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Hilma Bernhardina Helling

Hilma Bernhardina Helling

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Surnames: HELLING
Carl Munters who was born in 1897 in Jarna, Kopparberg, Sweden, married Hilma Bernhardina Helling. I need to know if Hilma's brother was Carl Gottfried Helling of Sweden, and if they were, did they have any other siblings.
My aunt Dagmar Helling af Robson referred to Carl Munters as her uncle. Any information about the Hellings will be appreciated.

Re: Hilma Bernhardina Helling

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Classification: Query
You have posted on the USA General message board and yet you haven't mentioned anything about the USA--it sounds as if your query pertains more to Sweden. Please correct me if I missed something as to the reason you have posted on the USA General board.

If the people you are looking for were in the USA and you know more specifically where they settled in the USA, please post your query on the county or State Unknown County board -- whichever is applicable. if the families remained in Sweden, please post on the appropriate Swedish board. Or, as an alternative--post on the applicable surname board.


Joan, admin
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Ang: Hilma Bernhardina Helling

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Helling
Hilma Bernadina Helling (my grandmother) was born in Sweden 1871. She was housekeeping for her brother August Helling (never married), who was a veterinarian in Dala-Järna Sweden. When he suddenly passed a way, she immigrated to USA were she had siblings (I think it was Otto and Albert but I an not sure, it could have been the sisters Eva and Selma as well). Anders J. Munters born 1874, previously known as Munters Anders Johan Ericsson, had met her in Dala-Järna. He followed her over the Atlantic ocean. They got married in the State of New York, march 15, 1892 or 93. I have heard that they lived in Brooklyn. They had 5 children together: Birger Eugen was born in USA 1894, after that my grandmother returned to Sweden when she became pregnant again. Living with her in-laws in Järna, she gave birth to Carl Georg 1897. Anders Munters also returned to Sweden and they had the daughter Stina Viola 1900, Erik ? 1907 and my father Nils Sture in 1913.They lived in Sweden the rest of they're life's except for a few years in Berlin in the early twenties. Hilma Bernadina died in 1939, Anders Johan 1949. My father always referred to Dagmar Helling as a cousin, wich makes Carl her cousin to, but I don't remember who her parents was. She was brought up in a foster home for some reason. /Cecilia Munters

Re: Ang: Hilma Bernhardina Helling

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Helling
Hilma WAS Carl Gottfried Helling's sister. Carl had a brother in Philadelphia by the name of Albert (I'm not sure about Otto). Carl died and left a widow with small children, the youngest was Dagmar. Dagmar was placed with friends in
Dala Jarna. Her mother went back to Norway with the oldest children. Dagmar became a daughter to this family, and remained a family member until her marriage in the 1950's.
She died around 1990 in Vallentuna, outside of Stockholm.
You are my distant relative, Carl would have been my great-grand-father, I'm 67, my mother is 88 and she is your cousin twice removed. I live in Texas, my mother in Mexico. Keep in touch!
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