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In search . . .

In search . . .

Amber Allensworth (View posts)
Posted: 950747102000
Hello, my name is Amber and I was born of Rod Jean Allensworth, he is the father of me and my twin sister Amanda. Unfotunately him and my mother split up a long time ago, but I am in search of the family I have never known. If anyone knows anything about Rod, please contact me.
Amber Allensworth

Rod Allensworth

Leo Payne (View posts)
Posted: 951008116000
Give me some dates, even if approximate, of his age or if you know his date of birth. Do you know his father or mothers name? Where was he from originally?

Rod J. Allensworth

Leo Payne (View posts)
Posted: 951008575000
Do you have and have you tried this phone and address???
(573) 324-6118

hello . . .

Amber Allensworth (View posts)
Posted: 952828897000
I have no idea who you are . . . but you obvously know whom my father is, but I am I guess looking for my identity, and I need to know my family names. Who is my grandmother? Who is my Grandfather? Who are my sisters and brothers? What were they like? I heard my grandmother was very beautiful. But thats all I know. Please tell me. I have big blue eyes and reddish hair, who do I resemble?
Love and sincerely,

Amber Nicole Allensworth

Amber . . .

Amber Allensworth (View posts)
Posted: 952829075000
I don't know his age . . . maybe around 36 or 37. I have no idea who his mother is or his father.
I like acting and I like writing poetry . .am I like any of them?

Amber Nicole

Father's people

Amber Nicole (View posts)
Posted: 952966344000
Where were you born? Do you know your
father's first name? I have several male
cousins in California that are in that age
goup, but they have lived there all their


Amber Nicole (View posts)
Posted: 952966523000
I'm sorry that I did not see the first
message with your father's name. None of the
cousins I mentioned are named Rod.

rod allensworth

Michele k Allensworth (View posts)
Posted: 964132289000
The Rod that you are looking for, I was wondering if it is the one I know!? I have a brother Rodney who is about 36 years old? Is this who you are looking for?

to michele

Amber Allensworth (View posts)
Posted: 972555841000
maybe he is the same one? but does he live in the quincy illinois or missouri area?

Re: Amber . . .

Posted: 1292519609000
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I am Rod Allensworth , Michelle is my Sister , Audra is my Cousin , Chris is My Son , Amber and Amanda are my Daughters . My Middle Name is Gene , not Jean
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