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Surnames: Seabolt, Garrett, Grizzle, Helton, Burnett
My gr-gr-grandmother was Sarah H. "Sallie" Seabolt (bc. 1856), daughter of Henry Washington Seabolt. She married Monroe Presley Garrett on July 02, 1879 in Union Co., GA. He was the son of James Garrett and Amanda Grizzle. Sallie and Monroe had a daughter named Vina Garrett, bc. 1886. She married William Martin Helton, Sr. (son of Martin Helton and Priscilla Grizzle). Vina and Will were my gr-grandparents. They had a son named William Martin Helton, Jr. who married Harriet Maynelle "Nellie" Burnett (from Suches, GA). They were my grandparents.

I've attached a photo of Will and Vina, as well as my grandparents, Nellie and Will. I also have gravestone photos and other photos of my father's family that I'm willing to share.

If anyone connects, please let me know. It's been a few years since I've researched this line and I'd like to re-connect with my cousins.

-Dana Helton Risinger


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Surnames: Seabolt, Garrett, Dockery, Woody
My husband’s g-g-grandfather is James Martin Garrett’s brother:
Henry Eli Garrett, b. 1841 Rabun Co., GA, married Harriet Dockery b. 1845 NC, and had 12 children.

He is also related to the Seabolts: his g-g-grandmother is Axey Elizabeth Seabolt b. abt 1820 NC, married John Wesley Woody, Jr. in Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., GA., and had 11 children.

I’d very much like to share information on both of these lines, Garretts and especially the Seabolts.

I have only one child for James Martin Garrett and Amanda Grizzle: from the 1860 Union Co. GA census -- Monroe. Did they have more children? (Silly question with these prolific folks?)

I have a feeling my information on the Garrett side is all messed up. I have a Vina “Vinie Jane Garrett” b. 07 Oct 1880 married William Martin Helton, but she is a daughter of Henry Eli Garrett and Harriet Dockery. [No further info, dates or children.] Is this Vina actually the daughter of Monroe Garrett, or did Henry Eli Garrett also have a daughter Vina who did not marry William Helton?

Happy to find a new cousin!
Ann Martin


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Surnames: Garrett, Seabolt, Dockery, Helton
Hi Ann!

I found a Vina Garrett in a family tree on rootsweb that was the daughter of Sallie Seabolt and Monroe Garrett. I completely assumed that this was my gr-grandmother. I could be wrong! I haven't done much research on the Garretts and Seabolts, so I can't really say for sure.

Do you have any info on Henry Eli Garrett and Harriet Dockery?

I can't find James and Amanda in the 1870 census - in any state! I found a tree on ancestry that states they had a son named William, born 12-11-1863 and another son named Lewis, born 1866.

In another tree, James Martin Garrett is mentioned as James Monroe Garrett. Children listed are Presley Monroe Garrett, Lewis G. Garrett, William L. Garrett, and Sylvester Garrett, b. 1886.

I found Amanda in the 1880 census. Apparently James Martin Garrett had died before 1880. Her parents were born in NC. She was born in GA. Monroe, age 22, William L., age 18 and Lewis, age 14, were living with her. They must have just missed the 1870 census.

Vina Garrett married William Martin "Will" Helton. They had children Fannie, James, William Jr.(my grandfather), Wilson, Floyd, Buck, George, Homer, Lilly, Mollie, Luther, Pat and Arthur. In 1920, Martin H. Helton (the census shows H as his initial), his wife Priscilla Grizzle Helton and Will's sister Nancy were living with him, Vina and some of their children. William Martin Helton, Jr. married Harriet Maynelle Burnett. They had children Millard, Otis and William Martin - my father. For the majority of his life, my father believed that he was a Jr. because that's what they called him when he was growing up. He couldn't believe it when I told him he was actually William Martin Helton, III. He was told that his records were destroyed in the late 1930s by a tornado.

All for now! If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.



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Surnames: Garrett, Seabolt
Hi, Dana:
Sorry it took me so long to respond. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find James Martin and Amanda Garrett in the 1870 census, but couldn’t find them either. If I were them, and in that age group, and in that part of the country, I’d probably have avoided the census takers in 1870. In fact, federal government enumerator was probably a very dangerous job in 1870 in Georgia. (Just said in fun…don’t anybody take it seriously.)
Another possibility is that he had died by 1870, and she and the children were staying with another family.
I don’t know if all this is more hindrance than help, but I’ll send you what I have on them. There is so much misinformation floating around, that I try to verify everything with census images, at least, but it’s hard to get much real information beyond that. My husband’s mother was a Garrett, and I’ve had more trouble trying to sort out this family than all the others put together. But if genealogy weren’t a challenge, it wouldn’t be fun, would it?

1880 Union Co Ga census (The images very poor quality)
18 June 1880 Coopers Creek district

Living next door to Thomas Seabolt and Elisha Seabolt families, probably sons of Soloman Seabolt.
Her son Monroe married a Sarah "Sallie" Seabolt.
178 178 Garrett Amanda WF 45 widowed farming Ga NC NC
Monroe WM 22 son single farm labor all Ga Ga Ga
William L. WM 16 son farm labor
Lewis WM 14 son farm labor

["Sarah H. "Sallie" Seabolt (bc. 1856), daughter of Henry Washington Seabolt. She married Monroe Presley Garrett on July 02, 1879 in Union Co., GA. He was the son of James Garrett and Amanda Grizzle." ...previous post],
If Monroe Garrett's wedding date is correct, then he was already married in 1880, despite a son Monroe being listed with Amanda Garrett, widow, in 1880.

This is on the 1880 Union Co. GA census, Canada 994th dist. p.117a they had it at the end of Upper Young Cane on the census sheet, so I missed it at first.
page 1, enumeration dist. No. 178. 02 June 1880

4 4 Seabolt, William WM 25 farmer Ga Ga NC
Rebecca WF 24 wife keeps house Ga Ga Ga
James H. WM 3 son Ga Ga Ga
5 5 Seabolt, Soloman WM 77 farmer NC unknown unk (This entry was lined through)
Catharine WF 73 farming Penn. NC NC
Harkins, Thomas WM 17 grandchild farm worker Ga Ga Ga

This "M." Garrett could be the Monroe who married Sarah "Sallie" Seabolt, especially since their first daughter was named Amanda (his mother's name.) Another explanation is that the same person was actually recorded in both places:

6 6 Garrett , T. (?) M. WM 23 farmer Ga Ga Ga
Sarah WF 22 wife keeps house Ga Ga Ga
Amanda E. WF 4/12 b. Jan dau Ga Ga Ga
7 7 Seabolt Elijah WM 27 farmer Ga NC Pa(?)
Axey WF 28 wife keeps house Ga NC NC
Catharine WF 12 dau not employed Ga Ga Ga
William WM 10 son not employed Ga Ga Ga
Birdine R. WM 9 son all children Ga Ga Ga
Sarah T. WF 4 dau
John WM 1 son

Re: HELTON - Lumpkin Co., GA

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Surnames: Helton
Okay. So i was tracing my family tree back and i came to the conclusion great great great grandparents were Martin and Priscilla Helton.and thats about as far back as i can get i need help. please..

Re: HELTON - Lumpkin Co., GA

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Surnames: Helton, Grizzle, Swaim, Pruitt, Burnette, Jackson, Owl
I haven't researched the Heltons that much in recent years and have very little information. According to what I have, Martin (b. 7-15-1844) married Priscilla Grizzle. His parents were Jacob Helton and Elizabeth "Betsy" Swaim. Martin's siblings were:

Malinda b. 3-4-1831 Lumpkin Co. GA, married Peter Pruitt on 8-18-1853
Lucinda bc. 1833 Lumpkin Co., GA, married Micajah Burnette on 1-30-1866
Larkin b. 4-9-1835 Lumpkin Co., GA, married Melinda Jackson on 3-13-1859
Ariminda bc. 1837 Lumpkin Co., GA
Mary Ann bc. 1840 Lumpkin Co., GA, married David Pruitt on 1-6-1856
Sara Ann bc. 1843 Lumpkin Co., GA
Rossetta bc.1848 Lumpkin Co., GA

I haven't been able to prove Jacob's parents, but supposedly they were Abraham Helton and Katy Owl. Katy was a full-blooded Cherokee. I have a strong feeling that they were indeed Jacob's parents, as Jacob's son Martin was listed on the Guillon-Miller Cherokee Rolls, along with his brother Larkin and other relatives.

Funny that you contacted me. Someone contacted me last week about my father's mother's family (Burnett) and I've been working on that ever since, and here you are contacting me about my father's Heltons. I guess I need to get started on those Heltons!

Seriously. I will get started on researching and contact you when I have something to report.

What's your Helton line? We're obviously cousins somewhere!

Dana Helton Risinger

Re: SEABOLT - Lumpkin Co., GA

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Surnames: Seabolt, Swaim, Palmour, Adams, Patton, Hester, Helton
Dana, I believe I may be related distantly through the Seabolt's mentioned in your original posting and also through the Swaims/Swims. Who do you show as the parents of Elizabeth "Betsy" Swaim? If it was Hugh Swaim/Swims and first wife Nancy Palmour/Palmer OR 2nd wife Nancy Adams then we are related as my g-grandmother, Mary Swaims/Swim Seabolt was Elizabeth's sister. Also, my great aunt Julie (Julia Ann Elizabeth) Patton married William "Billy" Hester and his mother was Mary Ann (Polly) Helton--wife of Alford Hester.

I would be interested in sharing information with you. If you wish you may contact me at dnolin3XknologyXnet (substitute @ for the first X and a period for the second--this is a precaution to try to avoid spam email address collectors). --Janice Nolin

Re: HELTON - Lumpkin Co., GA

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Surnames: Helton, Grizzle
If you have any information on Martin Helton and Priscilla Grizzle please let me know who their parents are. I cant find that information anywhere...and they are my great great great grandparents...please help. i have hit a dead end.

thank you,
courtney york

Re: HELTON - Lumpkin Co., GA

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Surnames: Helton
My Grandmother is Willette Helton, her father was Roy Helton, and his father is Jacob Helton. I could not figure out what Elizabeth's maiden name was. I have been searching for that for a really long time. thanks a bunch.
Courtney York


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Surnames: Helton
My Mom, Lizzy Mae Helton has this same photo of Vina and Will.

I believe William Martin is my Grand Father Buck Helton's brother. My Great Uncle Arthur Helton, brother of Buck and William Martin, named one of his sons Martin.

Hi Cousin!
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