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MANKE, NORKEWITZ, Germany > Chicago, late 1800s

MANKE, NORKEWITZ, Germany > Chicago, late 1800s

Diane G (View posts)
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Descendants of Andrew MANKE

1 Andrew MANKE
.. +Anna
......... 2 Eva MANKE 1844 - d: April 14, 1921 in Chicago, IL
............. +Fred Norkewitz 1844 - d: April 20, 1911, 2927 S. Park Ave, chicago, IL. Married: Bef. 1879 in Germany
.................... 3 Otto Norkewitz 1878 - d: March 21, 1929
........................ +Martha 1879 -
.................... 3 J. H. Norkewitz 1881 - d: January 24, 1896 (Age 26)
.................... 3 Ida Mae Norkewitz 1882 - d: June 01, 1953 in Chicago, IL
........................ +John Ehorn 1878 - d: October 31, 1916 in Chicago, IL,. Married: June 27, 1901 in Chicago, IL
Descendants of John Norkewitz

1 John Norkewitz b. 1820 - d. ?
.......+ .?
......... 2 Fred Norkewitz b. Feb. 18, 1844 - d: April 20, 1911 ( 2927 S. Park Ave, Chicago, IL)
............. +Eva MANKE b. July 9, 1844 - d: April 14, 1921 ( Chicago, IL)
.................... 3 Otto Norkewitz b. 1878 - d: March 21, 1929
........................ +Martha b. 1879 -
.................... 3 J. H. Norkewitz b. 1881 - d: January 24, 1896 (Age 26) Death cert says buried in Evangelischer Gottesacker. Tribune obit shows him in Waldheim, but he is in Eden Cemetery. Cause of death: pneumonia. Location: Ward 4.
.................... 3 Ida Mae Norkewitz b. 1882 - d: June 01, 1953 (in Chicago, IL)
........................ +John Ehorn b. 1878 - d: October 31, 1916 (in Chicago, IL), Married: June 27, 1901

Tribune obit, Jan. 28, 1896
page 5.

NORKEWITZ,-- Friday, 11:30 a.m., at 3441 Calumet-av., G. H. Norkewitz, aged 26 years. Funeral from late residence at 10 a.m. Tuesday by carriages to Waldheim.

Eden Cemetery (Lutheran)
9851 Irving Park Rd.
Schiller Park, IL 60176
ph. 847-678-1631

Eden Cemetery records list the following:

J. H. aka "GUS", date of death: Jan. 24, 1986, age 26. (J. H. Norkewitz, known as Gus, is listed as G. H. in death index. I assume J. H., G. H., Gus, is Gustav as listed on tombstone)

N. Norkewitz, date of death: Mar. 20, 1911, age 67. (record should read Apr. 20, 1911, and N. Norkewitz must be Fred, Frederick. Listed as Fritz on tombstone).

Eva Norkewitz, date of death: Apr. 14, 1921, age 76.


Eden Cemetery Tombstones says:

Fritz Norkewitz

John Ehorn
Chicago Daily News, Nov. 1, 1916
page 23.

EHORN-- John, dearly beloved husband of Ida (nee NORKEWITZ), fond father of Grace, son of Mary and the late Charles EHORN, brother of Fred, Charles, Christ., Harry, Albert, Frank, Ralph, Arthur, George and Mrs. Marie DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Carrie McGARRY, Mrs. Annie WALTERS, Mrs. Louise SMITH, Mrs. Clara CAHILL, and Mrs. Mable KLUG. Funeral Friday, Nov. 3, at 1 p.m., from his late residence, 3623 Emerald-av., by autos to Eden cemetery.


Fred NORKEWITZ, Aka. N. Norkewitz

Occupation: Bottler between 1902 & 1911. Previous occupation: Florist.

Death certificate dated Apr. 20, 1911, shows he was a resident of Chicago for 19 years, in the U. S. for 23 years, and resided at 2927 S. Park Ave. for 10 years.
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Informant: Otto
According to 1910 census, Ida (nee NORKEWITZ) EHORN came to this country from Germany in 1890. Both parents were born in Germany. Ida can speak English, and can read & write. Occupation -- dressmaker, at home.

Ida died in St. George Hospital. Cause of Death: Chronic myocarditis, voluminous abdominal tumor.
Undertaker: Brady Funeral Home, 1018 W. 79th St.

I believe this person to be related to the Eva MANKE family:

Getrude MANKE, b. June 19, 1896, d. May 1979

Parents according to her SS Application, her parents are:
Frank MANKE, (IL Death index lists a Frank MANKE d. 4-2-1947)
Antonio NORKEITA, (IL death index lists an Antonie MANKE d. 7-27-1950, age 84)

Getrude is listed as "Kate" in 1900 census.
Eva (nee MANKE) Norkewitz' spelling of her married name, on her death certificate is wrong, various sp. include: Narkewitz, Nackewitz, Naekewitz.or Northwoods.

Cause of Death: Carcinoma of stomach. Undertaker: P. J. Brady, 3458 Halsted.

John Ehorn, Census Date -- June 11, 1900
Series T623 -- Roll 247 -- Book 2 -- Page 178
4th Ward, Chicago, Cook County, South Town, E. D. 82
Line 17
Living at 3455 S. Prairie Ave. with the Richard EHORN or THORN family.
EHORN, John (servant), born 9/1878, age 21, single, born in Illinois, parents born in Germany, occupation -- driver.

John Ehorn died in People Hospital, Chicago, IL. Cause of death: Myocarditis. Undertaker: P. Brady.

Chicago Directory, 1894

Norkewitz, Gustav H., florist, 221, 35th
Norkewitz, Max, lab. h. 221, 35th
Chicago Directory, 1895

Norkewitz, Gustav H., florist, 223, 35th, h. 3441 Calumet av.
Norkewitz, Otto F., clk., 223, 35th, h. 3441 Calumet av.
Chicago Directory, 1896

Norkenitz, Fred, florist, h. 3441 Calumet av. (wrong sp. of NorkeWitz, listed as NorkeNitz in directory).
Norkewitz, Max, foreman 2348 South Park av., h. 3441 Calumet av.
Norkewitz, Otto F., florist 223, 35th, h. 3441 Calumet av.
Chicago Directory, 1897

Norkewitz, Frederick, florist, h. 3310 Forest av.
Norkewitz, Otto, florist 223, 35th, h. 3310 Forest av.
Chicago Directory, 1907

Norkewiez, Frederick, brewer, h. 2927 South Park av.(different sp. NorkewiEz, instead of NorkewiTz, but also on Park av., could be the same Fred listed above). ( Fred died Arp. 20, 1911)
Norkewitz, Otto F., driver, h. 315 W. Division
Chicago Directory, 1910

Norkewicz, Frederick, brewer, h. 2927 South Park av. (different sp. NorkewiCz, instead of NorkewiTz )
Norkewitz, Otto F., driver, h. 2419 Kimball av.


Chicago Directory, 1894

Mahncke, George F. cabinetmkr. h. 323 Lincoln av.

Mahnke, August, meatmkt. 896 N. Campbell av.
Mahnke, Charles, lab. h. 2514 Main
Mahnke, Charles, saloon 449, 26th
Mahnke, Christopher, musician, h. rear 445 W. Chicago av.
Mahnke, Frank, clk. 148 Lake, h. ???(possibly 339) W. Division
Mahnke, Fred, shoemkr. h. 759 Garfield boul.
Mahnke, Frederick, brklayr. h. 719 Henry
Mahnke, Frederick ? (possibly C. or O.) grocer 369 Orchard
Mahnke, Henrietta, wid. Frederick, h. 29 Thomas
Mahnke, Henry, foreman 65 Clybourn pl. h. 222 Wilson av.
Mahnke, Henry, upholstr, h. 222 Wilson av.
Mahnke, Henry, h. 342 Augusta
Mahnke, Herman, meatmkt. 269 Rumsey, h. 29 Thomas
Mahnke, Johanna Mrs., midwife rear 445 W. Chicago av.
Mahnke, John, lab. h. 10101 Notre Dame av.
Mahnke, Kate, wid. John ? (possibly C. or O) h. al. rear 83 Diversey pl.
Mahnke, Louis H. real est. 1006 Chamb. com. bldg. h. 820 Garfield boul.
Mahnke, Paul, meatmkt. 344 Augusta, h. 468 N. Lincoln
Mahnke, Richard, clk. N. Wood sw. cor. Park, h. 339 W. Division
Mahnke, Theodore, bartndr. h. 449, 26th
Mahnke, William, upholstr. h. 727 Southport av.
Mahnke, William A., clk. 179, 5th av. h. 49, 18th pl.

Mank, George L., butcher, h. 177 W. Jackson

Manka Charles F, (Charles F. Manka & Co.) 3638 Wentworth av. h. 206, 2rth pl.
Manka Charles F. & Co. (Charles F. Manka and Gustav BELTER) meatmkt. 3638 Wentworth av.
Manka, Tillie, wid. Andrew, h. 3156 Laurel
Manka, William, lab. h. 429, 25th.

Manke, Albert, printer, h. 3221 S. Leavitt
Manke, Frank, tailor, 31 Marion pl.
Manke, Frederick, lab. h. 220 Rumsey
Manke, Julius, lab. h. Elston av. nr. Snow
Manke, Louis, blksmith, h. 804, 81st (L.)
Manke, William, insp. h. 622 Humboldt
Manke, William, teamster, h, 124 Cornell

Manken, Augusta, wid. Charles, h. rear 1634 Aldine av.
Manken, John, lab. h. 212 Erie

Manker, Cary A. real est. h. 53d ct. nr. Homan av.
Manker, M. A. (Manker & McCULLOUGH) 1627 Masonic Temple
Manker & McCULLOUGH (M. A. Manker and T. B. McCULLOUGH) real est. 1627 Masonic Temple

Mankes, Frank, baker, h. 2626 5th av.

Mankey, John W., h. 631 Noble av.


Chicago Directory, 1895


Albert, printer, h. 3221 S. Leavitt
Frank, baker, h. 2626, 5th av.
Frank, lab. h. 65 Elston av.
Frederick, brklayr. h. 719 W. 14th pl.
Harriett, wid. Louis, h. 2625 Cottage Grove av.
Louis, lab. h. 804 W. 81st.
William, lab. h. 124 Cornell
William, lab. h. 1011, 32d
William, lab. h. 2624, 5th av.
Chicago Directory, 1896


Albert, printer, h. 3221 S. Leavitt
Frank, baker, h. 2626, 5th av.
John, lab. h. 3 W. 20th
Louis, blksmith, h. 804 W. 81st
L. H. h. 1837 N. Ashland av.
William, car insp. h. 826 Cortez
William, fish. h. 338 Cornell
Chicago Directory, 1897


Albert, printer, h. 3221 S. Leavitt
Charles, clk. h. 557 W. Chicago av.
Frederick, lab. h. 448 N. Marshfield av.
Jacob, driver, h. 174 Rice
Louis, blksmith. h. 804 W. 81st
Mary Mrs. confectr. 3221 S. Leavitt
William, brewer, h. rear 320, 24th
William, insp. h. 826 Cortez
William, teamster, h. 338 Cornell
Chicago Directory, 1907


Albert notions 3221 S Leavitt
Bernard printer h 5734 S Paulina
Bertha confectr 1186 W Harrison
Charles E bkbndr h 437 N 52d av
Charles J clk h 3221 S Leavitt
Frank baker h 2640, 5th av
Fred C clk 1902 Milwaukee av h 30 Follansbe?
Frederick lab h 382 N Paulina
Frederick lab h 5734 S Paulina
Herman clk 506 Central sta h 804 W 81st
Louis blksmith h 804 W 81st
Richard A F mech engr h 405 Drake av
William lab h 5734 S Paulina
William plasterer h 3022 Haynes ct
William teamster h 404 N Marshfield av
Chicago Directory, 1907


August, meats, 896 N. Campbell
Charles, printer, bds. 83 Diversey ct.
Charles, saloon, 449, 26th
Charles, h. 767 N. Irving av.
Chareles F., meatmkt. 342 Augusta
Dora, wid. Fred, h. 759 W. Garfield boul.
Frederick, mason, h. 719 W. 14th pl.
Frederick C. (Mahnke & ROHDE) 369 Orchard
George, carp., h. 606 Mildred av.
Gertrude, Miss., bkpr. h. 478 Larrabee
Gustav H., saloon, 2 Fulton mkt., h. 342 Augusta
Henry W., upholstr., 1315 W. Ravenswood Park, h. 2?29 (possibly 5 or 8) N. Hoyne
Herman, meatmkt, 473 N. Paulina, h. 512 N. Marshfield av.
Herman, shoes, 470 N. Wells
Jacob, teamster, h. 320 N. Rockwell
John, lab. h. ?740 Escanaba av.
John, woodwkr, h. 1225 Greenwood terrace
Louis H., real est., 18, 132 Lasalle and 2411 S. Canal, h. 6216 Michigan av.
Louisa Mrs., h. 719 W. 14th pl.
Mary, wid. Louis,h. 2715 Wentworth av.
Paul, driver, h. 1472 Grand av.
Phili;, lab. h. 2715 Wentworth av.
Richard, salesman, h. 767 N. Irving av.
Theodore, janitor, h. 449, 26th
Theodore L., carrier PO, h. 957 N. Monticello av.
William, salesman, h. 767 N. Irving av.
William A., clk. 2d fl. 200 (or possibly 260) Monroe, h. 5744 Princeton av.
Mahnke & HAAK (Herman Mahnke and William HAAK) grocers, 469 N. Paulina
Mahnke & ROHDE (Fred C. Mahnke and Christian ROHDE) contrs 369 Orchard

***As always, please verify by checking the microfilm. The microfilm was quite faded and difficult to read. I could have transcribed and/or typed something in error.

Re: MANKE, NORKEWITZ, Germany > Chicago, late 1800s

Loraine Manke (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Manke Snow Lutz
I noticed a Manke married I think a snow I know I'm related to both but through a Minnesota Wisconsin connection a relative in his 90's has more info please reply

Re: MANKE, NORKEWITZ, Germany > Chicago, late 1800s

Diane G. (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Hi Loraine,
I'm sorry, but I have very little info on my Manke family ancestors. The family story says that the Manke ancestors were friends with a Russian Czarina. I have tried to trace the family, but I'm having a hard time due to the fact that I find that they have changed their names .. for example I have Gertrude, aka Getrude, aka Kate, etc.
Perhaps they were not only friends with the Romanov family, but were somehow related, and feared for their lives, and therefor kept changing their names. In any case, I'm finding them hard to track. I guess it is possible that they could have originally lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin befor moving to Chicago, but I have yet to find any proof. (other then census records, again, with different first names).

I don't know anything about a relation named Snow. Perhaps you are referring to my mention of Snow which is a street name listed in the Chicago directory:

Chicago Directory, 1894
Manke, Julius, laborer, home: Elston Ave. near Snow

If I should come across any new info I will post it in the message boards.
Thanks so much for your reply.
Diane G.
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