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Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

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I'm looking for someone with a digital camera would be willing to take some pictures of graves and email them to me. I would also like the Section, Plot and Grave numbers.
Your help would be very much appreciated.
Bob - Missouri

Forest Hill Cemetery, Canton:
Ruby Loretta Stauffer - 1892 - 1976
Curtis Clement Stauffer - 1889 - 1953
Richard Owen Stauffer - 1927 - 1995

Re: Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

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Surnames: Stauffer: Ruby L., Curtis C. and Richard O.
Just ran across your request and would be glad to help. I have some distant realtives there and will be going in search of their stones and will be more than happy to take digital photos and send to you. The cemetery personnel are really helpful and I can probably even get a map of the cemetery to send you, if you would like.

Re: Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

ellenchaco (View posts)
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Faster and easier to search for Funeral Directors who will direct you to the correct cemetery where your ancestors may be buried. It takes longer time and more research if you search only cemeteries.
I found that some funeral directors in certtain cities (not all just a couple) if near the cemetery you're interested in were willing to photograph the grave and email the photo.

During my more than two years of research trying to find ancestors and cemeteries. I have dicovered that it is faster and easier to search for Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes. From them I get the name of the cemetery where the person I am researching is interred. It took me only one week to locate people I had been searching for in two years! By contacting Funeral Directors!

As an example, I was contacting cemeteries, located the name in the appropriate cemetery, however, the cemetery had suffered a fire in its offices and storage facilities and had no information other than a last name. But contacting the Funeral Directors of that city I was guided to the Funeral home who took charge of the funeral arrangements as far back as 65 years ago. As a result I located not one but several of my ancestors. Since Funeral Directors do not concentrate their work on one cemetery.

Try then searching for funeral directors and funeral homes. That seemed to work better for me.
I had tried to find another ancestor's burial iste as well searching cemeteries. It would have taken me through at least 1,000 locations. But finding Funeral Directors I had a shorter list and within five searches I found the correct funeral director who took care of my ancestor's arrangements. It turns out that they service several if not all the cemeteries in or near their location.

So go to your search engine, find yellow pages, look up funeral directors in the area of your inquiry then contact them by email or phone as I did.You'll be surprise how willing they are to help in genealogy research.

Re: Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

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Think you for the tip, I'll do just that.

Re: Forest Hill Cemetery Canton, Ohio

ellenchaco (View posts)
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You are welcome and good luck to you.

I forgot to metion that also check on "Mortuaries"

You see, I did not know my father or his family, he died when I was three months old. My mother left the country and never would tell me where they were nor anything more than "your father had two sisters" "I met your father in Arizona". However one of her brothers had preserved my father's emloyment record with the State of Arizona which had his social security number. I contacted the American Social Security Office and requested a copy of his initial application. With that I had his father's full correct name. Then I went to the 1920 and 1930 Census records. That led me to find my father, his sisters and his mother's name!
My next step was check Ohio where they resided then, Arizona where he had applied for work and New Mexico just because it was a nearby State.
I began my search in New Mexico feeling it was less populated than Ohio and my search would be easier.
In New Mexico, I started my search of Mortuaries, and Funeral Directors. I found my grandmother buried there! So I located in the Yellow pages the mortuaries. Called two or three and on the last one I had a hit.
The Funeral Director's office were very helpful and courteous. When I asked how much and when could they send me copies of funeral and burial arrangements and what the cost would be. They declined payment and within four days I had not only my grandmother's information but her two daughter's My father's sisters, whom I did not have their married names. One of the reasons why for the past 50 years or so I could not locate them!
The documents I received included the survivors, attendies at the funeral, church services and even descendants!
With that, I checked the names of my father's sisters' children(my grandmother's grandchildren of which some were pallbearers) I then again went to the "" site or I think its "" for the white pages. And located my first cousins whom I had no idea existed!

Within a month I was in New Mexico meeting my cousins! and not only learning about my father's life but also getting all kinds of photos and great information. My cousins were fabulous and exclaimed they too had been looking for me since my father died!

We had a wonderful reuinion and now keep in touch with them.
I feel that by searching Mortuaries and Funeral Directors and Funeral homes I shortened my search by at least another 20 years!

I will caution you. Not all Funeral Directors, Secretaries etc. are as helpful. Some can be just plain mean! but with patience, courtesy and firmness, one can get a lot more from them.
One funeral director's assistant at first decline to provide me with the documents. I begged, I noted I was not just a relative, but the daughter and grand-daughter of the people I was searching for. The secretary or Funeral director dealing with me, plainly told me "its nobody's business" "and that information is private and priviledged only to be disclosed to the funeral and government offices". In particular the funeral director in Ohio! Not until I quoted the law of "United States Freedom of Information Act" (UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT OF 1996 SECTION 552 TITLE 5.
(a) FINDINGS- The Congress finds that--
(1) the purpose of section 552 of title 5, United States Code, popularly known as the Freedom of Information Act, is to require agencies of the Federal Government to make certain agency information available for public inspection and copying and to establish and enable enforcement of the right of any person to obtain access to the records of such agencies, subject to statutory exemptions, for any public or private purpose;)
Once I quoted the law, then the funeral director agreed to send me the documents. However what I was sent by this particular office in Ohio was not as extensive and detailed as what I got from the Funeral Directors in other States such as New Mexico.
But, it what ever little information they sent me, it served me, by clarifying certain information and doubts I had about some of the ancestors.

Again, Good Luck to you all in your search.

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