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Surnames: SCAGGS
I am curious to know in what time frame you are looking for Skaggs that would be Jews? With my ancestors coming here in the 1700's long before Hitler and any discontent toward Jews. Why is it so many taken issue with this. Great Britian was no invaded by Germany in WWII. They fought with everyone else against the Germans. So just for explaination could you tell me what the urgency to find out if your family was of the Jewish faith? If it was not passed down and secrets of that fashion seem to always have a way of being found out. With church records. You don't have to answer but I find it interesting.


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I agree, all of my forefathers came over from Ireland/England in late 1600's and early 1700's. As far back as I can find there isn't any trace of the Jewish faith in our background. I'm sure if there ever was any, even by marriage, we would have known about it. All of mine came through Maryland and Virginia and migrated to the western part of Virginia and Southeastern Kentucky. I have been researching my family for well over forty years and this it the first time the Jews have ever popped up. Perhaps someone has changed the name over the years from Skaggs to Scaggs but that don't change the religion aspect.


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Well, the many spellings of Scaggs which I believe is the one that came from Ireland but I would have to check census or marriage records. I have Ancestry overseas but I not
decifered the way to get around over seas as of yet. But these are the spellings that I have most come in contact. I try to remind people that in the early year 1700, 1800 the census takers did the best they could in spelling names. Many times the parents dictation was not clear so he wrote down what it sounded like and in that year that is the way it was wrote down now in the next census say from 1860 to 1870 which is a tricky year because many census takers used initals and not the whold first name. Now your wondering are there more kids because by the time you get to the 1880 Which was one of the more true census since 1850. The census takers did there best to get all names in a household. And they need not to forget to look at the moraltily schedule census. They will find members of a family that were there in one census but not in the next.

The other error made by some is they go to a cemetery book look up ma & pa but fail to look down through the names to see if any children by that couple were born and only lived a few days or were stilborn. I feel people may be embarassed to ask but if you are truly wanting to work on you family ancestors and go to an archives the people working there are to help. So we go out of our way to help and may not tell you things to look for, just show you where it is. Ask questions!! I worked at an archives for five years and many people don't ask questions and I am guilty as well. I went to VA to find my Webb ancesters I knew exactly where they lived, their children he had been married twice. I thought I was prepared. Got there found some marriage licenses and went blank. I could have got his death certificate. I just didn't know how they worked this was VA and they have great a great staff.

Well I strayed off subject I don't know where the Jewish Faith came in unless it is in the later years. Because like I said Hitler was not here in 1700 so if the Jews were be taken captive I don't know who it was by. I always thought that the Jewish faith along with the Catholic faith kept very good records and I would think there would be some place that they could check this out. Not like our protestant reglions finding records on the different faiths are hard to find so churches kept good records. I tried working with the United Methodist Church. My Marshall ancestors started a church in a small community. And for a long time it was a large church until one was built in the county seat. The church continued on but final combined with the other church. I asked what happen to the church records. We never felt setting up an archives of church records were important at that time. We see now that it is. But we don't have the money to support such a project. The remains of the church were finally torn down a couple of years ago. It had be used as a tobacco barn.

Later, I do hope something I said will help someone.


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This is of a personal matter for why I need to find out. I have a right to ask if anyone else has this issue in their family, and one person on here did.

Secondly this would have taken place in southern Ireland.

If you do not have any information about this subject then we no longer need to inquire of each other.

Thank you.


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I am not asking about the Jewish faith within the Scaggs heritage, I am asking if anyone knows if the Scaggs intermarried with the Jews in southern Ireland? I have come acrossed that they did in my research but they don't delve heavily into it.

My grandfather, his brother, and my Aunt all have Jewish/Hebrew names. I was told by a Rabbi that no one wpuld have named their children Jewish/hebrew names in the late 1800's unless they were part Jewish. He said they would have ostrasized from their neighborhoods or towns, because Jews were despised in the late 1800's in America.

One person on here has comeacrossed this and, we have discussed it.

If someone has heard this in their family please respond to this postings.

Thank you so much.


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What the rabbi says is true for names that would have been interpreted as specifically Jewish or Hebrew, like Shlomo or Feygl or Tova or Chaim, but it would NOT hold for names that would have been viewed as biblical, like Aaron or Isaiah or Zachariah or Hannah or Miriam, etc.

Yosef, Moishe, Rivka and Sura would be names viewed as Jewish, while Joseph, Moses, Rebecca and Sarah would be names viewed as biblical and hence perfectly fine for non-Jews, even though the latter are just the English pronunciations of the former.

Biblical names were extremely common throughout the 1700's and 1800's for Christian families, even of Old Testament prophets.


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Let me tell you something missy I don't care were you come from what religion you are I know my heritage and I have proof. If you can say you have proof with out going through all these different people then find.

I have reported you.

My family did not change their name, they were Scaggs/Skaggs in Ireland. When they came to the United States and got out of the rule of the Queen they choose the religion they wanted. They where never mistreated in Ireland.

Maybe you Southern Ireland Scaggs just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You want to be of the Jewish faith do so. I know who I am, I don't have to go looking.

Now leave me alone. No one wants to hear you continue this what ever you want to call it. They want to look up their ancestors. I had to apologized to the commuinty for all the back and forth pickering.

Drop it I don't care where you come from.
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