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In search of McCrays from Arkansas

In search of McCrays from Arkansas

Karen McCray (View posts)
Posted: 944699573000
Attempting to trace the African American line of this family in Arkansas before 1900. How long had they lived in Ark. (Columbia Co)?? Where were their origins?
Any and all info is appreciated.

McCrays in Arkansas

Charles Curtis (View posts)
Posted: 945672426000
My maternal granparents were McCrays who lived in Conway, Arkansas (Faulkner County). Conway is approximately 30 miles north of Little Rock. To the point. I have a cousin who still resides there. Her name is Dianelle McCray Maltbia (
She compiled a family history, which I can't readily find since we have moved recently, some years back that had old photos and brief histories of each branch of the family. The whole thing was bound and softback. Try emailing her at the above address. It's her email address at work, so she may not respond immediately. If she is unable to help you contact me. As a matter of fact please furnish me with a carbon copy of your correspondence to her so I can follow what you guys discover. I can also provide you with info on my branch of the McCrays, many of which moved to California probably in the late 30s or early 40s. Please keep in contact. I just remembered that my grandfather, Thomas Jefferson McCray, was born in Satillo, AR in the late 1800s. That place evidently no longer exists, at least by the name Satillo. Gotta go now. Hope I helped.

Chuck Curtis
San Antonio, TX

McCray''s in Arkansas

Karen McCray (View posts)
Posted: 945697595000
Thank you for your reply. We may in fact be descendants from the same line. Many of my aunts uncles and cousins migrated to California in the 30's and 40's as well. My paternal grandparents were Ed McCray and Lucy Young McCray from Magnolia in Columbia County. My grandfather was from a large family many of which were deceased in the early 1900. I do know of two brothers...Doc and Tommy. It is from these three brothers that the McCray line came to Ca. Unfortunately,
I have come to a dead end in my search prior to 1886. I do know that my great grandparents were Ed and Emma McCray. In my search I have found that the counties in southern Ark and parishes in Northern Louisiana have changed many times. I wonder if the McCray's might have once lived in Louisiana. Please reply as soon as possible. Karen

McCrays in Arkansas

Charles Curtis (View posts)
Posted: 945700392000
Interesting! We'll have to f/u on this. I have a lot of old photos that I plan on scanning that belonged to my grandmother, Edrana Gatewood McCray wife of Thomas Jefferson McCray, a butcher in Faulkner County (Conway), who died in the early 1950s. And some family trees you might be interested in. Please be patient with me. I am an electrical engineering student, work full time, wife, family, house. I think you get the picture. My email address is Hopefully I will be able to get my dear cousin Dianelle involved. She has a wealth of information concerning the McCrays in Arkansas. Your email address would be helpful. Happy holidays to you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon.

Chuck Curtis
San Antonio, TX

McCray Family

Dorothy McCray (View posts)
Posted: 946759886000
In deed there are still McCrays that live in the northern part of Louisiana, not necessarily familiar with any of them, but it is definite. Also, from the southern area of Arkansas moving north, there are still McCrays - many of them. Also, there is still a Saltillo, Arkansas, but there are no McCrays living there at present.

Let me hear from you.

McCray Klan

Karen McCray (View posts)
Posted: 947868958000
Two brothers, Sam McCray and another left Scotland thru Ireland during potato famine
and stowed away aboard ship to America and wound up southern OH where they split and one went to Wellston. Other to MO
and was fiddle player. Wellston bro was blacksmith at voal mines. My grandfather, Ulysses S Grant McCray
also blacksmith left Wellston with family early 1900's and moved to this area. Think African-American McCrays were slaves and took name of McCray

McCray Klan

Posted: 948212053000
Edited: 1003549878000
Hi Karen, my email is
please write, I'm sure we have much to discuss! ;o)

Thomas J McCray

Anita McCray (View posts)
Posted: 954797558000
I have a Thomas Jefferson McCray b. Oct 18, 1877
in Ark - is this your Thomas?

Interested in the Other McCray?

Posted: 959010377000
Edited: 1031057461000
Karen, Please if you know the name of the other McCray that went to Missouri - please email me with the information. I need all the help I can get with this family history.


McCray's in Missouri

Belinda McCray Kincaid (View posts)
Posted: 959334195000
I noticed your message on the McCray message board. If you have records of McCrays that went to Missouri could you please e-mail me the info. Thanks
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