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John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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Surnames: Ferrari, D'Agnese
John Louis Ferrari and Mary D'Agnese were married. Jennie D'Agnese is Mary's mother. That's all I have been able to find out about them. I need help finding out anything about them prior to 1920. They are my great-grandparents on my mother's side and we are both extremely interested in anything we can learn. Possibly where in Italy they are from, their ancestors. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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1930 census

Home in 1930:
112 North Forest Ave, owns
Rockville Centre, Nassau, New York

Head John Ferrari 51, abt 1879 IT
- married age 28, abt 1907
- immig 1892, Na (naturalized)
Wife Mary Ferrari 43, abt 1887 IT
- immig 1890

Children (all born in NY):
Louis Ferrari 22
Virginia Ferrari 20
Jennie Ferrari 19
Grace Ferrari 16
Cecilia Ferrari 14
Joseph Ferrari 10
Rita Ferrari 5
Mary Ann Ferrari 1 6/12

Mother-in-law Jennie Dagnese 79, abt 1851 IT
- widow married age 27, abt 1878
- immig 1890, Na

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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From information found on the possible 1930 census on the previous post

Possible marriage record:

From IGG:

Surname/ Given Name/ Month of Marriage/ Day of Marriage/ Year of Marriage/
County/ Certificate Number

Ferrari John A Dec 16 1906 Kings 11550

Dagnese Marie Dec 16 1906 Kings 11550

Ordering NYC Vital Records

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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Surnames: D'Agnese
Possible D’Agnese family?
(Mary is already married)
From ancestry. com

1910 census

Home in 1910:
79 Berry Street, rents
Brooklyn Ward 14, Kings, New York

Head Domenico Dagnes 58, abt 1852 IT
- immig 1889, Na
- shoemaker
Wife Jennie M Dagnes 59, abt 1851 IT
- married 33 yrs, abt 1877
- immig 1903
- 5 children born, 3 children living
Son Manfred J Dagnes 21, abt 1889 IT
- immig 1888

Domenico’s 1897 Petition for Naturalization?
From footnote. com

Born 31? Mar 1852
Address 77 Berry Street

Domenico’s 1901 Passport Application?
From ancestry. com

US Citizen 30 Jul 1897
Born 31 Mar 1852 in Montemarano (Avellino, Campania)
Lived in Brooklyn 1888-1901

Possible 1912 Death Record
From IGG

Surname/ Given Name/ Age/ Month Day Year/ Certificate Number/ County/ Born

D'Agnese Domenico 60 y Jan 6 1912 449 Kings 1851 - 1852

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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Surnames: Ferrari
Ferrari Family

Home in 1920:
2252 1st Ave, rents
Manhattan Assembly District 20, New York, New York

Head John Ferrare 41, abt 1879 IT
- immig 1895, Na
- barber
Wife Mary Ferrare 33, abt 1887 IT
- immig 1890 Na

Children (all born in NY)
Louie Ferrare 12
Virginie Ferrare 10
Jennie Ferrare 9
Grace Ferrare 6
Ceclia Ferrare 4
Joseph Ferrare 4/12

1918 World War I Draft Registraion Card
Same address as 1920 census
From ancestry. com

John A Ferrari 39
2252 1st Ave, New York
Born 18 Dec 1879
Naturalized citizen
Nearest relative E or C Ferrari, same address

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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vee_jay Thank you SO MUCH!!!

I dont know how you were able to find all that out, but it all seems correct. you have no idea how much of a help that is since I dont have full access to all the resources here at this time

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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Oh my!
You're very very welcome!
Ancestry is my favorite resource for records.
Their search engine really helps get around spelling errors and mistranscribed records.
Clues from ancestry usually lead to records on other sites.
Often your local library has a subscription to the library edition of that you can use for free.
I'm glad I could help.

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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Thanks to this post my husband was able to find my great-great grandparents: Domenico and Jennie D'Agnese.

We are considering sending a form letter from to Montemarano.If you have any additional information that would be helpful, please email us at There are fourteen phone numbers for D'Agnese in that city.

Any ideas why Jennie's name is not an Italian spelling?

Grazie Mille!

Tammy and Darren White

Re: John Louis Ferrari, Mary D'Agnese, Jennie D'Agnese

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It could be the Jennie was short for another name. One of her grand-daughters is named "Jeannette", but on one of the census' she is listed as "Jennie." I found this out because I was asking my mom about it and she remembered an Aunt Jeannette...
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