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Boudet and Fallourd

Boudet and Fallourd

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Surnames: Boudet, Fallourd, Jolivet
I have a Jacques Boudet married to Mandee Fallourd (1652=1713). She was baptized in Doix, Pays de la Loire, and buried in Montreuil-sur-Mer. They married in Montreuil in 1671. Jacques was a merchant and had a son, Pierre (also Jacques and Jean and maybe others). Pierre became a merchant in Rochefort/La Rochelle and was involved in trade with the New World. Jean Boudet married Madelaine Jolivet.

I am trying to find more information about Mandee Fallourd's family/parents in Doix and Jacques Boudet and his family -- either in Doix or Montreuil-sur-Mer.


(ce qui est la traduction de l'ordinateur, de sorte a sans doute beaucoup d'erreurs) J'ai un Boudet Jacques marié à Mandee Fallourd (1652 = 1713). Elle a été baptisée à Doix, Pays de la Loire, et enterré à Montreuil-sur-Mer. Ils se sont mariés à Montreuil en 1671. Jacques était un marchand et avait un fils, Pierre (également Jacques et Jean et peut-être d'autres). Pierre est devenu un marchand de Rochefort / La Rochelle et a été impliqué dans le commerce avec le Nouveau Monde. Jean a épousé Madelaine Boudet Jolivet.

J'essaie de trouver plus d'informations sur la famille Mandee Fallourd de / parents dans Doix et Jacques Boudet et sa famille - soit à Doix ou Montreuil-sur-Mer.

Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Salut !

I found information about your Mandée Fallourd on a message board of a genealogy circle in Nantes, of which I am a member. The researcher was interested in your ancestor's sister, Magdelaine Fallourd and wanted more information about her. Unfortunately, the person who posted the message logged-in anonymously with a bad email. I tried to trace her but arrived at no thing. Perhaps you will find this person's data useful anyway :


Union :
Mariée le 11 janvier 1671 (lundi) DOIX, 85080, avec Jacques BOUDET

Parents :
Jean FALLOURD, baptisé vers 1604, décédé à l'âge de peut-être 98 ans , inhumé le 14 février 1702 (mardi) - MONTREUIL, 85148, Vendée, France --- marié vers 1645 avec Gabrielle CAQUINEAU, décédée avant 1702.

Fratrie :
1 F Magdelaine FALLOURD 1646-1686 mariée avant 24 novembre 1670 avec Mathurin PINOCHEAU ca 1645-1686/1689 dont :
>>1 H Michel PINOCHEAU ca 1670 marié vers 1690 avec Marie BON[N]ET dont :
>>>>1 H Jean PINOCHEAU 1690-1737
>>>>2 H André PINOCHEAU 1695-1703
>>>>3 F Françoise PINOCHEAU 1698-/1719
>>>>4 H Louis PINOCHEAU 1703
>>2 H Jean PINOCHEAU ca 1670-1720 marié le 27 novembre 1690 (lundi), DOIX, 85080, Vendée, France, avec Jeanne TURGNE ca 1673-1729 dont :
>>>>1 H Jean PINOCHEAU 1692
>>>>2 F Marie PINOCHEAU 1694-1697
>>>>3 F Marie Anne PINOCHEAU 1695-1739
>>>>4 F Jeanne PINOCHEAU 1697-1748
>>>>5 H Michel PINOCHEAU 1700-1723
>>>>6 F Marie PINOCHEAU 1702
>>>>7 F Françoise PINOCHEAU 1705-1729
>>>>8 F Catherine PINOCHEAU 1708-1708
>>>>9 H Jean PINOCHEAU 1709
>>>>10 H Jean PINOCHEAU 1713-1745
>>>>11 F Marie PINOCHEAU ca 1715
>>3 F Mandée PINOCHEAU ca 1670-1702
>>4 F Magdelaine PINOCHEAU ca 1678-1739 mariée le 5 juillet 1702 (mercredi), MONTREUIL, 85148, Vendée, France, avec Jean BA[S]TARD
>>5 H Pierre PINOCHEAU 1683-1696
>>6 F Anne PINOCHEAU 1683

2 F : X FALLOURD ca 1662-1672

3* F : Mandée FALLOURD ca 1650--?- mariée le 11 janvier 1671 (lundi) DOIX, 85080, avec Jacques BOUDET

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I also found this informations at Noms de Vendée :

Mariage de BOUDET Jacques et FALLOURD Mandée

Epoux : BOUDET
Prénom époux : Jacques
Prénom épouse : Mandée
Lieu : DOIX
Date : 11/01/1671
N° de vue : 21/048 (susceptible de varier en cas de mise à jour des vues numériques)
Source documentaire : Registres paroissiaux
Cote ou dossier : AC080 - BMS 1668 juin 1676

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You will notice both of these mention that your ancestors married in DOIX (not Montreuil) in 1671, which you have in your message.

So, I decided to find the actual record for you, and found the marriage is correct as they said, on 11 January 1671 in Doix, and that Jacques Boudet was from Montreuil, and that Mandée Fallourd is from Doix. You can see the actual record yourself by pasting this link into your web browser (It is written with Middle French (« moyen français ») orthography, but it is not not difficult to read):

In case you do not know this, the Archives départementales de la Vendée have all of their parish registers available online, which you may access for free here:

I hope you find this information useful !

Bonne quête !

Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Thank you SO much! I had found the online parish registers for Charente-Maritime, but not for Vendée. This information and the links are very helpful to me.

Thank you for taking the time and checking the records. I will try to access the Vendee register now!


Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Hello again,

I just looked at GeneaNet and found another researcher who is also looking at your FALLOURD ancestors (especially the sister Magdelaine Fallourd, again) and has much information.

Here is the link to her tree:;p=mandee;n=fallou...

I am member of GeneaNet, and I think you can dirrectly access this tree without a problem. However, you may be required to register first. It is free and allows to do basic searches. (This website works in 7 languages; just choose your language in the upper right corner.)

A tip : GeneaNet is the largest and best genealogy site in France with millions and millions of members, including many from Canada, the UK and USA. If you become a member of the Club privlège (Privilege Club) - it is cheap, only 40 euros per year - you get many extra powerful search options that is worth the price alone, as well as access to millions of scanned images. If you are serious about French genealogy, you should consider joining.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another tip : It is important to ALWAYS state the name of the DÉPARTEMENT with the name of the COMMUNE in all of your French genealogy records - and on all of your message board requests for help (smile!)

This is because many cities in France have the same name, even in the same region. --- This is especially important for cities named « Montreuil » because there are more than 30 cities in France with this name. (I looked at another Montreuil to try to help you before I discovered you meant the one in Vendée!)

(This situation is perhaps like « Springfield » in Anglo-Saxon countries : 15 Springfield cities in UK, 35 Springfield cities in USA, 7 Springfield cities in Australia, 6 in Canada, etc. -- Very confusing!)

So, always identify département names to be clear, to be correct, and to look like a professional serious researcher.

I wish you much success!

Bonne quête !

Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Thank you for the resource and for the tips about how to state the cities. No wonder I've been confused too!!! I did sign up with the free registration on GeneaNet about a month ago. It sounds like it is indeed worth signing up for the Club privlège.


Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Hello once again!

Here is another tip for you :

You will notice that on French websites, like GeneaNet,, and others, many (most?) French genealogists now put two digit or five digit code numbers after the names of cities throughout their family trees. (There are several software packages from France that do this automatically.) This code number is not critical if the name of the département is identified. However, modern French websites and genealogy software packages allow genealogists to search using these code numbers - which is quick and easy, so it is becoming quite useful. --- You may want to consider adding them in your computer software or websites.

I am writing this message because I want to help you understand exactly what these numbers are:

If you see just two numbers, these are the « département codes ». (There are 101 départements in France; 2A and 2B are for the two départements of Corse / Corsica.) Everyone in France knows these codes, just as British and Canadians know their two letter province abbreviations and Americans know their state abbreviations. You may be familiar with a few from your research already, especially:

17 = Charente-Maritime
44 = Loire-Atlantique
85 = Vendée

The 5-digit number is the « INSEE code ». Each of the exactly 36,700 communes in France (on 1 Jan 2012) has a unique identifying code number. -- ***It is very important to know that INSEE codes are NOT postal codes! One French post office may serve several tiny towns, so postal codes are not unique for each town, although they might appear very much the same as INSEE codes because they also have five digits. Only INSEE codes are used in French genealogy.***

The first two digits of the 5-digits INSEE code are the département number. The remaining three numbers were assigned alphabetically by the government by département.

You can easily find the 5-digit INSEE code everywhere. Perhaps the easiest and most familiar place for you to seek them is Wikipedia. ---- Simply go to Wikipedia's website, and enter the name of your French city, then look at the InfoBox in the right column and there you will find them.

For example, for Montreuil, Vendée, you will see:
INSEE/Postal Code 85148/85200

...and for La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), you will see:
INSEE/Postal Code 17300/17000

For your genealogy, you will enter 85148 and 17300 in your family tree software, if you are so inclined.

Since you have become an « expert », going to websites of French archives and reading ancient Middle French and Old French handwriting from the 1500s and 1600s like a true professional, I thought you might find this useful to know.

Bonnes recherches !

Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Lionel Meriau has a major part of the Fallourd family online at

In his list, it appears that Magdelaine Fallourd that married Marthurin Pinocheau might have been a niece of Mandee Fallourd. Jean (Jehan) was the brother of Mandee according to Meriau.

It may give the person some additional info.

Re: Boudet and Fallourd

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Thank you for this information. I am a beginner in French genealogy and I don't speak French. (I use Google Translate as a help!) So trying to read the original records is a challenge. I'm researching the family connection to Cuba and am much more capable with the Spanish, but original records are nearly impossible to access in Cuba.

Although you gave me more credit than I deserve, I appreciate your explanations. It helps a beginner like me learn more and open new doors to explore. I am in awe of what you know and your ability to find information!
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