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Bernie Quigley (View posts)
Posted: 943099983000
My family research is as follows, I'd love to here from anyone with connections. There's lots more info I haven't put to disk yet

1. GILBERT BARBIER of the Parish of Saint AVE de Dezila sur Loire diocese de Nivers, France, can to Canada to Ville Marie (Montreal) September 15 1642 in the company of Mon de la Repentigny and by order of M, de la Dauversiere.

He had the care of several cannons - pieces of ordnance. from France to Canada and was a carpenter who built the first permanent buildings of the city of Montreal.

On the 17th of November 1650 he married Catherine de Lavaux, daughter of Alexandre de Lavaux and Louise de Rouel of the Parish of Ailnes, diocese de Nivers near Nancy in Lorraine, France. (This was the Sixth marriage in Montreal since its foundation on May 17th 1642).

Mlle de Lavaux came from France under the care and protection of Madam Jean Mance foundress of the Hotel Dieu, Montreal.

Gilbert Barbier was procureur fiscal, assesseur de justice etc. and in the year 1657 first warden of the parish of Notre Dame Montreal.

Their children were:

1. Charlotte b. 1651
2. ADRIENNE b. 1652
3. Barbe b. 1654
4. Agathe b. 1655
5. Gabriel b. 1656
6. Nicolas b. 1657
7. Charles Henri b. 1660
8. Marie b. 1663

2. Adrienne Barbier was married in Montreal in 1667 to Etienne Truteau, son of Francois Truteau and Catherine Matinser of the Parish of Notre Dame de Cognac et Larocheile, France.
Their children were:

3. Toussaint Truteau 3rd son of Etienne married in 1705 Barbe Goyet.
Their children were:

4 .Toussaint Truteau married in 1730 in Longueuil, Michelle Dubuc. (She was nearly related to the Mothers of the Hon. L.J. Papineau, Hon. DB Viger, Dr. Lartigne, father of the first bishop of Montreal and of C. Cherier Q.C.
Their children were:

5. Toussaint Truteau married in Feb 11th 1755 in Boucherville Marie Angelique Le Beau.

Their children were:
1. Toussaint
2. Marie
4. Francois
5. Alexic
6. Charlotle

6. Michel Truteau married Claire Eva Ausson daughter of Dr. John Henry Ausson, Colonel Commander of a Royal Regiment of Germany, and of Elizabeth Hermeren de Margartia of the village of Herchfelt on the Rhine.

Their children were:
1. Claire b. 1787 6. ALEXIS b. 1795
2. Michel b. 1789 7. Marguerite b. 1797
3. Francois b. 1790 8. Marie b. 1803
4. Marie Louise b. 1792 9. Sophie Mathilde
5. Charles b. 1792 10. Jean Baptiste

7. Alexis Truteau married in 1822 Julia Sylvia Matilda Smith, daughter of Daniel Smith of Vermont USA.
Their children were:
1. Hypotite Charles Arthur
2. Alexandre
3. Charles
4. Mathilde
5. Mary ann

8. Marie Julie married Honore Cotle son of Pierre Caouard Cotle formerly of NapoleonÂ’s Navy and subsequently first licensed pilot of the St. Lawrence River.
Their children were:
1. Alexandre
2. Armand
4. Marie Antoinetle
5. Louis

9. Julie Mathilde Cotle married On May 25th 1892 Richard Moorsom Harrison of Quebec son of Richard Moorsom Harrison who came to Canada from Durham England and Sarah Gillespie born in Cork Ireland.
(Richard Moorsom Harrison was a descendant of a daughter of Sir Richard(Robert?) Moorsom one of NelsonÂ’s Captains and a pall-bearer at his funeral. He later became Admiral.)
(Sarah Gillespie was a descendant of General Sir Robert Rollo Gillespie who took the Dragoons to India and was killed at the assault of the fortress of Kalunga, Napaul India.

Note: See separate listing for General Gillespie


Trudeau additional Help

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I married into the Trudo(trudeau) line and have been doing alot of research and have had a lot of success coming through this Line:
Robert Truteau,
Martial Truteau
Francois Trudeau,
Etienne Trudeau,
Toussaint Trudeau
Toussaint II Trudeau
Pierre Amble Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau
Thomas Trudeau -
Alfred Trudeau
Simon Alfred Trudeau
George Jerimiah Trudo

The Thomas I listed I have nothing on except a 1822 November marriage to Rosalie Provost.

I also have some information on the Children of a Laurent Trudeau, and I found him in the 1900 Census in Jefferson South Dakota This is what I know from that Census:
In 1900 Jefferson South Dakota
Laurent Born 1823, wife Louise, from IGI I found her last name as Hetu, she was born in 1832,they married in 1850. And in 1900 they had their 32 year old daughter Caroline living with them. I really would like any information on his parents so I can link it to my database

Lisa Trudeau


Bernie Quigley (View posts)
Posted: 944117396000
We seem to have a link! any info u have I'd love to hear about


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What information do you want I have so much I am getting lost. I don't know if you know there are two biographies out on Etienne Trudeau and on on his son Francois(this Francois is the one all record say after 1706 he was not heard from.)
unfortunately one of the bios is all in french and am working to get a translation of it. The one on francios is also in french and am trying to translate that as well.
It will be interesting to hear what you have as well. I am just starting to get all of the Trudeau line I have on paper into the computer so I have a lot of work ahead of me.


Bernie Quigley (View posts)
Posted: 944310077000
I can help you with the translation, if you send me the french text I'll do it for you.
My Trudeau line starts when Adrienne Barbier married Etienne Truteau (Trudeau)son of Francois Truteau and Catherine Matinser in Montreal in 1667. Pierre Elliot Trudeau is a descent of the eldestest son and we are form his 5th son Toussaint. Etienne came form the Parish of Notre dame de Cognac et Larrocheile France.
Send me your E-mail address mine is


Teresa (View posts)
Posted: 949028116000
Bernie, looks like we may be same line if I can figure a way to prove one link. Please email @

Toussaint Line

Bernie (View posts)
Posted: 950529446000
Salut..... fais partie de la meme ligne que toi il paraitrait.... faudrait se contacter et comparer nos notes....

hello..... guess we are in the same line of Toussaint....have some information about that line, as I am 6th generation i thinkk... will keep an eye out :-) Where did that book on Toussait originate from ? would like to hear more about it...... thanking you in advance...


Bernie Quigley (View posts)
Posted: 950530830000
I'd love to know more I'm incontact with others from the same line my e-mail is

Trudeau additional Help

Clement Trudeau (View posts)
Posted: 950552127000
Lisa, may have a lot of info on that line, as I have almost the same one it appears. What program are you inputing your data in ? I use BK5, and therefore, can make a gedcom that could be inserted directly in your data bank, if that is the case. Also very interested in finding more about your books..... on the Trudeau clan, and what they contain. I can be reached at the following address
Hoping we can work together :-)

Trudeau additional Help

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Edited: 998091227000
Clement, Thanks for the reply. I use Legacy 2.0 and can import (and export) into gedcom as well. I have a couple of atricles on Etinne Trudeau and his son Francois Trudeau (written in French, and only partially translated). I also have a book on the Donner party that talks about Jean Baptiste Trudeau. He is out of the line from the St. Louis clan.

Let me know if this will help you in any way. I would also be interested in knowing what information you have on either the Thomas or Laurent line.

Thanks. Lisa Trudo
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