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Younglove family

Younglove family

loretta michalski (View posts)
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Surnames: Younglove,Leasure,Rifenbark
I am researching my mother's side of the family (Younglove). I am trying to find William L. Younglove's parents, William and Mary Younglove. I have no dates for them or any information at all. They adopted a son, his name is William L. Younglove, his birth name William Lester Leasure. If there is any info, you can give on this family , i sure would appreciate it. thanks.

Re: Younglove family

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Surnames: Younglove
According to his daughter- in- law Betty, William Lester, is an adopted son of William and Mary Younglove. He had a twin brother who drown along with his father in the flood in Youngstown Ohio. Willam Lester's names is Leasier or Leiger or Leizure. He is a full blooded Cherokee Indian according to Betty . Death Certificate #63198 dod is 24 Nov 1982

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Is there any other information you can find on his birth family? I am trying to trace my genealogy and I cannot get past him without his birth parents names or at least his birth mother's maiden name. Any help would be appreciated!

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Could you recap exactly what your looking for again.
And this twin brother and father that drowned is his biological family or his adopted. She says Ohio.
So what area are we looking in Michigan or ohio?


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Just from what I have found on this board and one more,my great grandfather's name was William Lester Younglove. But he was adopted by the Younglove family after his family (father, mother and twin brother) drown in a flood in Ohio. William lived with the Youngloves in Michigan I believe. They believe his birth last name was Leasure. I am trying to find information on his birth family.

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And you have exhausted all your resources??
Have you
Called the Library in Youngstown,Mahoning county and checked what there resources such as newspapers, obits, deaths, etc... And genealogy websites and volunteers that know about the area.
County Library probably has email you could write too.

DId you check newspapers in that area.
If there was a flood that people died in I would imagine it would have made news.

Have you checked Ohio deaths for 3 people that died on the same day. Findagrave?

Ohio births
Have you checked birth for William of September 5th 1908 and his twin brother

i see he doesnt mention being Indian on any of the census records.
But if he was, there def. should be some documentation in Youngstown ohio.

I also see that William's adopted mother was also born in Ohio, that makes me think maybe she was realted or knew the family. Otherwise it would make you wonder how he got all the way to Michigan in that day.

Have you tried looking into last names Leasure to see if it was an known Indian Surname?

Have you looked into floods of Ohio that would have been between 1908-1920?

These are the things i do when I research, have to dig.

I do know there was a destructive flood in Ohio March 25, 1913.

Good Luck!

Re: Younglove family

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I have checked some of those such as the names of people with that last name that died on that day in Ohio to no avail but I will certainly check the other leads you mentioned :) thanks for the ideas!

Re: Younglove family

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Have you searched the records on family search?
I was on there today and put Younglove Huron county and came up with all kinds of records.

And as I suspected and mentioned previously, William L adopted mother was also from Youngstown Ohio.
It says it on her marriage to William O Younglove.
She is 39 when she marry's him and and cannot make out the spelling of the name its something like
Braunnauni,they have it listed as Braumbren and then it says or Lewis, which could have ment she was married and then it also included her maiden name Lewis.
Married 29 AUgust 1904.

William O also married previously to Lizzie Cass, and his real name is Orville William Younglove.

YOu may know all this already.

But i bet William L and his adopted mother were realated.

Also did you see Wm L adopted mother listed on the 1930 census as inmate in Huron county.
Thank you in news from William L Younglove family for flowers and cards at his funeral.
Willaim D Younglove obit
Jackie YOunglove
Alice Younglove Obit
William Lester Younglove Obit
Mention William Younglove

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