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Hanmer Family

Hanmer Family

Anthony Hanmer (View posts)
Posted: 973856256000
Greetings message board readers,
Being one of the Hanmers myself, though having spent hardly any of my life in the UK, I was intrigued to discover more of our history when I lived in Somerset briefly in the early 1990s. As far as I know the entire family tree back to the 1300s is contained in Burke's Peerage, which most libraries will have or can bring in. Sir John Hanmer is stil alive and kicking in the hamlet of Hanmer, N Wales, which in 1990 produced 4 postcards; the local Anglican church lists several Hanmers who were ministers and its graveyard contains many more. I visited Hanmer in 1990 and saw the great seal of Owen Glendower, rebel Welsh prince who married Margaret Hanmer in the 1300s, and also saw several portraits of Hanmers by Gainsborough. There's lots of history in our small family. My goal is to eventually reproduce the entire family tree on a single sheet of paper using one of the better genealogy programmes.

Hanmer Family

Staci Kimbleton (View posts)
Posted: 975662746000

I have also began searching this name as a result of searching for my Hamner descedents.I was lead back to the spelling of the name in Wales as it was then of Hanmer.I have much information on the Hanmer/Hamner family from Wales to Virginia.I would very much be interested in any information you could share with me.I have never been to Wales and proably wont get there for some time so my search has to be over the computer.Thank you

hanmer family tree

michael (View posts)
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hello Anthony I am trying to find info on Katherine hanmer the daughter of John hanmer from hanmer katherine was born in 1892 and John was born in 1847 if you have a copy of the family tree could you please email it to me with any other info THANKS MY EMAIL IS

THE source for Hanmer family tree info

Anthony Hanmer (View posts)
Posted: 980049789000
Greetings Michael and several other recent
writers of Hanmer enquiries,
Sorry, but I don't have any access to the
information you need. BUT your local library,
if you live in North America or Western
Europe, either does or can get it in for you.
You need Debrett's Peerage, as late an
edition as possible. There you will find
the entire listing of the Hanmer family
going back to, I believe, the 14th Century. There is as yet no family tree made from this information, though one of my dreams is to make one using the most high-powered of the family tree programmes - on a single large sheet, complete with the coat of arms. Don't hold your breath - I live in the Caucasus and this dream won't be fulfilled soon.

A dream of mine is to put all of this information
on one large sheet as a family tree, using
one of the better tree programmes to do this.
But don't hold your breath.

Good luck,

Anthony Hanmer
Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
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