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Harmon Field 1945

Harmon Field 1945

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During WW2 I was stationed at Harmon Field on Guam. What ever happened to the field? Is there any of it left now in this day and age?

Harmon Field

John S. Calvo (View posts)
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Harmon Field has turned into an industrial park, filled with warehouses, auto repair shops and manufacturing companies. The population in the area has also grown with the addition of apartment buildings and a few condominiums.

Harmon Field 1945

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To John S. Calvo: Thanks for responding to my question about Harmon Field now. Many of the World War II 8th Air Force fields in England have also been turned into industrial parks. Seems like a good thing to happen. Again thanks.

Harmon Field

John S. Calvo (View posts)
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I should be thanking you and the many fine men and women of the Armed Forces for the liberation of Guam and restoring peace to the region.

By the way, the field was a drag strip in the 1960's and 1970's and later became the area for the island's flea market (swap meet). The industrial building boom started in the early 1970's, but really took off during the mid 1980's.

Have you had a chance to revisit the island since 1945? Each year in July, veterans return for the Liberation Day Festivities and participate accordingly. The Festivities commence late June and the highlight is the Parade on July 21. Let me know if you are planning to return. I will try to put you in contact with this year's organizers. Have a GREAT day.

Guam another message on this board!

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John -
Just today I read with so much pleasure, your account of Harmon Field. I was also so very much impressed with your tribute to the US armed forces for their assistance in the liberation of Guam in WWII. I first went to Guam in 1954 as a high school math teacher. There I met my husband, who was then an English teacher. Our lives have been filled with so many varied experiences.

One very profound "trait" (for lack of a better word at this moment)of the Guamanian people that I have heard, seen, etc., is their praise and respect for those long-ago armed forces. In my husbands family, several generations later, there is still that respect for the old GIs that does not seem to diminish. As a state-sider, I am so very deeply impressed with this continuing faithfullness on the part of the Guamanian people.

My last comment concerns the very first message on this message board, titled "African features" by SABIAN. Have you read it? The response is mine. I'd love to write a whole manuscript to this individual, but I really don't feel like lowering myself to his apparent level. He obviously is an arrogant "black" and quite misinformed. My blood pressure will remain much more stable if I discontinue any contact with him/her, whatever the case may be. If you click on his name in the message, it brings up the entire list of countries where he/she sent the same type of messge.
By the way, I was the one who introduced this particular message board.

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