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looking for family of patrick h meigher/maher born in canada in 1842,marrie rachel some time in 1887,she was born in idaho,they had10 children that i know of,i did find marriages for some of them,thomas f. married eva johnson in 1921,henry c married sabina lowrey, rachel married lewis albert ellis in 1915,by 1920 census of powell,montana rachel wife of patrick h is listewd as a widdow,i would like to make contact with family members.thank you sheila coulton saint john n.b.canada

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Surnames: Meagher, Thomas, Ellis, Gangl
Hi Sheila,
I found the Kraemer Family Tree on Ancestry, which contains Patrick Henry Meagher. It is very complete with sources and Patrick's obituary. He died 19 May 1915 Deer Lodge, Powell, Montana.

Patrick married Rachel Abigail Thomas. She was born 12 Feb 1867 Malad City, Oneida, Idaho and died 1924 Deer Lodge, powell Co., MT. Source=Kraemer Family Tree.

In 1930 most of their children were living in Cottonwood, Powell, MT.
Lawrence P. Meagher, b. MT, 43, single, farmer.
Nora A., sister, b. MT, 42, single.
Mary C., sister, b. MT, 41, single.
Rachel E. Ellis, sister, b. MT, 36, married.
henrietta K. Meagher, sister, b. MT. 26, single.
Bertrice M. Ellis, neice, b. MT, 13.
Lucille F. Ellis, neice, b. MT, 11.
Lewis A. Ellis, nephew, b. MT, 8.
Marion G. ellis, nephew, b. MT, 6.

A Lawrence Meagher
Born=11 May 1886
Last Residence=Warm springs, Deer Lodge, MT.
Died=March 1968.
His soc. sec. # was assigned in Montana in 1954.
Source=Social Security Death Index.

A Lawrence Meagher b. abt. 1887
Died=29 March 1968, Deer Lodge Co., MT.
Residence=Powell Co., MT.
Marital Status=Single.
Source=Montana State Genealogical Society, Montana Death Index 1860-2007.

I'd contact the Kohrs memorial Library, for a copy of his obituary. Even though he didn't have heirs, his surviving siblings should be listed.

A Frank T. Meagher was living with his wife in 1930 in Cottonwood, powell Co., MT.
Anna K. Johnson, head household, b. Sweden, 78, immigrated 1886, widow.
Frank T. Meagher, sonlaw, b. MT, 40, farm laborer.
Eva C., Meagher, dau, b. MT, 31.
Vivian E. Nordquist, granddau, b. MT, 11.
Jack W.Nordquist, grandson, b. MT, 8.

I didn't find death information for Frank. Contact the Powell County Genealogical Society and ask if they have the Montana Death Index on microfilm. For contact info, go to .

In 1930 a henry C. Meagher and family was living in Cottonwood, Powell Co., MT.
Henry C. Meagher, b. MT, 34, marr @ 23, farm laborer.
Sabina J., wife, b. MT, 29, marr @ 18.
Geraldine E., b. MT, 10.
Frank L., b. MT, 9.
Clifford L., b. MT, 8.
Alta J., b. MT, 7.
henry M., b. MT, 5.
Shirley A., b. MT, 3 3/12ths.
Donna L., b. MT, 1 1/12.

I also found Henry on the Smyth Family Tree, .

A henry meagher b. abt. 1895 died 11 Jan 1937, Deer Lodge Co.
Index #=DLCy679.
Source=Montana Office Vital Statistics, Montana Death Index 1860-2007.

I'd contact the Hearst Free Library, Anaconda, MT, 406-563-6932 about his obituary.

A Darleen Juanita Meagher b. Feb. 24, 1936, Deer Lodge, Montana married a Wilford John Gangle. Wilford was b. 1924 and died 1991.

Darleen died jan. 18, 2003, Deer Lodge, MT. They had six children. Source=Smyth Family Tree,

A Nora Meagher b. abt. 1888 died 5 June 1937, Powell Co., MT
Index #=Pow 393.
Source=Montana Office Vital Statistics, Montana Death Index 1860-2007.

A RAchel Meagher b. 1894 Deer Lodge, Powell Co., MT
married a lewis Albert Ellis (b. 1882).

Rachel died 21 oct 1955 Deer Lodge, powell Co.

They had a son Lewis Albert Ellis, Jr. b. 1921 and d. 1982.

They had a son/daughter Marion Ellis b. 1923 and d. 1991. Source: Kraemer Family Tree, .
Successful Searching & Happy Holidays!

Rachel married a

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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hi judy,wow,that,s great,thank you for your time and the info,and merry christmas and happy new year.sheila

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Surnames: Meagher, Ellis
Shiela, I am Ed Kraemer author of the Kraemer family tree. Patrick Henry Meagher is my Great Grandfather. Rachel Ellis is my grandmother, Marion (Kraemer)Ellis is my mother. Where do you fit in the Meagher Ellis tree? What other info do you need? I am still gathering info from Deer Lodge. I went there a few years ago and found alot of documents. PH's death cert. and obit (see my tree). Rachel Ellis's death cert and front page obit from her car accident. Found all the grave sites and the old farm house from the original 2600 acre ranch still stands. I also found PH's mom and dad in Chataugay NY (Franklin co NY). My next trip will be to go up there and find their death cert's from when they died 2 months (or so) apart in 1869. I need to find where Patrick Henry Meahger was born in 1842, all I ever find is "Canada". Do you have any other info about him? Let me know what else you need. Ed

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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hi ed, the patrick henry meigher that i am looking for was born in kings county new brunswick ,canada to john meigher and mary kelley, i was told that he left canada after the 1861 census was taken,when i went looking for him all i had was a birth year 1842, if his parents died in new york,then i,m not sure i found the right one because my patrick henry,s parents are buried here in kings co.,n.b. canada, since i live here i can do some looking around for you. sheila

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Hi Ed!

It is your cousin Ann (your aunt Betty's daughter). Maybe we can catch up and compare notes?


Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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I would love to catch you up on what I have, and get anymore info that you may have. Do you have a tree on ancestry? I probably would have come across it by now. I can let you see my tree anytime, I have it very full of Meagher/Ellis stuff. I made a trip out there with my sister Kathi about 10 years ago and met with your dad (if you are with the Aunt Betty that I think you are that is). You can email me at so we can get together easier. This message board just happened to send me an alert to my email, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. By the way..Do you know any of my sisters, I don't think I have met you, unless it was when I was very little. It will be good to hear from you. Ed

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Hi Ed,

I e-mailed your hotmail account. Let me know if you received it (from we can go from there. Also was contacted by Eileen on facebook! It will be fun to catch up!

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Hi Ann,

This is Eileen on behalf of Ed. How are you? Good I hope! I asked him last night if he had received your email and he said no; he wanted to make sure that you had the correct e-mail address: ed_kraemer In his message to you the underscore between his first & last name is hard to see because his email address showed as a link (underlined).

I will also send this same info via a private message to your Facebook account. Can't wait to see what info you have and for you to see our tree etc.(if you haven't already).

Have a blessed day, Eileen

Re: meigher/maher/ellis/lowrey/johnson

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Hi Eileen!

Yes, that is the e-mail that I used. I e-mailed him on January 29th but it must have gone to his spam.

I am currently living in Canada, just across the New York border in Ontario, so if Ed has any loose ends either in Canada or New York that he is trying to track down, let me know and I will be happy to help.

I am also going back to Montana this summer in June for 3 weeks and can look up things while there as well.

I am new to, just getting the hang of things, so it will be fun to share our info.
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