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Seeking Info on sons of Richard MURFEE

Seeking Info on sons of Richard MURFEE

John Goebel (View posts)
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Surnames: Murfee, Wills, Beales, Byrd, Barrett, Lightfoot, Goodrich

I'd like to contact B.B.Chandler regarding this posting. Anyone have a current email address?

SIMON, RICHARD, and ARTHUR. The MURFEE name is found in many different spellings. First Richard came to the James City area c. 1700.
Other lines which tie include BARRETT, WILLS, BYRD, BEALE, LIGHTFOOT, GOODRICH. Also find given names of Armistead, Burwell, Drewry, Mills, Miles, all surnames of that vicinity. Have several of these lines traced from c. 1700; happy to share information.

Apr 6, 1998 - 12:18 - From: - Betty B. Chandler

Re: MURFEE Family of VA

William (View posts)
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Surnames: Murfee, Williamson, Byrd
Hello Betty

I can help you with the Murfee family of Virginia. I believe to follow the true line of Murfees you may stick with this particular spelling. There are no known variations as my family has kept excellent records over the years.. my great-grandfather John Henry Murfee wrote two letters home to his mother Mary Ann Elizabeth Rebecca Williamson while in camp during the War Between the States.. The spelling he used follows the traditional family spelling.

In my investigations as to who is actually related to whom I find several discrepencies in other people's idea as to who actually came to America from Scotland.. I t was not Simon Murfee, Sr. as some speculate. He was born in Southhampton County, Va. Richard Murfee was born in 1665 in Scotland and came to america on a king's grant to estblish a scotch colony in Surry County, Va. Surry Co. was later broken down to form Southampton Co. Richard Murfee came to America around 1680 at age 15 and at age 25, in 1690 he married one Mary Byrd. Also, I am familiar with Burwell as he is a great-great-great-great-uncle of mine. He had a brother John Murfee but archive records are not clear as to who his father is. John is nonetheless my great-great-great-great-grandfather and must be an unlisted son to Simon Murfee, Jr. Let me know if I can be of further assistance..


Re: MURFEE Family of VA

John Goebel (View posts)
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Surnames: Murphee, Murphy, Byrd
I hope you meant John and not Betty. I'm beginning to think she is dead.

Yes, I could use some help on the Murphees of VA however the name was spelled. Are you stating that there were two Richards not necessarily related and that you can demonstrate that each of them started a different Murphee line?

The contention out there is that Richard bgat Simon I, who bgat Simon II, who bgat Mark and from there things are pretty well documented. Richard Murphy marrying Mary Byrd daughter of William of Westover is pure fantacsy as far as I can determine. But there are a lot of believers out the and I don't intend offending any of them. After all they didn't make up the story. I don't know who did. It just gets repeated. There were certainly many other Byrds available. So as the story got passed down, it got embellished. In 1904, my Murphy didn't say that Mary Bird was the wife of Richard Murphee, and he would have if it were known to him. He claimed Elizabeth Byrd was his wife and married in VA in 1680.

Did any other of your Murphees mary any Byrds? And I'll allow Byrd, Bird, Burd, or any other spelling.

Re: Richard MURPHY -- Mary BYRD

William (View posts)
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Surnames: Murphy, Byrd, Bird, LeBird, LeBrid
I just got off the net after having searched the new Latter Day Saints int'l ancestry listings.

The way they tell it is like this.. according to their pedigree listings there was a Thomas LeBrid(or LeBird), b. ca. 1570, in England. Before 1600(as close as they could get) he married his wife(no name given) who was born in England in 1572. They had one child, a son, named Thomas Byrd(in some instances 'Bird').

Thomas Byrd was born January, 16, 1599 or 1600, in London-Middlesex, England. He married Elizabeth Bird around 1619. They had three children: John Byrd b.1620, Thomas Bird b. 1621, and William Bird, born 1622 in England and died in 1677 in Surry County, the "Westover" area of James City County which part of was later made into Surry County. William had a daughter named Mary Byrd(Bird) who married Richard Murphy ca. 1690.

Re: MURFEE Family in VA

William Orsi (View posts)
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Greetings.. I have the connection to the other side of the Murfee family from yours... Burwell, Simon, Jr., etc. are all cousins to my side which arrived from Ireland to Norfolk County, Virginia in 1674. Your Richard, Sr. did not get to Virginia until just in time for the Revolutionary War. Our direct connection is in Ireland, ca. 1635 where your first Richard shows up... it is his g-g.. or maybe g-g-g grandson. Also.. not James City per se.. back then they settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.


Re: Murphy & Byrd

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Surnames: Murphy, Byrd
Hi,Is this story familiar to anyone? In my genealogy there is a story of a boy about 7 who was sent to America with his mother from Ireland. Supposedly their father sent them. The boy's mother died on the trip over and the captain took care of the boy. His name was Richard and they found the Murphy crest on his clothing. They went to Virginia in about 1680. He married Mary Elizabeth byrd. I would sure like to find out who his mother and father were.

Re: Murphy & Byrd

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Any luck finding Irish ancestors of Richard Murphy? I've been looking for the same, and am considering a trip to Ireland in January to look around. Do you have any advice?

Wanda Harris

Re: MURFEE Family of VA

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Richard Murfee [Murphy, Murphry, Murphee, Murphee] DID NOT marry the daughter of Wm. Byrd I of Westover [Mary]. She married James Duke and the John Rogers. She bore children during the same time period [years] by these men, as children were born to Richard wife [let's call her Mary Bird also to keep the confusion level high]. Same were born the same year.

Since Simon I Will was first 'handwritten' [not typed], we can read who was named in it. In all references to himself or family he uses Murfee. Now, I am supposing that Simon I knows his father's name and how it is spelled [Murfee]. So I've starting to search 'Murfee'.

What do you think? Sheldon

Re: MURFEE Family of VA

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Surnames: Murfee, Bird

To answer your question:

Our records have a son of Richard Murfee as Simon Murfee I. Simon married a Elizabeth Bird, a cousin of Wm. Byrd of Westover, Charles City Co., VA. Sheldon

Re: MURFEE Family of VA

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Surnames: Richard M. and Mary B.

Recent research indicates that Richard M. married Mary Bird about 1700 of Martins Brandon, VA [across the James River from Westover Plantation, VA] and up 8 miles. She is the daug. of Thomas Bird, son of William Bird [early settler in VA - b: 1670]. Mary Bird's mother was Mary Madison.

William Bird is the brother of John Byrd and Thomas Byrd [all born in Engl.] John Byrd is the father of William Byrd I of Westover Plantation, VA. William Bird is an uncle to the Westover Wm. Byrd I.

Do you have a email address?

Sheldon Murphy
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