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Crowe- where did name come from

Crowe- where did name come from

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Dear Crowe BOard, It seems a few people are puzzled about where Crowe came from. From what I know it was derived from a very long Scottish name, with about(13)characters in it, and shortened to Crowe.From what I know, it was Scottish.Many Scots went to Northern Ireland, and only stayed for a while and than came to America.I worked for a Scottish store for (5) years professionally, and did there resarch for them, and this is what we had for records of where the name came from.Someone else may know something more on the Crowe name.

CROWE name origin

Daniel Crowe (View posts)
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Mac Enchroe, or some variation like that, is
included in a name history I read, as well as
a coat of arms. My branch goes back In Galway, IRE to
late 17th Century-

Crowe surname (María?)

Carmen (View posts)
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I'm looking for MARIA (lUISA?)CROWE Y GODOY, born about 1830-1849 (France, Spain?) Do you have some information for me. Her mother was Maria Carolina Crowe Donovan y O'Neill and her father Manuel de Godoy Y Tudó. Thank You


Dan Crowe (View posts)
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No, I am sorry. I have never seen any Crowes in my lineage outside of Ireland, Canada, or U.S.
Good Luck!

Crowe Family History

Peter N Crowe (View posts)
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I have searched family history back to Edward Elizabeth Crowe who were born around 1790/1800 in Ireland they had a son named Micheal Crowe born in 1829 and died in Australia on 25 Aug 1901 he is buried in Melbourne General Cemetry Australia and is my Great Great Grandfather I would like to know if anyone has any history dating back before Edward Elizabeth Crowe thankyou

Peter Crowe

Crowe origins

Seamus Crowe (View posts)
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Hello Crowes!
The books say that the name Crowe derives from McEnroe or Mac Enchroe. Both of which derive from Concrada.
Con and Mac/Mc derive from the gaelic language meaning son of.
The Crowe root seems to be in an area called Thomond which is part of Co. Clare in Ireland and is the region my immediate ancestors came from.

There is also the Crow name to contend with. This is often thought to be an English/Scottish Root that moved into Ireland with the "assisted" immigration of more anglisised people into Ireland.

Of course there could be no greater confusion of names due to mis-spelling?

Do you know that the Crowe name has a coat of arms?
Best wishes, Seamus.

crowe surname

crystal crowe bishop (View posts)
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I also know that there are quite a few
native americans with the surname crow.
I would believe it is also a native american
name also.(i.e. Chief Frank Fools Crow)of the
Sioux tribe. I also could be both Irish
and native american. I have both Irish and
native american in me from the Crow side of
my family.

Crowe, Seamus

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Dear Seamus,

No, I did not know they had a coat of arms.You can reach me at I know that my family is part Scottish and I do know Crowe married into Houston, (which is Scottish).I also have pure Irish roots in O'Riley.I am Scottish from my Maternal Grandmother and Irish from my maternal Grandfather.Thanks for writing.


Catherine Slaton (View posts)
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I'm looking for family history for Michael Crowe of Cloondargn (sp) near Garrfrauens (sp?) County Galway. He left in the 1880's and moved with his family to Cincinnati. Any relation?

Thanks for the info.
Catherine Slaton

Irish Crowes

Dan Crowe (View posts)
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Hi Catherine,
No, I am not aware of a connection to your Michael----My GGG-grandfather was born in Galway, a military captain in the British army and son of an Anglican Dean (an embarassing discovery to my Catholic and native Irish ancestry on my mother's side!!) The captain was in the NY/NJ before the Revolution and was given land in Nova Scotia after the Brits my line has not been in Ireland since him...but look at this web site that has Crowe information: ( go to the link for "ancestors of Steve Nancy etc....) and there is a surname list where you can find Crowe----I did not see a Michael that sounds like your's, but there are many Crowes in Washington state and you may want to follow up with them...
Send me you email and if I come across anything, I will advise. Mine are: or
Good Luck!
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