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DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy Dancey Danzy Danzey Dansey Dansie
Happy to look up any Dancy records for English Dancy's -
if they tie in with my (10 years of) research on the Dancy's of Sussex and Surrey and some parts of London then I may be of more help as well.

Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy
I have been looking for a Dancy that came over to Canada from England. His name is Pockrage Dancy, and I haven't been able to find much about him.

Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy Seaver
Hi Lin,

I have very limited access to Irish records - as I state I'm happy to help with English research - but Pockradge Dancy came from Ireland. His census returns state that.

There are 27 entries for him though in Ancestry trees (just counting the entries in public trees) and I dont know whether you have made contaact but one tree has his parents as a Richard Dancy of Dublin who married a Mary Foster.

(There seems to be one born in Cavan Ireland abt 1810 and one born abt 1812 in Armargh Ireland)

there are also websites with information about Pockrage/Pockridge Dancy (although you have probably seen these already):

Sorry I couldn't be of much help


Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy Seaver
Hi again Lin

I had a little think this evening and thought I would look to see if anybody else in the censuses (on Ancestry) also had a first name similar to Pockrage/Pockridge and strangely enough I found no-one! That leads me to wonder whether the name Pockrage[+variations] was originally used as a surname. (People could inherit surnames of their close / not so distant ancestors as first names).

So I had a look for Pockrage[+variations] as a surname and I just got the one result, funnily enough in county Armagh Ireland (the area I mentioned in my other reply to you this morning). So here are the details, and if no use to you in their own merit at least they prove the was a family with that surname in Armagh.

Index of Irish marriages 1771-1812
On page 360:
Miss Pockeridge married Jonathan Seaver in 1787 (ref 560)
On page 397:
Seaver, Jonathan, Herthall, co. Armagh = Pockeridge, Miss nr Monaghan Oct 1787 (ref 560)

p.s. that is all there is in the index and I cannot advise any further steps to follow unfortunately.


Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy Seaver Pockridge
Hi Lin,

More food for thought....

I had a look at the name Jonathan Seaver following my earlier reply this evening and found the following, which must surely relate to a descendant of the couple Jonathan Seaver and Miss Pockrage ...

England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906
A female named Maria Isabelle Nicolina Seaver, who was born abt 1856 was christened in Wivelsfield, Sussex, England on 6 Jul 1856, and her parents were Jonathan Pockrich Seaver and Maria Nicolina Seaver.
Then there is another entry for her with exactly the same details but a different date (23 Jan 1857) and this time ("St Nicholas") is added.

Then on 22 Aug 1867 in Brighton, Sussex, England [no further info shown as to wherein] there was a baptism of a child named Jonathan Pockrich Seaver with his father named the same ie, Jonathan Pockrich Seaver.

Then on 27 July 1873 there was another baptism in Brighton (in the St Peter collection), Sussex, England for a Thomas Charles Patrick Seaver son of Jonathan Pockrich Seaver and Maria Nicolina Seaver

What is interesting in this information is that the village of WIVELSFIELD, Sussex, England was a KNOWN "Dancy" zone (especially with the surname spelt that particular way) especially in the earlier part of the 1800's.

How intriguing!...

And some more information I just found was that when their daughter Maria Isabelle Nicola Seaver died (on 30 August 1937 as a spinster of 45 Cromwell Road Hove, in the county of Sussex in England) the executor of her estate was a Rev. Percy gibbens Browning, clerk)

Now this Jonathan Seaver was found in 1901 in Croydon England as father in law to a Frank Sachs who had married his daughter Louisa [Seaver] and Louisa was born in Brighton Sussex England abt 1861. Jonathan was shown as being born abt 1825 in Ireland, a widower aged 76 occupation Retired Schoolmaster. I'm hazarding a guess that This 1825 born JPS was a son or grandson of the JS who married Miss Pockridge and am a bit surprised that there was no mention of a Miss Pockridge in the following story:

The 1901 census is the only one where I have found him with a simple search of Jon* Seaver.

What do you think?

If only we could find a Pockridge=Dancy marriage...

Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy/Dancey, Pockrich
Hi Just to say that there is a lot of partial & sometimes inaccurate information out there.
I have taken a lot of care with researching my Dancy/Dancey Irish family, & know that where I've got to is substantiated. My gx2 grandfather was Pockridge Dancy born 1810-1812 (according to the 1821 censuis & his Police service records) in Drumbo townland, Annagelliff parish Co Cavan. (The 1821 census transcripts have the family under the name of Darcey, but the photocopies of the original entries do show Dancy) I knew Pockridge's father was Richard Dancy & mother was Mary Foster, I wasn't aware Richard Dancy was from Dublin - can anyone shed more light on this (sources etc)? (Pockridge moved to Dublin some time after 1861) & his son Richard lived in Dublin from about 1874/5) I have more information on extended family.
About the origin of the name Pockridge/Pockrage etc. It is believed that it is a surmname originating from the POCKRICH family - a Dancy is believed to have married a Pockrich in the mid 1600's in Ireland & thus predates the Miss Pockeridge marriage in Armagh 1787.

There is also another "stray" Pockridge in Canada b between 1799-1787 who lived in Vaughn twp in the 1851 census - so far no one seems to be researching this family.

Re: DANCY (and DANCEY) families from England

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Surnames: Dancy, Pockrich, Seaver
HI again
Just got to the end of the thread!The Seaver/Pockrich tie up rings a bell & I can't locate where I might have filed the note on it (it came from some of the information I got from Bruce Dancy & the research that ?Marg Hunter's father had done)
Basically from memory The Seaver's were part of teh protestant ascendancy (as were the Pockriches) & there was reference to a marriage between those families in early/mid 1700's in Irealnd. So I don't think there is a Seaver/Dancy/Pockrich tie up.

If I find the reference, I'll post it.
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