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Feast researchers

Feast researchers

Kirkley Connor (View posts)
Posted: 980933152000
Hello - I haven't seen any activity - just wondering if we have given up or just hibernating. All you Canada descendants - I found a link to the Baltimore Feast family (part of which migrated to Colorado). Doesn't look like we are in too many other places. Just trying to get you all interested again.
Thanks - Kirkley Connor
My tie to the Feast family would be my great, great grandmother Sarah A. Feast - married to John Feat. Had 2 children (Dillwyn Feast and John Feast (1858 and 1860)in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Baltimore Feasts

Anne Feast Clark (View posts)
Posted: 982533906000
This is from a pencil-sketched family line by my mother:

Samuel Feast was born in Sutton, England, and came to America in 1817. (he had brothers John, and William, who "went West." (West where is anyone's guess)

Samuel's children, by his first wife, Ellen Laslace (could be "Laplace") (m. 1823) , were Nellie, Lilly, Nancy, Bob and Sally (who married Ross Wilson and had children Ross, Margaret and Eleanor)

His sons, by his second wife ??? Sarah Nealy??? were John Edward Feast and Samuel Jr. (Samuel Feast & Sons, Baltimore Florists) It appears that Sarah Nealy was the sister of Mary Jane Nealy, who married John Edward Feast.
(I see the name spelled "Nealy" and "Neely")

John Edward Feast was the father of my grandfather, Charles Frederick Feast.
My father was Charles Frederick Feast Jr., who operated the Feast florist business for awhile. His son, my half-brother, is Charles Frederick Feast III, now in Boise, Idaho.
I am Anne Feast Clark, living in Kalispell, MT.

Feast family from Baltimore

Kirkley Connor (View posts)
Posted: 982661260000
I am pretty sure that Samuel Feast had a brother named John as well as a son. John Feast was married to my great great grandmother, Sarah Uppercue Kirkley Feast. Please email me when you can.
Posted: 983603381000
Edited: 1159815284000
No doubt you have seen my previous message poted to this site--In the list of marriages Wentworth County -Hamilton my gg grandfather
Alfred Feast is listed as English this would have been in 1864--so I looked in the IGI, as on the marriage licence it lists Samuel and Mary as Alfred's parents I found a Samuel Feast married to Mary Lenton Oct 5 1835 from place called Hitchin in Herteford County from England- I think this is my ggg
grandfather. No proof --They also had 2 sons
in this area in 1836 Henry was born and in 1837 Alfred was born making him the correct age according to the listing on the marriage certificate. I have discovered that Henry died later in 1836 so that means that clue will not help. It also means that Alfred if this is the correct family came to Canada with or without his parents between 1837 an 1864 when he was married to my grandmother - As i did not find anymore childred born to these people in the Hitchin Hertford area it could mean they moved or came to Canada or who knows maybee even the USA. Does any of this mean anything to anyone on this list?

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Posted: 1012672052000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bowers/Feast/Payne
Hi, I am new to this but did any of your descendants have a child named Frances Kate? If so she is my Great Grandmother and Married a Frank Bowers who had four brothers. My family hail from the Epsom, Sutton part of the world UK so I was quite interested to find what you said about immigrants.

Any information is useful

Thanks Kaye

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Edward (View posts)
Posted: 1079750860000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Feast

I tried emailing you but it bounced. Can you get intouch with me?

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Posted: 1170837949000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Feast
Hi all! I am not related, but Florist Samuel Feast hybridized a beautiful rose, Baltimore Belle, in 1843. The rosebush is a big, vigorous bush. Rose folks think Samuel Feast was born in the UK, emigrated to the US, began operations as a florist and nursery, and that his birth and death dates are 1796 to 1868. , but we are not certain of this. Rose folks also think Samuel had a brother John, but I do not know dates for him.

To shed some light, I went to DAR library in Washington DC and checked census records. I ended up more confused! The census records do not show much detail through 1840 - just male head of household and then a count as to males and females in certain age groups, but no names. Therefore, I started with 1860 and found three John Feasts in Baltimore City in 1860! First, for 1860, Baltimore City, 19th Ward, page 83, there are John Feast 50 born England, and Sarah 34, with Linnaeous 23, John 15, Edward or Elizabeth?? 7, Dillwyn 2 and John 6/12. Also, Balt Sun newspaper said John Feast married Sarah Uppercue Aug 18, 1857 (08/22/1857, pg 2). For 1870 Census, Baltimore City, 13th Ward, there is John Feast 66 Florist, with Sarah 40 keeping House, and Leander(sp?) 29 Florist, plus Dillron 12 and John 10. These are the folks Kirkley is researching.

However, interestingly, the 1860 Census in Baltimore also shows, second, Baltimore City 19th Ward, page 239 - John Feast 32, Florist, born Maryland, and Mary Feast 25.

The 1860 Census shows, third, Baltimore City, 19th ward, page 107, Samuel Feast 35, Florist, born Maryland; Mary Feast, 24; and John Feast, 30, born Maryland. The 1870 Census shows Baltimore City, 19th Ward, page 336, Samuel Feast, 45, Florist, born Maryland; Caroline Feast 39, keeping house, born NY, and Adde 6, Clara 4, and Samuel Jr 2. Living next door are John E. Feast 40, Florist, born Maryland, MJ 35, keeping house, born Maryland, and Maria 8, and William 5. The Balt Sun newpaper said Samuel Feast married Sarah Neely 04/22/1858 (04/26 paper) and John E. Feast married Mary J. Neely 04/12/1860 (04/13 paper). Is Caroline a middle name for Sarah?? Or possibly there is a mix-up? But perhaps this is the family Anne Feast Clark is discussing. If Samuel Feast is 45 in 1870, then he was born about 1825. So perhaps his father was born about 1795 and married in 1823?

In checking on roses, I also found a Balt Sun short obit for an older Samuel Feast of Cockeysville [town just north of Baltimore], a retired florist, who died Feb 28, 1868, at age 72, from a fall. (Balt Sun 02/28 and 02/29/1868). Mourners were invited to his son's residence, but the paper did not give the name of his son, just a street corner address! So not sure if the son were Sam or John or someone else!

I personally think the older Samuel Feast who died in 1868 is the man who hybridized Baltimore Belle rose. Sorry I do not have more information, but the fact that there are two of three John Feasts in Baltimore who are all florists may be of help to you. There are various branches to a family tree, I guess. We are researching various branches in my family and they are confusing also. Kathy

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Posted: 1171407545000
Classification: Query
The older Samuel Feast was the one who bred the rose you mention. He did have a son named John and one named Samuel. This branch of the family wound up moving out to Colorado. The John Feast you mention with Sarah and children, i.e. Loudon, Linnaeus, Edward, John, Dilwyn, Elizabeth - that is my gg grandmother's (Sarah Uppercue) 2nd husband. Edward is my great grandfather. I know that this John was the older Samuel Feast's brother. John Feast was also a florist and dealt in exotic flowers (esp orchids). Samuel Feast had a flower business for 100 years in Baltimore. John's did not last as long. From John's flower business sprang Kirkley florist. I actually worked there as a teenager. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Posted: 1171474861000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Feast
THis is confusing. Older Sam Feast who hybridized roses and started Samuel Feast & Sons is dated 1795 or 6 to 1868 and we found his Balt Sun obit for Feb 1868. Older John Feast, per the other Balt Sun obit was 80 in Oct 1868, so born in 1788. The John Feast, born in England who married Sarah Uppercue, is younger as he was 50 in 1860 and 66 in 1870, so the Census is not exact, but he was born 1810 or 1804, but certainly not in the late 1700's.

Is the John Feast who married Sarah Uppercue the brother of Sam Feast who hybridized roses? Then the very old John Feast 1788 - 1868 is an uncle or even not related? (Do you know approx birth and death dates on John Feast who married Sarah Uppercue?)

From the 1870 Census, also, there are Sam Feast 45 who married Caroline (or Sarah Neely?) with Adde 6, Clara 4 and Sam Jr 2 who lived next door to John E Feast 40 who married MJ (probably Mary J Neely) with Maria 8 and William 8. Are they the children of rose hybridizer Samuel Feast, so they are part of the 100-year Baltimore florist business? Thank you for clarifying! Kathy

Re: Baltimore Feasts

Posted: 1171686132000
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Surnames: Feast
Hi, everyone!

I am the member for the FEAST surname references of the Guild of One-Name Studies based in London (England), and since the 1980s have collected nearly 5,000 world-wide. Unfortunately "advances" in computer technology have reently ruined my original digital files for these people through hardware obsolescence, and although I have paper records they do not contain all of the details which my computer files did.

However, I have been re-creating digital records, one of which was the Yorkshire Feast family with its Baltimore descendants (helped in the late 1980s by Charles Frederick Feast). The English direct descendants have died out, though I believe that non-Feast descendants still exist in the UK. The US seems to have the direct Feast descendants, but I do not have full details.

If anyone would like to co-operate, I would be happy to send PDF files showing the family chart, with additional text giving details and sources of information. I would welcome your corrections and additions. I shall not be available for about ten days, but if you would like to email me I'll send the PDF files as soon as I can.
Edward (
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