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Hello everyone!!

Hello everyone!!

Heather Randolph (View posts)
Posted: 932572794000
Hi!! I am not looking for any family history, just wanting to say hi to all Ranolphs out there. Please email if you get a chance!

Randolph Surname

Posted: 932824300000
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I don't know which branch of the Randolph's you are interested in. I will give you what I have and if you are interested I'd be glad to help with what I have. Joseph Randolph was born in 1750 in Spotsylvania Co. VA.
He had two sons by his 1st wife, Thomas and John. We are still searching for the name of his 1st wife. He later married a Turman and they had other children. Joseph enlisted in Rev War in Chesterfield Co. VA
1 March 1779.


Bobbie Randolph Mounce (View posts)
Posted: 932977678000
I am a Randolph decendent of Burton Randolph
As I have went down the family line I find I am related to many Randolphs, as Burton had many children who in turn had many children.
Please feel free to e-mail me at (my dad is reading all the history I have collected and at a loss right now for the Randolph line names)


Bobbie Randolph Mounce (View posts)
Posted: 932978039000
Was Joseph related to Thomas Jefferson who's mother was a Randolph?? If so we are related.
I have been trying to find out who Burton Randolph's father was, some say his name was ALfred, there is no record that any can find.
We know he come from Va. went to Olk. then Ark then on to Mo.
Some of the Randolph's from this line went back to Olk. some to Ill. and some to N. Mexico.
Let me know if this is the smae family
you can e-mail me at


Posted: 933016949000
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I think most of Randolph's of VA are related.
Yes, we are supposed to related to Pres.
Jefferson. We can't find Joseph Randolph's
parents which is also a problem.

Reuben/Dominick Randolph

Sue Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 934046484000
In light of the recent revelations about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, does that include the Randolphs of African descent? I am looking for the relatives of Reuben and Dominick Randolph. My grandmother's cousin Edward Randolph always visited them when I was a child. But I was too young to get any information.
Reuben,Sr settled in the Natchitoches area of Louisiana in the mid 1800's. My grandmother was the daughter of Reuben, Jr. I would appreciate any information you may run across. Thank You!
Sue Johnson
Flower Mound, TX

Randolph Surname

Sherrill Carnal Morse (View posts)
Posted: 934310044000
I have info that states Joseph F. Randolph(4th), born on Jan 16, 1750 and died around 1810, married Mary Laing(Laying) January 8, 1772. He was Rev. Soldier of the Virginia Line. According to my info they had two children, John Randolph, born Nov. 16, 1773, and Joseph F. Randolph(5th), born in 1776.

Joseph F. Randolph(4th) married Filia Turman about 1789 and they had a daughter, Nancy Randolph, born in 1790. She married James Ransom.

Looking forward to replys!
Posted: 939369838000
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I've been looking for my relative from my Hemmings family who went to New Orleans in the mid eighteen hundreds. My grandmother mentioned a "Reuben" in connection with our relative, a "Creole" woman (whose name may have been Sarah) who descended from Thomas Jefferson. My great aunt mentioned the Randolph name, and I have thought for sometime now my Hemmings family were Randolph slaves.

Randolphs of Louisiana

Sue johnson (View posts)
Posted: 939390628000
Thanks for replying to my message. Reuben, my great-great grandfather was my grandfather's father. One of them was a blacksmith in Louisiana. My mother who is 84 years old cannot remember my great-grandfatner's mother's name. I never discussed this, but when I was very young and studying about Thomas Jefferson, my mother mentioned that some Randolphs were related to Jefferson. All my grand mother's brothers were tall skinny with long faces. There may be nothing to this. You may want to check on an African American general from/in New Orleans with the surname of Randolph. His life was profiled in EBONY some years ago. He looked like a relative, but I never followed up on it. The only reason I am looking into these things now, is because Mom had a stroke and I take care of her here at home and have time to check out the internet. I know that our Randolph's have/had relatives in Virginia. Cousin Edward Randolph would always go to visit Dominick when I was a child back in the 60's. If you have or find information about them, please let me know. Also, I do not know where you are, but if you are in the Appalachian area, have you every heard of the Melungeon people? Good luck in your search if my Randolphs are the ones you are looking for.

James Joseph Randolph

Linda Lee Randolph Gardner (View posts)
Posted: 941007395000
My grandfather was James Joseph Randolph. I have heard through the hears that he was of indian descent. Story has it that his grandfather and his grandfather's brother left the reservation, and they each took names i.e., my great grandfather took the surname Randolph, and his brother took the surname Johnson. Can anyone share any information such as this? I am truly interested in my heritage; however, I am at a loss. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing any information anyone cares to share with me.
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