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Horan''s from Tipperary.

Horan''s from Tipperary.

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I have an general interest in genealogy.
I am interested in tracing any persons of the
family name who emigrated from Ireland.
My ancestors originally came from Rossmore,
near Dundrum in County, Tipperary. My days
as a child were spent growing up in Sollogheadbeg, Donohill, Co. Tipperary.
Currently, living in Co. Kildare, Republic
of Ireland. On a visit last year to the USA
I noted about 37 names of the Horan clan
on the records in Ellis Island.
Regards, Con Horan.

Horan Clan

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Just happened to stumble upon your message, I am only now attempting to research the Horan side of my family history. My father died when I was young and our family pretty much lost touch with the Horan side of my family. However, an interesting side note, my mother's side of the family comes from Tipperary, Ireland (Carrick on Suir). My Great Grandfather's name was John O'Shea and he was married to a Mary Walsh, probably in the 1858 year, my Grandfather Joe Shea immigrted to New York in 1913.

If I come with any Horan information, particularly if our family is from Tipperary I'll let you know.

Good luck with your family serch.

Horans from Tipperary

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Fao: Ed Horan

Thanks for your email. Good luck on your search. Likewise if I come across any with origins in Carrick I will let you know.
Con Horan.

horan from ireland

denise (View posts)
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we know that the original in my ancestry was patrick, married mary kirk, in ireland and came to usa in 1840's. unknown where from in ireland. if you come across any that mught assist me please let me know!!! thanks so much.

Horan's from Tipperary

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I am looking for my grandmother Helen Horan's family. She said that her father, Mathew Horan was from Parish Dumisker or Dumiskee. Does this sound familiar?

Horan's form Tipperary.

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The name of the place would be Donaskeigh, is how I think you spell it. I am not sure of the other name. There are other branches of the Horan family in Donohill, Co. Tipperary. You could write to them, ie. Laurence or PJ Horan. There original address was, Moatequarter, Donohill, Co. Tipperary. Not sure of their current location, but it should be forwarded. Best of luck in the search.
Con Horan.

Horan's from Tipperary

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Thank you Con. I will write to the two names tomorrow. Sorry I was so slow in answering you thoughtful note. Jeanne

Your search for Horan's from Tipperary.

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Jeanne, Easter Sunday.
Thanks for you email of 21-4-2000.
I was asking my father (he is 86 this year) yesterday, if he knew anything of you enquiry.
He said the Horan's i mentioned may not be connected to the Horan's you asked about. Also he told me that one of the Horan's in Moatequarter,Donohill, had died a few years ago, RIP. My dad said there were Horan's in Mantlehill, Golden, Co. Tipperary (which is near Donaskeigh) which may be the people you were enquiring about. Best Regards,
Con Horan.

Horans from Tipperary

Jennifer Skinner (View posts)
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Hello, Con. I've been checking out your messages and ther seems to be a connection. My great great grandfather was Jeremiah Horan, married to Mary Duggan. They had three sons that we know of, Jeremiah Jr, Laurence and Patrick J. (PJ, my great grandfather). Patrick was born in 1851 (or 1853) in Moatquarter (Donohill) Tipperary. He emigrated to St. John's Newfoundland and married Mary Elizabeth McGrath in 1889. They had nine children: Mary Johanna, Malachy, Mary Ann (my grandmother), Winifred, Cornelius, Jeremiah, Laurence, Kathleen, and Thomas. I could go on and on. If you see a connection please contact me. I would love to find out about the Horans from Tipperary.

All The Best,


Horans from Tipperary

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Fao: Jennifer Skinner 28-5-2000
Jennifer, sorry for the delay in responding.
As far as I know, but I may not be fully accurate, the Horan's of Moatequarter, Donohill, are a different branch of the Horan family. When I was going to school in Donohill, up to the age of around 12 years, there were two children of the Horan family from Moatequarter attending the same school.There father's name was Laurence. One of the children, P.J has since died R.I.P.
His brother, also called Laurence, I think, may still be in the family home, but I am not sure of this. It is worth a try if you want to write to the family at that address.
Alternatively. if you write to the school principal at the local school in Donohill, the family home is beside the school.
Best of luck in you search. Some time when I get the chance, I will give you ancestry details on my side which go back to my great
grandfather, around 1872, and you can check the records further.
Best Regards,
Con Horan
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