John Yule was born 1839 Douglas, Lanark
He was the son of Ninian Yuille and Mary Carmichael
He married Margaret gilchrist 5 September 1862 Stoneybyre, Lesmahagow, Lanark
He was a railway worker

Ninian Yuille was born 1810 Douglas Lanark
son of James Yuille and Elizabeth Shaw
He died 24 March 1885 Cotton House, Douglas, Lanark
He mar, 29 March 1840 Douglas to Mary Carmichael who was born 1818 Glasgow
on the 1851 census they are at Paddock Row, Douglas
on the 1881 census entry 641/5/24

I am interested in this family because of family legend that says we are related through the Arthur Yule family. (See related post.) I have spent lots of time trying to find a link between my GGrandfather and the Yules related to Mickey Rooney. No link has yet surfaced.

Joseph Ewell's Change of Name to "Yule"

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I have been trying to figure out how to respon
to the details you mentioned about the "Yules"
of Lanarkshire. Joseph Jr's., Father, Joseph
Scott Ewell, moved to Ontario, Canada when he
was only 18, lived there a short while, and
then moved back to New York. Prior to moving
to Canada, Joseph Sr., changed his name from
"Ewell" to "Yule" to avoid recognition. If
you are so curious about "Roony's" family's
background, why don't you just write him a
letter and ask him about his family?

Mickie Rooney

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This is the correct line for him.
the family goes way back in Lanarkshire.
There was a photo of Mickey in Glasgow Papers, February 18 1996, looking at the home at 47 Polmadie St. the family goess way back in Hamilton, Lanark.
If you want the line e-mail me
Yule etc.Conenction Newsletter

Mickey Roonie

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His line goes as follows
1. Joseph Yule and Nell Carter
2. Ninian Yule and Elizabeth McKell
3. John Yule and Margaret Gilchrist
4. Ninian Yule and Mary Carmichael
5. James Yule and Elizabeth Shaw
See the parish registers for Douglas Parish, Lanarkshire
or the Yule-Yool-Yuille-Zuil connection newsletter for Fall 1999
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