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Malinda Forrester Mann

Malinda Forrester Mann

Ama (View posts)
Posted: 943250761000
Hi. I am looking for information on Malinda Forrester who married John Mann in November of 1838. I need childrens names, parents names, anything. I have a wonderful story written by my great-great-grandmother and Malinda and John were her ancestors but no other names are mentioned and I cannot find any information. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!!

Malinda Forrester

Kay Wofford (View posts)
Posted: 947936196000
I am looking for information on Malinda Forrester. My records have her born in 1770/1788 in South Carolina, and death in Georgia. I have her married to John Grant (b.1785 in S.C. and died Aug. 28, 1881, Cornelia, Georgia). Her parents were John and (Lula)? or Mary "Polly". Her child was also Mary "Polly" b.Sept. 1, 1807, in Georgia and died 26 Jun,1884, in Cornelia,Georgia. She married Willis Rucker Ivie. I don't know if this is the same Malinda Forrester, but could be. I'm needing information on her parents.


Amanda (View posts)
Posted: 947968091000
I think we are looking at two different Malinda FOrresters. Mine was born around 1816 and married John Mann in 1834. I will certainly keep looking though and let you know if i find anything.

VA and SC Forresters

Malinda Forrester (View posts)
Posted: 948117744000
Try this...a Polly Grant was married to a John Forresterb. abt.1766 VA,, died Habersham Co. GA abt 1858 ..Johns father was possibly James Forrester Jr.b. 1734 Orange Co VA His wife Elizabeth Grantchie VA, both died in Greenville Co. SC . James Jr. was the son of James Sr., also of Orange Co. VA, born abt 1700 place unk. He died 1755, will recorded...His wife was Ann Ashley born abt 1700, died 1775. Other children of this couple besides James Jr. were William, Benjamin, Thomas, Jane and possibly John and Ann ...James will found in archives of NC.
I am seeking family lines of Thomasand John...I am from Issac, possibly James Issac, born 1789 NC married Elizabeth Justice. Am trying to make connection from him back to James Sr. of VA.

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AddieForrester Moseley (View posts)
Posted: 948118080000
Message not from Malinda...from me...sorry.

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AddieForrester Moseley (View posts)
Posted: 948118188000
Message 62....

Malinda Forrester Mann

Posted: 948398811000
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Malinda Forrester Mann was the daughter of Hiram Forrester, son of John Forrester and Mary "Polly" Grant, who was born in South Carolina around 1799. This family moved to Habersham County, Georgia about 1819, and Malinda Forrester married John Mann there on November 4, 1838. Hiram's only known wife was Millie Davis, son of Thomas Davis of Franklin County, Georgia, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't Malinda's mother, because all the other children of this family were far younger than Malinda. In fact, the next know child, Thomas, was born about 1836, just two years before Malinda's marriage.

Hiram, Millie and their younger children, as well as Malinda and John Mann, all moved from Habersham County to Pickens County, Georgia sometime in the 1850's. I think the move may have been made before the actual formation of Pickens County in 1853, because I seem to recall one or two records in Cherokee County, the county from which Pickens was formed.

Malinda and John Mann had several children, and I have these records somewhere, but I'm not absolutely sure where they are. The only son I remember is James M. Mann, apparently known as "Bud," who was born about 1844. "Bud" Mann enlisted in Company E of the 23rd Georgia Regiment (Confederate) on August 31, 1861, the same day as his uncle Thomas Forrester. He was sent home in December due to spasms thought to be a form of epilepsy, but he re-enlisted in early 1863. He died at Richmond, of wounds, on June 8, 1864. His father had died on March 10 of the same year; I haven't checked Confederate records, but I think he must also have died in the war, since there's a pension record for Malinda.

The only daughter I know about is Elizabeth Mann, who married another Confederate soldier, Samuel Allred. I think they're buried in Pickens County, but I'd have to check my records to be sure, and said records are in an awful mess at the moment.

The reason I know all this Civil War-era stuff is that Malinda's brother Thomas wrote his sister Mary for about three years during the war, and the letters found their way to the Georgia State Archives. I've had them copied and have been working on a book built around them, which has involved a lot of research into collateral families and friends.

The reason I started on all this in the first place is that I'm fairly sure my own great-grandfather, John J. Forrester, was a grandson of John Forrester and Mary "Polly" Grant. But I haven't been able to prove it, so anybody who can help me on this one will earn my undying gratitude. John J. Forrester married Louvinda Tankersley in Habersham County in 1844. Louvinda was the granddaughter of Mary Grant Forrester's sister, Catharine, and her husband, Charles Tankersley.

I would love to see the story written by your great-great-grandmother. And I'll be glad to share anything else I have on this family, as soon as I can untangle my files.

Malinda Mann

Ama (View posts)
Posted: 948430711000
Kay, I am sorry, it seems I was mistaken about it not being the same Malinda Forrester that we were talking about. My confusion was misguided by details, but if you read some of the replies by Harriet you may find some answers. sorry for the mix up!

Thank you!!

Ama (View posts)
Posted: 948431733000
Harriet, How can I ever thank you for all of your information! I had also been thinking of writing some kind of book on my great-great-grandmothers story, but just something for the family and such. If you could email me your address I would be more than happy to send you a copy of her story.
You are correct I believe that Malinda is not Millie Davis's daughter. According to my grandma's story, Malinda's father was a missionary when he was 21 to a Cherokee Indian tribe and while there married the Chief's daughter. Malinda is their daughter together. The indian princess died while Malinda was very young.
I am realitively young for being so interested in geneology from what I see. I am only 25 and low on funds and info (my grandmother can't remember much) so any help at all that you have would be greatly appreciated. If you have copies of the letters you mentioned, I would love to read them, they sound facinating!
Thank you again for all of your help!
Amanda Lanham

Forrester's of Scotland, VA, TN, GA MO

Tony Hinkle (View posts)
Posted: 951940851000
I have read may of the messages posted and have similar info, but also different info. Several of the names are the same, but different birth/death date. Kinda new at this and have years of unorganized information. Please feel free to contact regarding any questions, I might have the info.or you may have what I need.
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