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Rev Isaac SMITH (1758-1834) & Ann R GILMAN (1773-aft 1840)

Rev Isaac SMITH (1758-1834) & Ann R GILMAN (1773-aft 1840)

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Surnames: Smith Gilman Lenoir Hill Howard Rembert Lipps
Reverend Isaac SMITH (born about 1758; died 1834) was a Revolutionary War pensioner, as was his widow Ann Rebecca (GILMAN) SMITH (1773-?). The following information came from images of their pension applications that are available through Heritage Quest and from additional family and county history books that can be viewed at both Heritage Quest and at The sources are cited below. The pension file records are faint and difficult to read, so I apologize in advance for any transcription errors, and recommend that all researchers go to the sources themselves.

Significant events:
• 1758 about that year Isaac SMITH was born in New Kent Co, VA. Year of birth estimated based on statements in the pension application papers and the Alabama Methodist History. (1, 2)
• 1773 year of Ann R. GILMAN/GILLMAN/GYLMAN’s birth. (6, 1)
• 1775 late in the year, while living in New Kent Co, VA, SMITH enlisted in the state troops of Virginia. Enlistment occurred in Williamsburg, VA. (1)
• 1789 served in the “Edisto Circuit”, South Carolina, for the Methodist church (4)
• About 1789 formed the Ireland Creek Church in the Edisto Circuit, South Carolina (4)
• 1792 February 3, married Ann Rebecca GILMAN at Rembert Hall in South Carolina. Note that in her deposition, Ann R. SMITH remembered date as 1793, but Bible record has 1792, and date of first born as 1793. (1, 6)
• 1793 April 20, daughter Mary R. SMITH born. (1)
• 1794 served 6 months in Edisto, S.C., circuit and 6 months in Charleston, SC, circuit. (4)
• 1796 “left the ministry and became a businessman in Camden, South Carolina” (3)
• 1796 October, daughter Elizabeth SMITH born (1)
• 1798 daughter Jane SMITH Born (1)
• 1800 4th daughter born 18 January (1)
• 1802 4th daughter died, 1st son born (1)
• 1804 daughter Elizabeth SMITH died; son George G. SMITH born. (1)
• 1809(?) daughter Margaret D. SMITH born 23 March (1)
• 1810 20 December, Mary R. SMITH married Hope Hull LENOIR. (1)
• 1811 son James Rembert SMITH born 7 July (1).
• 1813 daughter Elizabeth Ann SMITH born (1)
• 1816 January 11, daughter Jane SMITH married to Whitman C. HILL; 18 Apr 1816 daughter Margaret died. (1)
• 1817 son William Joseph SMITH, born (1)
• 1818 while living in Mississippi, he was approved for a pension that he did not receive (1)
• 1819 son William Joseph SMITH died (1)
• 1820 re-entered the ministry (2). Daughter Elizabeth Ann SMITH died. (1)
• 1821 “named a presiding elder in Athens, Georgia (3)
• 1822-1826, served at Asbury Mission, Alabama (2)
• 1825-1828 Son-in-law Rev. Whitman C. HILL served at Asbury Mission, Alabama. (2)
• 1825 When General LaFayette visits Alabama, he is greeted by and visits with his Revolutionary War comrade Rev. Isaac SMITH (4 page 380-382)
• 1827 retired from the ministry (3)
• 1832 October 22, gave deposition as resident of Monroe County, Georgia, to obtain Revolutionary War Pension, Act of 1832. (1)
• 1834 July 20 Rev. Smith died in Monroe County, Georgia (1) at the home of his daughter Jane and her husband Rev. Whitman C. Hill (?). Knight (5) page 1018 states that his grave is unmarked and is located near Monroe.
• 1840 November 19, Ann R. SMITH, age 67, resident of Monroe County, GA, gave deposition in order to apply for widow’s pension. (1)
• 1842 February 5, Mary R. LENOIR, daughter of Isaac and Ann gave testimony in Lawrence County, Mississippi, where she resided. She testified regarding the Family Bible records that are in the Pension Application File. (1)

Notes for Rev. Isaac SMITH (1758-1834)

The following passage was posted 9 September 2000 by “ to rootsweb ( ). It is a transcription of an entry in The Georgia Messenger, 1825-1830, page 225.
"Died at the residence of his son-in-law, Rev. W. C. HILL in Monroe County Sunday morning the 20th inst., Rev. Isaac SMITH in his 76th year. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving under WASHINGTON and was in most of the principal battles fought by Gen. WASHINGTON. His term of service expired before the end of the war but he volunteered to serve on and was at the surrender of CORNWALLIS. Soon after the war he experienced a call to preach the Gospel following his conversion, and united with the Methodist Church ad” [sic] “later entering the itinerant ministry. After many years in that ministry he located at Camden, S. C. and he lived there many years and reared his family. Then he entered the traveling ministry again and preached in N.C., S.C., Ga.,Ala., Miss., and Louisiana and served several years as a Missionary to the Creek Indians. July 24, 1834."

Hickerson’s book pages 156-157 (13) has a letter from Ruth Lenoir, dated 12 March 1940. She was the great-granddaughter of Hope Hull LENOIR and his wife Mary Rembert SMITH, and the great-great granddaughter of Rev. Isaac SMITH. In the letter she writes “Hope Lenoir, our great-grandfather, was a son of Thomas Lenoir. He married Mary Smith, eldest child of the Rev. Isaac and Ann Gylman Smith. Isaac Smith was the son of Thomas Smith and Mary Brown of Va. Thomas Smith was born in England and was the son of Rev. Thomas Smith who came from England about 1720 and settled in Isle of Wight Co., Va.”

Notes Regarding Widow Ann R. SMITH

First, Ann’s last name is variously spelled GILMAN, GILLMAN, and GYLMAN. Since descendants in Georgia continued the name as GILMAN, that’s the version I have mainly used. Although there are Family Trees posted at with Ann R. GILMAN as Isaac SMITH’s second wife, I have not found to date any information in the pension files nor in the histories regarding any wife other than Ann. The family Bible pages in the pension papers have the marriage of Isaac and Ann R. Gilman on 2 February 1792. The entry includes a clergyman’s name, which I make out to be something like Rev. Reuben Ellison, but I could be totally wrong about that. Ann’s deposition in 1842 states that she was married on 3 February 1793, and that her husband died 20 July 1834. (1)

Gillman, page 260 (6), is currently the prime source for information about Ann R. SMITH. The West book (2) mentioned that she was related to the REMBERT family, but Gillman goes further. He identifies her father as Henry GILLMAN of County Cork, Ireland, who arrived in South Carolina in the mid 1700’s. The only clue to the identity of Henry GILLMAN’s wife is the sentence “He married into the family of the REMBERTs, Huguenots of high character and considerable wealth.” The passage states that Henry and his wife died, leaving Ann, born in 1773, and a brother George. Nothing more is mentioned about her brother George, but states that Ann was reared by “the Hon. James Rembert of Rembert Hall”, and married “at his house” to Rev. Isaac Smith. (6, page 260)

Children of Isaac and Ann. The Bible entries list 10 children for the couple. There is no record in the pension file of any children from a prior marriage. I repeat, the pages are faint, so I apologize if I have misinterpreted any of the information below. The names of one son and one daughter are completely unreadable. (Note that some postings indicate the son may have been named Isaac.) There were 4 daughters and 1 son who died as children. Those who appear to have lived to be adults were Mary R., Jane, a son whose name I could not make out, George G, and James Rembert. The following is strictly from the pension records:
1. Mary R. SMITH – born 20 Apr 1793. Married Hope Hull Lenoir 20 December 1810. (1).
2. Elizabeth SMITH – born [4 or 9] Oct 1796; died 1804 (1)
3. Jane SMITH – born 1798, Married to Whitman C. HILL 11 January 1816. (1)
4. daughter, name unreadable born 18 January 1800; died 1802; (1)
5. Son, name unreadable born December 1802. (1)
6. George G. Smith – born 19 of month unreadable 1804. (1)
7. Margaret D. [possibly Dozier?] Smith – born 23 Mar [1809?]; died 18 Apr 1816 (1)
8. James Rembert SMITH – born 7 Jul 1811 (1).
9. Elizabeth Ann SMITH – born 1813, died 1820 (1)
10. William Joseph SMITH – born 1817, died 1819 (1)

More about descendants…
Information for Mary Rembert SMITH (1793-1842), daughter of Rev. Isaac & Ann R. (GILMAN) SMITH, wife of Hope Hull LENOIR Family Trees includes family trees by her descendants state her middle name was “Rembert” and that she was born 20 April 1793, and died 16 September 1842 in Marion County, Mississippi.
Jane SMITH (1798-?), daughter of Rev. Isaac & Ann R. (GILMAN) SMITH, wife of Rev. Whitman C. HILL
West page 382 (2) has a section about Isaac SMITH’s son-in-law Rev. Whitman C. HILL (1790-1861), who was at Asbury for 4 years 1825-1828. He has been located in Militia District 483, Bibb County, Georgia, in the 1850 census (roll M432_61, page 188) and on page 60, Town District, Houston County, Georgia in the 1860 census. Jane is not included in HILL’s household in either census.
Information for George G. SMITH, son of Rev. Isaac & Ann R. (GILMAN) SMITH

Gillman states on page 260 of his book that the full name was “George Gillman SMITH”, who married Susan Howard in “1804”. Their son is identified as “the Rev. George Gillman Smith, D. D., now residing at Vineville, Macon, Geo.” The marriage date of “1804” is obviously a misprint since George was born in 1804 according to the family Bible. The following passage was posted 9 September 2000 by “ to rootsweb ( It is a transcription of an entry in The Georgia Messenger, 1825-1835, page 335, "On Thursday the 13th inst., by Rev. Isaac SMITH, Dr. George G. SMITH to Miss Susan HOWARD, daughter of Rev. John HOWARD, all of Macon. Sept. 20, 1832."

Nadine Nabors posted some SMITH information at on 4 November 2001. It included the following:

Dr. George Gilman Smith 1804 - 1879
Susan Howard Smith 1815-1854 wife of Dr Geo Smith
They had a baby Isaac Smith died.
Information for George Gilman Smith (1836-1913), son of George G. & Susan (HOWARD) SMITH, grandson of Rev. Isaac & Ann R. (GILMAN) SMITH

One source for information about this descendant can be found at The site has a photograph of George Gilman SMITH. The site quotes a passage from one of Smith’s books and has a description of his Civil War injury. It also states that SMITH “was born 12/24/1836 in Newton (now Rockdale County). Reverend Smith passed away in 1913.”

At one can find transcriptions made by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith titled “GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS FROM REPORTED DEATHS THE NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE 1911-1914”. For May 16, 1913, there is the passage “Rev. GEORGE G. SMITH, retired Methodist preacher, NO Georgia Conference, died May 8, 1913.”

I found 4 possible sources for more information about George Gilman SMITH, the author, in the Biography and Genealogy Master Index (Farmington Hills, Mich.: Thomson Gale, 1980-2005).

1. Biographical Dictionary of Southern Authors. Compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight. Atlanta: Martin & Hoyt Co., 1929. Originally published as Library of Southern Literature, Volume 15, Biographical Dictionary of Authors. [BiDSA]

2. A Dictionary of North American Authors Deceased before 1950. Compiled by W. Stewart Wallace. Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1951. [DcNAA]

3. Encyclopedia of American Biography. New Series. Volume 30. New York: American Historical Society, . Use the Index to locate biographies. [EncAB- A 30] Biography contains portrait.

4. The Encyclopedia of World Methodism. Two volumes. Edited by Nolan B. Harmon. Nashville, TN: United Methodist Publishing House, 1974. [EncWM]

UsGenweb also has 2 files, transcriptions of reports apparently written by George G. SMITH regarding his wife’s family. They are (File: l1200001.txt) “Greenbrier County, WV - The LIPPS, LIPPE, LEAPS Family by George SMITH, ca. 1900” and (File: a5360002.txt) “Greenbrier County, West Virginia The ANDERSON Family by George SMITH, ca. 1900”. Both were transcribed and submitted by Carolyn (Anderson) Clark and furnished by Ann (Lipps) Huff and Barbara (Lipps) Tabor.

George Gilman SMITH’s obituary was published in the morning edition of the Atlanta Constitution, on Thursday, May 8, 1913. (See Historical Newspapers Collection, image 1 of 17 for the issue.)
According to the article, he died at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7. Relatives listed were sons Rev. Robert Smith, of Gainesville; Howard A. Smith and Louis G. Smith, of Macon. The bottom part of the obituary is cut off, but it looks like he may have also had a brother Will SMITH of Chattanooga.

Sources referred to above
Several of the sources listed below have been cited in other sources, but have not been researched by me.

1. Revolutionary War Era Pension & Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files. Series: M805 Roll: 748 Image: 555 File: W4338 14 pages for Isaac Smith. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company. (The deposition details his activities as a soldier during the war. The file includes pages for Births and Marriages from the family Bible, and a testimony from Smith’s daughter Mary R. LENOIR, resident of Lawrence County, Mississippi, that the pages are in her father’s handwriting. The Bible pages are faint and difficult to read.)

2. West, Anson, A history of Methodism in Alabama. Nashville, Tenn.: Printed for the author, Pub. house, Methodist Episcopal Church South, 1893, 762 pgs. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company and at

3., “Asbury Manual Labor School and Mission”, Fort Mitchell, Alabama, Heritage Landmark of the United Methodist Church. Article appears to have been written by Clara Mihalko.

4., “Ireland Creek Church”, Colleton County , SCGenWeb, (This file was contributed for use by the Colleton County SCGenWeb Project by: Beverly K. Mott, March 27, 2004).

5. Knight, Lucian Lamar, Georgia's landmarks, memorials and legends, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed for the author by the Byrd Print. Co., state printers, 1913-1914, 2332 pgs. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company. Pages 175, 790, and 1018.

6. Gillman, Alexander W. Searches into the history of the Gillman or Gilman family : including the various branches in England, Ireland, America and Belgium, London: E. Stock, 1895, 446 pgs. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company

7. The Encyclopedia of World Methodism. Two volumes. Edited by Nolan B. Harmon. Nashville, TN: United Methodist Publishing House, 1974. [EncWM] ; Source Citation: Biography and Genealogy Master Index. Farmington Hills, Mich.: Thomson Gale, 1980-2005.

8. Riley, B. F. Makers and romance of Alabama history : embracing sketches of the men who have been largely instrumental in shaping the policies and in molding the conditions in the rapid growth of Alabama : together with the thrilling and romantic scenes with which our history is resplendent; unknown: unknown, 1915?, 625 pgs. Pages 45-47. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company.

9. Owen, Thomas McAdory, Revolutionary soldiers in Alabama : being a list of names, compiled from authentic sources, of soldiers of the American Revolution who resided in the state of Alabama; Montgomery, Ala.: Brown Print. Co., 1911, 131 pgs. Pages 110-112 quotes directly from West’s History of Methodism in Alabama, pages 380-382. Repository: Heritage Quest Online from ProQuest Company.

10. White, George. Historical collections of Georgia : containing the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc., relating to its history and antiquities, from its first settlement to the present time : compiled from original records and official documents : illustrated by nearly one hundred engravings of public buildings, relics of antiquity, historic localities, natural scenery, portraits of distinguished men, etc., etc. New York: Pudney & Russell, 1854, c1853, 723 pgs. Pages 563-564.

11. History of South Carolina Methodism

12. Hickerson, Thomas Felix. Happy Valley, history and genealogy; Chapel Hill, N.C.: The Author, c1940, 306 pgs. Includes the family history of Hope Hull LENOIR. Pages 156-157.

March 1, 2005, Christy Kestler (hotmail account: christykestler). This SMITH line does not appear to connect to my family lines, but may be valuable to other researchers.

Son of Rev Isaac SMITH (1758-1834) & Ann R GILMAN (1773-aft 1840)

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Surnames: Smith, Gilman, Calvert, Taylor, Lenoir
Child #5, the son whose name could not be read from the Heritage Quest copy of the pension records has been identified as that of Methodist Rev. Isaac H. SMITH, Jr. (1802-1855).

Isaac Jr was born (2 or 23) Dec 1802 in South Carolina - probably Camden since that's where his father lived at the time. Isaac Jr lived around Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, as an adult. His wife was Jane TAYLOR (1804-1846), daughter of William and Elizabeth (CALVERT) TAYLOR of South Carolina. Isaac Jr died 15 Jul 1855 and is buried beneath the Washington Street Methodist Church, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. (Point of interest, there are multiple graves under the church. The church was burned during Civil War, and when rebuilt, it covered areas of the old cemetery, apparently.)

(1) Revolutionary War pension application file for Isaac and Ann (GILMAN) SMITH. Includes the original Bible pages listing Isaac's birth.

(2) Jeannette Holland Austin's book "The Georgia Frontier", page 452. The sources she gives for the list of children are "Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia" by McCall; Monroe County Wills; "Georgia’s Landmarks, Memorials and Legends" by Lucian Lamar Knight; and the pension applications. Holland does identify the eldest daughter incorrectly as Nancy. Eldest daughter was Mary R. (SMITH) LENOIR, wife of Hull Hope LENOIR. But there is other evidence that supports Isaac, Jr, as being born in 1802.

(3) Page 271 of "Annals of Southern Methodism" by Charles Force Deems, published in 1856.

(4) "The State", a newspaper published in Columbia, South Carolina. Articles detailing the history of the Washington Street Methodist Church in issues 15 Mar 1897, 9 Nov 1891, and 10 Dec 1905. The 1897 article specifically mentions that the Rev. Isaac SMITH buried under the church was the son of Methodist Rev. Isaac SMITH (abt 1758-1834).

(5) 1850 Federal Census for Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina

(6) Survey of the graves at Washington Street Methodist Church, Columbia, Richland County, SC, at

(7) The Georgia Telegraph,24 Jul 1834 edition, page 3, obituary for Rev Isaac SMITH (abt 1758-1834)
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