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JOYCE (View posts)
Posted: 966124779000
Descendant of John Nutt and Isabella Speer(early 1800s) who is the son of Wm. Henry Nutt and Mary McCown. My Grandmother was Eather Nutt

William Nutt/Mary McCowan

Andy (View posts)
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Good question? I have Elizabeth Nutt Speer; William Henry Nutt; Samson McCowan Nutt; John Nutt; Robert Nutt; Thomas F. Nutt; James Nutt;Walter C. Nutt; Pleasant Nutt;and Josiah Nutt as children but little info. on descendents of William Henry.

Wm Henry Nutt's descendants

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Andy, Unless I missed something it appears that the Nutt Chronicles book of Irene Amato has 41 pages of data on the family of William Henry Nutt. Quite a lot it would seem, but you are right that she cites very little documentation. Incidentally her previous book in an appendix has a list of references although they are not tied to specific pages and they seem to end with William H.'s parents' generation. A Few references relate to the McCown and Spears families.

Thomas F. Nutt

Beth Venable Allen (View posts)
Posted: 966638516000
In my info, I have a Feby Nutt as a syblling of Sampson, William, Robert, Josiah, and John Nutt. Is this perhaps Thomas "F". Nutt? I am of the Robert Nutt and Julia Jenny Denny lineage.

Robert M. Feby Nutt

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Beth, do you have any dates for your Robert M Nutt, or the name of his spouse? ccording to Irene Amoto's NUTT CHRONICLES Sampson McCown Nutt's son Robert had a middle initial "G" not "M", was b. 2-24-1830, d. 12-12-1812, and m. Susan Cochran. Do these data fit yours?
Incidentally there were a great many Sampsons and which is which seems confusing.

No, Feby Nutt was probably not Thomas F. Nutt since, again according to Amato, Sampson McCown had a daughter Feaby b. ca. 1836 and m. Humphry Scroggins.

Samson McCown Nutt

Beth V Allen (View posts)
Posted: 966678018000
This is the info I have exactly as it is written from my mother: (Again, it may be correct, or incorrect)
Samson McCown Nutt b. 1802, d. 1882; m March 7, 1822 to Mary Spears, m. Mary Morrison Nov. 22, 1862, m. Caroline West July 18, 1875. Born in Lancaster County, SC. Children born to this union were:
John, Feby, Robert, William, Sampson Jr, Martin, Josiah, 1 unknown.
Under Robert Nutt, the info she has reads:
b. October 3, 1851; d. June 12, 1892 (Fordyce Ark.) M. February 8, 1887 to Julia Jenny Denny, daughter of Julia and James P. Denny (my maternal gg grandparents). I know this is a lot, but if our info is incorrect, we want to desperately to correct it! Thanks so much for your help!


BETH (View posts)
Posted: 966719053000
Beth, According to my info on what you gave is as follows; Sampson McCown Nutt b,1802, md.Mary(Polly)Spears March 7, 1822. They had;1. Benjamin Franklin Nutt b.1824, md. Judith Joanna Eagle. 2. Isabella Nutt b.1825. She obtained a marriage with Eli Quarles in Dallas County,Ark. on June 18, 1850. 3. John M. Nutt b. April 5, 1828, md. Josephine Eagle on Sept. 10, 1850. 4. Robert G. Nutt b. Feb. 24,1830, md. Susan M. Cochran on May 6, 1855. 5. William Nutt b.1835. died unmarried sometime in April 1875. 6. Feaby Nutt b.1836, md. Humphry"Cuff" Scroggins. Feaby died young, but had 4 children. Cuff later md. Elizabeth Fikes on Oct. 22, 1865. 7. Sampson Nutt, Jr. b. June 15, 1837, md. in 1865 to Lydia M. Winburn. 8. Martin Van Buren Nutt b.1839. He died unmarried during the Civil War. He joined the Confederate Army on June 23, 1862. Died March 21, 1863. 9. Josiah Nutt b. 1840, md. Lou Winburn. He and Martin joined the Army on the same day. 10. Pleasant Nutt b. 1863. He died Feb. 11, 1931 in the Ark. State Hospital.
There is so much more info I have on this family. I am 7th generation of William Henry Nutt Mary McCown Nutt. I have done quite a bit of research over the years through my sis-in-law who works at the History Commission. I hope I have helped.

Robert Nutt

To Beth (View posts)
Posted: 966720318000
Beth, the info you have on Robert Nutt is correct. But he is not Sampson's son, but his Grandson. Robert is the son of John M. Nutt Josephine Eagle Nutt, and Grandson of Sampson McCown Nutt. Robert b. Oct. 3, 1851, md. J.Jenny Denny 0n Feb. 8, 1874. She was the daughter of Julia Denny. I don't know fathers name. Robt. died June 12, 1892. Jenny died March 20, 1920. Their children were; Dora, Nora, Cora, Samuel, Sidney, Jennee. Hope this helps. Joyce


Beth (View posts)
Posted: 966721432000
Your info was very helpful. (I think this is ed who responded to my original message.) If so, I found Irene Amato's two books on the Library of Congress site, but I am not able to obtain them through the LOC. I found a few sites that sell out of print books, and they are currently doing a seach for me to find a copy. I would very much like to get the Nutt Chronicles book for my mother. If you have any suggestions other than what I have done, please let me know! Thanks for ALL of your help!

Jenny Julia Nutt Jones

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Ed this is my grand-mother. I want to visit with you at length
my name is Nancy Tobin Venable, my mother was Jane Elizabeth Jones Tobin.
I'm traveling to England/Ireland this coming May and am searching
diligently for immigration information to
carry with me. I have her family back to William Nutt, Sr., b. 1705,
d 1757 m. Elanor ? they lived in Orange County, VA. He might
have been married a second time to Elizabeth Wran or Rowan.
William Nutt, III married Mary McCowan whose parents were Elizabeth born in Tyrom, Ireland
father also from Tyrom, Ireland, died about 1802.
My daughter, Beth Venable Allen has been conversing with you.
Please help me get info to find a copy of the book on the Nutt family.
I would appreciate any further info from you. Hope we can chat at length
in the days ahead. You seem to be a wealth of information. Thank you.
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