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My Native American Heritage

My Native American Heritage

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Surnames: Owens, Newton, King and Chapman
My name is Joshua Owens and I am from Illinois ~

I have been told that I am half Native American Cherokee all my life. I REALLY believe this is true for two reasons: 1. I look half Native American – I really do, some people have mistaken me for being Mexican. 2. I have relatives on the Dawes Final Rolls (Creek, Choctaw and Cherokee)

I want to get registered with my tribe, although, I do not know who my real father is:

These are my family names:
Owens - My grandpa’s family, which is my mother’s father
Newton - My grandmother’s maiden name before marriage
King – My uncle’s family name. My mother says he is my real father, it happened before he got married to my aunt. His daughter looks Native American Cherokee; who could actually be my sister

Chapman - The guy I call dad, my mom was with him for years; a few years before I was born. He is Cherokee and all his family on that side – they all look it too

My so called’ father Gene Chapman will give me a blood test. My mother will not let me talk to my uncle George King about a blood test. I need to have this done to find out my real father. What should I do?

Researched family members on the Dawes Final Rolls:

Gahneyawah Owens - Cherokee
George Owens - Cherokee
Henry Owens - Cherokee
Frances Owens - Chickasaw
Isaac Newton - Creek
Vera Newton - Creek
George Newton - Choctaw
George King - Creek
Anna King - Choctaw
Opal King - Cherokee
Addie King - Cherokee
Mary King - Cherokee
Ulysses King - Cherokee
Velma Chapman - Choctaw
William Chapman - Choctaw
Ula Chapman - Choctaw

Re: My Native American Heritage

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Forgot one: Annie Chapman - Cherokee

Re: My Native American Heritage

gd (View posts)
Posted: 1141095933000
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By your own words,
1. you don't know who your birth father is;
2. your appearance is to some people Mexican (completely irrelevant to the question at hand);
3. your post includes a list of 17 people from 4 different AmerInd Nations;
4. taking a look only at the Cherokee names, since that Nation is the subject of this board, you have a list of 7 mostly unrelated persons from the Cherokee Dawes list;
5. there is one family group that is related:
Ulysses S. King et ux Gertrude Ethel, a white woman whose children are Velma and Addie King;
6. Ga-ne-ya-wa Owens was married to a George Owens, but you have 4 unrelated George Owens listed.

In summary, you don't really have a clue that any of those folks are related to you. They just represent names you probably heard mentioned. The Owens are just a blind hope since you seem fairly certain that Gene Owens is not your blood father.

Until you get your actual father's name, when and where he lived, you are just spinning your wheels and trying to prove a fantasy.

Sorry, but not a single thing in your post proves anything except you want to be an Indian, and you would like to know your birth father's name. Good luck with the latter. The former, based on a mostly unrelated list of surnames you think are in your family is pointless without the latter.

All those name you refer to as "researched family members on the Dawes Rolls" cannot be because there is no familial relationship between all of them.

Without an unbroken ancestry from you back to a person enrolled in the c1906-09 time period there is no real possibility of your becoming enrolled.

This is a Cherokee genealogy board, not a fishin' hole. Do a bit of research. Ask your mother to tell you your birth father's name. If she refuses, you are pretty much out of the field of genealogy and into some unrelated field of inquiry.

Re: My Native American Heritage

Joshua Owens (View posts)
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He is Gene Chapman not Owens. The 5 civilized tribes, well they were originally from the Cherokee tribe before they split-up during the Trail of Tears. Also we did family research on all sides of the family and these are REAL family members.

Re: My Native American Heritage

gd (View posts)
Posted: 1141246333000
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Pardon my confusion on your genealogy.

You are woefully misinformed regarding the history of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee and Seminole people.
The Five Civilized Tribes, to which you refer all predated by hundreds, if not thousands, of years, the Removal of the Southeastern Tribes. There are at least 3 different major language groups represented among the Five.

There's one last lesson I'll share with you. It comes from a philosopher and wit of the mid- to late 20th century. "Its really hard to know when to stop talking, when you don't know what you are talking about." courtesy of Tommy Smothers.

Enjoy your search.

Re: My Native American Heritage

Lisa (View posts)
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Surnames: King
I am surprised by your rudeness. I have been researching my family lines for years and have recieved huge amounts of help from people around the world. Yours is the first posting I have come across with such a negative tone. Since I am also looking at the King line, I'll be sure to check elsewhere.

Re: My Native American Heritage

gd (View posts)
Posted: 1144181860000
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Perhaps you too could benefit from re-reading Mr Smothers' comment... and probably by re-reading the entire string in question.
It must be very interesting to receive help on American Indian ancestry from "AROUND THE WORLD".

Re: My Native American Heritage_Joshua

Teri (View posts)
Posted: 1145751966000
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Not to get personal BUT how old are you?

Have you asked your Uncle this in he even aware you may be his?

Re: My Native American Heritage_Joshua

owensj (View posts)
Posted: 1145758642000
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24 years old

Re: My Native American Heritage_Joshua

Teri (View posts)
Posted: 1145766869000
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My next question would be..does anyone else know your uncle could be your bio father or is this just some family secret?

My niece never knew her bio father and she adores the man who raised her, she did some searching and she found her bio father took the DNA test and now has a relation with her bio father and the one who raised her (I believe he adopted her also)

You mentioned your adopted father ok'd for the DNA, does this mean him taking the DNA or for you and the uncle to do DNA? Is the uncle even aware of the subject?

If it were me in your shoes, I'd take my uncle aside and ask him if it could be true, than have a DNA taken.If it proved to be true but could cause a broken marriage, I'd keep it another secret but I'm sure I'd be closer to that uncle than before. It would also give you the true names to start searching your family history. IMO
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