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HARDWICK late 1500s England

HARDWICK late 1500s England

L.S.PACK (View posts)
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I am looking for info on William HARDWICK of Great Moore, England. (Had son Col. William HARDWICK b 1618-28 England, of VA, md Elizabeth STURMAN bef 1654, d MD.) I have no info on William at all. I would like to find his data, wife, parents. Thank you.

William Hardwick

Cathie Hargreaves (View posts)
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Surnames: Hardwick, Sturman, Pope, Foster, Boyce
I can't help you but am hoping you can help me and we can then help each other.

Do you have documentation that the William HARDWICK who married Elizabeth STURMAN was the son of a William?

My information indicates that the William who m(1) Elizabeth STURMAN m(2) Margaret POPE. This William apparently had siblings Alice FOSTER, Elizabeth BOYCE, and Thomas. My line is from Thomas.

William Hardwick 1618

Mike hardage (View posts)
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Surnames: Hardwick, Hardige, Hardich, Hardage, Hardinge
I'm looking for info on these people too. I believe their
original name was listed as Hardige or Hardich. William b.
1618 is buried in Bristol as Lt. Col. William Hardich. There
was a George Hardinge in London, married ___ Orley that
also came to VA that I believe was related to Wm and Thomas
You may find more info searching for these other spellings.
Some of the lines from these people are both Hardwick and
Hardage (and various other similar spellings).

The brothers William and Thomas that came to MD in 1636
were definitely from Westbury, Somerset, Eng near Bristol
and Bath. They had property in Westmoreland Co, VA and other
records in Northumberland and Lancaster counties.

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Surnames: Hardwick, Vernon, Bakewell, Barleow, Clemson,Goushill, FitzAllen, New, Northwood. Plantagenet,
Dear Member
I am descended from the Hardwicks of Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Please see my DANCE FAMILY tree.

My first Hardwick ancestor is Dorothy, baptised at the Church of All Saints, at Heath, 2 May 1729; she became Mrs Charles Cocking/Cockayn of North Wingfield, Chesterfield. Her father is JAMES HARDWICK, baptised 1 11 1699 All Saints Church, Heath. Parents of Jamaes b1699 are
Thomas Hardwick, baptised at All Saints Church, Heath 1662. NO parents names are written in his baptism record. Thomas married Esther Watkinson at Church of St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield. Some think that Thomas Hardwick 1662 is the son of Thomas Hardwick bc1640 ay Wesybury upon Severn, Somerset. There are no church records to support this theory. THOMAS 1640 is recorded in his father's will dated 1681 and available on Ancestry. His parents are
THOMAS HARDWICK born 12 11 1617 at Westbury on Severn, Somerset - wife Joan Besse ; Thomas 1617 is he brother of William Hardwick who went to Maryland 1636 and then to Nominy Bay, Westmoreland, VA.. THREE of the sons of Thomas 1617 went to Virginia and prospered. They are James, Joseph and George.
THOMAS HARDWICK 1589 Westbury upon Severn- wife ? Alice
THOMAS HARDWICK 1540, Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire - wife is Elizabeth Pyrrye/Perry.
THOMAS HARDWICK 1515, Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire - wife either Joan Clemson or Joan Northwood or both.
WALTER HARDWICKE bc1489 ,Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire, son of Roger and Margaret Whorwood - Walter's wife, HIS COUSIN, Petronella HARDWICK bc1495
at Whytwell Hall, Whytwell, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Petronella is the daughter of
THOMAS HARDWICK b1472, Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, Chesterfield - wife Petronella VERNON, daughter of Raufe Vernon and Lady Margaret Talbot of Shrewsbury. Lady Margaret is the daughter of John, IInd EARL of Shrewbury. THOMAS 1472 is the second son of Sir John Hardwick b1451 of Hardwick Hall by his wife Elizabeth Bakewell. Sir JOHN Hardwick b1451 is the son of Sir Roger Hardwick b1432 at Hardwick Hall by his wife, Nicola Barlow, of Barlow Hall, Barlow, Chesterfield. SIR ROGER Hardwick b1432 is the son of Sir WILLIAM Hardwick born 1399 at Hardwick Hall. Sir William 1399 has TWO members of the Goushill family who are saidto be his spouse. One is Elizabeth Goushill b1402 at Barlborough Hall, Barlborough, Elizabeth Wingfield nee Goushill is the widow of Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham in Suffolk. Sir Robert died 1431 and she married William the same year. The other lady is ISABELLE Goushill, who is said to be a spinster when she married Sir William. Sir Robert Goushill was Lord of the Manor for both Ault Hucknall (in which Hardwick is located) and of Barlbough Manor in which he held a one third share.

Sir William Hardwick 1399 also has two couples who are named as his parents. They are Sir William b1356 and his wife Isabelle Mary de Coppley, - the other couple is Henry Hardwick, bc1540 born at Hardwick Derbyshire and of Pattingham, and his wife Margaret New. Whichever one of these couples are HIS parents, it still brings him out to be descended from Joan de Herdewycke b1190 and her husband Raufe BRITTO d'Albinoi b1180. Joan was her father's heiress but she died before being able to inherit. The inheritence passed to the son of Joan and Raufe, Sir Roger/Josceline born 1210. Sir Roger/Joscelyn 1210 married Isabelle le Savage of Stainsby Manor which is adjacent to the Hardwick estate which is located in manor of Ault Hucknall. Sir Roger and Isabelle were succeeded by their son Sir Roger/Joscelyn born 1230 at Hardwick Hall. Their second son ADAM, born 1232 purchased an estate at Hardwick in the manor of Pattingham in Staffordshire where he lived with his wife Agatha( lnuk) and their only son and heir Richard.
It is from Adam b1232 that Henry Hardwick bc1450 is decended.

Documents from which information has been taken by the writer to compile the information set out here: BOOKLET entitled " Hardwick of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire", printed privately in 1908. The author is not named, and is described as A SCION of the HOUSE. This booklet is held within the Local Studies Dept of the Central Public Library at Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England........... A WORK by Mr Philip Riden of the School olf History at University of Nottingham, England, published 2010 in VOL 130 of the Derbyshire Archeological Journal. This work is entitled Hardwick of Hardwick Hall in 15th and 16th Centuries. These two sources each have lists of other source materials which have been used by the authors to compile their works.

In my DANCE FAMILY TREE, these sources are quoted to support each individual. It is a WORK in PROGRESS. I have made errors in the past which I have amended, especially in relation to THOMAS HARDWICK bc1515. I originally had him married to Alice Packe. His son Thomas bc1540 I had made the husband of Elizabeth Hodson and he is not.

I also advise that Hardwick descendents read a biography of Elizabeth Hardwick, born 1520 at Hardwick Hall, She is a daughter of Sir John Hardwick b1495 at Hardwick Hall, by his wife, Elizabeth Leake of Hasland Hall, Hasland, Chesterfield. Elizabeth 1520 is also known as BESS of HARDWICK. Her fourth and last marriage to Gilbert Talbot, 6th EARL of Shrewsbury elevated her to the ARISTOCRACY of England. She was then known as Lady Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury. The initials ES are to be seen liberally set on the roof line and atop walls of the second Hardwick Hall which she ordered to be built. The Hardwick estate of her brother, Sir James Hardwick, returned to THE CROWN, when James became bankrupt. Sir William Cavendish, son of Elizabeth Hardwick by her second husband Sir William Cavendish paid the monies owing to the CROWN for the rental of the Hardwick Estate, which was £9,500-00.

When the estate thus became the property of the Cavendish Family, Sir William gave his mother the right to use it for her lifetime.

I have been entering data from FAMILY SEARCH,org for the Hardwick families in county Staffordshire. Ancestry does not carry this information and I am not able to understand why they do not. I am, in a manner of speaking "joining the dots" and hoping that the fragmented facts will eventually merge into a cohesive whole!!

I live approx 7 miles from Hardwick Hall and know it well.

Kathleen of North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshirfe

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Surnames: Hardwick
Dear Member

William Hardwick born 1618 at Westbury upon Severn, Somerset, went to Maryland 1636.
His ancestry is as follows
Parents: Thomas Hardwick bc1589 at Westbury upon Severn OR in Staffordshire. His wife is Alice, last name unknown. He was a tailor.
His parents are THOMAS HARDWICK bc1540 at Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire and his wife Elizabeth Pyrrye=Perry.

His parents are THOMAS HARDWICK bc1520 at Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire and his wife Joan Northwood. (I originally and in ERROR had him married to Alice Packe, and that they lived in Castle Ashby,

His parents are Walter Hardwick bc1498 at BGreat Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire and his wife (ALSO his cousin) Petronella Hardwick bc1495 at Whutwell Hall, Whitwell, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. They married 3 October 1513 at Great Moor.

Walter of 1489 - his father is Roger Hardwick of Pattingham and his wife Margaret Whorwood.

PETRONELLA HARDWICK is the daughter of Thomas Hardwick b1472 at Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, Chesterfield, Derbyshire and his wife PETRONELLA VERNON bc1472. They lived at Whytwell Hall, Whitwell.

Parents of Thomas Hardwick b1472 are Sir John/Jocelyn Hardwick b1451 at Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea and his wife Elizab eth Bakewell. Thomas is their second son.

Parents of PETRONELLA VERNON are Raufe/Ralfh Vernon, who is the son of Sir William Vernon of Haddon Hall, Bakewell. Raufe married LADY Margaret Talbot of Shrewsbury, dauighter of JOHN, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury.

The Hardwicks of Staffordshire are decended from Adam de Hardwicke, who was born at Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea. He bought land at Hardwicke in Staffordshire.

Please access my DANCE FAMILY tree for more information

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Surnames: Hardwick/d'Albini/de Ferrars/FitzAlan/Goushill/Barlow/Vernon
Dear Member

William Hardwick, born 1618 in EITHER Derbyshire or Somerset England is the brother of THOMAS Hardwick,bap 12 11 1617 at Westbury upon Severn, Somerset.

The Hardwicks trace their lineage to Sir Jocelyn de Havermere de Hardewycke/Hardwick/Hardwycke etc etc. He was born circa 1040 in the then Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of MERCIA, during the reign of King Canute.

Sir Jocelyn fought for King Harold of the Kingdom of Wessex at the Battle of Hastins, 14 October 1066. Duke William of Normandy, THE CONQUEROR, became King of England. He punished Sir Jocelyn for fighting against the true heir to the throne. This he did by reducing him to the lowest level of socity, A SERF, his knighthood was forfeited and so were his lands.

He was suceeded by Jocelyn II.born c 1085. King Henry Ist of England, one of Duke William's sons, reinstated the forfeited knighthood and lands of Jocelyn I, to Jocelyn II.

Sir Jocelyn II married a daughter (name nk) of Edmund d'Eyncourt, Lord of Holmesfield Manor, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The d'Eyncourt family are a NORMAB family from Eyncourt, Normandy. Baron Walter d'Ayncourt fought for Duke William at the Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066, and was rewarded by being given 55 Knight's Fees. These lands are mainly in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

Sir Jocelyn II and wife were suceed by their son, Sir William de Hardewycke born 1120. His son, SIR William bc1560
had a daughter JOAN. Joan was her father's sole heir to the Hardewycke estate. She died before her father and her son, Sir William, born c1210 inhereited the estate. Joan married Raufe d'Albini(Britto), son of Robert d'Albini (Britto) and his wife, the LADY Cecily de Ferrers, daughter of the EARL of DERBY. Robert d'Albini and Lady Cecily lived at Walton Manor, near Chesterfield. Robert is from the d'Albini family of Belvoir Castle, Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire, through to the Bigod family of Norfolk and the Albinis and FitzAlans of Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex.

William bc1210 had a son, Adam de Hardewycke bornc1232. He married Isabelle le Savage from Stainesby Manor, adjacent to Hardwick Manor. Their offspring went to Shropshire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire

The Staffordshire branch was joined in wedlock with the Derbyshire branch by the union on 3 October 1513 at The Church of St Chad, Pattingham,which is the [parish church for Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire, of the cousins PETRONELLA HARDWICKE bc1495 at Whytwell Hall, Whitwell, Chesterfield and WALTER HARDWICKE bc1489 at Great Moor house.

Their son THOMAS born c1520 married JOAN Northwood - not as previously recorded by myself as being Alice Packe of Northamptonshire. Thomas 1520 son, Thomas born c1545 at Great Moor House married Elizabeth Pyrrye. Their son Thomas bc1589 is the father of Thomas bap 12 11 1617 at Westbury, and William b1618, Alice born 1620 and Elizabeth 1622. .

The WILL of Thomas 1617 is on Ancestry. This gives the names of each one of his children.

NB THAT his sons JAMES, Joseph and George all went to Virginia. These three brothers are frequently recorded by Ancestry members as being the sons of their UNCLE WILLIAM.

Thomas Hardwick 1617 died 1680 and his will was proved at City of Gloucester 1681. He was living in Oxenhall in Gloucestershire when he died.

The very famous Countess of Shrewsbury AKA BESS of HARDWICK, b1520, daughter of Sir John Hardwicke b1495 and of his wife Elizabeth Leake.

This daughter Elizabeth married four times. Her fourth last marriage to George Talbot, 6th EARL of Shrewsbury of Sheffield Castle, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (and other Castles) This marriage elevated Elizabeth to the English ARISTOCRACY. She had the title of Lady Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury. She purchased the Hardwick estate from her nephew. This was when the HARDWICK HALL mansion seen today was able to be built. It was completed in the year 1604 and Lady Elizabeth died there in 1608. She is buried in a very elaborate tomb in the Cathedral Church of the City of DERBY.

It is from Lady Elizabe's husband, Sir William Cavendish, that the Dukedom of Devonshire sprang. The Dukes of Devonshire put the Hardwick Hall of BESS into the keeping of the National Trust of England and Wales c1955. They live in Chatsworth House, Baslow, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
wife, Elizabeth Leake

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Surnames: Hardwick/Watkinson/Leake/Pinchbeck/Bakewell/Barlow/Goushill/de Coppeley
William Hardwick born 1618 (no church records exist to support this date) in either Westbury upon Severn, Somerset OR Derbyshire.
William is the brother of Thomas. Thomas baptised 12-11- 1617 at Westbury-upon-Severn, Somerset. There are NO church records existing for this part of Somerset to support this. (Does anyone have incontrovertible proof?)
William married first Elizabath Sturman of Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, the daughter of Lt Col Sturman. Their children are William and Elizabeth. William 1618 then married Margaret Pope, daughter of Col Nathaniel Pope. Children with Margaret are also William and Elizabeth.

The HARDWICKS are descended in antiquity from Sir Josceline de Evermue/Evermere/Havermere de Herdewycke/Herdwicke/Hardwick etc etc, born circa 1040 in the then Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of MERCIA (one of the seven kindoms in Britain at that time.) King Canute was reigning at that time. Sir Josceline fought for King Harrold of the Kingdom of Wessex against William, Duke of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings which took place on 14 October 1066 at Senlac Hill, Hastings, Sussex. Because Sir Josceline had fought against the "Rightful heir to the throne of Wessex" he was stripped of his knighthood an reduced reduced to the rank of "villain regardant". He also lost his lands. This was on the order of "The Conqueror" King William Ist.

Sir Josceline's son and heir, also Josceline received from King Henry Ist Beaclerc, (reigned 1100-1135) son of King William Ist and brother of King William IInd, his father's forfeited knighthood and property. Sir Josceline born c1085 married Miss Mathilda d'Eyncourt, daughter of Edmund d'Eyncourt of Holmesfield Manor, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The d'Eyncourts came from Eyncourt in Normandy. Baron Walter d'Eyncourt was rewarded by King William Ist with 55 Knights' Fees for his support at the Battle of Hastings. Sir Josceline and Matilda had a son, SIR William de Herdewycke, born 1120. Please see my DANCE FAMILY tree for much more information on the Hardwicks of Derbyshire,Staffordshire,Somerset,Yorkshire; Elizabeth Hardwick, born 1518 at Hardwick Hall and became, on her fourth last marriage to George, 6th EARL of Shrewsbury, THE COUNTESS of SHREWSBURY, Lady Elizabeth Talbot and a member of the English aristocracy. She ordered the building of the Hardwick Hall which bears her initials on its roof-line which is seen today.

The Hardwicks of Westbury are descended from a junior branch of the Hardwick Hall Family and not therefore able to use the Hardwick Coat of Arms. This descent is via Thomas Hardwick born 1470 at Hardwick Hall. He married Petronella Vernon and they lived at Whytwell Hall, Whitwell, Chesterfield. They had three children, Walter, 1489, Petronella c1495 and Reginald c1505. PETRONELLA married their cousin, WALTER HARDWICK also born 1489, but at Great Moor House, Pattingham, Staffordshire. They married October 1513 at Pattigham. Their son Thomas c1520 married Joan Northwood. Their son Thomas c1545, married Elizabeth PYRRYE/Perry. Their son Thomas born c1589 either in Staffordshire or Westbury-upon-Severn. His wife's name is not known. Is there anyone who has a FAMILY BIBLE from this time which might give such a valuable piece of information. Their children are Thomas 1617, William 1618 who went to Maryland in 1636, Joan 1620 and Elizabeth 1622.

Three sons of Thomas 1617 also went to Virginia, no-doubt going to their Uncle William's tobacco plantation at Nominy Hall, Nominy Bay. These nephews are James, Joseph and George. They are frequently erroneously recorded by
Ancestry members as being the sons of their Uncle William.

A kinsman of these Hardwicks is Lft John Edward Hardwick, baptised 1 January 1729 at the Church of All Saints, Heath, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. He is the son of William Hardwick bapt 1693 at All Saints Church, Heath and his wife Mary Watson. William 1693 is the son of Richard baptised 1669 at All Saints Church, Heath. The writer believes that Richard 1669 and her own direct ancestor, Thomas bapt 1662 at All Saints Church, Heath are brothers. These two have NO PARENTS names recorded on the baptism register. I have yet to prove it.

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Surnames: Perry / pyree/ perie
Dear Member

Can you help, I am looking into the Perry / perie/pyree family from Pattingham and note you have a Elizabeth Pyree married to Thomas Hardwicke 1540 and wondered if you have any other information on this line

Re: HARDWICK late 1500s England

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Ann Sturman Thomas Sturman wife in 1654 in her will names
Elizabeth Hardich her daughter and Betty Hardich her granddaughter

Re: HARDWICK late 1500 England

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My Email address is and I can help on this William Hardwick Married Elizabeth Sturman June 22,1654 In Westmoreland County, Virginia William Hardwick was born 1618 in Bristol, Somerset ,England And Died October 24,1668 He was married twice 1st to Elizabeth Sturman daughter of Thomas Sturman born 1584 and died 1654 and his wife name is Ann Porter born 1588 and die 1654 . William parents is Thomas Hardwick lV born in 1587 and died 1640 and Alice Stafford born 1590 and died 1645 . William born in 1618children are Capt. William HArdwick born 1630 St. Clements ,St. Mary Maryland and died 1694
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