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Laurin, Latour and L'Hirondelle, MacDougall, MacDonald, Beaudry and Brabant

Laurin, Latour and L'Hirondelle, MacDougall, MacDonald, Beaudry and Brabant

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I am searching for the parents of:
Suzette Laurin - married to Alexandre MacDonald,
Suzanne Latour - married to Joseph Beaudry,
Marguerite l'Hirondelle married to Augustin Brabant.
and the native wife of Allen MacDougall

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Best cousins,

Re: MacDougall

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Surnames: MacDougall
Where exactly did Allen MacDougall live? My ancestor Charlotte MacDougall is metis and from the Fort Abitibi and Fort Temiscaming area, c. 1840. This is on the border between Ontario and Quebec.

Maybe this is the same family.

Re: MacDougall

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I will have to look it up but I believe they may have come through the Glengarry area near lake of Two Mountians. Allen was born closer to the mid 1700's. Many of their descendants are scattered from the Abitibis to the west coast. Do you have any info on Charlotte's parents?

Re: MacDougall

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There are a few Mcdougal's found in the Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection). Look under Pembroke Mission 1839-1842. The attachement I've included is from pg 10. There's also a Mcdougal on page 7 and probably lots more in there.
These records cover the following posts: La Passe, Matawan, Temiskaming, Abbitibbi, Grand Lac, Lac Latruite, Allumettes, Grand Calmet, Fort William, Portage Sa??, Les Chats, Lac de Sables. Mitcikanbikong, Kanikwanakak, and Lac St Marie (Gatineau).
I hope this helps someone. It helped me.

Re: MacDougall

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Surnames: MacDougall
Marie Charlotte MacDougall was the daughter of an unknown Native woman and the Factor at Forts Abitibi and Temiscaming, Alexander McDougall. Alexander was born in Scotland, and came to Canada as a young man with his family. He was christened December 24, 1759.

Charlotte was born about 1783. She married Augustin Belisle Feb. 13, 1798 in Deschambault, QC. She later drowned April 15, 1820 at about 43 years of age.

Alexander never married, but we know he had many children with this Native woman. I would love to know what tribe or Nation lived around Fort Abitibi, where she was born. Some of the children and grandchildren signed treaties with the government "as members of the band." I would like to know what "band" that would be.

Re: Laurin, Latour and L'Hirondelle, MacDougall, MacDonald, Beaudry and Brabant

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Allen (sometimes Allan) MacDougall's (sometimes McDougall) wife was Mary (sometimes listed as Marie in Quebec documents) MacPherson (McPherson). She was born in Badenoch, Scotland. Allen was born on the Island of Jura.

I am having difficulty finding much further information on them however am confidant I will break through the "brickwall" since the MacPherson's of Badenoch were a rather prestigious family and so further records likely exist in Scotland.

I have reason to believe they are the same Allen McDougall and Mary McPherson who had a daughter name Margaret in 1791, born in Kilmore and Kilbride, Scotland and died young. Ultimately they settled in Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier, Quebec.

As for Suzette (sometimes Josette or Josephte) Laurin (could be Lorin or Delorme) her parents are unknown. As for her husband Alexander MacDonell (with numerous variations of spelling including the french form Alexandre and the last names MacDonald, MacDonnell, McDonell, etc) he was Alexander MacDonell of Greenfield. You can see his wiki page here:

According to volume VII of the Généalgies des familles du Manitoba by Reverend Father Plourde Suzette's father, "Alexander (Greenfield) MacDonald" (and sometimes "Alex" was a "judge in the east" after he returned to live with his family in Cornwall leaving his wife and infant daughter behind.

Since Suzette was his "country" wife and he wasn't ever technically "legally" married the Burke's Landed Gentry lists him as o.s.p. (i.e. having died without issue) but of course this is because only "legitimate" issue was recognized at the time that Burke's Landed Gentry was published.

Good luck in your searches!
John M McDougall-Goulet

Re: Laurin, Latour and L'Hirondelle, MacDougall, MacDonald, Beaudry and Brabant

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Thank you very much John. The English are very funny that way. Even though their original 1066 lineage follows our tradition they seem to forget it when it comes to inheriting property and so called English title. The French were much more cooperative. I will let you know what I find.
Peace and playful exuberance.
martin Carriere

Re: Laurin, Latour and L'Hirondelle, MacDougall, MacDonald, Beaudry and Brabant

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Alexander McDonnel wife Suzette Lourin, daughter Marguerite McDonald married Duncan McDougall. She was the paternal grandmother of my grandmother's first husband. Children of Marguerite and Duncan were:

Duncan McDougall1837 – 1881

Louise Mcdougall1838 –

Alexander McDougall1841 – 1924

Samuel Mcdougall1845 –

Joseph Mcdougall1848 – 1926

William McDougall1851 – 1875

margaret MCDOUGALL1852 –

Samuel McDougall1854 –
Charles McDougall1858 – 1917

Marie Rose McDougall1861 –

Marguerite McDougall1861 – 1904

Gregoire McDougall1862 –

Virginie Mcdougall1864 –

Angus Auguste Mcdougall
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