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Yocom Family Lineage from 1600's

Yocom Family Lineage from 1600's

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975806761000
Based upon messages posted on this web site, it occurred to me that it might be useful to have a list of the generations of the Yocom's (Jochem, Joakum, Yokum, Yocum, etc) from the first Yocom in America to the present. I do have the list of generations from the earliest to the present which are in the direct line to me. As my time permits, I will try to list by direct ancestors, with their families, the Yocom lineage as I have records. I am indebted to many members of the Yocom families whom I have known, visited, and attended family reunions with over the years for the information which I will post. I am also indebted to my cousin, Artie Ayres, who researched and published, in 1982, a book of one part of the Yocom family involved with minting the Yocom Dollars, book title, "Traces of Silver". I also will list certain information taken from the book, "Pioneer Days in Canyonville", written and published by Pearl Yokum Lawson, in Oregon, which relates interesting informtion about the Yocom's in Oregon. I am a retired police detective, Undersheriff,chief of police and rancher living in northern Colorado. I may be contacted by E-mail at

Correction of E-mail address

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975807093000
Sorry about the mistake in my original posting. My correct E-mail address is I the following postings under this heading, I will try to identify as many family members assiciated with my direct ancestors as I am able, since such information may be of help to many of you who are members of the Yocom family which has spread throughout the United States in many clans over the past 300+ years.

The first Yocom in America

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975807419000
Heinrich Jochem (Yoakum) was born in the early 1600's in Germany. He immigrated to what was then New Amsterdam (New York) with the first Dutch settlers on the ship "Beaver" according to the record in 1661. His wife is recorded as name Gertrude. The had three children, Mathias (the original spelling) born in 1653, Ann and Jane, unknown dates of birth.

Mathias Jochem (Yoakum) - Born 1653

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975807759000
Mathias Jochem (the original spelling of the Yocoms in America, based on the record) was the son on Heinrich and Gertrude Jochem. I do not have Mathias' date of death. He was born in Germany prior to the family immigrating to New Amsterdam. Mathias was married, but I have been unable to learn his wife's name. They had one son, Francis, born 1658, died 1752.

Francis Jochem (Yoakum)-Born 1678

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975808219000
Francis, the son of Mathias and Gertrude, was born in New Amsterdam (New York) in 1658 and he died in 1752. He married Millie Felty. They had seven sons: Matthias (the original spelling-my direct ancestor) b 1705-d 1763, John b 1709-d ?, Jacob b 1711-d 1780, Conrad b 1713-d ?, Felty b 1717 d 1763, George b 1719-d 1789, Valentine b 1721-d 1773.

Matthias Yoakum-born 1705

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975809392000
Matthias Yoakum (the family record shows a spelling change to Yoakum beginning with Matthias) was born in 1705 and died in 1783. He was the fourth son of Francis and Millie, born in New York state. He moved to Pennsylvania, but according to family records, not liking the laws of Pennsylvania (a Quaker colony-state) he moved to the Northern neck of Virginia in 1745, settling on the South branch of the Potomac River. A decendant of Matthias wrote, "Grandfather Yoakum settled a half mile from the north of South Fork."
Matthias married Eleanor See (or Elinor as some records spelled her name). They had 12 children: Francis b 1729-d ?,Felty b 1730-d 1763, Jacob (my direct ancestor) b 1732-d 1780, Valentine b 1734-d ?, Mathias (the original spelling) b 1736-d ?, Jesse b 1738-d ?, Michael b 1740-d ?, Conrad b 1742-d ?, John b 1747-d 1839, William b 1750- d?, Henry b 1753-d 1839, George b 1755-d ?.
Matthias was described as a "very well to-do German." His will, written January 29, 1780 stated that he was a resident of Botetourt Co, Va., and was probated February 18, 1783 in Lincoln Co, Ky. One historical record states that "the old folks came to Kentucky with Matthias, Jr." Another states that "Matthias Yoakum's father died in Old Virgina, Botetourt Co., and never came to Kentucky. (My guess is that Matthias may have come to Kentucky to visit his son or help his son move, but I suspect that he lived his live in Virginia, based on the details in his will.)
His will, in part, states, "To my beloved wife, Eleanor, all household goods, bed and furniture, dark bay mare, saddle, two colts, cow, musket and pistol, four deer skins and chain halter. To my youngest son, George, I leave all my land, all my horses, mares and cattle, except what is already bequeathed to my wife. I have already fiven what I intended to my other children who are all married. Also, I give to my granson George, son of Felty, one dollar."

Jacob Yoakum-born 1732

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975809961000
Jacob Yoakum born 1732 and died 1780, was the third son of Matthias and Eleanor. He was born in Pennsylvania, moved to London Co., Va., prior to 1763. Later he moved to Hampshire (later Hardy) Co., (W) Virginia where he lived out his life. His will was written August 17, 1780 and probated November 14, 1780. Settlement of his estate was recorded May 27, 1781.
Jacob married Elizabeth (Unknown last name) in 1758. They had eight children: Michael b 1759-d ?, Elizabeth b 1761-d ?, George b 1763-d ?, Millia b 1764-d 1828, Jacob (my direct ancestor) b 1767-d ?, Solomon b 1769-d ?, Matthias b 1771-d ?, Issac b 1773-d ?.

Jacob Yocum (Yoakum)-born 1767

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975810566000
Jacob Yocum (note spelling change based on records) was the fifth child (third son) of Jacob and Elizabeth. He married Eve Ambrose on August 5, 1795 in Nelson Co., Ky. They had nine children: Jacob b July 5, 1796-d ?, Ambrose b August 20, 1797-d 1834 (married Susan Hall), Elizabeth C. b 1899-d ? (married James Cunningham), Catherine b 1804-d 1872 (married Miles Hart), Eliza b 1806-d ? (married Jefferson Coleman), Fannie b 1808-d ?, Mary Jane b 1810-d ? (married TH Odell), Thornton Samuel (my direct ancestor) b 1812-d ?, a daughter (name unknown) b 1814-d ?.

Thornton Samuel Yocum-Born 1812

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975811249000
Thornton was the eighth child (third son) of Jacob and Eve, born in Hardin Co., Ky. He moved to Illinois and lived in Paradise Township, Coles, Co., in 1831. His eldest brother, Ambrose, also lived in Illinois and was the first sheriff of Coles County, Ill.
Thornton was there when the census was taken in August, 1879. He later removed to southern Missouri where many of his decendants still live. He is buried in Seneca, Mo. He was married September 3, 1835 to Emily Morgan. She died in 1855. He then remarried Margaret (unknown last name). He had five children by Emily: Francis M. b 1836-d ? (married in 1859 to Mary Jane Floyd), Mary b 1838-d ?, William Moffatt (my direct ancestor) b November 9, 1841-d April 11, 1929. Thomas C. b ?-D? (married Sarah Wagner), James b 1854-d ?. His second family by Margaret: Alice b 1857-d ?, Elmer b ?-d? (married Bernice Fleming), Mary Jane b ?-d ?.

William Moffatt Yocum-Born November 9, 1841

Will Yocom (View posts)
Posted: 975812444000
William was the third child (second son) of Thornton and Emily. He was born in Mattoon, Coles Co., Ill. He died April 11, 1929. He married in 1866 to Phebe Ann Trimble (b 1846-d 1915). She was born in Lawn Ridge, Ill.
They moved in a covered wagon to Dennison, Texas around 1871. On arrival there, he found a few business shacks, mostly saloons, plus a few tents. William and Phebe built the first residence in Dennison.
Dennison soon grew into a wild frontier town (he wrote). William was then elected to town policman and he also served there nine years as a detective. He wrote that he once encountered Jesse James for whom there was a $10,000 reward, but William felt that he was no match for the outlaw and his gang.
In the early 1880's William and his family moved to Missouri, first to Neosho Co., later settling in McDonald Co., homesteading 160 acres near Goodman, Mo, where he lived until 1902. Then moving to Grove, Okla., he managed a sawmill. When his wife fied in 1915 he mmoved back to McDonald, Co., and made his home with his daughter Nellie Hall in Anderson, Mo., until his death in 1929.
William and Phebe Ann had ten children: Willliam Henry (my direct ancestor) b May 27, 1867-d Feb 8, 1948 (married Emma Michael-My Grandmother), Clinton b Jan 21,1869-d Jan 21, 1923 (married Cora Hall), Nellie b May 21, 1871-d Nov 18, 1936 (married Henry C. Hall), Elisha b Feb 26, 1873-d Mar 8, 1873, Charles Edward b Oct 27, 1874-d nOV 6, 1975, Gracie b Jan 11, 1876-d Oct 28, 1881, Hiram Milton b Nov 11, 1878-d July 21,1879, Ernest b Nov 29, 1881-d Apr 19, 1942, Thomas b Feb 22, 1884-d ?, Mable b Dec 15, 1889-d Jan 18, 1975 (married Barcey Boise).
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