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Judy Burleson (View posts)
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Looking for information on the Brice Blair lineage from York Co., PA. Information that I have include a Brice Blair, d abt 1785 with children: Alexander, John, James, Mary, Ann(a), Jane, Eleanor, Barbara, Susannah (abt 1743) and Brice (1758).

For the John above, I have the following children: Robert, John, Jane, Anna, Mary, Suzannah.

For the Brice (1758-1836, Warrington twp) the following children: Thomas Porter, James M.

For Thomas Porter (9/1805-11/1877) m#1 Marion Fulton m#2 Rebecca Ferree. I have the following children wife#1: Brice Benton, James (1837), Alexander (abt 1841), Thomas Jefferson (abt 1844), wife #2 children: Oliver McLean (3/1/1848) and William J. (abt 1851). Living in Cumberland Co. in 1850.

BLAIR's of York County

Judy Burleson (View posts)
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Surnames: BLAIR
I don't think this is the same line...although I will not rule it out. My BLAIR's of York Co. show up in Carroll twp and Warrington twp, around Dillsburg. I have a Brice Blair (d. 1836) buried with his wife Mary (d. June 1845)at the Monaghan Presby. Church, Dillsburg. I understand that there were some Blair's further south in the county, but don't know if it is the same line, or how connected.

Blair Family

Richard Rand Lindsly (View posts)
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Surnames: Blair, Suter
I have information that our immigrant Blair ancestor, William Blair, came to York Co. in 1765 and married Sarah Suter, daughter of George Suter of York. William served in the Revolutionary War. He came to the U.S. with two brothers. One was named James and he settled in Charlotte, N.C. The other is unknown. There is a gap between William and John Francis Blair who was born in 1804, and lived in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. Does this tie in with your Blairs at all?

William BLAIR

Charles E. Stark (View posts)
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This may clear up your gap.
Descendants of William Blair

1 William Blair b: Abt. 1750 in Moneymore, Londonderry County, Ireland d: Jan 19, 1789 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
+Sarah Sutter b: 1760 d: 1807 in Pittsylvania Co., VA m: Abt. 1772 in York Co. PA

2 George Blair b: 1773 in York Co., Pa. d: Jun 27, 1848 in Rutherford Co., TN

+Martha Fulton b: 1768 d: Jul 25, 1857 in Rutherford Co., TN m: Apr 18, 1796

3 John F. Blair b: 1796

3 Ralph A. Blair b: 1797

+Asenath McFadden b: 1798

3 William L. J. Blair b: 1803

+Margaret Williams b: 1801

3 James W. Blair b: 1805

+Lucinda Marilla May b: 1807

2 John Blair, Sr. b: 1774 in York Co., PA d: Aft. 1850 in Rockingham Co., NC

+Sallie Wade b: 1783 in probably in Pittsylvania Co., VA d: Abt. 1870 in Rockingham Co., NC m: Aug 14, 1810 in Pittsylvania Co., VA

3 Henry W. Blair b: 1811 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

+Sally Shreves b: 1811 in Rockingham Co., NC m: Dec 26, 1832 in Rockingham Co., NC

3 John Blair, Jr. b: Sep 6, 1817 in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia d: Jun 6, 1892 in Holly Springs (near Mt.Airy) Surry Co, NC

+Sallie Sarah Baker King b: Jul 28, 1816 in Rockingham Co, NC d: 1890 in Surry Co., NC m: Oct 10, 1840 in Rockingham Co, NC

3 William Blair b: 1820

+Permelia Kurn b: 1825

3 Mary Blair b: 1822

+Driskell Laten

2 James Blair b: Mar 27, 1775 in York Co., PA d: May 28, 1840 in Dry Fork, Pittsylvania Co, VA

+Polly Dickerson b: Apr 9, 1776 d: 1831 m: Apr 1, 1796

3 Nancy Blair b: 1796 d: 1858

+William Reynolds d: 1816 m: Abt. 1814

*2nd Husband of Nancy Blair:

+John Booker b: 1797 d: 1858 m: Abt. 1824

3 Sally Sara Blair b: 1799 d: Abt. 1855

+Merideth Dallas b: 1794

3 Drury Blair b: 1801 d: 1864

+Chloe Tice Coleman b: 1801 d: 1854

3 John Francis Blair b: 1804 d: 1860 in Fannin Co, TX

+Christeen Keen b: 1810 d: 1861 in Fannin Co, TX

*2nd Wife of James Blair:

+Anna S. Coleman b: 1782 d: 1854 m: Abt. 1832

3 James Young Blair d: 1913

+Permilla Gray Soyars b: 1834 d: 1870 m: Abt. 1855

*2nd Wife of James Young Blair:

+Lalatia W. Thomas b: 1836 d: 1883 m: Abt. 1875

*3rd Wife of James Young Blair:

+Jenirah M. Willis b: 1852 d: 1914 m: Abt. 1885

2 Mary Blair b: Jan 20, 1777 in York Co, P d: Jan 1, 1862 in Maury Co., TN

+William Mack b: 1775 m: Oct 2, 1799

2 Elizabeth Blair b: Abt. 1779 d: in TN

+Alexander Shaw m: Dec 26, 1804

2 William Blair(Jr?) b: Feb 15, 1781 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Oct 3, 1839 in Kentuck, Pittsylvania Co., VA

+Nancy Thomas b: Mar 25, 1782 d: 1843 m: May 18, 1801

3 Josiah Blair b: Jun 4, 1810 d: May 17, 1861

+Frances Bailey Penick b: Aug 24, 1806 in Caswell Co, NC d: Dec 6, 1889 m: Nov 16, 1831

2 Joseph Blair b: Abt. 1785

+Jane Matthews m: Nov 29, 1813

2 Samuel Brittain Blair b: Apr 11, 1789 d: Mar 22, 1870 in Rondo, Pittsylvania Co, VA

+Mary Reynolds b: Mar 18, 1791 d: Apr 4, 1833 m: Jul 26, 1810

3 Margaret R. Blair b: Apr 24, 1811 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Nov 7, 1876

+Abihu Arnn b: Sep 23, 1807 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Feb 24, 1893 m: Oct 2, 1829 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

3 Joanna Amanda Blair b: Feb 28, 1813 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Mar 12, 1863 in Cave City, Sharp Co, AR

+Berryman Arnn, Sr. b: Jul 25, 1810 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: 1901 in Sidney, Sharp County, AR m: Nov 20, 1836 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

3 Joseph Blair b: Feb 15, 1815

3 Elizabeth Euroa Blair b: Jan 20, 1817

+William Reynolds m: 1838

3 William A. Y. Blair b: Nov 18, 1821 d: Jul 1879

+Elizabeth Mahan m: Nov 23, 1847

3 Mary Sutter Blair b: Jan 8, 1824

3 John F. M. Blair b: Mar 3, 1826 d: 1885

+Mary C. Mahan m: Dec 24, 1856

3 Amanda Virginia Blair b: Mar 27, 1828 d: Mar 11, 1861

+John Reynolds

3 Edney E. B. Blair b: Nov 26, 1830

3 James H. Blair b: Jun 3, 1819 d: Apr 24, 1858

+America M. Blair b: 1835

*2nd Wife of Samuel Brittain Blair:

+Clarissa W. Fuller m: Feb 1834

3 Nancy Sophoronia Blair b: 1835 d: Feb 1910

+William H. Settle m: Oct 20, 1851

3 Julia Blair b: Oct 15, 1836 d: Oct 3, 1908

+Robert A. Walker m: Feb 16, 1864

3 Samuel Brittian Blair, Jr. b: May 23, 1838 in Chatham, Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Apr 4, 1911 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

+Emily Frances Motley m: Dec 18, 1866

3 George R. Blair b: Jun 15, 1840

3 Luther Rice Blair b: Jan 26, 1842 d: 1918

+MacBeth Harriett Aaron b: 1850 d: 1885 m: 1869

3 Sutter F. Blair b: Mar 20, 1843 d: Jul 15, 1863

3 Arthur Sidney Blair b: Apr 28, 1845 in Pittsylvania Co, VA d: Mar 19, 1903 in Pittsylvania Co, VA

2 Ralph Blair

But be advised that there were 2 William BLAIRs in York Co at about the same time and both served in the REV WAR. This about our William:
"As a resident of York Co, PA, during the Revolutionary War, William Blair was a private in Capt Samuel Hay's Company No.1 in Col William Irvine's Regiment of 6th Battalion, enlisting on 28 Feb 1776. He was captured by the British troops under Gen Frazier on 8 June 1776 at Trois Rivers, Quebec about 45 miles down the St. Laurence River from the mouth of the Sorel River. Gen Thompson and about 200 men were captured here and about 25 slain by the enemy. He was paroled 6 Aug 1776.
(PA Archives 5th Series 11-206 and 6th Series 11-551 Haddenfield, N.J.)

Bryce Blair

Betty Massman (View posts)
Posted: 957268800000
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Bryce Blair was my paternal ggggggrandfather. His daughter, Susanna, christened 14 Mar 1742 was my ggggmother. She married Henry Logan in Dillsburg, PA ca 1776 and died in Dillsburg10 June 1817. Five known children, Eleanor, Sarah, William, Henry and James Logan.
I am looking for additional info on the Blairs.

Re: Blair Family

Melony Graham (View posts)
Posted: 996151638000
Surnames: BLAIR, SUTER
I think you need to contact Richard Blair Anderson Jr []. He was kind enough to do a look up for me on some English lines and knew I lived in York. He is looking for the Suter and Blairs you mentioned.
Could you please email him and tell him I sent you? That way it is a more direct line and he can tell you what he needs.

Re: Blair Family

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Surnames: Blair
Hi,here's the BLAIR family I'm from....Luther Rice Blair is my great grandfather,his father was Samuel Brittain Blair married to Clarissa Fuller,Samuels father was William Blair from York Pa. via Ireland
163.Luther Rice6 Blair (Clarissa W.5 Fuller, Britain4, Arthur3, Ezekiel2, Samuel1) was born June 26, 1842 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died June 12, 1918 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He married (1) Macbeth Harriet Aaron March 28, 1869, daughter of Jacob Aaron and Jane Mitchell. She was born February 05, 1850, and died June 07, 1885. He married (2) Anne Elizabeth Pritchett September 02, 1887, daughter of Robert Pritchett and Martha Thompson. She was born July 10, 1857, and died April 08, 1940.

Notes for Luther Rice Blair:
"Enl. 3/18/62 in Halifax, Co. Pvt., Wright's Battery (Halifax Artillery) (Co. C. De Gournay's Battalion Heavy Artillery), CSA. Admitted 9/05/62 to Gen. Hosp. Petersburg, debilitas; returned to duty 11/14/62. Present Dec. 1863."~Surry Light Artillery and Martin's, Wright's, Coffin's Batteries of Virginia Artillery, p. 135, Lee A. Wallace, Jr., 1995, H. E. Howard Inc.

More About Luther Rice Blair:
Record Change: May 26, 2002

More About Macbeth Harriet Aaron:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Anne Elizabeth Pritchett:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

Children of Luther Blair and Macbeth Aaron are:



Mollie Jessie7 Blair, born 1870; died December 04, 1883.

More About Mollie Jessie Blair:
Cause of Death: Diphtheria
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Walter Clay Blair, born August 26, 1873; died 1942. He married (1) Mary Rebecca Pritchett; born 1860. He married (2) Mimmie Johnson McDowell.

More About Walter Clay Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Mary Rebecca Pritchett:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Mimmie Johnson McDowell:
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Samuel Wilson Blair, born 1874; died November 25, 1883.

More About Samuel Wilson Blair:
Cause of Death: Diphtheria
Record Change: April 19, 2002



James William Blair, born 1875.

More About James William Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002




L. Myrtle Blair, born October 31, 1876 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; died September 25, 1957.



Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tate Blair, born 1879; died December 04, 1883.

More About Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tate Blair:
Cause of Death: Diphtheria
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Benjamin Franklin Blair, born April 21, 1881; died 1957. He married Annie B. Adams.

More About Benjamin Franklin Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Annie B. Adams:
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Pink Grace Blair, born April 20, 1883. She married John R. Thompson.

More About Pink Grace Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About John R. Thompson:
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Macbeth Harriett Blair, born June 07, 1885; died 1959. She married Peter L. Bruck.

More About Macbeth Harriett Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Peter L. Bruck:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

Children of Luther Blair and Anne Pritchett are:



Mary Parke7 Blair, born September 10, 1888. She married Arthur M. Hodges.

More About Mary Parke Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

More About Arthur M. Hodges:
Record Change: April 19, 2002



Rawley Pritchett Blair, born November 16, 1890; died 1960. He married (1) Lucy Locket White. He married (2) Unknown Page.

More About Rawley Pritchett Blair:
Record Change: April 19, 2002

Re: Blair Family

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Surnames: Blair
William Blair and Sarah Sutter are my great,great,great grandparents!Samuel Blair,great,great grandfather.. Luther Rice Blair is my great grandfather.... Sam Blair in Frederick,Md.

Re: Blair Family

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If anyone is searching anything on "Macbeth Harriet Aaron" It's been's Macybeth Harriet Aaron Blair" Luther Rice Blair's first wife....his second wife was "Nannie Eliza Pritchett Blair" I have photo's of their headstones. Sam Blair

Re: Blair Family

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My brother Rawley Hugh Blair was named after our great grandfathers brother Rawley Pritchett Blair
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