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Teagues in Arkansas

Teagues in Arkansas

Curtis Scholl (View posts)
Posted: 934215433000
Hello to the group:
My name is Curtis Scholl. I am looking for any
information about the Teagues of Arkansas. they
mostly lived in the Crawford County, Sebastion County
Franklin County and Logan County areas. The bulk
of them are from around Charleston, AR and Mountainburg.

My mother is Surennah Fern Teague.
Her Father was Sidney Milligan teague
Sidney's father was Albert Milton Teague
Albert Milton's father was Ray Teague.

Sidney and Albert Milton lived above
Charleston, AR in between Vesta and
Peter Pender.

Ray lived in Sub Rosa Ark and was married to
a woman named Alice Hice (Heise, Hyce??)

Albert Milton had sisters by the name of
Caladonia Teague (Married Isaac Rider)
Fronie (Safronia? Sophronia?) Maude and Corrie

Sidney had a brother named Oleaver and a half sister
named Christine Kelly.
Does anyone recognize any of the names?

Curtis Scholl

Teague''s in Arkansas

Gene Teague (View posts)
Posted: 934907378000
Hi there here is a flash for you. There are a boat load of Teague's in Stone County AR.
Which Teague's are you looking for. I have a pretty good connection with a Teague that has been working on this stuff for over 15 years. Get in touch and we'll compare notes/
My line goes like this, Peerson Teague father of John Riley Teague father of Hugh Francis Teague father of John Andrew Teague father of Robert Lee Coy Teague father of Floyd Eugene Teague(ME) Happy Hunting, Gene

Teagues in AR, Mo

Curtis Scholl (View posts)
Posted: 934914097000
Hi there Gene:

My line from what I know so far is :

Ray(mond) Teague and Alice Hice
Albert Milton Teague
Caladonia Teague Rider (Isaac Rider)
Fronie (Sophronia?)
Corrie (Cora?)

Albert Milton married Lannie Elizabeth Gamble
they had
Sidney Milligan Teague
Oliver Clifton Teague

Sidney Milligan Teague married Matilda Marie Ballard
and had
Surennah Fern Teague
Margaret Pearl Teague
Calvin Teague
Herbert Max teague
Lannie Linda Teague
Betty Rene Teague
Ronald Teague
Janet Teague
Zona Teague

Surennah is my Mother. My Father is Robert Lee Pence
of Stigler OK and County Line AR.

Do any of these names look familiar?

How about a Elizabeth Angeline Teague B. 1854
in Osage, Missouri to Michael T. Teague and Sarah Brown?

Thanks in advance and good luck..

Curtis Scholl


Earlene Davis (View posts)
Posted: 938320063000
Gene,Here is my connection to the Teague's. Pearson Teague father of
Francis(Franz) Teague.John Andrew
Teague son of Franz. Odie(Ott)Franklin Teague-THIS IS MY
GRANDFATHER. Gene, I would be very interested in coming to Arkansas to
the reunion in October if you could
give me the info. Thank You So Much,
My E-Mail is

Teague married Earl

pearson teague

rosey teague norris (View posts)
Posted: 950980314000
i am from the pearson teague line. my grandfather was jessie teague, son of pierce teague, son of pearson teague. i am trying to find out who pearson teague's parents were. please help if you can. email me at with any information.


Willie Ann Teague

Posted: 954778831000
Edited: 1047076925000
My boyfriends mother was from Arkansas, she died in child birth 1961 in Muncie Indiana. Her name was Willie Ann Her parents were accidentley killed in storm. Is she related to you ? Married name Thurman.

Willie Ann Teague

Paula (View posts)
Posted: 954787993000
Do you know where in Arkansas your boyfriends mother is from. We are in Stone County, Mountain View. This is a very large Teague family here. They are scattered all over Arkansas and in Indiana, I will do some checking around to see what I can find out. Please email me directly. Happy Hunting

Willie Ann Teague

Posted: 954788377000
Edited: 1047076925000
Thank you for your response. I think she is from Amityville, Arkansas

Willie Ann Teague

Paula (View posts)
Posted: 954788866000
I will try and see what I can find on Amityville, I have the marriage CD for 1850 to 1900. Do you think that she was married in AR? you can email me directly I live here around a boat load of Teague's

Willie Teague

Posted: 954789642000
Edited: 1047076925000
I dont know where they were married but I dont think his dad ever lived in Arkansas. Kentucky or Indiana. What is your e-mail addy mine is
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